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Charice Tweets About Black Eyed Peas Collaboration

Charice Tweets About Black Eyed Peas Collaboration

Chariceai??i??s new album is shaping up to be another top 8 hit or even higher based on all her incredible collaborations with various artists and songwriters/ producers. Looks like the dreaded sophomore slump will be nothing but a myth to Charice when her album comes out this fall. Recently reported working with Charice are Kara DioGuardi, Bruno Mars, Nick Jonas, and Soulshock. And now, the Black Eyed Peas can be added to that list. For those of you who are living under some sort of rock, the Black Eyed Peas is a Grammy Award-winning hip-hop group composed of, Taboo,, and Fergie. They have multiple hit songs which include ai???Boom Boom Powai???, ai???Where is the Love?ai???, ai???The Time (Dirty Bit)ai???, and ai???My Humpsai???. Colchicine sale Charice BEP taboo2 Charice Tweets About Black Eyed Peas CollaborationIt was Taboo of the Black Eyed Peas who first revealed on Twitter the collaboration. Charice then later retweeted his message ai??i?? Taboo: ai???@OfficialCharice collabo happened today for the big record we got along with @jeremypassion @apl_deai???. Taboo even included a twitpic of her and Charice taken inside the studio. Charice looks really sweet and young in the photo, especially while standing next to the tall and cool Taboo: The @apl_de mentioned in the tweet above is of the Black Eyed Peas who, like Charice, is of Filipino heritage. He has actually twice expressed his inclination to work with Charice. First was in December 2010 through this interview with ABS-CBN, and second was in March

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2011 when he was working on a song about the People Power Revolt in the Philippines. The @jeremypassion mentioned in the same tweet is an up and coming rnb recording artist from California. Does this new collaboration news with the Black Eyed Peas make you more excited for Chariceai??i??s new album? What kind of song do you think theyai??i??re working on? Dance and upbeat? Or more midtempo and rnb? Tell us what you think by leaving a comment below. By Sofia Carrera,

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  1. mingquote says:
    Charice is versatile, it would be good to try hiphop too as I’ve heard her sing that in the Philippines with some local teenaged make artists. She stood out and she nailed the song, as usual. That song also gave her the chance to show her dancing prowess as well.

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  2. jamesc says:

    Charice will be in Vegas tomorrow to join thousands in a Flash Mob Demonstration for Charity (Gawad Kalinga)

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  3. POPseeker says:
    …her sophomore album deserves to be of expensive price…really, coz her voice sounds expensive…I’LL BUY IT FOR SURE!!! :)

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  4. Zamesher says:
    I just have a feeling that Charice or “Apl de” will rap or sing some “Tagalog” line like what Charice did with her song RESET!

    I cant wait to hear some tagalog lines again from her! Love you Cha! Youre the best!!!

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  5. Anna139 says:
    I’m sure there’ll be some rapping in the song. which will showcase her rapping ability. We’ll i’m not really sure…just a hunch :)

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  6. justcharrie says:
    Nice collaboration again but I have doubt that it will make a cut to the sophomore album as this song is for Gawad Kalinga which is a Philippine based charity institution. I think GK just commissioned BEP for the theme song and what made it more special is that Charice is singing it and with Mexican-Filipino JV. I hope this teaming-up with Mexicans will help broaden Cha’s appeal to Hispanics and Latinos worldwide.

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  7. dmj says:

    vote puerto princesa as one of the 7 new wonders of the world

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  8. Pepe Cabrera says:
    This is a great. A collaboration with the BEP! But I think you forgot to say something about that Grammy trophy that Charice is holding in the photo with Taboo.

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  9. anromable says:
    Charice can sing any kind of Genre. If Black eyed peas like Rock n Roll,
    the princess can rock also.

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  10. kenshin says:
    this is not for her album, although there’s a little possibility this song “One Voice” will be included

    this is for Gawad Kalinga, a charity organization

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  11. Fly N Dance says:
    It’s for the song ONE VOICE, for Gawad Kalinga. it’s a duet of Charice and Jasmine V. produced by Taboo.

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  12. weenie says:
    jeremy passion is also a filipino youtube sensation..he has actually gained his own fan base through youtube.:)

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  13. Rotciv says:
    Go go Charice at the top!

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  14. EBJohns11 says:
    Ok i cant wait anymore of her album & so i heard its gonna be on FALL but her single ” LOUDER” coming up on May? I hope so!!! Lots of collaborations! Shes working hard!!

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  15. yvesarellano says:
    Something wrong with this. The song is not for Charice’s album. It’s for Taboo’s side project. It’s a theme song for Gawad Kalinga according to Taboo. It’s not fir Charice’s sophomore album :)

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  16. sharisufan says:
    if these collabs doesn’t make her sophomore album at least in the top 5 of billboard, i don’t know what will…hope it will reach no 1. i’m so excited for this album to come out! yes charice, one day, they’re gonna know your name! and that day is already in the horizon.

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    • sharisufan says:
      ooohh…for ‘gawad kalinga’. then, the more reason i have to buy the single. as an architect, i know the importance of proper housing for everyone…this is life changing for the benefactors…so definitely a must-buy, and help in our own little way.

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  17. cancon says:
    wow, Charice & Black eyed peas collaboration…..hope they will sing together and in a music video…

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  18. jamesc says:
    there is a recent news that announced charice and jasmine villegas are coming up with a song called “one voice” and taboo and will be producing it. the song is said to be the theme song of “gawad kalinga” philippine version of habitat for humanity. here’s the link >>

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  19. Lovelyrcf says:
    Im actually sad that we weren’t ready for the new singles’ release. There’s no campaign for the songs to be requested on the radio, etc. I hope we can bring the same excitement for the new album and other upcoming songs… One of the reasons why 1st album and Pyramid did really well was because of our unity… C’mon chasters! At the top!

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  20. fanOcharice says:
    She looks so young with fresh faced innoncence like a little girl. It is hard to believe that this is the same young woman who, in fire-engine red dress and matching lipstick (okay, more orange-red) belted out “I Will Survive” with such divaness attitude and growling fierceness at the Red Dress Women’s Award show. Some people have even called her a “fearles beast” or a “freak” when she is on stage and I think they meant that in the most positive way (as in freakingly awesome) but are probably just at a loss for words describing their feeling for Charice.

    Cannot wait for her next album!!

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  21. Molene23 says:
    She just needs a hit song to get noticed. Also she needs excellent promotion.

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  22. chalola says:
    i am so excited about cha’s success.. now it is BEP… wow! keep soaring high my princess! LABO CHA!

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  23. jimfan155 says:
    Black Eyed Peas now. After Bruno, Nick and Greyson you’ll be climbing to greater heights. Can’t wait till you catch on in the US. You’re turn is definitely coming, Charice. Keep the faith.

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  24. vic says:
    she is really soaring high congrats charice for the many bessings
    that come your way

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  25. hermiemel says:
    Wow..Charice has so many wonderful project coming out of the “pipeline” it is so exciting!!

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  26. Tia says:
    I can’t wait to hear Charice’s second album. I know it’s gonna be bigger :D

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  27. camo says:
    there is no stopping the princess , this album will blow up for sure, to the top kid we are waiting for you.

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  28. AnotherChaster says:
    Wowzers!!! like what Webscribes is telling us….Charice’s life is like a novel….and i can’t wait for the next chapter!!!!!

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    • AngelFace says:
      THERE YOU GO ! A Novel – That’s what makes her you (and us) wanting for more. It’s a Cinderella story once again. Complete with villains (haters) and a “storyline” of which this time we may not know exactly where it is going. And here we are anticipating everyday what is coming to us. Now I know why a lot of people are so fascinated with Charice. Because she’s like a “nobody” who by some magic is slowly but surely being lifted to unknown heights where she herself has not expected this much. Go – Charice it is your call now. We’ll be with you all the way.

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  29. LJA says:
    WOW! It would be another hit song. I can’t wait to hear the collaboration. At the top baby!!!

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