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Charice Lands Two Nominations in the 1st Glee Music Awards

Charice Lands Two Nominations in the 1st Glee Music Awards

Your online votes are needed to help Sunshine Corazon win for Best Guest Star performance for “Listen” and Best Duet with Rachel for “Telephone” !!!
It’s the 1st Annual 2011 Glee The Music Awards presented by Columbia Records and 20th Century FOX. Tune in to the livestream next Tuesday, May 31, at 8pm ET as the Awards Show will be hosted LIVE by celebrity blogger Perez Hilton at his website With the number of songs being sung and performed in each episode, there’s no doubt that fans would want to select their favorites from the best performances of Season Two.

Glee took the world by storm when it premiered on television screens in 2009 and, since then, it has racked up impressive numbers with 29 million Glee songs digitally downloaded and 10 million albums sold worldwide. Two of its albums have gone Platinum (Glee The Music, Vols. 1 & 2) and two Gold (Vols. 3 & 4). Glee Where to buy zyban online has even surpassed Elvis, the king of Rock and Roll, last February 2011 with the most songs ever placed on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Charice’s debut on Glee as the diminutive powerhouse Sunshine Corazon was so impressive that she garnered rave reviews everywhere. The strength of her two performances on the premiere episode has landed her a spot as a nominee in two of the nine categories being offered at the 1st Annual 2011 Glee The Music Awards show: Best Guest Performance for “Listen” and Best Duet for “Telephone” with Rachel (Lea Michele).

A WIN in these two categories would certainly give Charice bragging rights to forever be linked to the Glee worldwide phenomenon, not to mention a significant boost to her profile to millions more Glee fans worldwide. So click here to >> vote for Sunshine Corazon now. And be sure to vote in all of the other categories as well while you’re at it!

Glee’s popular guest stars often make a splash on Glee and contribute to the popularity of the show. In fact, the guest stars are often the focus of many “favorites” lists across the web like Entertainment Weekly’s ranking of the best Glee guest stars, where Charice came ahead of Britney Spears. Another one is US Weekly’s Glee Guests List, where Charice was included based only on one epic appearance during the “Audition” episode where she sang “Listen” and the “Telephone” duet with Rachel (played by Lea Michele).

Charice definitely has a good chance of winning both since “Listen” and “Telephone” both charted well on Billboard’s Hot 100. Charice’s version of “Listen” even debuted higher on the chart compared to the original. To make sure that Charice nabs these two awards, keep on voting Chasters and spread the word all over the web to vote for our girl Sunshine, as played by Charice!

Aside from the nine categories for the Glee characters, there is also a Best Fan Video category which will go to the fan with the best video as chosen by Perez Hilton and announced during the May 31 livestream show. You can send in your own performance video here. Any courageous Chasters out there? Do create a unique and entertaining video using any of Charice’s Glee songs! We already know there are many parodies out there of Sunshine’s and Rachel’s epic “Telephone” battle in the girls bathroom! You never know, you could really win, plus, that’s added exposure for Charice.

PLEASE VOTE IN ALL CATEGORIES, for Sunshine Corazon of course, and for the other categories, vote for your own favorites or consider Charicemania’s recommendations below.

Click to vote and see the complete list of nominees >> HERE

Best Duet

Best Guest Performance

Song of the Season

Best Original Song

Best Solo Female

Best Solo Male

Best Medley

Best Warblers Song

Album of the Season

By Sofia Carrera,

39 Responses to “Charice Lands Two Nominations in the 1st Glee Music Awards”

  1. erring early says:

    wait. it’s june already. what happened?

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  2. EVA says:
    its better that we just vote for CHARICE, not anyone else. coz most of the members of GLEE are already known in the US. its better that we go block voting, anyway just keep on supporting her. GOD BLESS ALL CHASTERS AROUND THE GLOBE!!!!.

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  3. rabbit says:
    Our best was not good enough, Chasters. But Chasters are still the best fans.

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  4. Yobhtron says:
    Let’s VOLT in! err Let’s Vote in!
    Gen X represented. Time to push Charice to the pinnacle of success.

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  5. jaju says:
    I just came back from Manila. It is sad to say Charice is not very popular there. However, I did my job as fanatic Chasters. I stayed in Discovery Suite and I keep on telling everyone how successful and popular our Charice in the US and in the whole world. They agree with me but not in the Philippines. She has though, thousands of faithful followers. Some are scared due to some artists fans that’s why they do not want to come out as Charice fans. I promised to get them cd of Charice for those who are her fans and they loved it.

    Like or Dislike: Thumb up 29 Thumb down 2

    • tnt says:
      yes they are just scared of what we call “kantyaw” …media support is badly needed

      Like or Dislike: Thumb up 7 Thumb down 1

    • LoloLando says:
      Movie scribes here in Manila are under payroll of most movie personalities. Pay and you are in…. Sad, but true.

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  6. dube says:
    I am from Morocco. Charice is already a winner! i vote like every time i go online. Charice is everyone’s idol here in my homeland! We love you kiddo.

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  7. EVA says:

    Like or Dislike: Thumb up 27 Thumb down 1

  8. Mico Lloren says:
    Hey chasters, i just learned about this nominations today so the 1st thing i did upon arriving at work was to instruct my team to vote for the 2 categories @ perez hilton website. I work in a BPO by the way and I manage a team of 30 TSR’s in my pod. We’ve been voting non stop since 8am today so I think we’ve made a total of 3k to 5k votes or more..I THINK WE HAVE A WINNER on those 2 categories…:) Happy help….anytime for our PRINCESS!

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  9. zhack says:
    VOTED 100X and still VOTING 100 more!!!

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  10. darna says:
    I did my part already and still voting. Way to go charice

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  11. beda26 says:
    Just keep on voting Chasters!!! Vote thousand times for our Dear Princess..^__^

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  12. WOW WOW WOW says:
    I voted so many times, come on Chasters, Let’s all support Charice, more votes the better!!!

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  13. Bea T says:
    I just voted in all categories! :D … will vote often.

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    • lyn montero says:

      i want to vote million times.. but i dont know how to do it.. i learn computer only bec. of charice. most of my frnds here are crabs..

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  14. bal says:
    I have voted many times and still voting, hope it will help Charice in winning at glee awards. Go Charice, go chasters. I love you Charice,,, You are my sunshine.

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  15. king says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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    • eve says:
      you and your buddy below can hit the Contact Us button if you wanna volunteer to post articles to your satisfaction. The article was posted less than 12 hours after receiving an e-mail from Charice’s manager late Sunday afternoon “to rally the chaster troops.” Fact is, not all campaigns are particularly significant for Charice’s career, probably most actually or we’d get more e-mails from Cha’s management. You guys complaining obviously knew about the nominations published just last Friday at I do hope you use your time also to post links in the chatbox, in comments, in Facebook, etc to help spread the word. Have a nice day. I gotta go to work now at my real job that actually pays me.

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  16. FYE says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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    • kenshin says:
      please be reminded that those people behind this site are only volunteers, they actually have a life outside and have priorities :)

      btw, it’s always better late than never :)

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  17. eve says:
    I think it’s a good idea to vote in all categories so it doesn’t look like chasters are flooding the votes in just the two categories lol. I included recommended favorites in each category above for those who might have a hard time choosing :) Check out the youtube videos for the performances by clicking the links in the article. Feel free to disagree with my choices.

    you’re right @kenshin, the Awards show is a week after the last episode on March 31st so the nominees do include songs not yet performed. The Original Songs look like they are by regular cast members, so unfortunately “As Long As You’re There” is not included. But anyway, I’m quite happy with Charice’s nomination in two categories, we can’t have everything.

    I actually do like “Pretending” and “Light Up The World” but my favorites have a lot to do with how the song fits into the story and characters. I’m gonna vote for “Get It Right” in the meantime, but I may change my mind after I see the final episode. You can hear the Full Songs on Glee The Music, Volume 6 here:

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    • kenshin says:
      yeah, I think so too, maybe most of the categories are limited for the regular cast performance.
      but am really hoping Sunshine also got 2 entries on the “Best Guest Performance”, Holly Holiday got 2, “All By Myself” should have made it on that list :)

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  18. houseofwaxxx says:
    hey you guys! charice’s new single “Louder” is available for download! how come there’s no news about it here? here it is:
    [link edited out - CM does not support unofficial YouTube videos and are reporting these to Warner Bros, thanks]

    just downloaded from iTunes.

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  19. king says:
    keep on voting Chaster!

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  20. Hessa says:
    voted 10 times..not enough..i’ll keep on voting!!!

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  21. carlo says:
    voted voted voted..again again again!!!

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  22. palaginghuli says:
    Can we vote more than once?

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  23. deh says:
    voted… just want to inform all chasters (cuz i’m so elated!!! hahaha) that charice’s and lea’s telephone duet is used as background music video to a channel programs ad where glee is shown here in norway. and just last week, i heard it over the radio also as background to an ad against telephone terror.

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  24. mingsfan says:
    There is apparently no limit on the number of times you can vote. To vote again, simply refresh your browser window. Remember BEST DUET: Telephone (Rachel & Sunshine) and BEST GUEST PERFORMANCE: Listen (Sunshine Corazon).

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  25. mingsfan says:
    To cast your votes, go to:

    Vote early; vote often!!

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  26. chartz says:
    Why is that the AS LONG AS YOUR THERE (ORIGINAL SONG) by charice is not included?

    Like or Dislike: Thumb up 18 Thumb down 2

    • eve says:
      because television viewers can’t vote on something they haven’t seen yet. Charice will be singing that at Nationals episode airing this Tuesday. Most people do not follow Glee on the Internet to listen to song previews. They just watch the show weekly.

      Vote Chasters, we really want to win this one! Millions of Glee fans and TV editors, music blogsites etc. will be taking notice and reporting the results of the 1st Annual Glee Music Awards.

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  27. 18wheeleredy says:

    ME FIRST……

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