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Charice to Perform at Multiple “David Foster and Friends” Concerts in Second Half of 2011

Charice to Perform at Multiple “David Foster and Friends” Concerts in Second Half of 2011

392 Responses to “Charice to Perform at Multiple “David Foster and Friends” Concerts in Second Half of 2011”

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  3. andre.segovia says:
    Alas :( these overzealous, unsophisticated pee-noyz have once again ruined this refined international fansite for the classy and cool Charice with their inanities. Be. like. Charice.

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    • Pedro says:

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      • andre.segovia says:

        I just happen to be Filipino. My work gets me to many countries.I read a lot, from cereal boxes to novels by Philip Roth, Joseph Heller, Bob Ong, etc. I like Ella Fitzgrald and Sarah Vaughan. I love Charice music very much. Desiree and Dareen, with the way they write their comments, I’m guessing they’re Filipinos too living in the US. All i’m saying is we ought to keep this wonderful international fansite dedicated to Charice, in the most positive light. It’s all about Charice. Not about egos clashing. Again, i’m saying “Be.Like.Charice.” If you’re a real Chaster you would know what i mean by that. And live by it. She really is a great role model for everyone.

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        • Pedro says:

          Dareen and Desiree are Americans. Don’t be a part of their lame excuses. This is not about egos. I say again, read the below comments and understand properly.

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  4. Pedro says:

    Desiree, sweetheart where are you??? we are still waiting…;-)

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  5. Pedro says:

    Erin, i can’t help but laugh at the “cockroach analogy”!LMAO.

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  6. kabarapa says:
    To all chasters or non-chasters visitng this site, why can’t we just be happy and enjoy charice’s music and support her to stardom! Charice is working very hard to please her fans with her music despite how tired she is. Even Charice herself mentioned that she considers CONSTRUCTIVE negative comments as a kind of advice to her. I think our princes is an open-minded and kindhearted person so why can’t we try to be like her….


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  7. kabarapa says:
    I know that World Peace would be impossible to make it happen (it would take centuries and centuries) but I am sure that PEACE at charicemania is likely to happen immediately if ONLY we are respectful towards each other. Please stop bashing each other and just enjoy Charice’s music….I am sure our idol would not happy to read that her very own fans are attacking each other negatively. While we want our princess to become role model to everyone, why can’t we become her role model fans for her!

    Peace to all! Terima kasih banyak untuk semnuanya dan selamat hari natal!

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    • Jojo says:
      Well said.I agree 100 %.

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    • Erin says:
      Yes, all it takes to stop this bickering among Chasters here in CM is for Cha to log in CM, and say to all, “Shut Up!!!”(just like – what’s her name – in the Glee telephone episode). Guarantee you, all will stop because SHE is the one everyone is fighting for.

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      • Joel says:

        yea right, lol, i don’t think that will stop all the haters and crabs coming in here and comment negatively even if Charice came in and said shut up. We would get a ton of negative comments on why Charice said what she said, she should have said it this, that way lol. Here’s to hopeful thinking anyways right

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    • truepinoy63 says:

      I totally agree!

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  8. Jose Balanquite says:
    Sorry Desiree we can’t take her back to our own country. It’s beyond our control and besides she has her own market share in the US however insignificant it may seem to you. It’s still money. It can still add up to Charice’s total record sales. And about Grammy awards, it doesn’t matter if you are popular or not to get an award, in fact the male artist with the most grammy wins is not well known. Yeah i’m scratching my head and asking myself “who is this?” while reading the list of previous grammy winners. And also nowadays there is a lot of criticism about the grammy awards. Some said it was just a gigantic promotional machine for the music industry. It’s the music business celebrating itself. It was also criticized for generally awarding or nominating more commercially successful albums rather than critically successful albums.

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  9. Pedro says:

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  10. truepinoy63 says:

    Wow this Desiree character really is getting on my last nerve. I know I’ve apoligized already to CHARICEMANIA AND TO ALL but I have to say a fews words to this woman. Yes I may have said somethings over the top but come on calling me a racist without even knowing me personally is unfair. I didn’t even say anything about race. All I said was K.West and N.Minaj can’t sing which is obvious bcoz they are rappers. Don’t tell me rapping is considered singing now. IT’S NOT!!! I said something about American Greed. Heck that’s not racist! There’s even a TV show called AMERICAN GREED. I said something about Politics. Heck most adults know that POLITICIANS ARE A BUNCH OF GREEDY SOBs. So how in the hell can you call me a racist. I think it is you DESIREE who is racist not me. You even said you’re not a fan of Charice then why in hell do you hang out here reading each and every comments people say here. This is for CHARICE’S DEVOTED FANS. You can hide your true agenda why you’re here from us but the LORD above could see right through you. Now you’re calling me and PROUD TO BE PINOY arrogant for using names that show our pride of our heritage and country? What you are saying here is that you don’t want us or you hate us to show pride in who we are. Isn’t that a form of Prejudice? Therefore Racist? Maybe next time if you see someone commenting in Tagalog (Filipino language) you might find that offensive too right? Maybe you need to look in the mirror before you call someone racist or arrogant. SHOWING PRIDE IN ONES COUNTRY OR HERITAGE IS NOT ARROGANCE IT’S CALLED PATRIOTISM. YOU NEED TO GET A LIFE WOMAN! AND STOP HARASSING CHARICE’S DEVOTED FANS!

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    • truepinoy63 says:

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    • truepinoy63 says:
      Feeling good today! Played golf this morning and shot my lowest ever score a 73. Didn’t think it would get better but then I watched Charice’s interview with Anna Corin of CNN Talk Asia and now I feel wonderful, heck I’m buying drinks…NOT!!!!
      I thought the interview went great and Charice looked beautiful as ever. I thought the questions were good and Charice’s answers were great. I liked Charice’s answer when Anna asked about David acting as not just a musical mentor but a 2nd father. “David is my godfather” Charice said. I do see that father/daughter relationship with David and Charice everytime they’re together. And I like Charice’s answer when asked what’s next for 2012, besides her solo concerts Asia and US she wants to be surprised. Well she’s as humble as when she just started. How can anyone hate this young lady with that kind of an attitude. I wish her all the best and success in the years to come!!! I’ll be there CHEERING!!!!

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      • Erin says:
        hey TP, say no more…you are as identical as I am in our feeling for Charice. There’s not a day when I’m down and all I have to do is connect and watch or listen to her, then whoa…am feeling good again. Don’t pay attention to these haters, they’re like coachroaches…a useless bunch. At least a coackroach has some integrity, they scamper and hide once they see you…these ones here in CM are worse, they stick around. So, PEACE and be well.

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        • truepinoy63 says:

          Thanks Erin, I do appreciate that. I know I’m not the only one here that feels the same way about Charice and the way her voice perks me up evertime. PEACE to you and God bless!

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      • desiree says:

        yes, say no more, you’re ranting and proving yourself the ignoramus that I said you are. “irrational and emotional” and yes, arrogant, for thinking Charice deserves a Grammy that’s not earned and putting down other singers and Americans. Patriotism is good. Buy American!! Dont deny this is the best country in the world to succeed or you can take her back to your own country if it doesnt matter. I’m happy for her. She deserves her success but not the Grammy just yet. The CD didnt have memorable tracks. I know I’m wasting my time here though.

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        • Erin says:
          @desiree “you can take her back to your own country”…oh yeah? If we take her back to our country, then you wouldn’t have a Charice to adore anymore in the U.S., eh? You would be miserable without Cha, wouldn’t you? Well, we wouldn’t go that far…that would be the most heinous thing to do to a human being, to deprive one of Charice. So now, have I shaken your senses?

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        • truepinoy63 says:
          My gosh Desiree is that the reason! I think you just misunderstood me. I didn’t say Charice deserves a grammy right away, I said, for Charice to get at least a nomination people need to buy her CDs bcoz that’s what the Music Industry go for. You don’t get noticed if you have a mediocre cd sales. Big Sales of her CDs equals to Big Money in the Corporations pockets, hence I said Greedy American Music Industry. Don’t get wrong Desiree, I don’t hate Americans, I’ve got lots of American friends (white,black,mexicans,chinese,indians) you name it. I don’t like the greedy ones. I just hope this explains the misunderstanding. I really don’t have any ill will about you since I don’t even know you it’s just I don’t think I deserved to be labeled as racist bcoz I’ve been through that personally and I still carry a scar of what happened to me. So I apologize for the misunderstanding, either you accept it which I hope you do if not then I just hope in time you will. PEACE! and meant that truly!

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      • khatman says:

        Instead of saying “David is my godfather” I wish she had said “David is like my dad”. Among all of the persons in Charice’s life, David has been among the closest to her and really has been a 2nd father to her. Although I know what Charice meant when she called David her godfather, the term godfather kind of loses its significance when Charice has 24 godfathers.

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      • khatman says:

        Congrats on your 73.

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        • truepinoy63 says:

          Thanks man, it really felt good shooting that 73 even though it was cold I didn’t feel it. I was in da zone! lol!

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  11. Elsie says:
    I think Charice will look nice and cute when she wears dress and skirt and some bling bling and accessories that most youngsters like.

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  12. Proud to be Pinoy says:


    Mimicking truepinoy?that’s the lamest excuse i ever encountered in my whole entire life!LOL.I think i know that you E..?well you have to grow up and be tagalog mga kababayan..nagpapalusot pa to..LOL..what’s wrong with being proud with my own race?we are just being considerate enough not to alienate other races that we don’t usually mention that nowadays.. We are just more expressive than you, Americans..You don’t understand our culture and we are the ones trying to adjust with the situation..But it seems to me some people are taking advantage of that..The hell with it..From now on i will say ” I’m proud to be Filipino and there’s nothing wrong with being proud of who you are and where youre from!Mabuhay Pilipinas!LOL..In fact you are the one who is so PROUD of yourself that you can’t accept that you are wrong. And you are not humble enough to apologize..Don’t keep fooling yourself..Who are you?you represent the whole US?unlike you i don’t generalize people even if some narrow minded person like you are making some prejudices, harassments , insults and the list goes on.. I’m not mad at Americans even if i encountered 1 morally corrupt individual like you. Because my brain, culture and my upbringing tells me that’s wrong. your comments speak for themselves. I have nothing to prove to everybody.. It’s too late for your lame excuses. Take it somewhere.. You cannot fool us.. Nobody is a liability here.. Even you..we are making the advertisers here very happy and if you happens to buy Charice’s album, see her concerts, and continue supporting her then who is a liability?. Same applies with me. But even you (and America???)don’t support her, i don’t care!i, and the real fans of Charice will continue to support her as long as she’s in the entertainment business.. And when Charice’s career is finally over,(If that happens)so what? We could just go on with our little lives. Charice’s future is already secured anyway..good for her..And you?it’s up to you if you want to spread hatred around the world..LOL..So stop harassing the Filipinos. I’ts not working.. You think we care, scared and worried?shame on you!LOL!LOL!LOL!

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  13. desiree says:
    proud to be pinoy failed to see I was mimicking truepinoy’s attitude to show how ridiculous he is. but no point in explaining that to someone who has it all figured out cuz he “reviewed all the comments” lol. how he could misunderstand me so badly is laughable and beyond me when this is just my third comment ever in this forum.  chill out folks. 

    Charice would be welcome with a lot more open arms if her proud to be pinoy and truepinoy fans weren’t so arrogant about how superior she is to all the americans, starting with your usernames revealing your obvious bias against everyone not Charice. You guys are a liability to her career in america unfortunately. I really hope she succeeds in spite of her fanatic filipino fans

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  14. tsarisima says:
    Just finished watching the interview in English on veoh cause I can’t hear the english part on what’s posted on youtube. Charice is so comfortable now in interview situations and I loved the part when the interviewer asked her “what’s next for Charice?”and Cha responded that she would just like to be surprised. I wish we could all approach Charice in the same way. Just keep watching, supporting and let us all just be surprised by what happens next no matter where the road turns and as long as she never stops singing. She’s only 19 so we’ve got many years to discuss and debate and continually be mesmerized by this young woman. I can’t wait to see who she’ll fall in love with. She’s 19… it’s bound to happen.

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  15. alten says:
    Those who want to watch cnn iterview in english;

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  16. kabarapa says:
    And Charice will remain a stunning singer and will always be the best signer out there that amazes everyone with goosebumps, even though she does not garner a Grammy award!

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  17. kabarapa says:
    Despite all our difference in opinion, ideas….why can’t we just all support charice and enjoy her music. I trust in Charice’s management capacilities, they have been in this kind of business for years and even very successful! They are there to support and promote charice’s singing career to boom (as we all are)and to make her career climb up slowly but steady! To quote what Charice has mentioned in one of her interviews, ‘do not rush things but just be patient and work hard’ and that is what she is doing…and we as her avid supporters should and must be patient as well like our idol…let us not rush things to happen for her! For as long as we are steady in our support to her, she will slowly climb up the ladder!

    I hope i did not offend everyone here and if ever I did..saya mau minta maaf lah!


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  18. Proud to be Pinoy says:

    Think.communicate.Listen.Understand. If something is not clear, ask questions..If you don’t agree to something..explain your side..then the process will just go on and repeat it that complicated?i don’t think so.. After all, we are just discussing “possibilities” about the career of Charice, not creating scandals..

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  19. Proud to be Pinoy says:

    I agree that both Darren and Desiree have very good ideas and suggestions about the career of Charice. But they share one common negative attitude just like true pinoy. When people disagree with them, they tend to become irrational and emotional and eventually attack them personally and tend to make preconcieved judgement or convictions. In a politically correct world, responsibility to your actions, respect and tolerance to other peoples point of view is important. You want to “talk”?then just talk.communicate and understand properly. The use of prejoratives, name slur, bias, discrimination racism harassments and insults should be avoided.. I reviewed all comments and it became apparent that Darren and Desiree had started all of these misunderstandings. You cannot make people believe with your angry, intolerant,shoot-from-the-hip behavior and narrow minded approach. Darren, Desiree and truepinoy you all advocating for something to change, but you all don’t realize that change must first start within yourselves. Don’t let your emotions overcome reason.Real intelligent people will surely understand this.

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  20. auau says:
    I think we know what you’re saying about PREJUDICE; it’s been there since the beginning of the industry, but don’t forgot the CROSSOVERS that made it, from Nat King Cole to Diana Ross in there heydays, and the rests of many others that followed. There’s a saying, many are called but few are CHOSEN. They also say a truly good product always speaks for itself, and that’s what Charice is like. Maybe good repertoire of songs and the right promotion and packaging would help Charice rise to the top, but it’s true also we can only wait and hope for that to happen sooner or later, and all we can do to help now is by buying as many of Charice albums as possible.
    It is still good for fans to talk about what Charice teams are(or are not) doing so they know our demands, and intelligent fans serve as WATCHDOGS, so please don’t be sick with the comments by the likes of Darren, Desiree, and others who share their LOGIC, wisdom and imagination; I think they make great contribution by participating in discussion of Charice future,here at CM.
    Speaking of promotion, there is one kind I don’t see happening when promoting Charice concert, the absence of causes or CHARITY as beneficiary of the proceeds from the sale of tickets. I think donating for charity and getting publicity about it is good promotion that works like magic. I heard about artists doing fundraising concerts for their favorite charities, where other organizations get sentimental and join the bandwagon by matching with donation the funds raised. For instance when Penelope Cruz was relatively new in showbiz, there was a time when she was starring in a movie, and she donated her whole salary from that movie to some places in Africa, and look what happened to her; Hollywood including Tom Cruise called to give her more work, and the rest is history plus academy awards for her. I think Charice team should consider this kind of promotion, because charity appeals to peoples emotion that usually make them open and write a checkbook.
    Charice entered the business through the back door helped by sympathy of Star King, Ellen, Oprah and David Foster. I think Charice can return the favor by doing something for Charity while promoting her name at the same suit.

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    • jimfan155 says:
      Isn’t much of her appearances tied in with different charities, already? I believe she has given back much already to different causes. Can’t remember the full names but, the Andre Agassi Foundation, Operation Smile, something with Muhammad Ali, a Red Dress Charity, another Charity for Heart problems, to name a few come to mind. But she has already learned at an early age to give back and she has been rewarded throughout her career.

      Keep the faith and keep supporting and she may one day reach the heights we think she should be at. God bless Charice and her hard work will carry her far. I truly believe this.

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  21. Proud to be Pinoy says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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