Japanese TV Show Theme Song “Far as the Sky” by Charice to be Released July 6

Japanese TV Show Theme Song “Far as the Sky” by Charice to be Released July 6

Charice is, no doubt, already famous in Japan. She has just won the J-Wave Best Newcomer Award last February, beating Justin Bieber in the process. But her star is about to get even bigger, as she’s becoming highly requested for singing theme songs for various programs in Japan. That means greater exposure to the television –viewing public. And just a few weeks ago, it was announced that Charice will be recording a song for “Bull Doctor”, a new Japanese TV Show. “Bull Doctor” is a mystery/crime drama starring two famous Japanese actresses, Esumi Makiko and Ishihara Satomi. They play a forensic scientist and a police detective, respectively. These two characters are always in conflict because of their different methods and beliefs on solving crime. The scriptwriter for the show, Hashibe Atsuko, revealed that “Bull Doctor” is based on numerous

real life stories. IMG 2779.jpg.scaled500 300x200 Japanese TV Show Theme Song Far as the Sky by Charice to be Released July 6Though this is Charice’s first time to record an original song for a Japanese series, she has already lent her voice to “Happy Christmas (War is Over)” by John Lennon for J-Wave’s winter programming theme song. Her latest single, “Louder”, was also used by the Japanese morning show “Mezmashi TV” as a theme song. The producer of “Bull Doctor”, Kayuza Toda, has specifically chosen Charice to sing its theme song titled, “Far as the Sky”. All because her powerful and unique voice amazed him when he first heard her sing. Below is Toda’s praise for Charice as translated by Harry Yasu Clark from Warner Japan’s official website: “It was shocking when I first heard Charice’s songs. I was so fascinated by her voice which is so stretching and powerful, and the experience got me reaching out to her and asking for a song. I have this strong confidence and conviction in my heart that the message of humanism this drama will give, and the emotions that Charice will bring to this drama, will make a fantastic collaboration.” -Kayuza Toda, producer Charice happily accepted the offer to sing “Far as the Sky”, and she only has great things to say about the song – which was a group effort from songwriter Seiji Hiratoko, composer Yusuke Tanaka, and song arranger Akimitsu Honma. Charice’s statement below is translated from Japanese (as posted on Warner Japan’s website) to English by Harry Clark:

20110610 charice Japanese TV Show Theme Song Far as the Sky by Charice to be Released July 6This song has full of inspiration, tensions to attractions…it has a clear message that even when you tend to get down by encountering obstacles, difficulties in life, there IS always hope. Please think of this song, as it’s for your loving family, friends, and all the people you dearly love. This song will send people a lot of inspiration so I’d like to have as many people as possible to listen to this song. And, just like it was from me, the song will send you a lot of sympathies too. And, I would like to dedicate this song to all of the Japanese people. My heart is breaking and aching because of the devastatingly disastrous event that has happened to Japan last March 11. And because of that, I want to dedicate this song to the Japanese people. Please remember to feel that this is not the end of the world, there is still hope, and there will come a “tomorrow”. You all can overcome this, and win this. And please remember we each have given all of our support for you. -Charice (as translated by Harry Clark, from Warner Japan’s website)

Listen to “Far as the Sky” when “Bull Doctor” starts next month, July 2011, at 10 p.m. every Wedenesday on Nihon TV Network. The song will also be released as a digital single on July 6, but most probably will be limited to Japan residents. There’s always Youtube, right? Hopefully, the numerous Chasters in Japan will post a video of the opening or closing credits for “Bull Doctor”, which should feature “Far as the Sky”. So are you excited to hear this new song from Charice? You should be! Even the lead star of “Bull Doctor”, Esumi Makiko, is all praise for Charice and how she sang the song: “The amazingly powerful, crystal clear voice of Charice is truly miraculous, or is a miracle itself. The vision and the message of the drama does match her straight-forward, energetic and positive way of her life pursuing her visions and dreams, hence with this wonderful song she brought, it makes the drama truly completely a great story. I am so impressed and moved!” -Esumi Makiko (as translated by Harry Clark, from Warner Japan’s website) By Sofia Carrera, charicemania.com

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  1. Chris says:
    Charice is very popular in Japan. Perhaps her upcoming album will chart very well there once its released.

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  2. chasterlen says:
    I’m a big fan of Japanese Dramas and I like Charice too. Theme songs play an important part in the success of a drama. They usually release official soundtrack CDs for every drama. Esumi Makiko is an amazing actress, I’ve seen her in other tv shows. She really gave a good comment about Charice. I can’t wait to watch this drama and hear the beautiful theme song. (:

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  3. yoj says:
    luv uh, charice!!!!!

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  4. mingsfan says:
    And I thought “Bull Doctor” was about a veterinarian… :-) Congrats, Charice! See you in Napa, CA July 16.

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  5. manies_flip says:
    (internal scream) OMG!! Go Charice!!!

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  6. Bea says:
    Woot.. Charice looks so good in the photo.

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  7. Deliverance says:

    Warner Bros is in a sea of red ink. Thats the reason .

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  8. Deliverance says:
    Why not release ARE WE OVER in JAPAN i Tunes ?

    These is the type of songs tyhe JAPANESE are crazy about !

    Included in what CD ? Please anyone ?

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  9. Anno514 says:
    Charice has been releasing new songs and yet she doesn’t do much to promote them. Just wondering why?

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  10. Auau says:
    I’m happy for Charice and I am proud of everything she has done. I’m equally happy for Chasters who found Charice a great inspiration, and one of the reasons that make this life worth living. I’m also glad to have joined the forum(my first) and from reading Chasters thoughts and comments, identified things we have in common; it’s true we are all connected in spirit, whether we know it or not. Again, congratulations Charice! Long live Chasters!

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    • Becky says:
      Like you, Auau, and lottttss of Chasters (that includes me, of course), enjoy this forum. Hope you continue to be inspired by a real talented and good hearted person i.e., Charice.

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  11. AJL says:
    Can’t wait to see video for ONE DAY and buy her CD. Let’s all support Charice and buy her CD, just the original ones, not the pirated CD, okay Chasters? To the top Baby!

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  12. Ari says:

    This is such a great news! I really wish this song would be promoted in Japan. Hope she guests in one of the music shows there.

    Hoping this would have a PV, but since it’s just going to be for chaka-uta…Ahhh.

    More power to Charice. Wishing her all the best. Can’t wait for the release.

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  13. raemounz says:
    err… is this a new song of Charice?


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  14. tnt says:
    Charice has more to show …hope her team will maximize her showcase always..hope to see her in the stage with full back ups like beyonce, lady gaga, justine …etc,,,that is the only way now to to on the top…

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  15. HerMingJesty says:
    Excited about this news. More power and blessings to our Charice. More power and success. Labyo.

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