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GleeCap: “Funeral” Ep. 21 Season 2 – Plus Charice’s Finale Song Sneak Peek

GleeCap: “Funeral” Ep. 21 Season 2 – Plus Charice’s Finale Song Sneak Peek

109 Responses to “GleeCap: “Funeral” Ep. 21 Season 2 – Plus Charice’s Finale Song Sneak Peek”

  1. lyn montero says:

    she should be in glee season 3..

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  2. blues24clues says:
    ahm…i cried to this song…charice you always make me cry…stay as you are….you had a better future…

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  3. carlo says:
    guys vote sunshine corazon here!!

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  4. anromable says:
    Because of busy schedules, it is more appropriate for Charice to have a status quo in GLEE (Just stay recurring guest only).

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  5. luvkcha09 says:
    I have AS LONG AS YOU’RE THERE in repeat mode for 3 days now. I am absolutely addicted to this song:) Can’t wait to watch Sunshine perform this on Tuesday! Superb lyrics and flawlessly wicked vocals from Charice.

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  6. hermiemel says:
    I’m sure that by now Charice has a “roadmap” of her career developed by her and her team. She is in good hands. She is destined for greatness. So enjoy her every day of your life. Peace.

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  7. auau says:
    I just listened to “As Long As You’re There” many many times, and I agree with some of you, the song is probably hard to sing, but our Charice did a great job emoting and hitting the right notes. I don’t know until after Tuesday, what a subplot of Glee finale episode this song is gonna apply, but I’m hearing a teenager in love, so this could be a song about infatuation. I always say singing is about connecting with the listener, and this song would most likely appeal to adolescents and the hopeless romantics among adults. Only time will tell if this song with Charice singing it will be a goldmine; the truth will come out if how many buys the album just for the song. Anyway I’m very happy for our Charice for having gone this far in her career, thanks to her angels, and she seems so acculturated enough for mainstream television; she’s quite remarkable for a young girl from the Phililppines, truly a national treasure!

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  8. Bert says:
    Its too bad Charice is not in the Glee concert. Darren gets to go instead.

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    • bigmusiclover says:
      As much as Chasters would love to see her in GLEE concerts, I don’t think it’s feasible for her as she has an upcoming album that she will be promoting heavily soon. Also, she is featured in a movie role (Here Comes the Boom) where she is filming in Boston. Remember that she is also signed up for David Foster & Friends tour as well as any other unannounced projects. So she has a full plate on her schedule for this year already.

      Besides, the GLEE concert would showcase the songs from that show and not her new album songs. Not only that but I think it would be overkill to have her appear in that venue. It would be like having a world class singer like Celine singing there which may overshadow everyone. It’s really to showcase everyone’s talent on the show and not just the Sunshine character. The GLEE show served its purpose by giving a huge exposure to her vocal talent. Likewise, it brought many Chasters to watch the show as well which would help their tv ratings.

      The sky is the limit for Charice and it’s really up to her and the management team as to whether she would like to come back for GLEE next year. I know that Ryan Murphy realizes her singing prowess as does her cast members. Hopefully, the upcoming season finale will leave clues for the possibility for her return the next season!

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      • tnt says:

        Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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      • starbuck245 says:
        It would be strange if she was a member of a tour because she’s just a guest in the series.

        I can see her making guest appearances at the Glee concerts, but cha has too much on her plate to be tied down by a Glee concert tour.

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    • auau says:
      Charice is probably too busy in her schedule, going on recordings, carrying her own concerts and a movie she’s involved in, but I think it would be good for her if she goes and work with the cast in Glee concert. It will probably be like a fun vacation for her; she’s been working so hard.

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    • romulo magdiwang says:
      will it be good to look at for the glee cast if charice is included in the concert?
      The audience will be clamoring more…more…more…

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  9. Hotwind says:
    I haven’t posted in CM for some time but after listening to this amazing rendition…WOW. I’m out of breath just listening to it…the effortless transition from low to stratospheric notes, the way she sustains it and most of all, the way she brings it all to an unbelievable climax marks her as an exceptional singer second to none. As somebody said, when Charice covers a song, she owns it and when she owns a song, it is hers alone. How can anyone ever cover this amazing song? Hold on, I’m still on the floor looking for my jaw….

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  10. sunshine says:
    Whew!!! what a voice!

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  11. RodBelt says:
    Before we get the Chasters go crazy about the Emmy Awards and clutter CM with unnecessary buzzes, here’s a link to Huffington Post a more reliable source that says the official Emmy ballots will not be issued until June 6 with the final nominees to be announced on July 14:

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  12. RodBelt says:
    It is amusing that many Chasters, in their desire to help bring OUR PRINCESS to the top of the music world, while meaningfully voicing their positive opinions, comments, and suggestions, are sometimes failing to comprehend the hard work and effort one has to endure to reach the elusive goal. We all understand that the American market is the most lucrative but the toughest nut to crack. In light of this, I decided to do a mini Wiki-search of the careers of three of the most successful female singers with whom, in the eyes of many of Charice’s fans, are the benchmarks for her to be a “real success”. Here is a brief ran down of what I found:

    BARBRA STREISAND, US-born in 1942, in near poverty when her father died when she was 15 months old, was a night club singer as a teen, attained her initial success as a singer after singing in a gay club at age 18, first TV appearance at 19, and first Grammys at 21 singing theater standards. Earlier success was in Broadway but did not have her true recognition as an accomplished Broadway performer until 1964 (age 22). She did not become prominent in the pop charts until the 1970’s.

    WHITNEY HOUSTON, US-born in 1963, started singing with her mother in churches when she was 11 and performed with her in clubs in NY as a teen. Whitney was a backup singer at 14 until she got her first recording contract in 1983. Her first single which hit the Billboard Top 3 was in 1985 (age 22), first Grammy win in 1986 that started her real climb to fame.

    CELINE DION, with whom Charice is compared most, was born in Quebec, Canada in 1968. She became a star as a teen in the French-speaking world and at 18 said she would like to be a star like Michael Jackson (sounds familiar?). Celine was not known in the US until two years after she had learned English and recorded an English language album in 1990 (age 22). Her US career prominence did not begin to blossom until 1993 with the help of, who else, but David Foster.

    Going back to OUR PRINCESS, we already know most of her background: That Charice started competing in the Philippines at age 7, the debacle in LBS, getting the attention of Ellen D from her Star King performance that led her to her first US TV appearance at age 15, Oprah, her first US concert appearance at 16, Billboard Top 10 at age 18 (and the first Asian to do so), and so on and so forth, to where she is now at age 19. In a nutshell, it can be seen that the direction of Charice’s career, age wise, is not too far from the 3 premier divas. Notice also how their careers blossomed at about the same age of 22. Time is very much on Charice’s side to further develop her talents and find the niche where she really belongs.

    So, my dear Chasters, let as just seat back, watch where the chips will fall and always remember:

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    • chit says:
      Hi Rodbelt,
      Thank you for this very informative material about those three awesome singers and how Charice’s journey seems to jibe with. Yes, this is what I had espoused before (and Charice had also said it again and again) that we all have to be patient; don’t rush everything. The time for Charice’s star to shine brightly is coming soon. Her latest songs seem to be going toward that direction.

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  13. redoblev1276 says:
    hey everyone! i too am very excited about the finale of glee, can’t wait to hear her do this song and that i hope she has some more acting scenes that is not only singing, i want to see her in more so i cross my finger.

    also, BTW for those chasters/fans who live out here in USA i’ve been hearing reports that Charice will be performing at the Finale of American Idol. is this true? i SOOOO hope so, cause i’ve been telling everyone about it. This will be another great opportunity/exposure for her to show that AMAZING VOICE of hers. please let me know, thanks!!

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  14. TKlumpner says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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    • CharisseToo says:
      Yeah, yeah, yeah… pretending to admire Charice. Aside from being a racist, I don’t think you really belong here. We don’t know what “chinese siopao” is anyway. This is an international community to please do us a favor and disappear. Thank you.

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    • Bigmusiclover says:
      I am assuming that the hair is put up due to the dancing numbers. If you’ve watched last year’s Nationals, Vocal Adrenaline had a very dynamic dance number where the female members were tossed all around. You can’t be dancing these kind of dynamic dances with your hair flying all around your face. So the hair must be held back away from the face. I heard that Charice hugged her double on the final episode, so I assume this double will be performing some of the more physically demanding dance routines. As for her vocals, we all know she needs no double as she’s the best there is. Don’t worry, her vocals will knock everyone off their seats if you already heard her singing AS LONG AS YOU’RE THERE. I believe that this song will be a big hit and Charice will blow everyone away as always!!!

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    • ranty says:
      we respect your opinion. but you need to respect also the opinion of others different from yours. I also believe that the management of Glee is not mediocre, They need to show the best of their talents on the show.

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    • bryskired says:
      whatever,,,apply as her stylist……….geez,,,what an irrelevant comment…..

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      • Lola Lily says:
        bryskired, you are sooo right! Charice is beautiful no matter what hairdo she has. Charice is an amazing singer and that’s that!

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    • auau says:
      Watch what you’re saying TKIumpner! Can’t you see Charice is in the midst of singing, emoting and doing justice to the song? The overall result/picture is magnificent; you ‘re concerned about hairstyle, but it’s not hair that all defines the beauty of performance and production numbers. They have stylists working around the set of television show; I’m sure they thoughtfully designed whatever is true to Sunshine Corazon as character. Don’t you see the ambience of the set is wonderful, making Charice truly look like a star? And the costuming too is beautiful and in fashion. I could hardly wait for Tuesday night finale of Glee and see the end result of artistic endeavors by cast and crew. I’m sure Charice will be beautiful and amazing!

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    • manang babes says:
      You are a big FAKE fan. If you don’t have anything good to say just keep your big mouth shut. Don’t hate, just APPRECIATE!

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    • Bea T says:

      I guess you’re one of the best style experts out there and know what you’re really talking about lol

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  15. webmarketer says:
    First off, I want Charice to succeed and no doubt, she can sing. That said, I think it would serve her best to take under advisement a quote from a multi-platinum recording rock artist–

    “Half the battle is selling music, not singing it. It’s the image, not what you sing.”

    –Rod Stewart

    Take it from someone who’s been there, done that and walk the walk–Rod Stewart no less.

    There’s a lot of current celebrity singers out there who don’t have great voices. Take Gaga or Madonna. Average singing… STILL, why are they so successful and well-loved? It is because of their performance.

    Charice is still young. I hope she carves her own performance style that is original and UNIQUE. It’s not just the singing–hands down, she can sing but the missing element is a schtick that would catapult her to superstardom.

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    • edy says:
      all of us indeed want Charice to succeed,your observations are valid as to what Rod Stewart said. Gaga or Madonna are great performers but average singers as mentioned. However, Charice, in my opinion can’t be at par with them in performance considering many factors. But, I believe Charice, with her extraordinary and superb singing voice would achieve superstardom coz she’s not an average singer and does not need other acts to compensate her performance.
      At this point, what ever others may think, she is already a superstar in her own right achieving way ahead of what every Asian artist may be aspiring or even dreaming of.

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    • Auau says:
      I think the song that sells well begins with a well written song and sung by an artist who can truly connects well with the listeners. Packaging and promotion will help but it has start with a good product and talent first. I think there are many reasons why a singer and a song becomes successful; One of them is if the performer has a good voice and can emote well so others can feel and believe him/her when singing a song that has good lyrics and catchy melody, which is something,no doubt Charice can do. Another reason I can think of is when the singer/artist has been involved in writing/creating his product, that means he/she wrote the lyrics and composition, that when he performs, the public can feel and grasp the authenticity of the song. It’s easier to sound like you mean what you express in your music if the story/inspiration came from you, the singer; and that’s the reason why the works of Elton John, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Lady Gaga and many others become hits and has continuity. They may not have the voice like Charice has but still they have the connection with the listener. Let’s hope that Charice will someday mature as an artist/singer who someday will include songwriting as necessary way way to connect with the public, as well as to survive and have have longevity in music business.

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    • yusuf germino says:
      Barbara Streisand
      Diana Ross
      Tina Turner
      Celine Dion
      Mariah Carrey
      Whitney Houston

      I just mentioned female all time hit carriers… we don’t want Charice to become a Gaga who will be here for a few years and then vanish… trends come and go, hype dies…. but a Good Voice, Decent Lifestyle, Heavy Songs – that’s what will carry Charice through on the long haul.

      Definitely don’t agree her being compared to 2 a cent singers who have to come up with more wild stunts to get noticed with songs good for a 24 month period… none of the artist i mentioned above had to enter in an egg or dress up in meat to be talked about … otherwise Charice will have a short-lived, shallow and forgetabble career…

      Please be wise in your suggestions…. think it through.

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      • auau says:
        I think you didn’t get it that Lady Gaga’s music has a message relevant to a lot of young people at present times. Even Charice looks up to Lady Gaga as an idol. Just on the side of artisry I have the feeling and know Lady Gaga will persist and she will evolve far better as an artist. Lady Gaga is not overnight sensation; she learned, paid her dues and survived and her timing is now. She works hard and writes relevant product as Madonna does(why does this lady have continuity despite of her voice?) and if you listen over and over, you can become aware what you’re hearing is a well written composition. It’s art, it is now and universal, that’s why it’s appealing to a lot of people. Charice should learn and have a grasp of this artistry in order to survive much further. Like I say, life reflects art and art reflects life; beauty is in the eye of a knowing beholder.

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      • jimfan155 says:
        Your list of singers are my speed, but respectfully Madonna, Elton John, and Cher to name a few are kind of wild but are superstars with longevity. Lady GaGa could join that club but that remains to be seen.

        Just saying everyone has to find their niche and I hope that Charice becomes one of the most successful artists ever and leaves her mark on the entertainment scene.

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    • RodBelt says:
      Rod Stewart was a good R&R/R&B singer. But singing the Frank Sinatra standards, IMO, he does not cut the mustard. Listening to some of them makes me cringe. So, I guess he is right.

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  16. chasterforlife says:
    will charice be on oprah finale?? I hope she will.! =)

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    • marriot says:
      yes!…am sure she will. Hoping that she will have her own show at Ophrah’s new network.

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    • mingsfan says:
      Welll .. a couple months ago, the Oprah website was taking requests for tix to be in the audience on a show with Charice. There’s only three shows left…

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  17. LJA says:
    What a nice song!!! GO GO GO Charice. We will support you all the way!

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  18. Chicagoing says:
    Im surprised that CHARICEMANIA.COM didnt pick up this buzz that Charice is in the running for nominees for Best Guest Appearance in the Emmys. check the link.

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    • here2support says:

      Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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      • eve says:
        A Forum blog format has the advantage of each one of it’s members being able to post news immediately by simply creating a new topic thread and linking the source. CM is on WordPress which requires some technical training to post articles, each of which takes at least one hour if not 2-4 hrs to format properly, and some writing skill. It’s very professionally done but very time-intensive which is hard for only 2-3 active volunteers to maintain, sorry if not to your speedy standards but at least the chatbox usually has all the latest news links. Many thanks to Webscribes and the many chasters who frequent the chatbox. I just cannot afford to keep up the pace that I’ve been on for almost 2 years, it’s exhausting and not good for my health nor for job performance reviews lol.

        Regarding the Emmy thing, I think it’s news if Charice actually gets nominated cuz it’s quite easy to have your name submitted as a contender for nomination as that list of 3 dozen or so names attests to, many names of which I don’t even recognize lol. Darren Criss is glaringly absent who made quite a splash on Glee this season. Included however are Gwyneth Paltrow, Dot Marie Jones, Kristin Chenoweth and Carol Burnett, all of whom had much more meatier parts than Charice and prolly more likely to be nominated as well. especially given the mixed reviews as to Charice’s acting ability. She is a novice after all with much more training to undergo. I’d say the likelihood of an Emmy nod is next to nil, but I’ll be the first to eat my words if I’m wrong.

        One must also be careful to consider the credibility of the source from which you obtain your information. If we haven’t read it anywhere even close to the official Emmy website but just in a chaster’s blogsite with dubious source links as well, then beware of reporting news too soon that ends up being an embarrassing situation not only for CM but for Charice herself whose fans tend to get ahead of themselves with hype before news has been properly vetted. I hope CM continues to proceed with caution in reporting such “news” so as to maintain our reputation for credibility.

        CM is an excellent source of news for those chasters who check in every few days. It used to drive me crazy when I couldn’t post news within a few hours of hearing it, but my paid job has to take priority lol and I’m adjusting to stepping back as are all my fellow CM staffers. It’s just a lot of effort that you have no idea and we’re experiencing more than a little burnout. However, I still sneak a peek daily at all the other chaster resources available as do all the hardcore chasters who just want to know NOW lol. So chasters definitely are not lacking in up-to-the-minute news especially if you lurk in the chatbox. (^-^)

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        • dadartful says:
          Hi Eve, this is a good spot to thank you and the rest of the CM staff for all your efforts to keep us guys updated with Cha’s doings, and the doings have been fast and furious lately. Glad you brought up all the details of all the efforts that goes on with posting an article here on this site. Some fans are so eager to learn and read anything Charice that they lose site of what’s involved.
          On another note Darren Criss and Max Adler are listed as actor contenders on the male list, which I assume you didn’t get to see. There are other publications that list the names of all the contenders for all the catagories. Thanks again for the excellent work.

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          • eve says:
            I was so focused on Charice, I forgot Darren would be on the male list of course! Lol. It’s my pleasure to bring what news I can when I have time. I love Charice and CM. It’s a labor of love without any expectations of reward unlike some other LOw people we know (oops did I say that? sssh… let’s not get that started again… or you’ll be moderated! hehe)

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            • schoen says:
              What do you mean low? As in small people? Ssshhh!

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              • Auau says:
                I think Eve means people taking the LOw road as compared to the ones who take the hiGH road. I have nothing better to do, so I want ot explain that to you Schoen. I so enjoy this forum and I just like that, as we have in common, we love all Charice!

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        • schoen says:
          Quoting Eve: I just cannot afford to keep up the pace that I’ve been on for almost 2 years, it’s exhausting and not good for my health nor for job performance reviews– lol Eve, CM staff and the famous burnout syndrome? Well as some people are thinking, what’s so difficult in posting news right? We knew how difficult it is for us…on our spare time! When Charice is very busy, means it’s not going to be good for our health, our job, family and leisure time. But then on….Charicemania is still on top! In one statistic site states that CM has over 10,600 daily views! Can you believe that? We do this because of Charice and the Chasters! At the top baby.

          And to Here2Support: I encourage every chaster and fan out there ever since to visit any Charice fansite to keep them alive and going. There should be no discussion on that one. Go there where you feel comfortable yourself. Thanks.

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        • RodBelt says:
          Hi Eve, thanks for elaborating on my concern. There is too much rumors going around, that as you said, sometimes becoming embarrassing. Here’s a link from Huffington Post which I believe is more reliable. It states that Emmy ballots for nomination will not be available till June 6 and the final nominees will not be announced till July 14:

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        • rose says:
          I admire you and the others especially Webscribes who are dedicated and passionate in promoting and supporting charice.Well done Keep up the good work and more power .Take care

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    • mingsfan says:
      More detailed info is on

      which has a link to music/lyrics of “As Long As You’re There.” There’s also a list of contenders for Best Guest Appearance and a rough eyeball count looks like it’s 30 – 35. Kind of a long shot, but you never know…

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  19. Mariece says:
    OMG ! Perfect :)

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  20. khelcute says:
    Charice ur really amazing.. u begin the season 2 and now u’ll end up the season finale, therefore u are the STAR of GLEE.. =)

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  21. Bea T says:
    Yay! I can’t wait for this. buhaha. I love you girl!

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  22. abi says:
    wow! Is that really Charice? lol. xD I’m a girl but I must say she looks really HOT on that pic. <3

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  23. yusuf germino says:
    ah can’t really say anything….
    my jaws are down on the floor… need some help to pick it up

    she killed it, she nailed it, she did it PERFECTLy!


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  24. coronado75 says:
    AMAAAAZING! This was such a hard song to sing but our Charice did such a great job! It’s just benefitting to have her in the first and last episodes of Glee. Hopefully, she will be a regular in Season 3. I will support this girl no matter what she decides to do. All the way to the TOP! God bless.

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  25. buena14 says:
    I smell season 3 for Charice. If it is not yet in the radar of Ryan Murphy, I bet it will be after people see her performance in the Finale and clamor for more of Charice on Glee. What a magical, perfect-pitched performance! Everytime a new single comes out, it equals if not exceeds her other singles. Tell me who’s a better singer than Charice? …Of course no one but Charice herself.

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  26. POPseeker says:
    OMG!!! This song is so hard to sing!!! No doubt why they gave this song to our princess. :)

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  27. Marilou O. Chua says:
    after i heard charice rendition of as long as you’re there, she’s truly amazing. way to go charice and god be with you always.

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  28. daddy ron says:
    i felt those little goossies coming out of my skin again. perfect! she should be cast as regular in season 3. thumbs up for that baby!

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  29. rubberboat says:
    With the new Charice song, how can VA lose?

    Also ,I came accross Rosas Pandan and Paru-parung Bukid Filipino folk songs in the Internet , song Charice used to hum when she was little. I did know these two song have become standard fare in CHOIR Competitions around the world ! Beautiful renditions .

    Can somebody post them here in Charicemania …please.

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