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GleeCap: ai???Prom Queenai???, Episode 20 Season 2 ai??i?? Plus Charice on Glee Updates!

GleeCap: ai???Prom Queenai???, Episode 20 Season 2 ai??i?? Plus Charice on Glee Updates!


29 Responses to “GleeCap: ai???Prom Queenai???, Episode 20 Season 2 ai??i?? Plus Charice on Glee Updates!”

  1. Mike Z says:
    Spoiler Alert: Charice – “As long as you’re there” song in Glee

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  2. chit says:
    You’re right. I waited for the “BOOM” in Before It Explodes but there was none! Charice still sang it to her best ability though, but the song just did not deliver.

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  3. POPseeker says:

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    • mingsfan says:
      I’m voting at least 10x/day. What we may not be able to accomplish in numbers, we can surely accomplish in intensity! Let’s be Charice’s stealth weapon. Vote early & vote often!!

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  4. jimfan155 says:
    I noticed during the singing scenes at the Prom the mics used were very close to Charice’ personal Sennheiser’s. Very glittery. She has left her mark even when she’s not in the show. It’s funny how I can think about Charice even when she’s not there. I see someone with big glasses and I think about her. btw, I had similar glasses when I got married 37 years ago, ha,ha. Any song they sing on AI that she has sung, yep Charice. Used to be I would see an Asian and the immediate question would be “Are you Chinese?”. Now if there’s a question, I wonder if they are Filipino. Charice, what have you done to me?

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    • mingsfan says:
      Your question may still be appropriate — I read that she’s 1/4 Chinese. Can anyone verify?

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  5. vSpirit2 says:
    Hi all Chasters, I saw Charice on Wed May 11th at the Long Beach Performing Arts Center, CA. She looked fabulous in her formal torquoise dress where she filmed an original song for the Glee Season 2 finale to be aired on May 24th. I never heard this power ballad before but she sounded amazing, in perfect Charice form. The chorus started with “all my life…” Sunshine Corazon is the featured solo artist of Vocal Adrenaline as the 4 time Nationals champs performed on the “New York Nationals” stage. The curtain rises and there she is. The theater went wild. You will be stunned with how this scene plays out. Thank you Ryan Murphy and director Brad Falchuk for giving Charice such great prominance; her most important role thus far. There were several takes so I’m looking forward to the final edited cut.
    As an invited guest, I was one of 700 in the set audience that you’ll see in this final episode. The New Directions final song and dance number was also filmed by FOX and Glee crew. Security was extremely tight and all cell phones and cameras were not allowed inside, just great memories.

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  6. HerMingJesty says:
    Just happy to tell I was able to buy Charice Perfume and her Charice Japan CD. I also bought her music compilation and gave to my aunt since she was eager to know more about Charice. I spoke about Charice a lot and that was an easy sell. Now they are awaiting to see her in Glee. I’m hoping for more substantial part of Charice in Glee. Hello Mr. Ryan, have you been reading and listening to us Charice fans.? I for one watch Glee because of Charice. OOPS, sorry I do not want to sound rude. Oh well wish more success for our Charice. Good things comes to a real talent and a good heart at that.

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  7. Anna139 says:
    I think given of much hype in promoting Charice on Glee as Rachel’s rival we expected too much. The hype does not deliver as we expected. And I don’t see any rivalry. But in any case, somehow or another Charice still benifitted from more exposure. So it is still a win situation. But I think glee can do more inretesting story in her Charachter rather than promoting so so much of gayness. It’s not really good. We can accept a bit of this and that but not that much. It’s really not healthy. Good that Charice will have a new movie. I hope that she will shine on ‘Here comes the boom!’. I keep my fingers cross.

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    • Auau says:
      Just be patient Anna139; let Charice evolve on her own time as an actor, and let the story of her character Sunshine, if it is rich, evolve as well. For one thing art reflects life and vice versa. If Asians/Filipinos stay beautiful in their lives, body and spirit, then a beautiful story could be easily written about them. As they say it’s hard to ignore good people forever. An act of loyalty, kindness, heroism, trust and love are bound to be heard and remembered, and will be written about. The world of different nations and cultures, will see, treat and judge others depending on their words and actions. The world/society takes notice of how a culture treats their children, women and other minority groups. It is important how people treat other people, and how a nation treat their own people( each other) as well, because that reflects on the richness of their story, and that is how an inspirational story gets to be written about. Be careful what you say or think about promoting gayness in the show. Gays had their own stories to tell for ages and are just told recently on TV; even Charice might disagree with what you think. Gays contribution to the world are valid and as minority should be validated on mainstream show like Glee; the time for Asian/Filipino validation should come soon, I believe.

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  8. marcos39325 says:
    i think there is a reason.why mr ryan murphy give that kind of role to our princess. just be happy that our princess is in glee again. REMEMBER OUR PRINCESS IS NOT REGULAR CAST ON THIS TV SHOW/ PEACE/

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  9. mjd says:
    hey fellow chasters just found this dance with charice one day music on the background

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    • auau says:

      Wow!!! This is ABSOLUTELY, SUPERBLY BEAUTIFUL !!! Looks like this song is gonna be a huge success, especially with the dance crowd. I’m happy for Charice and Nick Jonas; I congratulate both of them for their collaborative effort. I also congratulate the dancers for their choreography; someone should hire these people already! I watched this video many times; I’m mesmerized by the dance moves, and I never get tired watching! Thank you for bringing this in, mjd!

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  10. 28venice says:
    Raw Deals. Shaby .

    Mr.Blinker is correct.

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  11. jimfan155 says:
    I didn’t see her in any of the coming attractions, for next Tueday’s show. Can anyone enlighten me?

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  12. Joseph James Brinker says:
    Glee writer’s story-telling method, using many dramatic premises, building-up the narrative from punch lines versus plots, and a set of characters that don’t seem to grow make the narrative structure so weak and the characters not compelling. It’s like a hit and misses TV writing just like Ryan Murphy’s NIP-TUCK. GLEE HAS BECOME A NIP-TUCK VERSION IN A MUSICAL FORMAT.

    The “Prom,” just like most of previous episodes needs to do some serious writing to make each episode and all characters compelling. GLEE gave CHARICE a good opening episode, a new character that was not exploited to its fullest to give Michelle a run for the money. The excessive use of daydreaming or getting to the realm of a teenager’s world surrealism was evident of the lack of capacity for its writers to be more realistic and truly relate with their teen demographics.

    Season II has become the SPRING OF HOMOSEXUALITY. There is nothing wrong using GAY as a premise in an episode or two, but it seems that entire season- perhaps the writers are on a mission- has become a forum gay madness. What was acutely unfair was using Charice to build all the hype for her return. When she did, they made her an arrogant subtle bitch and dressed her like she has not changed at all- over the time that has lapsed. She sang “All By Myself,” which was evidently edited down whenever she hit the high notes. Thus, her rendition seemed to be the least powerful among Mercedes and Paltrow. Charice looked as if she were a DRAG QUEEN, as a critic described her in that scene.

    I described her staging, too uncomfortable to watch after seeing her David Foster’s version in a DFF concert in Mandalay Bay.

    Murphy even used the same clip (sound unedited) as an ad campaign on YOU TUBE the week before it was shown on TV. Charice belted all the high notes and really felt head over heels after watching it even if the Foster’s version was not used, which I strongly feel is the best arrangement. Nonetheless, Charice was stellar in her performance. Excited to watch the episode, my mom and I waited for her part. When she delivered those few nasty lines and the obvious alteration of the timber of her voice even blasting the TV’s volume up, my mother asked, “Why was the You Tube clip sounded powerful, and this one on TV seemed so…?” She meant did not put my mother on this nirvana state every time she watches CHARICE sings. “NO GOOSEBUMPS,” she declared.

    After watching the entire episode, THE NIGHT OF NEGLECT proved to be MERCEDES TIME TO SHINE. Her climactic point was her on stage performance, proving that she would not want to be ignored and neglected anymore. That MERCEDES is as powerful a performer as MICHELLE. With proper staging, glittering outfit, manicured hair and makeup, lighting and camera angles- she shone. That was a catalyst for her future in GLEE. But make no mistake; listen carefully when there were two instances that she was pitchy. Amidst those minor vocal issues, she did not only redefine her character in Glee, AMBER RILEY (MERCEDES) has also captured the hearts of the entertainment industry ensuring a great future after this NIP-TUCK like GLEE unfolds to its closure. I am a fan of her, and she sings great. With HOLLY HOLIDAY (GWYNETH PALTROW), she sang well but not to turn tables and be rated with bemusement as an excellent singer. It was a strong acting interpretation but her singing could not be compared with any of the Glee singers. The fact that she emoted well was a strategy: the audience focused on her face, emotion she delivered and we connected- but listen to her rendition one more time, with your eyes close and listen to her going off-key in a number of points in the song. I may be hard sometimes to identify these flaws if you’re not quite familiar with the song and the basics of music.

    Michelle did not sin. Her double face character went onto her good side, feeling bad about Mercedes and giving her stage to the NEGLECTED GLEEK. However, she maintained her evil angle upon seeing SUNSHINE (CHARICE) suspecting her of spying. This plot point was similar to last year’s, and Ryan Murphy should fire these guys for lack of creativity and capacity to use research as a tool for writing.

    It was Mercedes time to shine. That was the goal but using SUNSHINE as a SACRIFICAL LAMB TO ACHIEVE IT. This episode was truly a NIGHT of NEGLECT for CHARICE, and I HOPE OPRAH, FOSTER AND her MANAGERS do something about Glee’s mishandling of CHARICE.

    “She cannot just be FILLER IN GLEE POTHOLES.” Though ALL BY MYSELF managed to get to the bottom list of the billboard chart, had DAVID FOSTER produced this instead, and if I may add- how about producing DAVID FOSTER’S GREAT SONGS for CHARICE’S THIRD ALBUM?

    I BET $1,000 that with dynamic marketing strategies; this album will be NUMERO UNO in all charts.

    Charice’s two songs were released on the same day, Bruno Mars, “BEFORE IT EXPLODES,” and the ACUVUE COMMERCIAL for the NICK JONAS COLLABORATION of “ONE DAY.” BEFORE IT EXPLODES did not have the creativity and unique quality of prior MARS HITS. It was again was a poor decision from the CHARICE CAMP to place this as its first installment to CHARICE’S second album. This was sung by Alexandra Brooke last year. Yet, Brooke, for unknown reason, did not include this in her album. I understand why she didn’t because the song did not have the CRISP and UNIQUE INGEUINITY of Mars in his other compositions. Was this collaboration with Charice? I don’t think so. As soon as the press release about Charice’s agreeing to have MARS song as the first installment to her second album, Alexandra Burke’s version flooded on YOU TUBE even before CHARICE had her single released. There were a lot of comparisons and the time element that separated the releases of this song was just nearly a year- unlike NOTE TO GOD, JOJO’S version was years apart and Dianne Warren did not give her ownership of the song. In addition, David Foster and Dianne Warren made some changes to highlight Charice’s phenomenal voice. As with BEFORE IT EXPLODES, ALEXANDRA’S rendition was awesome. It’s hard to distinguish the difference between Alexandra’s and Charice’s versions since there were no significant modifications or none at all with the melody that could hype Charice’s strong vocals. The song per se lacks the IT FACTOR. Needless to say, that it got little successes as “PYRAMID” and ‘NOTE TO GOD” received when they were separately released. Firstly, BEFORE IT EXPLODES was not collaboration. She had not met Bruno even after she had already recorded the song. BEFORE IT EXPLODES does not have this magical rhythm as PYRAMID. Bruno’s composition was alright.

    I just don’t understand why the CHARICE CAMP ignored many of the great but neglected songs in her FIRST ALBUM like IN THIS SONG, I LOVE YOU, IN LOVE SO DEEP, DID IT FOR YOU, CRESCENT MOON and my favorite NOBODY’S SINGING TO ME.

    A genuinely great collaboration was the one CHARICE did with NICK JONAS, “ONE DAY.” These talented performers enjoyed the time they spent together, sharing a mutual passion and interest of delivering a song that both teenagers and adults can relate- no profanity or rage but simply proclaiming with extreme positive self-confidence that everyone will ONE DAY realize their dreams if they give their absolute commitment, dedication, heart, talent, and hard work day after day. This is what collaboration means. ONE DAY is ONE GREAT INSPIRATIONAL SONG. The same can be said with “WHEREVER YOU ARE,” by UNYQUE featuring CHARICE, which should be in Charice’s album, and ONE DAY should have been the first song in the album that she released.

    I listened to a preview of her new two songs to be released on May 31, 2011, LOUDER and LOST THE BEST THING and felt excellent vibes about them. I am eagerly waiting to hear the entire two songs. I am very enthused confident that these songs would not be as disastrous as BEFORE IT EXPLODES. Bruno Mars can write something better than this song. The title is good, but there was nothing to hook you into its lyrics and melody. BEFORE IT EXPLODES never exploded, and the only good reviews I have so far came from the CHASTERS- who might find it difficult to say anything negative about Charice. If CHASTERS really want to help Charice- well, she’s already successful anyway- BE FORTHRIGHT. Charice reads not just the good things we say, but she reads and listens to positive criticisms. Learning is not always being perfect, it is acknowledging failures and using them in your future decision making. C’mon, don’t you agree that RYAN MURPHY made her look the least appetizing in the eyes in THE NIGHT OF NEGLECT and tweaked her voice down so as not to upstage Mercedes and Paltrow? But the You Tube clip is evidentiary tool for comparison. If you happen to have taped the TV episode, analyze the sound decibels of these two similar clips. Is this fair? I guess it supports the story, but it may be harmful to Charice.

    CHARICE is evidently and undeniably has positioned her stature among the GREATEST SINGERS AND PERFORMERS of the most recent history, who took SINGING to a formidable level between the late 1990’s to the present. CHARICE will be an added member in the annals of music history of DIVINE DIVAS such as CELINE, WHITNEY, ALICIA KEYS, MADONNA (total packaging, choices of songs, superb dancer- though not the best in terms of vocals), MARIAH, LADY GAGA (EXTREMELY genius) and CHRISTINA (though not consistent, her voice is exceptional).

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    • jazzs says:
      statements were so strong,good enough to explain certain things..

      it seems that some people really can’t APPRECIATE the big talent that she has.but im gonna hold on for Charice until i witness those people who rejects/rejected/will reject her;realize how good she is to be one of those who leads in the music(hopefully film) industry.

      she deserve a good materials cause she has such a genuine talent.I’d like to see her on top not for something to brag,but for young dreamers to have someone where they can draw an inspiration and wisdom.

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    • gunrunner says:
      incisive analysis. thanks for your concern about our princess.

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    • tnt says:
      yes i agree….they must focus on quality not the quantity..they even tried or trying to convert those trashes into gold

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    • anromable says:
      Yes, ur right. I noticed it also that there was a difference between rendition of Charice of ABM in Glee and in Youtube. Ryan Murphy is only using Charice to boost and challenge the original casts of Glee. Charice in Glee is like a rabbit of a Magician, now u see now u don’t.

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    • winnerboy1 says:
      Very astute analysis…very fair and the most spot-on observations ever!

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    • GotCha says:
      But Charice’s joining GLEE certainly brought an advantage to her career, namely, exposure. Yet, her strange role in it and how her character has remained sketchy until now may also have caused some harm to Charice as a singer…I didn’t like, for instance, how Mr. Murphy just threw in Sunshine in “Night of Neglect” for very short minutes. It looked as if they just squeezed in Charice in order to silence those who were clamoring for Charice’s comeback in the show – that seemed to be the only reason why they put her in that episode, because her brief appearance was actually unnecessary to the story…That’s why, I personally would not want Charice to join GLEE in its 3rd season, not even for a minute. She should just concentrate in her singing career if she wants to be respected and recognized as a singer in the calibre of those names you’ve mentioned above…

      I have very very good feelings with her 2 upcoming singles “Louder” and “Lost The Best Things” that they will become big hits (definitely much bigger than “Pyramid”) this time. Then when that happens Charice wouldn’t need any GLEE to boost her career anymore…

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    • starbuck245 says:
      Nice analysis and frank opinions and observations, especially about the song, BIE. Although it’s #1 on a chart in the Phil, it really never hooked me nor any my co-workers who I occasionally share Cha news with.
      Cha needs, and I’m sure expects, honest opinions and assessments from those around her to help motivate and push her to maximize her God given talents, but I don’t mind her taking chances and exploring and pushing beyond her comfort zone because that’s what the truly great and memorable people have done throughout history to achieve greatness, regardless of profession or endeavor.

      She’s commented in several interviews I’ve seen with her, “It’s a lot of pressure” but I am hopeful she can handle it with the support of her team and faith and belief. I for one can’t imagine what the “pressure” might be like on someone who is regularly introduced as “the most talented girl in the world” or “international superstar.” I can only hope that she finds her way of managing these implied and expressed insane expectations.

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    • RodBelt says:
      You hit the nail right on the head, Joseph. All the pre-season build up and promise of RM went to a naught when Charice re-appeared in the similarly nerdy outfit she wore in the season premiere as if Charice never learned to upgrade her wardrobe after all those months in America and then tweaked her voice down thus failing to showcase Charice’s real talents. With the frequent changes of the plot and story lines and the unreliable press releases it is very difficult to guess how, if ever, RM will build up Charice’s character in season 3. Hopefully, RM would realize the HOPE DIAMOND in the rough that are in his hands.

      As for your idea of Charice’s management to release an album with DF covers, I am all for it.

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  13. muzikluvr says:
    i cant wait 

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  14. justcharrie says:
    Just still hoping to see her in the last two episodes.

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