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Charice to Perform at Multiple “David Foster and Friends” Concerts in Second Half of 2011

Charice to Perform at Multiple “David Foster and Friends” Concerts in Second Half of 2011

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  1. Desiree says:
    Go Darren, go Darren go!  I don’t usually comment cuz it’s so obvious the fans here are older and Filipino and biased and probably don’t listen to any other music other than Charice. And they obviously don’t watch music videos either cuz they’ were complaining about the Louder video images cutting in & out so fast (welcome to music videos lol).  They seem incapable of being impartial and mostly don’t have a clue what makes an artist popular or maybe they would recognize Adele’s songwriting talent and distinctive musical sound and voice, or even the brilliance of Lady Gaga’s self-promotion.  

    Charice has to do something to stand out and brand herself cuz the best voice in the world isn’t enough to make her a superstar unfortunately. I didn’t read all the comments but what I did read from you makes a lot of sense, so try not to lose your cool by writing IN CAPITAL LETTERS haha!  A lot of people probably agree with you, but I suspect they don’t hang out at CM cuz of the fanatic, older chasters here.  Well I’m really glad these filipino chasters support Charice unconditionally, but that’s not gonna help her gain popularity with the mass population of non-filipinos except in other Asian countries for obvious reasons.  

    If you think about it, though, Charice is already successful beyond her wildest dreams, she has come so far! so I’m thinking maybe she’s satisfied with her career already or else she would make more effort to promote herself even by just dressing a little better on stage.  She’s always so casual lately, which you can get away with if you’re a guy singer, but the girl singers have to bring it cuz us younger fans notice what you’re wearing! I don’t think I have ever seen Taylor Swift performing on stage in anything but a beautiful dress. I think Charice must be satisfied with the big bucks she’s already making, but yeah I agree she could go so much farther with the right packaging and songs.  But oh well, it’s not up to us, it’s her own life to live and plan and strategize.  For me, it’s all good wherever she goes next from here.  

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    • Desiree says:
      ok, I read ILC’s comment and bottom line is she’s saying the same thing as Darren:  “Now Charice and her team need to find and identify her market niche and image that best suit and work well for her and continue making or composing great songs. Together with this and proper promotion,you can’t go wrong with that.”  

      Well there you go, it’s gone wrong cuz the proper promotion is lacking just like Darren said.  But don’t bring up the race card, @ILC, cuz Charice is waaayy ahead of the game of dozens of struggling Americans & British who are trying to “make it.”  Just look at ‘em all on YouTube, I have lots of favorite YouTube artists too who aren’t recognized for their talents either.  Charice’s career has truly been blessed, she’s had more than her share of good fortune that many others never ever get in their lifetimes – black, white or whatever.  

      Now she needs that elusive hit song or two or three.  Iyaz had a big hit and what’s he been up to lately?  ditto Sean Kingston, James Blunt, and other one-hit wonders.  I hope Charice’s career really has staying power with some good song choices and great promotion.  

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    • Auau says:

      I admire your thoughts and a lot of the things you’re saying are valid, but don’t generalize old people as old old; there are a lot of them who have a lot of spunk and in tune to what’s going on around. Fans in the general are of different kinds. Sweet, humble, content, naive and vulnerable, and then the opposite are hip, smart, aware, energized, protective, ambitious, imaginative etc. I think they are all good; variety is the spice of life.

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    • tsarisima says:

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  2. rdrg says:
    Maybe, DF sudgestion to record that song ” YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL” is right. It will revive as new version. People love to be called “Beautiful” Young or old, especially women, especially by there men. THIS MIGHT BE THE GATE TO GRAMMY. Just think of “the way you are”(your so beautiful)by Bruno Mars, I am beautiful by Kristina Aguilar, etc.

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  3. louiese says:

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    • Erin says:
      Please don’t overreact…”delusional” is not it…people have varying ideas…most generally, comments here are middle of the pack, you’ll hear some that are far-fetched sometimes. But all are welcome. I was once kicked out. The complex world of entertainment is a big, big, complex world. You and I, and others who complain about Cha’s management, do not have one iota of knowledge regarding the entertainment business. If we did, we won’t be here just blogging. Guarantee you they’re doing everything for Cha. Be patient, I suggest you enjoy Cha right now and not wait for something else to happen…Peace.

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    • tnt says:

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    • Auau says:

      You have the right to be here, no less than the trees and the stars. (This is from Desiderata, which ArrVee mentioned in an earlier comment.) Your participation counts because you are part of the universe, and any point of a sphere is a center, so don’t leave because we like you, and you mean a lot to us at CM.

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  4. tsuki says:
    @Dennis, I thought writing in all caps is not allowed in Charicemania. Let’s follow protocol. Thank you very much.

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  5. DENNIS says:

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    • Jojo says:

      Maybe you forget that Charice is honored this year as the best new artist in Japan this year, beating the likes of Justine Bieber ,Bruno Mars… In the process and her album infinity soaring to the top in Japan, the world’s second largest music.I definitely believe that her management team are doing a good job and the projection of her career is steadily going up.

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    • Auau says:

      That’s good wishful thinking; I hope that will materialize.

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  6. rdrg says:
    Sorry it is about Nov 2010 Christmas presentation in New York.

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  7. rdrg says:
    Like Hoda said at “Kathie Lee & Hoda” Show watching Charice at 2011 Christmas Presentation in New York, “Just close your eyes and listen”. It feels like your in heaven.

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  8. luvkcha09 says:
    The trouble with Charice is she is so multi-talented that is why we can’t just label her as a Pop star, or a ballad singer – she can do all these. Her selling “brand:” is her mega-talent an her versatility. She is so different from all the celebrities – especially in America – so its futile to try to “brand” her like one of the American teen stars – CHARICE IS. that’s her brand.
    It’s interesting to read here of so many fans having a lot of advise and ideas about what Charice should be – I am quite happy with what I see in her.
    I have so much to worry about my own life that I really don’t have advise to give to Charice or to her management about being a superstar. :)

    I just enjoy her performances.

    Is this the new ‘thing’ right now? To give advise to Charice????? Wow she has so many advisers. hmmmmmm. I need advise too:)

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    • Jojo says:
      Well said. I agree 100%

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    • truepinoy63 says:
      Luvkcha09 you’re exactly right. As the saying goes “IF IT AIN’T BROKE DON’T FIX IT”. Let the child be, she has plenty of experienced people around her that would be crazy to stir her wrong. Filipinos are well known for being “PAKI-ILAM-MERO” (not sure if I spelled that right). We are fans, our job is not to teach but to adore. I for one adore Charice in whatever she does. I wish her more success and as always God bless!!!!

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    • Auau says:

      Some people like her the way she is right now, but some others want to see her become a superstar; if that is possible, they are just trying to help, or talk about how it could happen. People care, because Charice is the first Asian/Filipino to ever achieve this stature in music industry. Fans can identify, if that is happening because they most likely dreamed of the same thing happening to themselves or wished for a hero who are like themselves; to see this happen to Charice gives validation to their dreams and to them as people. So giving advice is ok for those who care and know what they’re talking about. Whether the advice is taken or not, it’s still good for some to let their thoughts and feelings out, and it’s good that CM provides them this space and the chance to communicate.

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      • truepinoy63 says:

        Good point Auau, PEOPLE WHO KNOW WHAT THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT. Charice has plenty of those experienced/experts in the music industry in her team right now. DF said that Marc S.(her manager) is very good. Warner Bros should know by now how to market their talent don’t you think. I say leave the thinking to the hired experts, this is not like your DO IT YOURSELF PLUMBING!!! Just sit back and relax!!! She’s in good hands.

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        • auau says:

          She’s in good hands, but I can sense the inconsistencies once in a while that is distracting, proven by videos I watched. It would be nice to know if she’s surrounded by all truly good people, but I doubt that. As they say, success can attract some vultures and sycophants, and there might be some of these people in her team who don’t care and don’t know fully well what they’re doing. I can only hope our princess will grow mature to be more confident, so she can see these things and deal with her team accordingly.

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  9. Nauba says:
    Lets face it once and for all. Charice simply cannot stand “eyeball to eyeball” with any other artist in all the world. She is thee tiniest artist in all of history. Her diminutive thumbalina stature is her “golden ticket.” She’s the only artist of her kind anywhere on earth. The human brain (north american public) is wired to “attack the runt” as it were. Despite this, Charice seems larger than life on television camera when standing “front & center” on stage. There is absolutely zero possibility of Charice copying the attire and movement of any other artist – it’s not physically possible. But when Charice is photographed and filmed a certain way – her height doesn’t matter. Maybe someday big media will let our little fry swim into our living room via a popular television program.

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  10. rdrg says:
    Charice and Taylor Swift are alike. No sexy dress, wear the clothes they want and just sing their best. They both look decent. I hope she sang again “Grown up Chistmas Gift.”

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  11. ILoveCharice says:

    I agree to some of your comments but about adele and lady gaga and others??well not at all. There is nothing unique about adele. She is just a British singer song writer who happened to composed catchy good songs like someone like you and rolling in the deep. I like those songs by the way..Lady Gaga to me is just a re invented Madonna of the 21st century. Their voices even sounds the same..Lady Gaga and her team had only found a way to tickle the imagination of the public by wearing sexy ridiculous outfits and making “bizarre” music videos. Sex, image and some danceable songs is the formula that worked for her. Adele..she “wears her heart on her sleeve”..It’s unnecessary to mention that.. Don’t tell us about the personality of the aforementioned artists as if Charice has a lesser/weaker personality than them. You don’t know what she had been through. She hurdled hardships and poverty at an early age and came up stronger and more successful. Don’t forget also that all of the artists you mentioned are all Americans and British. I’ts easier for them to make it as a mega star than Charice. No matter how many people will try to sugarcoat and euphemistically say “no, race doesn’t matter at all” the truth will still prevail. Her being an Asian/Filipino is still a big factor. I’m not saying that the megastar status in the US is impossible to achieve. The uphill battle of Charice to megastardom in the US will just be slow but steady. I had already predicted that long time ago. Furthermore, the entertainment industry is a cutthroat business. In a world of a “dog eat dog”, a lot of artists have to abandon and disregard their own dignity for fame and fortune. Some will “sell” their “soul” to the “devil”.(not literally of course. go figure). But Charice had an instrument that impressed Oprah, DF and houndred of thousands if not millions of people around the world. That instrument is her great talent. Charice has the talent,personality and strong charisma. Now Charice and her team need only to create the formula that works for her. They need to find and identify her market niche and image that best suit and work well for her and continue making or composing great songs. Together with this and proper promotion,you can’t go wrong with that.No pressure though. I’ts their call.

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    • Darren says:
      Hunny, but what Adele and Gaga’s team are working right? They were #1 in all music charts all over the world for many consecutive weeks. Why did that happen? Because their team took their stregths and highlighted it. Call it copy cat, call it hoakey, call it artificial, but you can’t call it a failure. Cuz, hunny it’s working.

      And it’s ridiculous how much you reject Adele. You obviously don’t like great music, and don’t know her body of work. Unlike you, I’m not a one-artist-fan kind a guy. I like good music PERIOD. Adele is not just a one hit wonder who happens to write catchy songs. Her ENTIRE Cd (CD’s she has had 2 now) is amazing and is a direct reflection of her emotions, feelings, and talent as a singer/songwriter. Charice may have gone through a lot, and yes condolences to her father’s death, but her music doesn’t reflect this emotional suffering you so proudly refer to… Her music has no specific sound that when you hear it, you know, oh yes, that’s a Charice song.

      I never meant to say that Charice is a lesser artist. I am talking about her management team. I have been constantly disappointed with her team because I still DO NOT hear her songs in the radio here in San Fancisco. Granted, it’s a tough market here in SF (you’re competing with pop songs, rigaton, hip-hop, indei rock, 80′s new-wave, techno, and etc…), but still, Pyramid was only on air for less than a month, Louder was never played, and none of her songs are in local bar, club jukeboxes. That’s called lack of promotion.

      She has the potential, but her management is not doing enough to push her into the publicsphere. So waht do we get? No new fans and we stuck with annoying fans who can’t accept other’s honest opinions, and must always be on the defensive. I’m a huge fan of Charice, but I’m disappointed with her and her mnaaagement’s choices…

      A true artist knows how to grow with time.

      Look at Christina… She’s a big mess now! because she doesn’t know how to grow with the time.

      And about Oprah… she has lost much of her clout in the pop industry. Her market is middle-aged women (maybe men)… but ask an 18 year old if they care about what Oprah says? In my University, there is a general disregard for Oprah among youths, which is Charice’s market. (I’m not disregarding Oprah at all… she still has a lot of influence, just not with 18-34 demographic, now).

      Anyway, I wish you could just stop being on the defensive and look around. This is not the world of Mariah, Whitney, and other power ballad singers anymore. charice doesn’t have to “sell her soul.” Just make more consitent and appropriate decisions that would always lead to her being identified as Charice. Right now I don’t think it’s working, but hopeful that someday her team wakes up and realizes how to manage her correctly…

      BTW, her Japan management are doing a much better job. Her identity in japan is more consistent and in keeping with her overall identity there…

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      • auau says:

        Darren, I like everything that you are saying. You are aware, passionate,and intelligent fan of Charice; I wish i, and more of us are like you. It’s good for Charice, and her team to know she has vigilant fans, watching if they’re doing a good job or not. As they say, success can attract a lot of vultures and sychopants; we don’t want that to happen to our princess.
        I’m also glad you understand she doesn’t have to sell herself to the devil. I already mentioned earlier you are the type that should be in her team, to help make sure the machinery is working smoothly and effectively, propelling our princess to megastardom with proper vehicle and packaging. I’m like you by the way; I like many different artists and different songs, as long as they are good lyrics and melody.
        One more thing, What can you say about Charice identity in the Philippines? Does she or doesn’t she have one at all? Am i asking a dumb question here? I hope you answer. I also hope you keep posting, and more power to you!

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      • auau says:

        By the way I luv all kinds of fans of Charice. Aware and intelligent like Darren, as well as sweet and humble like many others here, or even those who are naive; they all make our participation at CM exciting, and more interesting.

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    • Darren says:

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      • MingPin says:
        Keep posting, Darren. Do not mind the comments. I feel yah… U also have Charice’s welfare in mind like most of us. U can’t prevent others to say their ²¢. Peace!

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      • khatman says:
        Usually it is the parents that suffer the hardship the most if we are talking about growing up poor. Justin Bieber talks about growing up poor and his mom on food stamps. But I don’t believe while growing up that he had to literally sing for his supper like charice did. How many of these artists crying ‘hardship’became the family breadwinner at age 7, where winning a singing contest meant whether you had food on the table the next day? How many artists while still a child were told by an adult that they would never make it in the music business because they were too short and didn’t have the ‘looks’?

        It’s kind of funny that you should imply Charice doesn’t express herself enough through her music because that is one of the attributes that defines and sets her apart from other singers – her ability to sing with emotion.

        As for “identifyable” (with her peers) we won’t know until her “Infinity” album becomes available in the US. We already know it is a big success with the Japanese (number 2 best seller).

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  12. DENNIS says:

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    • Darren says:

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      • RJ says:
        Hey Darren, ILC, and Dennis…could you please hold your horses? This is a discussion going on, and I actually enjoy reading each of your thoughts, why? because they are intelligent discussions. I really do. So, don’t take it personally. Each of you have valid points. We just have different expectations. Some wish that Cha should be up there in the stage receiving a Grammy right now and faults her management for not making it happen…..some think she’s on steady progress with her management team. Bottom line, we have no control of anything. Let’s just wish Cha success. One thing we all have in common is, that we lover her…and that she will reach that ultimate success, only when is the question. Peace.

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      • nordin says:
        @ Darren I guess you already realized that you are barking the wrong tree. Yes you have a good point about Charice but don’t mentioned it here instead tell her management what she needs to be done about her future.

        You are not the only one giving advises here of all those good points about Charice, there’s a bunch just like you and they all received a lot of negative feed backs. You know why? It’s because they are missing one thing “credibility”. They keep on giving advises but yet they never done it before if it’s going to work or not so what’s the point listening to them. Same thing to you, what is your credibility?

        Charice has a lot of talents to offer that mostly other Artist doesn’t have. Whatever genre she sings she’s good at it and in my point of view her management still trying their best to figure out where she fits in. They slowly getting there. They might be keep on failing but remember failure is part of big success.

        You might say majority of Charice fans are old folks and hard to deal with but they are are not just fans but will remain fans no matter what will happened to Charice future and they still patiently waiting for Charice to get up there and she will get there at no time.

        For me she is already a mega star. It might not be in terms of fame and wealth but talent wise she’s very huge. For all do respect with the recent stars and to all musical legends and I don’t have to mentioned there names because everybody knows them but I will tell you they cannot compete toe to toe with Charice. No one in this world that can do what Charice is doing right now. That’s the reason why DF keep on saying before Charice has a bright future and it’s scary and the word “scary” is yet to come so get ready and be prepared because you will never know what will going to hit you.

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        • Darren says:

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          • truepinoy63 says:
            Just wondering Darren, are you in the music business? If you are then share your idea with Mark, Charice’s manager. We are only fans here and we have no say in that matter what so ever. Frustrated that she’s hasn’t received a grammy, well who isn’t, but that doesn’t mean that she will not get one. All we can do is keep on supporting her by buying her music or going to her concerts. Just remember Charice is not WHITE like the rest of them in Hollywood so it will take a little more time for her to break through to get a grammy, COMPRENDE? PEACE!!!!

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  13. Lorena says:
    Charice is a beautiful person inside and out,true to herself, she is one of a kind, someone you admire and love and protect. If everyone would like her to be someone who she isn’t or pre empt what she wants to do, that essence of her being would be gone and we will not know who we are admiring. Stay as you are Charice. Lead us in exploring your music. You are already a star shining in everyone’s eyes.

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  14. Lenard says:
    I really like charice’s “Lesson for life”, the song seems very similar like from Miley Cyrus songs, but definitely different genre of song, Also like her “Heartbreak Survivor”.

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  15. liza says:
    as if these people are experts in the industry to be saying something of what charice should do or not do! comments section used to be enjoyable and heartwarming to read…i just hope charice will have her own mind to just do what’s best for her and may she continue to live a life with integrity whatever success or failure she’ll be faced in the future…

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    • rabbit says:
      I agree liza. Experts should control themselves for us non-experts in the majority to enjoy reading what boosts our chaddiction. Experts should direct their analysis and recommendations to Team Charice/Warner instead. Oh well, this is the internet.

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  16. Auau says:
    @ Darren, you have a good point, in fact several good points that I’m sure Charice and the people behind or around her can greatly appreciate.
    @ IvanRS, you have a good point as well, more realistic perhaps, considering how things go as Charice matures in the business that adopted her.

    Most important of all is that Charice has to remain happy and authentic as time goes by, because I think her fans would not like to see her as too manufactured. The essence of Charice that people like is her sweetness and her honesty, so everything will happen only depending on what change, which also by the way includes packaging, she can be comfortable with, and how she can handle success as she matures. I remembered her mentioned in past interview, she didn’t really expect to be famous all over the world, only in the Philippines at first, and yet she’s been to many places already, farther than she imagined as a child. We don’t know if her drive has changed as she has grown, for one thing is sure, her responsibility has gotten bigger with more family members counting on her, and more fans all over the world wanting her song and her pilgrimage to different places. It is possible her drive and outlook has changed along the way. Only the people who are closest to Charice know and decide; how far the chances they have to take on her depends on how they believe. With their talents in management, they can only work so far, but the rest depends on what destiny has in store for Charice.

    Both of you, Darren and IvanRS, seem very nice, energetic and well-meaning spirits; it would be nice I think for the likes of you to join Charice management team, just to see what you can contribute the career of our princess, transforming her farther to become a megastar. Thanks for your thoughts, and God bless to both of you!

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    • auau says:
      @Darren, I might be ignorant to ask this question, but I wonder if the discrepancies in Charice costumes/packaging is possibly a result of her management team decisions in PI don’t match/coincide sometimes with her management team decisions in the States? I’m curious to know if she is made to wear some clothes when she performs onstage by some company who wants to sell them. Pardon me, this crossed my mind.

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      • Darren says:
        I’m not sure how all that works, but every artist should have a team of stylists with them before ther perform. They just know better. Plus, the artist has to focus on the performance and the singing, they shouldn’t have to think about what to wear. Just makes it easier for the artist.

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  17. Darren says:
    She needs to start being a woman, which means being aware of one’s look as a pop star is essential. That means a healthy life style, including constant training with a personal trainer and a more identifiable look that can sell to the American masses.

    Her vocals are there. Definitely there. But she if she wants to get serious in American pop industry, she needs to understand that marketing, pr, packaging, and, yes, all the superficial stuff does matter, especially nowadays.

    She doesn’t have to be superficial herself. Being confident about one’s appearance is not superficial. As a powerful woman, she should use her budding womanhood as a sign of her power. She can use it as a way to triumph over the world, over her haters, over the non-believers.

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    • IvanRS says:
      Implicit in your statements is the idea that someone is confident only if they wear the same kind of ‘trendy’ clothing as other ‘hot’ artists, and that to show her “budding womanhood” can only be done by being packaged and promoted the same as other American pop stars.

      I understand what you’re trying to say about the way sales are influenced by image as much as the actual music. And I don’t disagree with that. What I do disagree with is your appraisal of Charice. I would argue that she’s comfortable and confident the way she dresses now, because let’s face it, it takes a lot more strength to do your own thing than be the same as the rest. Charice is her own brand, and if she doesn’t sell millions and millions of records in the future then so be it. That won’t be a negative reflection on Charice herself, but more a reflection of the priorities of the industry and the consumers.

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      • Darren says:
        Her brand is a bit muddled. Her look isn’t consistent. I know its ridiculous, but you have to simplify who you are to be heard and seen in the industry. Example: Adele… her look suits her singing and her on screen personality. She’s a singer/songwriter who wears her heart on her sleeve. Lady Gaga… she is marketing genius who knows when to shock and when to tone down. Kesha… (though misleadingly-obcene as it maybe) is packaged as a big, dirty, party girl. Her songs suit this personality. Taylor Swift… Geourgous girl-next-door type. Her songs are as sweet as her on screen personality.

        YOu catch my drift? Right now, Charice’s songs are all over the place. Ballads here, pop songs here, covers there… She needs to pick one and stick to it. Then match that sound with an appropriate, identifiable on screen persona. That way marketing her would be much easier…

        Plainly stated, Charice may be comfortable with the way she dresses, but it’s not going to take her anywhere, unless she carefully calculates every appearance, song, move, etc she makes. It’s a lot of work. Branding oneself is not easy. That’s why there’s only a handful of mega-superstars in the world.

        As for the “implicit” statement…Trust me, what Charice wears is already very trendy. But I never said anything about “trendy.” I was referring to an “identifiable” look, a look that translates confidence. Would you go to job interview wearing seats? No… you “dress for success”… same goes with the pop industry.

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      • Darren says:
        oops… I meant “sweats” not “seats” ….


        “Would you go to job interview wearing SWEATS? No… you “dress for success”… same goes with the pop industry.”

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      • Darren says:
        BTW… I know Charice has it in her to be a really really big pop star. I saw potential in Louder and her music video. Her dancing in the rain and the outfit she had on while she was dancing was very edgy and cool… the boots, the voluminous wavy curls and the on-screen confidence has the making of a huge American pop star. I just wish she continues on that route.

        I think Louder could have been bigger in the US. Unfortunately they did not promote it at all… Her first single should have been a fast dance song. Notice that most breakthrough pop songs by a new artist (with exception of a few who don’t sing fast songs like Adele) is almost always a fast song?

        Once Charice grabs the worlds attention with a fast song which is what people want right now, THEN she can do ballads. She needs to become a known voice and personality first, then she can do what she wants and make people want what she wants them to want. :)

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  18. ArrVee says:

    that rendition of YASB, especially given that it was dedicated to her late father, is one of her epic performances that leaves you not knowing what hit you. No one except her truly knows what her dad meant to her, and for her to channel all those feelings into such a sublime and emotion-filled performance leaves one torn between respectful applause and all-out cheering, but the audience couldn’t hold back …

    what really struck me though, was her choice of song – and this speaks to the essence of her bond with her father. I am reminded of a passage from the poem “Desiderata”, and how it also applies to people:

    ” … With all its sham, drudgery, and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world …”

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    • Auau says:
      OMG ArrVee, I’m thrilled to know we both have our love for CHARICE in common, and now also DESIDERATA. We must be contemporaries.
      “Go placidly among the noise and haste… Be careful, strive to be happy.” I wonder how many Chasters share this as well. So good to know Chasters are good people who are aware of spiritual code of conduct. Bravo!

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  19. Deleonirene says:
    OMC! OMC! OMC! Im so happy right now because i listened to cha’s songs played in one of the radio station here in hongkong. OMC! It’s the very first time that they play your songs here. I hope warner music hongkong will promote her here just like how warner music japan does. Gm sure you’ll gonna make 8 big here too.

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  20. auau says:
    YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL CHARICE! These excellent videos and pictures are proofs, you are back and have moved on from the demise of your father, and I’m very happy for you. I’m the one to say your performance here is so much improved as compared to the ones from your Asian tours; i can sense more freedom and energy in your gestures and movements on stage. Your emoting is just right, showing more maturity in the right places. I have compared you to Kelly Clarkson several times in my comments before, and I keep wishing for the possibility of you working side by side with Kelly someday. Your moves, especially with the tight fitting pants still remind me of Liza Minelli, although you are probably too young to remember LIZA WITH THE “Z”.
    By the way I’m happy to see no distracting or malfunctioning wardrobe in these videos; your outfit are flattering to your figure, so congrats to the people working on your costumes this time, or to whoever looked you over before you go onstage. I always like the empowering hats which remind me of Johnny Depp’s Willy Wonka. Perhaps you’re also channeling Michael’s androgyny which actually helped his career. Although I’m saying this for the first time, i’ve always thought Avril Lavigne when I see some of your pictures, which is not bad because variety/reinvention is good for entertainment, and not to mention longevity in the business, as already proven by someone like Madonna, and recently your idol Lady Gaga. Some fans welcome and appreciate change to spice up their lives a little. As life is a journey, life also means change.
    Going back to the subject of family, I’m happy for your reuniting with your relatives on your father’s side. Someone said or wrote that things happen for a reason, even having relatives that don’t get along in the beginning. Life as a journey is all about learning. The spirit has to learn even from the experience of having parents that are challenged or having their own problems. That’s why they say we can’t choose our family, but we can choose our friends. The combined lessons we learned from experiences between our family and friends can enrich our lives and make us better and wiser human beings. Perhaps in your case, you are a better singer now after everything you experienced with your dad, so in essence your father is or was a spiritual teacher.
    Lastly, I’d like to say I’m very happy for your continued success, and I still hope for the day I’ll be free to come out and experience your concert live. More power to you and “BREAK A LEG!”(this is theatre lingo) on your forthcoming concerts next month, and in the early part of year 2012. Happy New Year!

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    • Auau says:
      I’ve just remembered the story of Joseph, son of Jacob, as a good example of the saying, “Things happen for a reason”. It is a great story of forgiveness, and as some Chasters may know, have been told in the musical JOSEPH AND THE AMAZING TECHNICOLOR DREAMCOAT written by the famous Andrew Lloyd Webber, who also penned EVITA, JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR, PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, and many other renowned musicals of a lifetime. Perhaps someday the life story of Charice will also be the subject of a musical for her fans and the world to watch, who knows?

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  21. D.Mark says:

    Charice singing ‘You Are So Beautiful’ is part of her healing process. This was my favorite “Ming” performance of the night.

    Here are a couple other songs I captured on video before I had battery issues:
    Louder –
    Stand Up For Love –

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  22. Nauba says:
    Charice’s young teen-child days of standing ovations and drawing tears with sensational vocals are gone. How can I thank Charice for having unknowingly given meaning and purpose to millions of admirers the world over? Alas the time has come, for Charice to progress gracefully into womanhood. For me, the passing of Charice’s father, herald’s the closing chapter of Charice’s childhood. I hope Charice stays with her American label, but I suspect she will, or is – being wooed by “foreign” labels. It’s clear to me that predictions regarding Charice’s career track being steady and lifelong are true. Charice is unique in that she’s one of the few artists that everyone who supposedly never heard of her is lying for selfish or jealous reasons.

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    • khatman says:
      Charice has left her childhood behind, marked by the passing of her father, but continues to receive standing ovations and draw tears as evidenced by this latest performance. Ricky Pempengco is her birth father but David Foster is her godfather. In many ways David has filled in for Ricky, both as a mentor and a father. David really loves her and she him. Hopefully this will not be the last time Charice performs with David. Although David cannot produce any more songs for her, she can still perform with him.

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      • Nauba says:
        Agreed, the personal/professional life/career of David and Charice are somehow intertwined. How cool is that. Charice’s life definitely has a side hidden from us general public. Media moguls, managers, producers, songwriters, and other artists undoubtedly represent an impressive share of Charice’s social/professional world.

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  23. Pabs Q says:

    People, who suffer the loss a loved one by death in the family, endure or go through the process of grieving. The bereaved undergo the process of grieving in five stages; anger, denial, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. For some people, it may take a short period of time to recover. Others, it may take years or even a lifetime to go through process of grieving. The end-result or goal is to reach acceptance.

    Charice is a survivor, a fighter, and a person of moral integrity. She’ll recover and attain acceptance with the help of her family and the love and support of Chasters around the world. Singing to her father, as a tribute, is actually helping Charice to reach aceptance and on her way to full recovery and normal life.

    I‘m actually very impressed by the maturity level that this world-class singer exhibited to the public. Allow Charice to do what she has to do when it comes to openly mentioning or singing to her father in public. Contrary to your opinion, it is NOT “all unnecessary bagage”. She has taken off and if she has not already done so, will gain new momentum in no time. Guarantee…

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  24. tnt says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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    • hyperbola says:
      @tnt: By singing YASB as a tribute to her father “in public”, Charice was doing exactly that: “remove all unnecessary baggage in order to take off once again”.

      We are not privy to what’s going on inside her heart. We can only speculate. She showed remarkable grace onstage while a kaleidoscope of emotions were going through her. The standing ovation the audience accorded her at the end of the song was a validation of the choice she made to pay tribute to her father. Unfortunately, that choice is not yours (or mine or anyone else’s) to make. It’s hers & hers alone.

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      • Stockpicker says:
        I echo this great observation a 100%. What she’s doing is part of the healing process that she needs and only she knows.

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  25. Misua says:
    Dear Crabs,

    You obviously cannot deny that you like Charice because you keep coming to this site, clicking the thumbs down or posting some comments and pretending that you care!

    Life is short..please do something nice…STOP FOOLING YOURSELVES!!!!

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  26. EBJohns11 says:
    I should have click the SUBMIT button when i looked at the flight =/ Charice came out and had group pic with the Chasters . So much regret here =( .Oh well next time. I’ll take the risk LOL.

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  27. Stockpicker says:
    A daughter who love her father after all, singing “YASB” to him was a very moving tribute! Speak volumes of her character as a person to serve her well later in life!

    Charice, may God bless you always!

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  28. Elbiz says:
    I like the Charice version of “You are so Beautiful”..Wow!! mellow.

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  29. yours4everz says:
    Wow!!!Charice, each time you perform live there’s so much versatility & style in every song that you rendered. Styles that I bet the haters/crabsters won’t be able to do it!(LOL).I love the way you sing now. There’s so much control now & not just hitting those high notes that made the world adore you bec. you were incredible & unbelievable in those high notes.For some of us we understand that you don’t need to hit those high notes all the time to prove to us over & over that you are the “queen of birit ng birit” :)) Your latest performances sounds smoother, sooo relaxing,sooo very pleasant to the ears,etc.that each time I try to close my eyes listening to your voice it seems like I’m floating in the air(no pun intended :))For sure, I will be listening to your songs forever & I will always be your avid, no. 1 chaster. Love you Cha! Take care!!!:)

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