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GleeCap: “Born This Way” Episode 18, Season 2

GleeCap: “Born This Way” Episode 18, Season 2

Glee once again takes a break from Sunshine Corazon, and this week’s “Born This Way” is the first of the three episodes about McKinley High’s prom. So that leaves us with a two-week wait for another Charice comeback on the second-to-the-last episode, “Funeral”.

The episode title is from Lady Gaga’s hit, “Born This Way”, a song about positive self-image. The whole glee club dilemma about their own flaws surfaces when Rachel decides to get a nose job. After Santana points out everybody’s imperfections, Will decides to have them all perform to Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way”. The catch? They will all wear a tshirt printed with a description of what’s “wrong” with them.

Rachel and Finn perform a duet of “I Feel Pretty” from West Side Story mashed-up with “Unpretty” by TLC. Members of New Directions successfully convince Rachel to stop from changing her nose with a mall flash mob dance to “Barbra Streisand” by Duck Sauce. Streisand is Rachel’s idol, who also has a Jewish nose like her. She is known to have refused rhinoplasty as a means of helping her become more famous.

The other insecurities of the glee club are also tackled. Finn works on his lack of dancing talent with an entertaining dance number with Mike. Tina decides to be her own Asian sex symbol and stop hiding behind her blue contact lenses. Will also encourages Emma to seek treatment for her OCD. She takes one step to cure it by going to a specialist and taking the prescribed medicine. Quinn’s secret flaw is leaked when Lauren printed posters to sabotage her prom queen campaign.

It turns out that Quinn was overweight in middle school and transformed herself with a nose job for high school. Lauren’s plan to advance as prom queen backfires when Quinn became more relatable among students. Other prom related drama included Santana’s own plan to be prom queen. She plans on becoming more popular by helping the glee club win Is there a generic brand for micardis Nationals.

Santana enlists Karofsky to act as her boyfriend and convinces him to ask for Kurt’s forgiveness for his bullying. Kurt transfers back to McKinley after accepting Karfosky’s apology. The Dalton Warblers did a farewell performance for him with Keane’s “Somewhere Only We Know”. As a comeback performance, Kurt sings an emotional “As If We Never Said Goodbye” from Sunset Boulevard.

The episode ends with the New Directions singing and dancing to Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” while wearing their own imperfection shirts. Here’s a list of everyone’s tshirt statement:

Artie – “Four Eyes”
Brittany – “I’m With Stoopid” (Arrow up)
Finn – “Can’t Dance”
Kurt – “Likes Boys”
Lauren – “Bad Attitude”
Mercedes – “No Weave!”
Mike – “Can’t Sing”
Puck – “I’m With Stupid” (Arrow down)
Quinn – “Lucy Caboosey”
Sam – “Trouty Mouth”
Santana – “Bitch”Ai?? “Lebanese”
Tina – “Brown Eyes”
“Ginger” “OCD” (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)
Rachel - “Nose”
Will – “Butt Chin”

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31 Responses to “GleeCap: “Born This Way” Episode 18, Season 2”

  1. Bea T. says:

    I had fun watching this. Hope to see Sunshine soon. :D

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  2. EBJohns11 says:

    Hollywood life saw Charice on Paramount Lot so that means shes taping something on Glee !!

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  3. drei says: Glee to feature three original songs in the final episodes: “As Long As You’re There” (featuring CHARICE), “Pretending,” and “Light Up The World” a New Directions showcase co-written by Max Martin.

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  4. CUTEYUB says:

    ERIC CARMEN’s (singer/composer of ALL BY MYSELF) shout-out about charice on his official website:

    i print-screened it and posted it on my facebook:


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  5. dadartful says:
    In the Glee Wiki, Charice is appearing in the last two episodes. No song title is listed as yet for episode 21 for her, but in episode 22 “Meet Me Halfway” is. This was mentioned a long time ago and it’s gonna come true. She’s gonna rock the Black Eyed Peas’ hit song for sure. Really looking forward to her return, should be a rocking great time for everyone!

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  6. mj says:

    Hi. good that Sunshine OCrazon is not part of this episode…any gaga episode in the future. Lady gaga is anti-Christ, she clkaims to be the bride of Satan and her songs are all about abuse and deviance of religion or God. Just lie that Alejandro is full of the blogs about her songs. she is nto a good influence to any young artist or any person who believes in God and has faith in God. we can say that oh,it’s just music but music is a vehicle for inculcating values and ideas..No offense to Gaga’s fans

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    • Roger says:

      Gaga is a publicity stunt machine. She’s just doing all that for publicity and its so funny that people take her seriously. hehehehhe

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      • whatever555 says:

        All she sings about is her relationship with bad boys (Judas,Alejandro,Bad Romance) which has nothing to do at all with religion. AND TRUE, she is an attention w__re.

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  7. Colbers says:

    Hmm.I don’t think once ever in my adolescent to grown up years did I ever want to change anything about my “slanted eyes”. To suggest that I would have a reason to even have any reservation about their appearance kind of irked me. They’re just another variation between people, like black hair, browh hair, tall, short. Not better or worse, just a type.

    I understand what Glee is trying to say – that instead of conforming to the standards that the media bestows upon us, we should instead be the mantra for change. But I find it a little irksome that some people today probably still do think like Santan’s character regarding slanted eyes. I am not one bit insecure about them, but the show insinuated that some people in this world might see them as a slight flaw…which I never thought so. Love them.

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  8. aroc says:
    Just happy I am that my dear Cha appears even a few episodes.More to come for her.I go crazy whenever I heard she ‘ll be on Glee so I always set aside my scheduled things to watch Charice.

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  9. JHUNE28 says:
    everything new from charice…at my pro add me if you have thumblr..thanks

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  10. JHUNE28 says:

    hey there’s something goin on with rachel and sunshink see the link

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  11. beyonce' says:
    charice is really angel to me..—>

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  12. daydeb says:
    I understand that the show is a dramedy, reason enough for the creators and writers to inject outrageous storylines which is not cohesive and logical at all. Yeah, it seems like a lot of people are losing interest. When you really think about it, what has GLEE not tackled yet – from teenage pregnancy, sex, alcohol, bullying… it’s almost everything that plague and concerns teenagers these days. No wonder GLEE has to start resorting to drastic measures making it a such a “stunt” show. The 90 minute show is all hype with no substance. I mean, a “mob” dance and a lengthy song by Kurt? He sang alright but it bothers me that Tina didn’t get to finish her song and she has to get cut off by the hecklers half through her song.

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  13. kenshin says:
    lots of people now are loosing interest with Glee
    this is a heavily hyped episode, with a 90 minutes airing time and still got a lower rating than last week

    people need more sunshine and have that BIG rival thing! LoL

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  14. eve says:
    I loved this episode. Puck was the school flirt last year and the father of Quinn’s baby so yeah he definitely has to control his libido a bit. They’ve really toned down his character this season, not sure where they’re going with the Lauren Zizes romance. And Lebanese is one of Brittany’s “stoopid” spellings of lesbian. There is a video out of all Brittany’s hilariously stoopid one-liners from season 1. Her deadpan delivery and timing have made her a favorite character and landed her a regular cast role rather than recurring guest star.

    @Jhune28, I can’t seem to find Bruno Mars’ tweet either, about the duet, but isn’t it too late for a duet when they’ve already released it as a single. I’m really disappointed how quiet he’s been about the BIE song release. He was touring with Jonelle Monae who performed with him and B.o.B at the Grammys. Too bad Charice wasn’t his opening act though she’s been hinting at some sort of tour, maybe when her next CD is released.

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  15. pucklicious says:

    hey, can anybody clarify what that Puck’s statement of his shirt ‘I’m with stupid” (down arrow)..also with Brittany .. sorry.. i just don’t get it..

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    • minty710 says:
      Lol. Brittany’s shirt says “I’m with stupid” with an arrow pointing upward towards her face. It means that Brittany is self-conscious about the fact that she isn’t smart – it’s been a running joke throughout Glee that Brittany is stupid (She’s one of my fav. characters though <33). Same for Puck, except it's because he finds controlling his libido difficult. (Unlike Brittany's, the arrow is pointed down towards his crotch).

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  16. JHUNE28 says:

    i love kurts rendetion of “As if we never say goodbye” its freaking very very very very emotional…i just love his voice

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  17. JHUNE28 says:
    bruno mars tweeted charice to make a duet….geezzzzzzz….i just found out it right now…cant wait for their collab.

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    • mjoy says:
      if ever can you plz give a link of the tweet or a link of the news of their duet.. im so dying to know..

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    • Monkeydoggie says:
      Seems like your fabricating things! Just’ve checked Bruno Mars twitter but he doesn’t mentioned anything about that duet stuff your talking about!

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      • JHUNE28 says:

        @monkeydoggie you have cm toolbar right? click charice tweets the click charice:charicemania and you will find it there

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  18. JHUNE28 says:

    santana dree is “lebanese” wich means “lesbian”

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  19. JHUNE28 says:

    i watched this episode..and now i started to like sanata so much…and also kurt geez hey yo man..ehehehhehehe…

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  20. JHUNE28 says:
    charice back on glee..shes gonna make rachel berry out of her control know whats really goin on between them huh..

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  21. Stockpicker says:
    The Asian viewers have been waiting and waiting patiently for Sunshine Corazon for more roles but only to be discouraged and disappointed.

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  22. Stockpicker says:

    If Glee producers wants high TV ratings for the show, they totally missed the bus! They Asian viewers are more interested to know about the nose job done on Sunshine Corazon than on Rachel Berry to jibe with “Born This Way”!

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    • marie says:
      I know we want more of Charice there, but she’s not technically part of the regular cast. However, we’ll see more of her so we should just sit tight and lend out support =)

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