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Charice to Perform at Multiple “David Foster and Friends” Concerts in Second Half of 2011

Charice to Perform at Multiple “David Foster and Friends” Concerts in Second Half of 2011

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  1. Hillbilly says:
    In a boxing match, a fighter wouldn’t just look for a knock-out punch right off the bat lest he’d risk his own chance of winning especially against a very skilled opponent. Rather he’d let knock-out come when it comes while sticking to his plan of winning the match. Same goes with Charice, IMO. Let Charice do her thing like she normally does. Grammy will come in due time.

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  2. lyn montero says:
    Hello true chasters and non chasters…I am the no.1 chaddicted charice fan here in is my routine night and day to read all your comments about our dear CHA…Im so happy reading all of it good or bad. theyre playing CHARICE songs in big casinos here…sorry for my english…

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  3. Oldhabit says:
    Have been away along time. Sad to see, the bitterness in mainstream You Tube have arrived here.

    Charice is fighting an uphill battle. Let us all support her.
    Its Christmas time guys !

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  4. andre.segovia says:
    i love and enjoy her music. i cannot account for why i am so passionate for her happiness. it just happen to be. it’s a very personal thing for me like my love for jazz. Before Charice, there’s only Ella Fitzgerald and Sarah Vaughan, the jazz music. i don’t particularly care if other people have never heard of her or not like her music. If they like her music, people will and buy her CDs, etc. That’s all there is to it for us Chasters. Please stop it with your ridiculous commentaries, etc. it’s really getting to be so embarrasing for us Filipinos who don’t think and write like you do.

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    • truepinoy63 says:
      Fine, my apologies to Charicemania and all. Since I’m a Filipino I should just keep quiet and let it be. I shouldn’t speak about what is right or wrong and the obvious. BUT I’M STILL GOING TO SUPPORT CHARICE NO MATTER WHAT JUST IN HERE!!!! THANK YOU AND MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

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  5. andre.segovia says:
    I wish Filipinos could just be like the cool Chasters from Japan, Thailand, USA, Canada, Malaysia, Singapore and other nationalities. They are very appreciative and just enjoying whatever Charice is doing. Please stop with those inane and very pushy comments, etc. It’s really getting to be very emabarassing already. just buy her music, watch her concerts, etc. is all you should do. You’re being very pushy, it’s getting ridiculous. if people like her music, they like her. if not, so what. i love Chick Corea, Ella Fitzgerald and Sarah Vaughan, do i care if other people love them. No. Because their music is very personal for me. Charice music does the same for me. Thanks, from someone who happen to be born in the PI

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  6. osuna says:
    click and hold your tears

    Click this YouTube link….it says it all…

    Nothing we can do but wait….that what she did !!

    Th expression on her face is pure struggle when she
    is on this song…..she knows !!!

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  7. kabarapa says:
    I agree with you Desiree. I wish filipino fans of charice can just be cool headed! Why can’t we respect acknowledge for the fact that individuals have different opinions… as the saying goes…”If everyone is thinking alike then nobody is thinking”

    Peace to all! terima kasih banyak untuk semuanya!

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  8. desiree says:
    Nicki Minaj and Kanye are rappers, very popular genre, that doesn’t require singing, and very talented at it which is why they sell records. Have you seen the YouTube video of the lil 8year old British girl singing SuperBass? So cute, she was on Ellen too. Nicki’s worked hard and deserves recognition.

    Stop turning off American readers with ur ignorant remarks. Don’t blame us for your precious idol not getting in Grammies. What category?!! Let it come in time and patience when she has a worthy song and people won’t scratch their heads wondering “who’s that?” this is a big country with lots of talent and amazing music. she’s gonna have to fight for it like everyone else. Blame her own team for not playing the game of “politics” if that’s what u wanna call it. Deliriious FILIPINO (copying ur caps lol) chasters, yep. don’t show ur racism either TRUEPINOY or we’re not gonna like ur import shoved down our throats without any grammy-worthy songs to show for it. What a turnoff

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  9. truepinoy63 says:

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    • osuna says:
      Hi TruePinoy…this might make you feel better…Go to Census Bureau and check how many “Black Population” in America and make comparison of how many “Pilipinos”….guess what, Kanye West and Nicki Minaj are Blacks….does it make sense…feel better now ?

      Just do the Math and see what you can come up on CD SALES…not all of them buys them….but..but…but…PEACE

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  10. lee says:

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    • hmmm says:
      you seem fraudulent. I’m not sure if i should trust you with my account details. the same way you were able to log on to this site to post your message then you can log on to amazon or some other shopping site to pay for the album to be shipped to you the same way you want persons to send an album to you and u plan on paying them. RIGHT!!!! could have fooled me. pay to download the album and stop being so criminal.

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      • lee says:

        i guess you are not tintol, she organizes many charice-chasters event…with the help of hers friends,.. hmm you easily doubt my undying love for charice… that so easy to verify if im fraud or not… just call me… +6309305863919… there are things that dont work here in my place as it work in yours…

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      • lee says:

        if abs-cbn and other foundation can post bank account for their cause why cant we,chasters… anyway, its not the end of the world if i cant buy her album now :D … but ill make sure i’ll buy one when i get there in manila…

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  11. chit says:
    People, with due respect to all opinions that have been and will be expressed here, let’s remember that real success doesn’t come overnight.Let’s be patient some more; Charice is already reaping some success for her talent and hard work in the US and other parts of the world; more so in Asia. Let’s support her. Those who can afford, buy a few more of her CD’s; those who can only get one, that’s fine, too. (It’s okay, too, to borrow a friend’s, lol). She’ll get “there” soon. And Merry Christmas to all!

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  12. kabarapa says:
    I full agree with you Dennis! Lets just hope that Charice’s management team in the US will gear up to do more exposure and promotion of her! Charice has is multi-talented to be ignored! I couldn’t careless about grammy, as long as her music lives on forever for everyone to enjoy…especially the chanatics!

    PEACE to all!

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  13. DENNIS says:
    Chasters, what i meant was Charice in the United States Market needs big Prime time exposer, Tv, Radio, Advertising so people can aleast hear her sing and see her perform. She is not getting it. Charice came in through the back door courtesy Ellen and Oprah, everywhere she has been she has been excepted with standing ovations. Now is the time for her management team to do some heavy advertising with Tv appearances. Now let me explain what I mean when I say back door, she was invited to perform here because of her talent for entertainment reasons and in hope that someone would help her career , which did happen and she deserves everything that comes her way and the sky is the limit. If she had not been invited she would probably be still singing in the PI. I love Charice and for me it is frustating watching other people who don’t posessed the talent getting all kinds of exposer and Charice not here in the USA. Its great that japan and all of Asia loves her, thank God for that, but America would ADORE her too if they had a chance too see her perform so the can give her a standing ovation.

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    • osuna says:
      DENNIS, with all due respect, please look up the word “POLITICS” it exist everywhere including entertainment business, just wait till it happens….PEACE

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    • khatman says:
      Dennis, when Charice first appeared on Ellen and Oprah she was singing the songs that her mother taught her and what were winning songs(big songs) in those 80+ singing contests she entered. When she sang those songs here in the U.S. people were amazed that someone so young and so tiny could sing the songs of our idols (Whitney and Celine) with such authority. Result: Standing Ovations.

      Since Charice and her management team have decided to go after her peers (teens and those in their 20′s) the question is whether she will enjoy the same success stateside as she has in Japan and other asian countries with songs written for the younger crowd. Hopefully we will soon find out when the US version of “Infinity” becomes available as to whether she makes it with the Bieber and Demi Lovato crowd. All it takes for Charice to get a foothold here in the US is to have one or two hit songs like Adele has done(Rolling in the Deep). Another thing to remember – Charice is only 19. Lady Gaga did not become famous until she was 22 with “Just Dance” and “Poker Face”. As Charice has often said “Good things come to those who wait”. I think though that a tour of US cities would help immensely as the younger crowd would find out that here was a singer in their age group that can actually sing without the help of autotune – no lipsync necessary.

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  14. kabarapa says:
    Here is the link for Charice to appear on CNN Talk Asia on 3 December at 2100 Hongkong time.

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  15. hermiemel says:
    David as her memtor saw upfront Charice’s development as an singer/artist/performer. He exposed her to different chalenges on various TV, stage, screen, radio, album promotions, personal and charitable shows, touring USA, Canada and Asia. On most of these engagements, he plays the piano while she sing beautifully his songs. Over the past 3 years together, they possibly developed a strong bond as friends. I have a deep feeling that they will cling to their professional and personal relationship for the rest of their lives.

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  16. tnt says:

    yes ..some comments sounds bad but actually not

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  17. Mnc1 says:
    I love reading the comments here, keep it up guys. Good or bad it’s all good as long as we’re still with her and supporting her, that’s all that matters.

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  18. D.Mark says:
    So much passion is being expressed by the fans here at CM. Remember the key to a peaceful community is “RESPECT”. Let’s not denigrate other artists, or generalize what type of chasters are making certain types of comments. We can all co-exist here if we remember that we are here to celebrate Charice.

    For me, it really doesn’t matter whether or not Charice becomes mega popular in the USA. As long as she keeps making music, and she’s able to showcase it on the internet or at live shows, I am a happy camper.
    Let’s listen and watch this rare (and I mean uber rare) talent. Here’s Charice singing ‘You Are So Beautiful’, which played a big part in her healing process. This was my favorite “Ming” performance of the Nov 25 night in Vegas.

    Here are a couple other songs I captured on video before I had battery issues:
    Louder –
    Stand Up For Love –

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    • Auau says:
      You are right D.Mark; the way you see it is another way of defining success, which is just continuity. Even Charice doesn’t become a megastar as long as she’s happy doing what she’s good at, and continues doing it, and her fans are supplied with her music album and performance in concert from time to time, I don’t think there is anything wrong with that. That’s why I say that depends on how she matures and how she can handle success. Enormous success can be a lot more stressful for her; the bigger an institution she becomes, the bigger will be her responsibililty of creating jobs for people around her, or entourage. What happens during slow season? Success can be a trap that will own you instead of the other way around. With moderate success sometimes, one can enjoy life better, free from strains that could bind. And perhaps true friends instead of fair weather friends kept in the payroll.

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    • cholo0107 says:
      I agree. As long as she sings and keep making music would make my day anytime. Doesn’t matter to me if she wins something or not.

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  19. tsarisima says:
    Charice’s rendition of YASB only shows the power this girl has. I don’t know any other artist who can make hundreds, if not thousands, of people all over the world all cry at the same time thru the power of YouTube. It was only 2 minutes and not the full song but she sang every word in those few bars as if her heart was the conductor and her voice an instrument of her soul. She’s truly a prodigy. Her ability to connect on an emotional and spiritual level thru her voice is an amazing thing to behold and one that I’ve never experienced before.

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  20. kabarapa says:
    I just watched CNN this morning and it mentioned that Charice will be featured on Talk Asia anytime soon. I am not sure when but it would be probably anytime this week. Looking forward to watching my dearest Cha on CNN.
    God bless to all!

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    • Mamavi says:
      kabarapa, Thank you. I don’t normally watch CNN, but this time I’ll be glued to it until I find out when Charice is on On Talk Asia.

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  21. AJL says:
    Chasters… I thought Charice’s 2nd album will be released in US sometime January. I am actually waiting for it to buy here in the US. Anyone…please clarify.

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    • truepinoy63 says:
      AJL, I spoke to a Filipino store owner here in Las Vegas and she was told back in October that they will release it in the US by mid December. She wasn’t sure when exactly but I’m hoping just in time for X’mas.

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  22. Teepee says:
    @ArrVee, Thank you so much for that clip. I was not anticipating crying in the middle of my Christmas decorating but I did. That particular rendition of YASB dedicated to her father just floored me. It’s both heartfelt and haunting with the tinge of melancholia delivered perfectly in that mellifluous voice. Paraphrasing DF, she can only get better! Can you imagine that?

    There’s a lot of lively, lovely discussion in Charicemania these days. All make for an interesting read. @ Darren, stick to your guns. To all other diehards like me, I think it is healthy to have variety of opinion. There are just fans who love to express their love and support differently than others but that doesn’t mean they love Charice any less. More like a parent’s love to their children, manifested in various ways but deeply loving them nonetheless.

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    • Lexie says:
      Yes, I agree…I cried so hard after hearing her rendition of “You Are So Beautiful” because shortly after her dad passed away, my dad passed away as well (November 7th). I was grieving with Charice when I heard about her dad, then I didn’t know that I will be missing my own dad this Christmas too. Charice has never failed to melt my heart in every performance.

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    • ArrVee says:
      yes, that video is special because the other videos of the same song did not capture the introduction (when she dedicated it to her dad) and the end (where even David was visibly affected).

      what is interesting is that in the other videos where the dedication to her dad was not included, the viewer comments are about the beauty of the performance. With this particular video, one knows exactly where those words and emotions are coming from, and when she expresses them with such a beautiful rendition, it all falls on you like a ton of bricks …

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  23. truepinoy63 says:
    Who is this Darren anyway? Are you Simmon of X-Factor? What you’re doing is making me sick and for all you wannabee managers CHILL OUT. You don’t have any say in the matter. For one thing AMERICAN MUSIC INDUSTRY IS AND ALWAYS HAS BEEN PREJUDICE. If you’re not AMERICAN, WHITE OR BLACK then you’re in the bottom of their list. It will take time for an ASIAN/FILIPINO to get through, this is COMMON SENSE. TIME is the key here, Charice is only 19 and she has a great career ahead of her. So lets not jump on the dooms day wagon yet. If you really want to help her reach the top (meaning grammy award) then all you can do is buy…buy…buy her music. Am I making sense to the rest of YOU SO CALLED CHARICE FANS? PEACE AND GOD BLESS!!!!

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    • truepinoy63 says:
      Anyway the more you buy Charice’s music the more money the SO CALLED MUSIC EXECS make and that people is how you get recognition in the LAND OF OPPORTUNITY. Sad to say but the saying “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE FOR ME LATELY” is and always will be the driving force in the our so called world. The more they make money of Charice, the more she gets noticed by the industry. It hasn’t been that long when the Black American artist were in the same situation. The difference is that Black people when it comes to their music they tend to bond together and really push hard for their people to get to the top. Asian/Filipino artist is very new to the American Music Industry. They still see Charice as a novelty act brought in by Ellen/Oprah/David. SO AS I SAID BEFORE, THE MORE YOU BUY CHARICE’S MUSIC THE BETTER CHANCE SHE GETS NOTICED. Any way you put it, it’s not your talent that counts, it’s how much can you sell. MONEY STILL HAS THE LAST SAY ON EVERYTHING….like the famous words of TOM CRUISE….”SHOW ME THE MONEY”!!!!!! WE ALL WANT THE BEST FOR CHARICE COZ SHE HAS THE BEST TALENT THIS GENERATION HAS EVER SEEN. LET’S JUST WAIT AND SEE CHARICE’S NEXT BIG ACCOMPLISHMENT, ARE YOU GUYS WITH ME?

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      • truepinoy63 says:
        I would like to share my experience with you all about why I say buying her music is a big help. My family and I were shopping for kitchen stuff at Target and I saw Charice’s first album for sale for $13 and they were the last two. So of course I got one for me and one for my in-laws. I told the sales rep that I took the last two and they need to put more out. The rep said that they don’t have much requests for Charice’s CDs so they didn’t order more. So I thought that can’t be, when I’m here (charicemania) and on YT there are people who actually love her songs so how could she has so many so called fans out there and not buy her music? I for one has already put in my order for her Infinity album (US release) and I’m getting 15 copies for X’mas gifts. So to all the Darrens here how many albums are you going to buy? We can say all the good things, the best ideas but in the end if you don’t BUY, nothing is going to happen. Can’t call yourselves fans if you don’t buy her music right? Just a thought!!!!

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        • Auau says:
          I buy albums that are available, and special order if possible through the stores. I really want to get the Infinity album when it’s available. What I really like is for Louder to be in cdg, I think that would really make a great impression at karaoke; same thing with One Day in cdg, I’m ready to spend my money when it exists. Charice first album, I already have, but I should get some more to give as Christmas presents to relatives; I should probably go to Target in our area. I’m collecting her cover songs, just because I just like to listen to her versions(nuances). I’m not satisfied with just youtube stuff, I want to own cds that I can play beside my bed on repeats, especially the ones that I like the lyrics. I know you mean well with your question, but I think it’s a little impolite to test people’s integrity based on how much they spend, but no big deal; you’re doing things(questioning) for love of Charice. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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  24. Stockpicker says:
    To the Darrens and all the other constructive critics in this site I say, “we heard you”. This discussion no matter how well intentioned is not going anywhere. So, let’s not belabor this subject in any further. Warner Music Group (WMG) is Charice’s employer, period!

    In everything there is a season, lets just wait! I believed in Charice and the “gem” in her! As one of her favorite song goes “maghintay ka lamang”. Now, you can say, I’m a fanatic and a dreamer, so be it!

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  25. tom morris says:
    I don’t comment often but just wanted to remind everyone be patient. Charice IS allready sucessful. She is ready to release her 2nd album in the U.S. and no matter what happens remember it takes time to breakout big; some artist never do. Regardless of whether she ever becomes huge she is making music for us all to enjoy. Like most here I want the best for her; she becomes a part of ones heart like no other singer I’ve ever heard, but chasters, be patient and continue to enjoy the fact that she is performing and putting out beautiful songs….going back to listen to “Lighthouse” for the 100000th time.


    P.S. sing, ming, sing…..

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    • lucas says:
      Charice’s 2nd Album “Infinity” has not been officially released in USA. Only in Japan and some other countries. This explains why WB has not done any heavy promo of it just yet in the STATES. Once “Infinity” is ready for USA release, I suspect WB will go out with a “bang”…TV appearance, Radio Play, Radio guesting…etc.

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    • D.Mark says:
      Totally agree with you, Tom. I also love “Lighthouse”, which showcases her vocal range and talent.

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  26. tnt says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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    • Auau says:
      tnt, I admire your dedication to this forum, and your spontaneity, but I suggest you watch your rhetoric, be precise and be more considerate when you write, so you won’t get a lot of thumbs down. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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    • peakarach says:
      It’s nothing wrong with her team or her families. My question to you is this how come some 90 millions of Filipino from all over the world didn’t buy her album?

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      • MingPin says:
        Pea, peace… 90 million + is the total population of the entire Philippines & more than 3/4 are in poverty level. Thatis not the count of Filipinos working abroad all over this world.

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  27. ILoveCharice says:
    @desiree, @Darren

    Charice is way ahead of other american singers/artists because of her great talent. That great talent impressed Oprah so much that she decided to help her. Now, if other american artist has that same level of talent, maybe Oprah would be impressed and help them too. Now tell me honestly..Do you think Charice or any other Asian artists for that matter could make it without Oprah’s help?You said it yourself. She is way more popular and successful in Asia than in the US for obvious reasons..And that reason is because she’s Asian too. Don’t get me wrong..I’m not being biased here.. I’m just saying maybe americans are not just used to or not ready yet to accept some Asian conquering the US mainstream music. It would take time and effort to achieve that. It might be a slow process.I understand Charice’s management. They have one hell of a tough job to do. I believe Charice is already FAMOUS in the US and she is increasingly becoming more popular in Asia..For approx. 3 years she was promoted extensively, from tv, print and radio(although i think her management did not paid the “payola) up to her first album. Not to mention her youtube videos has approx 300 million views. You should not underestimate this long and extensive promotions from different forms of medias combined. But Charice is Asian. But it’s alright,because like i said, America might not be ready yet..Charice is the best singer/artist that Asia can offer right now. That’s why of all the Asian artists who tried to breakthrough the american mainstream music nobody had succeeded. That’s why Charice is the first Asian solo singer to land the top 10 billboard albums chart. And please, everybody has the right to express their own opinion specially if its coming from a paying customer. Credibility is not required here. You don’t have to be a cook to be able to tell that that the food sucks. You don’t have to be a politician to criticize the government if it’s corrupt or not or the present administration is not doing well. And please don’t tell us that we only like Charice and we don’t know great music. You don’t know us. Your prejudice againts Filipinos is surfacing. Stop those personal attack. Don’t be so emotional. Just stick to the sensible and intelligent discussions. You have to expect that somebody might not agree with your statements. Like i said..i agree to some of your comments but not about adele. I did not say she’s not talented. I just said there’s nothing unique about her and that’s all. I even said i like her songs.

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    • Auau says:
      Artists are often encouraged to be unique in order to stand out, but an artist can only do so much to be apart from the rest of the world and be different. Any experience that you think unique has actually happened to somebody before, because life and human nature make it possible to repeat the same experience and phenomenon. The stages of life is a pattern, the same as changes of fortune in different places. Reactions and emotions tend to repeat at different times of life.
      That’s why when someone says Adele is not really unique, doesn’t really matter; the most important of all is she is able to connect with massive audience through her work, she’s the right product at the right time and at the right place, when people can identify with her song and her manner of singing projects what the audience felt or experienced sometime in their lives.
      You can tell if you like a song when it reverberates in your mind or as they say, it grows on you. There are songs and talented singers who can have that effect, and that has nothing to do with race. It is just the artist, somewhat attuned to the universe that gives you that universal vibration, and that vibration that is familiar doesn’t necessarily have to be unique. That’s just the way I think, and I hope some of you can get it.
      It is important for me as other fans to say here what I feel that is boiling inside me, and I agree with some who say that the right packaging would probably help elevate the career of our princess, and I think there is no harm in trying it.

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  28. mark says:
    Sad to say but this website is not good for charice. Not well representing Charice as an artist.Stop all of this over the top emotional comments,we all know charice is an exemplary singer, thats it. Some critics here are just trying to help not to put her down,chasters sometimes over react. All we have to do is support charice and we hope that the management will think of something better how to package her as an artist….she’s not there yet….almost but not quite. PEACE!!!!!chasters….

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    • Auau says:
      I agree with you mark. We should let them(management) know that Charice fans are also smart, vigilant, sophisticated, and have high standards, and that we are watching to protect Charice, so she can be the Charice now and in the future. We support, at the same we think of possibilities. Talking about it makes a lot of sense. And we are also human.

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  29. Yobhtron says:
    We need more inputs from Darren and Desiree. Their opinions make more sense and brings balance here in CM. I enjoyed reading their posts which are a breath of fresh air from the usual hosannas and hallelujahs from the Chasters.

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    • Auau says:
      I couldn’t agree with you more! Unroll the carpet! Sound the trumpet to these new shining members of the roundtable. I long to listen and learn from them.

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    • Tala says:
      “usual hosannas and hallelujahs from Chasters”

      That really made me smile. :)
      I agree, variety of opinion that does not put down people is good. It’s a healthy and refreshing discussion of sharing thoughts and yet not maligning anyone. At the end of it all, we are tied to one common fact – we all love Charice.
      Darren and Desiree, hope to see you more in Charicemania. :)

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  30. tsarisima says:
    Charice’s performance of YASB made me cry everytime I watched it. Not because it was a dedication to her father but because of the way she sang it. Charice is truly a prodigy and gifted, in the way that Van Gogh, Monet or Mozart were gifted. I know no other artist who can make fans from all around the world cry at the same time via the power of YouTube. She’s got a power that girl does and it’s just getting stronger. Thank goodness she’s not all about high notes anymore because that would be boring. I love the texture, the rough edges, the silk and velvet of her voice these days. She is becoming a true artist, not a hype. A true artist does not need an audience, a hype does.

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    • Auau says:

      Charice is all that you said, talent, charisma etc. It’s like she’s got a halo, that’s probably why we like her. I hope nobody laughs at me if I say, she is like a saint; that’s what she is like!

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