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Sunshine Corazon is Back – Spy? Or Just Plain Nice?

Sunshine Corazon is Back – Spy? Or Just Plain Nice?

Did you already clear your calendar for tomorrow? April 19 is going to be an explosive day for Charice and all the Chasters across the globe. It’s the release date for her newest single, “Before It Explodes”. And Charice is just as excited as we are based on her latest tweet @ChariceOfficial: “Before It Explodes is coming out tomorrow! I’m very excited about it! Also really excited about few more songs that will be avail soon!” Later in the evening, don’t forget to catch Glee’s “A Night of Neglect”, where Charice’s Sunshine Corazon will belt out “All By Myself”. On the eve of her explosive return to national television, the buzz is palpable as Charice was asked to do a conference call interview

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with several entertainment media outlets this morning, including Hollywood Reporter, Billboard, (a Canadian entertainment site), and Entertainment Tonight. Click the links below this article to read the full stories. Charice will also be featured tonight in a brief Glee sneak preview on ET’s television magazine program tonight. Check your local TV listings. will try its very best to put up a livestream of “A Night of Neglect” for viewers outside the United States, so check back here for updates. For those with Fox, Glee airs at 8/7 c on April 19, Tuesday. The 1 hour episode will feature guest stars other than Charice like, Cheyenne Jackson and Gwyneth Paltrow. Below is the synopsis of the episode from the Fox website: Proving that birds of a feather flock together, when another under-the-radar club at McKinley High needs helps raising funds, the glee club signs up to help. But when Sue hears about the show of support, she moves quickly to put a kibosh on it. Meanwhile, relationships are tested and big decisions will be made. Like Charice, this will be Cheyenne Jackson’s second appearance on the series after his debut in “Audition”. Jackson plays Dustin Goolsby, Sunshine’s coach in Vocal Adrenaline. In “A Night of Neglect” he will be recruited by Sue as a part of her League of Doom, a group whose aim is to make New Directions lose in the Nationals. His membership in the group and being Sunshine’s coach gives the possibility that she is acting out his orders of spying on New Directions. Sunshine’s dialogue in the sneak peak video has her convincing the members of the glee club that she’s not a spy, and that she only wants to help their benefit concert. The naive Sunshine we saw in episode 1 could never lie this well in front of so many people, but we have a new Sunshine – she now sees herself as a great singer that’s all alone at the top. Could this new, more confident, almost egotistical Sunshine be really a spy? Nobody knows yet, even Charice herself. “I don’t know if she’s really just nice or if she has plans…”, Charice said in the very informative interview below:

Charice on Sunshine’s (Maybe) Shady Return to Glee: I Don’t Know If She’s Nice Charice TV Guide Sunshine Corazon is Back   Spy? Or Just Plain Nice? “I forgot to put my Band-Aids on, because when I get nervous… look at that,” she says, displaying her wrecked nails and peeled fingertips just minutes before she’s set to take the stage in McKinley High’s auditorium. >> Full Interview @

Despite the intriguing motive of Sunshine Corazon, more people are paying attention to her rendition of “All By Myself” for the show. Mark Feehily of Westlife fame tweeted @MarkusFeehily: “Check out my girl @OfficialCharice nailing a Celine vocal!! Good to see you back on Glee sweetie x” Even Perez Hilton was amazed and tweeted @PerezHilton: “This gave me goosebumps! Wow!” No one can blame them for focusing on Charice’s singing as she first gained fame due to her exceptional vocal talent – and is now branching off to acting in both film and television. By Sofia Carrera,

Check It Out! Charice Is Back On Glee! Charice Perez Hilton Sunshine Corazon is Back   Spy? Or Just Plain Nice? Finally! Where have you been, girl? You show up the first episode and then disappear for fifteen more?! What game are you playing at? Eh, it doesn’t matter. The important thing is that you’re back and you’re back with a VENGEANCE! >> Full Story @

Charice Goes Solo With ‘All By Myself’ on Glee Broadway Buzz Charice Sunshine Corazon is Back   Spy? Or Just Plain Nice? In a clip from the series’ April 19 return episode, Sunshine pays a visit to her former glee club asking to help out with a fundraiser. While Rachel, Finn and others are hesitant to let her join their efforts, their opinion quickly changes >> Full Story @

ai???Gleeai??i?? First Listen: Charice Sounds Better Than Celine Dion In ai???All By Myselfai??i?? Cover! Charice Hollywoodlife Sunshine Corazon is Back   Spy? Or Just Plain Nice? Our favorite ai???Gleeai??i?? guest star, Charice, returns to the hit show April 19. Listen to the preview of her solo ai??i?? she sounds brilliant, as usual! Charice Pempengco continues to blow us away ai??i?? and this clip from her return to Glee April 19 >> Full Story @

Charice is anything but ‘All By’ herself New York Post Icon Logo Sunshine Corazon is Back   Spy? Or Just Plain Nice? Since absolutely exploding back in 2007, 18-year-old Charice is incapable of going anywhere without being mobbed by fans — both of the famous and non-famous variety. Oprah Winfrey & Ellen DeGeneres fawned all over her >> Full Story @

Charice Dishes On Return to ‘Glee,’ Bruno Mars-Penned New Single Biilboard Charice1 Sunshine Corazon is Back   Spy? Or Just Plain Nice? Charice expressed an interest in performing her single “Before It Explodes” on “Glee.” The song, written by Ari Levine and Bruno Mars and produced by the Smeezingtons, was released today. >> Full Story @

Charice says “Glee” is Invaluable for Internet Artists Charice Los Angeles Times Sunshine Corazon is Back   Spy? Or Just Plain Nice? The 18-year-old singer, who rose to fame through a series of YouTube videos and was brought to the United States by talk show host Ellen DeGeneres, told reporters during a conference call Monday that the Fox musical dramedy serves as >> Full Story @

Q&A: Charice Returns to Glee dose canada 75x75 Sunshine Corazon is Back   Spy? Or Just Plain Nice? Read what Charice has to say about working with Lea Michele, who she’d like to do a duet with, how she feels standing next to 6-ft. tall Jane Lynch, what she enjoys most about being on the Glee set, and more … >> Full Story @ (Canada)

Teen Singing Sensation Charice Returns to ‘Glee’ et logo Sunshine Corazon is Back   Spy? Or Just Plain Nice? The Filipino singer — who shot to fame after her YouTube video got noticed and promoted by Oprah Winfrey and Ellen Degeneres — told a conference call for journalists on Monday she’s been singing the Celine hit “forever” and “was really feeling it” while singing it onstage for the show. >> Full Story @

The International Star Grows Her Stateside Audience with Appearances on the Fox Juggernaut HollywoodReporter Logo 75x75 Sunshine Corazon is Back   Spy? Or Just Plain Nice? “Glee is one of the best things [for exposure],ai??? said the singer who first appeared on Glee during its Season 2 premiere in September. ai???A lot of people recognize me right now — ai???I know you, I think Iai??i??ve seen you on Glee really helped me, my career and my >> Full Story @

35 Responses to “Sunshine Corazon is Back – Spy? Or Just Plain Nice?”

  1. POPseeker says:

    …I hope more people will EMBRACE our princess and be CAPTIVATED…



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  2. anromable says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  3. LJA says:
    Can’t wat to see Charice back to Glee. Chasters Lets all support Charice!!!!

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  4. Marife says:
    Charice you are AMAZING. Im so happy, COngrats!!!

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  5. leilaniandson says:
    Also fox tv before I forget will air this episode tonight.

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  6. leilaniandson says:
    I have been telling all of my coworkers to see the Glee episode tonight in Jack tv at the pantry in the office. We are 5 thousand employees in Convergys G5. All floors have cable tv in the pantry. I will make sure all of them will show the Night of Neglect episode later.

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    • perla says:

      wow! if all of them will be watching this episode, its rating would soar up high! just curious, where did you say, you were working?

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  7. Mike Z says:
    You gotta check out Charice new commercial in youtube. Awesome!!!

    ACUVUE® 1•DAY Contest with Charice

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  8. HONEYLIE57 says:

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  9. eve says:
    here’s the video clip from Entertainment Tonight!

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  10. jomari says:
    wow so happy to see charice is kicking hollywood love you im going to down load your

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  11. bigmusiclover says:
    I’m not so sure if Ryan Murphy has a concrete plan for Charice just yet. He may have a couple of scenarios but he may be waiting to see the download sales of ABM and the fan buzz of Charice. If the outcry is to keep her, RM may make Sunshine the enemy of New Directions. Let’s face it…if Charice was to go back to New Directions, how in the world can they lose in the Nationals? I see no other singer out there who can challenge Rachel and Sunshine. Sunshine is the perfect antagonist and foil against New Directions and Rachel. I hope that this would not detract from dedicated Chasters who wish to see our beloved princess shone in a good light. Now I did predict that Sunshine would sing All By Myself several months ago, so I’m going to make another scenario prediction as I try to tap into Ryan Murphy’s mind right now…zzzzzzzzzzapppp!!! OK, here is my scenario with a good balance of good and evil intentions for Sunshine to play out. Don’t laugh out too loud!

    Sunshine is a spy at first for Sue’s Legion of Doom. However, Sunshine’s ego as the ‘best singer’ would not allow her to win unfairly as planned by the Legion. What I think is that a couple of roadblocks planned by Sue will be ultimately be alleviated mysteriously. Unbeknownst to the Legion, this secret helper is none other than Sunshine. New Directions gets to the Nationals in New York after overcoming these ‘obstacles’ planned by the Legion. There is no doubt that Sunshine is talented enough to win but Sue is predisposed to a guaranteed win whether by hook or by crook.
    In Sunshine’s mind, she is the best singer out there and she does not want to win like this. Besides, she has a score to settle with Rachel to prove who’s the best. At the finals, Rachel learns of the mysterious helper that is Sunshine who helped ND overcome the earlier obstacles put forth by the nefarious Legion. Rachel also secretly learns that Sunshine’s mom may be sent back to the Philippines as Vocal Adrenaline’s coach broke his promise to help Sunshine bring her mom to the States. Rachel feeling guilty and filled with gratitude of Sunshine’s prior help to get New Directions to the Nationals feels obligated to help her out. This she does along with her New Direction’s cast mates to help Sunshine. There is now a new found respect with Rachel and Sunshine as they are the ultimate competitors…in short, ‘frenemies’.
    In the Nationals, the New Directions and Vocal Adrenaline perform their hearts out. It’s a close vote and the winner is…Vocal Adrenaline!!! Rachel congratulates Sunshine. They gain a new found respect for each other and they go out together at Breadstix to eat. Over at the restaurant, they renew their respect for each other and say their goodbyes. ‘Wait until next year’ yells Rachel to a departing Sunshine. ‘You bet’ says Sunshine with a wave. The End!
    Now whether Ryan Murphy wants to bring back Sunshine next season is really dependent on the fan buzz along with Charice’s hectic schedule. If the fan buzz is great, Ryan figures he has another 3 years to milk the Sunshine character. After all, Charice is the youngest member on GLEE at 18. I think Charice is willing to play Sunshine again as she loves challenges and GLEE offers great exposure to her career as she already admitted in recent interviews.
    Other scenarios can be added to the plot line such as Puck. You all noticed that camera focused on Puck’s over the top reactions to Sunshine’s performance. There may even be future scenes with Puck and Sunshine. Puck is infatuated with Sunshine’s vocal talent and wants her attention which Lauryn did not provide to him. Her singing obviously touched Puck on an emotional level like never before. So he vies for Sunshine’s attention. No, I’m not talking about kissing or bed scenes or anything like that. Just think of all the funny possibilities with this added plot line with Lauryn thrown into this triangle. Now consider each character’s differences in personality, culture and size! I can think of endless funny possibilities. Ryan Murphy has a lot of possible plot lines to consider and that begins with tomorrow’s buzz. I’m taking the day off tomorrow from work. I would not miss this show for the world!

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    • RodBelt says:
      @bigmusiclover: A very imaginative scenario. You should have sold it to Ryan Murphy!

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      • bigmusiclover says:
        Thanks Rodbelt. I just don’t think it’s easy to put Charice/Sunshine in a villainous role. She is just too nice and cute on TV and in real life. At the premiere interview, I believe the term Michelle Lea (Rachel) used to hopefully describe their characters’ future relationship was ‘frenemies’ (i.e. friends / enemies). I think that this scenario would be the best way for both characters to be viewed positively by the GLEE audience around the world. Heaven knows, Lea/Rachel got trashed on the forums by Chaster after the premiere episode due to her villainous role. So I want there to be mutual respect for each character’s talents. This also plays into Rachel’s self absorption to win at any cost which cost her romantic relationship with Finn earlier in the season. For Finn to see how Rachel changed so dramatically where in the past she sent Sunshine to a crack house and ultimately chased her away to the rival choir is a way I think for them to get back together again. In my scenario, Finn will be amazed to see that softer side of compassion for Sunshine from Rachel even if it meant costing her the title of best singer/club by helping out Sunshine’s frame of mind before the Nationals and eventually won by Vocal Adrenaline. Remember when Finn told Rachel in the premiere episode that her chasing Sunshine out of the Glee club was for her and not because she did it for the love of her cast mates in New Directions? This scenario will ultimately bring Finn and Rachel back together again. I think that this is the best way to end Season 2 on a positive note for the GLEE fans like myself. Enjoy tomorrow’s show Chasters!

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    • spirikitik says:

      Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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      • bigmusiclover says:

        It’s no surprise to my friends and family that I get high every day. I sometimes overdose on certain days like today. The doctors call it Chaddiction. They say that there may be no cure for it. I’m a successful middle-aged family man living in America and I don’t care if there isn’t a cure for it or what anyone says about it. All I know is that it makes me happy and I feel that the world would be a better place because of it. Try it and you may like it too!

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    • starbuck245 says:

      Hey there, bigmusic…not bad, not bad at all. I like your thoughts on how the storyline might develop. It would be too easy to dismiss Sunshine if she were predictable; the unpredictability of good or bad intentions and actions could work perfectly to keep her character around and in the minds of Glee wathcers.

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  12. JHUNE28 says:
    charice character is a brainiac in an upcoming movie HERE COMES THE BOOM well i know she is..hehhee

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  13. JHUNE28 says:
    i told you..charice quote ^^all by myself” she can prove that she’s a better singer than anyone else..wahahhaha an “before it explodes” she just warn us..”here comes the boom” which i freak out..and having my goosebumps…hehehhe

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  14. ArrVee says:
    according to Charice, her dream movie role is that of a killer in a horror movie. This, together with her more assertive character and possibly spy roles here, seem to be alter-egos for her, that she does not get to portray in real life (I’ve heard more than one Glee cast member mention that she is so quiet in between shoots)

    we are all too familiar with another of her alter-egos, when onstage, she visibly transforms from a sweet, shy and soft-spoken young lady, into the most improbable and fearless powerhouse belter once the music starts, and when it ends, she is back to the girl-next-door-Charice.

    let her stretch her wings and take flight …

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  15. mj says:
    Ya, Glee sneak preview was discussed on ET this evening( NY-EST,CBS 2). I got up from my computer to watch it when I heard the intro : teen singing sensation Charice back on Glee..tho they cut short the preview to sustain suspense. Good promo for Glee and Charice.

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  16. J.Kulisap says:
    So how’s the BIE going my dearest Chasters?

    I can’t hear it now because I’m at work.

    Can you rate the newest single BIE? 10 is the highest.

    Hi all.

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  17. muzikluvr says:
    just saw charice in entertainment tonight featured for tomorrow’s glee.. wwhhoo hhoo!!! she looks so fresh n cute n pretty  love u cha!!!

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  18. DENNIS says:

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  19. Mico Lloren says:
    woke up so early to download charice’s song in amazon but i cant seem to download it….PLEASE HELP CHASTERS….will do multiple downloads today to support our princess…

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  20. hermiemel says:
    I think that Sunshine will go on as BFF of Rachel on the finale – so the twist on the spy is she is a spy but will eventually fess up to Rachel, join the ND and do the right thing. ND will then defend her from the Leaque of Doom attacks. And ND possibly will come up as runner-up in the Nationals with Charice.

    Because, Charice is a young exciting star and growing in popularity, this will also give Ryan Murphy the opportunity to use Charice as guest on future shows. Peace.

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  21. 99.3% says:
    Charice is a spy. She will join ND.. she got and everything from ND. but on National Day and last minute SUNSHINE back-stab and go to Vocal Andrenaline. New Direction lost.

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  22. Theo says:
    Sunshine’s role appears to be both modest and egotistical (just based on the comments) at the same time that it is interestingly comical. Did anyone notice Mercedes forcing herself to clap (as well as the initial reaction when Sunshine said she is so much better than everyone else) Could they be making them future rivals instead of her and Leah Michelle?


    It would be cool if Charice was actually a SPY!!!!!! They would not expect that…lol.


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  23. Lovelyrcf says:
    I think she’s telling the truth. She couldn’t be a spy, they already used that story in Season 1 with Jonathan Groff…

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  24. minbeauty8 says:
    Tremendous excitement to see and hear more of Charice! That’s the kind of girl that will prosper in life emotionally, physically and spiritually. Her silence was spent with hard work and dedication to give us her followers more enjoyment in her kind of music and acting!

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  25. anromable says:
    L have a feeling that Sunshine Corazon was balckmailed by her couch (Dustin) and Sue If she will not follow the orders of these two people. she and her Mom will be deported back to the Philippines. That’s why the poor Sunshine will forcefully deceive the New Direction.

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    • thephenomfan says:
      But that idea would contradict Sue’s evil intentions, which is to stop ND from going to Nationals. It makes sense that Sunshine helps ND to raise money so that ND and VA can battle head to head at the Nationals.

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      • thephenomfan says:
        It is also possible that the character of Jonathan Groff will kickout Shunshine from VA. Then she returns to ND, joining forces with the other divas, and fight back, then end up winning….Hmmm? I don’t know! Lol!

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    • RodBelt says:

      If you can recall the premiere episode, Sunshine got her green card already and cannot get deported.

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