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GleeCap: “New York” Season 2 Finale

GleeCap: “New York” Season 2 Finale

All you need to know is that New Directions lost and Charice’s Vocal Adrenaline won. But of course, knowing the moments that lead to this result is part of the fun. So here’s a short recap of Glee’s season 2 finale:

One main reason for the defeat of New Directions is, obviously, their lack of preparation. The episode starts off with them chilling in Times Square while they still have two songs to write and choreograph for the competition. Will, instead of coaching them through the song-making process, lies to the club and visits “CrossRhodes: The April Rhodes Story” in Broadway, where a guard catches Will singing on stage.

For inspiration, the glee club explores the streets of New York City with a lot of singing and a lot of choreography. One amazing musical number is the mash-up of “New York, New York” and “I Love New York”. It’s back to songwriting again for the members but the boys convince Finn to take Rachel out on a date. While Rachel and Finn are out on their “work date”, they meet Patti Lupone, Rachel’s idol. Finchel is looking really sweet so right on cue, the New Direction guys serenades them with “Bella Notte”. But the date doesn’t end well when Rachel rejects Finn’s kiss.

The next morning, Kurt and Rachel have breakfast at Tiffany’s and they talk about their New York dreams and how Finn could possibly hold back Rachel. One thing leads to another, and suddenly, they’re on the stage of “Wicked” where they’re given a chance to sing on stage for a couple of minutes by the kind-hearted usher.

Will almost decides to leave the glee club but a meeting with Dustin Goolsby changes that. On the day of Nationals, Rachel finds Sunshine Corazon throwing up because of nervousness. Rachel comforts her and convinces her to continue with Vocal Adrenaline’s number. Sunshine brought the house down with “As Long As You’re There”, while the rest of her club danced in the background.

New Direction’s numbers, “Pretending” and “Light Up the World” were both good but their chance of winning was hurt when Rachel and Finn shared an unplanned kiss on stage. In the end, New Directions didn’t even crack the top 10, while the Sunshine-powered Vocal Adrenaline came out on top.

Watch Glee Season 2 Finale – “New York”

Charice on Glee

Sunshine Corazon was Purchase midamor dosage a trending topic on Twitter for hours after the Glee finale aired. ,While others were critiquing the style of her clothes and physical appearance, almost everyone agreed that her performance of the difficult “As Long As You’re There” was amazing.

The person behind “As Long As You’re There” is songwriter/producer Claude Kelly. He even tweeted in support of Charice and Glee: “who wins at sectionals on @GleeonFox!? i’m rooting for Sunshine Corazon (@OfficialCharice)…#PowerBalladsin2011″.

Kelly also promoted the song through Twitter: “GLEE FANS! the season finale is here! i wrote “AS LONG AS YOUR THERE”-original song sung by Charice (SunshineCorazon)-its on iTunes! Go BUY!”

Lots of Glee fans and Chasters are speculating wether Charice will return on Glee’s third season. Despite the fans’ disappointment about the 3-episode appearance of Charice, everything ends on a high note with “As Long As You’re There”. And just remember the impact Charice had on Glee’s season debut with “Listen” and “Telephone”, and also “All By Myself”, you could definitely say that Glee helped Charice, and that Charice also helped Glee.

So Chasters, do you want Charice to be in Glee’s Season 3?

By Sofia Carrera,

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  1. Attractive section of content. I just stumbled upon your website and in accession capital to assert that
    I acquire in fact enjoyed account your blog posts. Any way I’ll be subscribing to your augment and even I achievement you access consistently quickly.

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  2. Alma says:
    I was kinda sad to read the article “how-it-feels-to-be-short-and-a-minority-person-in-hollywood-charice-opens-up”. Despite our perception that Charice is always bubbly and happy, I bet she is like any 19 year old girl suffering all the angst of growing up and more so for her because of her situation in the limelight. I hope that having been here awhile she’s developed a bit of thick skin which is necessary in her business and if she seems to be having a little more fight-back attitude …well more power to her. I was not aware that she did not have her family here with her and that is sad if that is true. I can’t imagine Charice without a circle of family support. I’m sure she has many handlers but not the same thing. I’m glad Charice deleted her facebook account once realized many so-called Chasters are backstabbers. All the young entertainers have haters: Justin, Selena, Miley, etc. and they’ve all talked about their haters. It’s envitable that when you’re up someone will try to pull you down. Just go about your business Charice. It’s part and parcel or price of fame. You’ve done much for the Filipino people. Without you Chasters would be … well, going about their business as usual and life for them would be a little bit less exciting. Chasters, can you imagine your lives now without Charice? Imagine if she never happened the way she did? From that perspective, all I can see is a big void like an innerspace black hole created when a star dies….

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  3. peter de guia says:
    I agree with LoloLando. Charice fluency in English is better than other Filipinos who’s been here in America for many years. Another strong performance of Charice.

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    • khatman says:
      Charice, when here in the U.S., works primarily with english speaking caucasians and lives in an apartment complex comprised of english speaking celebrities. Also Charice has a voice coach, Eric Vetro, who would correct any enunciation mistakes. So it is no surprise that Charice’s fluency in english has progressed at a faster than normal pace,

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      • johnw says:
        Actually Charice’s command of the English language has always been very good. Recall her first visit to StarKing and her interaction with the audience. Check out this interview when she first stepped foot on U.S. (Los Angeles) soil. She does have a Flipino accent but her English is understandable. BTW David Foster exaggerated when he said she didn’t speak a word of English when he first met her.

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      • auau says:

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    • spirikitik says:

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    • auau says:

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  4. Auau says:

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    • paperroses says:

      @Auau, (probable reasons why turns down are gaining fast and furious :) )
      Chasters don’t like these statements:
      1. Rachel could be her mentor(blasphemous to chasters)
      2. Sunshine’s character will find a boyfriend like David/FalseVoice (right now, chasters are seemingly not ready for sunshine to have boyfriend – on or offscreen)
      God bless us all.

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      • auau says:
        Thanks for letting me know, although this reply is late. I’m new and I don’t know what other chasters want to happen to the character Sunshine.
        1. I just romanticize a friendship between females( one born/raised in the states and the other born/raised in another country) because in real life that rarely happens; one is perceived as a threat by the other. There’s unspoken language and code of conduct each has which the other is unaware of so they don’t mingle. Like each is thinking, you’re doing something that is unacceptable, but I’m not gonna tell you, and I’ll just let you figure out. An immigrant female who can’t find friends among other females then tries to befriend the opposite sex, and so the competition gets worse.
        2. I threw in a boyfriend for Sunshine so she becomes a happy character, and I assume she should not be a neuter. I wanted the same nationality so she doesn’t become the village maneater; I forgot there’s already Tina and Harry in the story for that reason.

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  5. LoloLando says:
    Above song reminded me of one of her recorded songs from way back,”Always You”. After a long,long while and for curiosity, my fingers ran through this Site and the first thing I noticed about Charice is her fluency in English. I said to myself, 2 years had passed since my last access here and I could feel the difference in the tonality of her voice and acting, which is on the up and positive side.

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  6. khatman says:
    The track was sped up a bit too much – I understand to keep video from being deleted. However it was hard to understand speaking dialog. But enjoyed seeing Sunshine perform.

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    • eve says:
      ok I posted a different one above at regular speed, but I’m afraid it will eventually be deleted. I didn’t realize the other one with the quicker tempo might be hard for some to understand the dialogue. Sorry about that.

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      • khatman says:
        Eve, thanks. Sunshine and Rachel have come full circle with regards to the ladies room. Hope RM includes Sunshine in Season 3.

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  7. buena14 says:
    I thought New Zealand’s Glee showing is way behind, only to find out that Australia is even behind:). Tonight is Glee’s Finale night here. I’m so excited to view the full episode. Anyways, Yetey16 its Prom Night, the Funeral and lastly the Finale so it will just be a couple of weeks of waiting for you!

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