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Charice to Release Two New Singles: “Louder” and “Lost the Best Thing”, on May 31, 2011

Charice to Release Two New Singles: “Louder” and “Lost the Best Thing”, on May 31, 2011

8/18 UPDATE – “Louder” used in Oprah Network advertisement as background song. Checkout the video below:

But if you’re outside the U.S., watch here.


5/22 Louder/Lost the Best Thing now available at iTunes although Amazon still shows as not available until May 31.

Click here to buy it >>

We’ve been checking for the availability of the song on iTunes since Charice tweeted a couple of days ago: My 2 new singles just came out! Pls download them! #Louder #Lostthebestthing. Finally, Louder/Lost the Best Thing can be downloaded!! But we strongly admonish chasters, please do not upload the full version on YouTube, thank you.

The official lyrics video is now posted at Charice’s YouTube channel. Enjoy…

Charice’s team is stepping up the game for generating buzz on Charice’s upcoming album. After more than just a month from releasing “Before It Explodes” and “One Day”, two new singles will be released on May 31, 2011 through, and most likely, too. The two new songs are “Lost the Best Thing” and “Louder”.

“Louder” is an up-tempo piece that sounds very pop/dance. This is the same song that the Japanese show, “Mezmashi TV”, chose as their spring theme track. “Louder” can definitely match “Pyramid’s” no. 1 position on the Billboard dance chart, as it’s definitely a club-ready track. previously published an article about Charice’s collaboration with Dreamlab, the production/songwriting team of Leah Haywood and Daniel James, and the song they were working is no other than, “Louder”.

“Lost the Best Thing” is a midtempo song in the vein of “Pyramid” and “Reset”, which sounds very radio friendly and definitely pop. Compared to “Louder”, this shows off more Charice’s voice but not to the extent of “Note to God” or her other power ballads. These two songs show that Charice is definitely trying to capture a younger audience while still keeping her older fanbase happy.

Attracting a lot of comments across the web is the cover art of these two singles, which shows Charice looking very much like a teenager, but now with a tinge more hotness than her past covers where she’s wearing edgy leather jackets and fedoras. For this cover art, Charice dons a black gauzy asymmetrical top, which shows off a little bit of skin at the shoulders plus trendy layered necklaces. Another attention-grabbing detail of her look here is Charice’s hair – eyebrow-grazing bangs with the rest of her hair loosely pulled back. Widgets

Other information on the download page includes the two tracks’ lengths –“Louder” at 3:01 and “Lost the Best Thing” at 3:36. As of now,  no price for the two songs are yet revealed, most likely they will still be about 99 cents each. Come May 31, make sure you have your wallets ready Chasters, and download these two new songs the minute you wake up. Don’t forget to spread the word to your family and friends, there’s two weeks left ’til “Louder” and “Lost the Best Thing” come out, let’s make the best use of that time.

By Sofia Carrera,

143 Responses to “Charice to Release Two New Singles: “Louder” and “Lost the Best Thing”, on May 31, 2011”

  1. Branth says:

    @lian i think his name is carlos santana i saw it already he is good he also cover louder

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  2. base says:
    i love charice music but then i have difficulty in buying in her cds coz i am in the provincial area… how can we order them?

    God Bless Charice Supporters!!!

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  3. Yobhtron says:
    The new song of Charice keeps getting Louder and LOUDER in my head. The song LOUDER is catchy and addicting.

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  4. jojie says:
    hope Charice will be the entertainer of forthcoming Miss Universe this 12th of September, Im keeping my Fingers crossed that Mr Donald Trump will negotiate Oprah and David Foster about this.gogogogog Charice and let us support Shamcey Supsup to land on the magic five with Charice support.God bless Brazil and America and the whole world for supporting Charice and Shamcey for Miss universe 2011.

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  5. cedrik says:

    charice’s smokin’ hot ground shaking performance.

    in a huge arena.

    filled with 12000 audiences:


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  6. abeng1127 says:
    O W N …. the most ” LOUDER ” in the world

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    • chesfern says:

      Now, it can only mean that Oprah’s heart beats LOUDER for Charice. ONE DAY, we will just wake up seeing Charice on top as FAR AS THE SKY, and Oprah surely has a great role in realizing that. Charice’s songs are like unique, precious gems that without them, it is as if we LOST THE BEST THING in our music life. So go now and grab a copy and don’t just content yourselves WAITING OUTSIDE THE LINES. Hurry, BEFORE IT EXPLODES in the charts!!!

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  7. EBJohns11 says:
    Luv Oprah, she’ll do any thing for Charice!!

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  8. cancon says:
    pls. don’t forget to vote for Charice on rajakarcis & chartcentral…thank you.

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  9. DENNIS says:

    Dennis, please refrain from typing in all caps. That is equivalent to shouting in internet etiquette. Thank you.

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  10. Bigfan says:
    I think the song is perfect for the commercial….. The new season will be ‘louder’… :)

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  11. starbuck245 says:

    I really like Louder and wish WB would promote it more, but perhaps after Cha’s new CD is released. However, I have to say that I’m not sure the song fits the OWN advertisement…love the tune, but the lyrics didn’t seem to fit the video…still anything to get Cha’s voice and music heard is ok with me.

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  12. allgringo says:
    Charice’s dad David Foster and mamy Oprah, Thank you !!!

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  13. POPseeker says:
    Why is it that Reprise don’t release music videos for Charice’s new songs??? Aren’t they confident with her? Aren’t they confident with the BEAUTIFUL AND COMPETITIVE songs that have just been released???


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    • Joel says:
      true but also radio air play is really important. I don’t hear any of her songs on the radio.

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  14. HerMingJesty says:
    I download Louder, Lost the Best Thing, BIE last Thursday. I just download ALAYT tonight. I’ll enjoy listening to these songs. Waiting for the CD.

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  15. lian says:
    btw, just wondering. I found out the male cover of 4 charice songs and he is good. Did anyone know who is he? I just guessing, he is the keyboardist of Charice, he is philipina guy who company charice and one of her band’s mate during her concert in Japan, but I forgot his name..anybody remember his name, his voice good and his often rehearsal with charice alot and his also played keyboard during album launched in Canada with David Foster and Charice….

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  16. redoblev1276 says:
    we need to do something! i really want her to really make it on top! i want to show those haters that regards of some of the negative comments she’s been recieving, i really want her to be the FIRST ASIAN/PHILIPINA to make it in everything, because aside her being sooooo talented, she deserve all the success!!! so what else can we do? aside from calling radio stations to request all 4 songs. i am all ears let me know how i can help. thanks my fellow chasters friends.
    charice if you are reading, WE LOVE AND SUPPORT YOU ALL THE WAY!!!! GOD BLESS AND TAKE CARE!!!

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  17. rey says:
    Yeah both song fell off from itunes top 100. But hey! Chasters just calm down!..we need to focus. It will be back within just a couple of days.Still hold hands and continue the support. American idol just got their winners…we got our princes one should remove their faith!

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  18. Mnc1 says:
    Both songs fell off the iTunes Pop Top 100 chart. No!!!! Where are all you chasters hiding?

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  19. vi-en says:
    That’s weird, I already downloaded both of this songs from I tunes a few days ago. they’re $1.29 each.

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  20. leilaniandson says:
    I am waiting for her music video.

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  21. sspecs says:
    FOX NEWS: L.A. Chasters featured for Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month

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  22. marcos3925 says:
    wake up charice team… video of charice//and marketing outlet around the wold.. a lot of his fan is waiting to their country…

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