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Sneak Preview Video of Charice’s New Single “Before It Explodes” Available April 19th

Sneak Preview Video of Charice’s New Single “Before It Explodes” Available April 19th

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169 Responses to “Sneak Preview Video of Charice’s New Single “Before It Explodes” Available April 19th”

  1. Cizcan says:
    To all Chasters:

    Relax – just enjoy what’s going on with Charice. Throw all anxieties away, its’s pointless. She will succeed -slowly but surely. Why I said this? It’s because she is not a western breed artist and coming from Asia is already a big handicap for her. BUT she is already a trailblazer folks-the first Asian artists to threaten western artists right on their playing fields. So, its natural there will be reluctance first from western fans to accept and embrace her. But it will happen (as we already have witnessed)-slowly but surely.Her tremendous God-given talent would do the trick. By the way, I predict her single “One Day” will become a big hit!!!!

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  2. ChicagoDiva says:

    Can’t find her songs on iTUNE Top 100, not even on Amazon.Com BestSellers List…Gwyneth’s Glee song Turning Tables made it big on the charts but not Charice’ song from the same show … grrrl..

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  3. b4Uxplode says:

    yo MikeyMike P Why to I feel like you are also the administrator of this very website Charicemania? Maybe because you will not take some of my requests and comments…

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  4. bld9696 says:
    Saw Katy Perry on Idol tonight. This is just what I do not want Charice to become, all glitz and technology with absolutely no soul in an effort to sell a few downloads. There is a reason why the truly great voices like Celine have long, prosperous careers and the Katy’s and GaGa’s of the world rarely last more than a few years. They have no real talent to sustain their existence in the music industry. Buble and Groban and Underwood and others like them will continue to sell out shows for many more years because they can do one thing, sing their asses off. All 7 finalists on tonights show are infinitely more more talented that KP. Charice is the greatest singer on Earth. Let us hear her sing.

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  5. b4Uxplode says:

    yo MikeyMike P We would love to hear any of your sample materials that you think will fly for Charice to that next level, even if theyre only bits or snipets. So could also decide for ourselves if your taste in music is trully better than theirs. If theyre convincing enough then we can help you put than pressure on WB you are longing for some (maybe more) of us to make. Can you provide us a link? Only if you trully want us to believe…

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    • MikeyMike P. says:
      Hey b4Uxplode, I’m just a fan like you… One that only wants the best for our Princess, that’s all… I believe with all my heart that I’m simply looking out for Charice’s best interest. I have absolutely no allegiance to any Record Label – or any website – or to any group or person EXCEPT for Charice Pempengco. This is how I have felt since the day that I started supporting her, and that’s how it’s going to be until I kick the bucket! Also, I’m not campaigning to become Cha’s manager, or her song writer – or anything else for that matter.

      I’m only on this forum to state my opinions – just like any other fan does. You can agree with me – or not, that’s up to you. But one thing is for sure – I’m not here to prove anything to anybody… No offense my friend b4 :o)

      With that said, I think I’m going to stop commenting on this particular subject (for now anyway -haha) – because I can’t think of anything else that I would like to say that I haven’t already said on this subject…

      So I guess I’ll see you guys in the chat room huh :)

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  6. abc321 says:
    to that next level Charice were loving it!

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  7. FlorOfTexas says:
    I love both songs: Before It Explodes and One Day. I have been enjoying listening and dancing to it. I’m so proud of you, Charice. Keep up with your great works. You are really unbelievably amazing!

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  8. imgooddy says:
    Not sure where MikeyMike is heading, aren’t you the admin on Charicemusic (Charice Official website), are you still?, just asking because we don’t see fresh news on her website, we get most of the news from here CM.

    For me “One Day” seems like a good song with good lyrics, and will be a hit for the young one’s and the not so young one’s as long as it’s heavily promoted via TV and radio. But your right Charice is a like a diamond and ONE DAY she will be the brightest star on this planet but we Chasters are very patient and I know it is now starting to shine and will continue to shine.

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    • MikeyMike P says:
      Hi imgooddy! I’m just very disappointed with how Charice is being handled – and you brought up one (of many) good examples of what I’m talking about. Yes, I used to run her official website all by myself – until I handed it over to WB thinking that they could do a much better job then me – but I think (as do many) that I did a much better job then they ever did! And that is sad!

      I am 100% sure that Charice will shine brighter then any Star ever has! She just needs to be surrounded by the right people in my opinion.

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      • Justcharrie says:
        Yeah Mike. I miss the days when you were the one running her website. It’s always up to date that every Chaster could rely on when wanting to see what’s new.

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  9. OC FAN says:
    i know we all want charice to be at the TOP as well as her songs/album..this is the time to unite guys!…there’s no point of hurting each other! pls. “Let’s stop the madness before it explodes!”as her song says!.. Let’s be patient she’ll get there at the TOP one day!..the least we can do right now is to promote her everywhere(blogspots, family, friends & co-workers) in a POSITIVE way for potential chasters to appreciate her VOICE & gain more non-asian fans here in america.

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  10. spindoctor says:
    This song sounds so powerful and captivating, it relates to most if not all of adults who had gone or going through similar situations. Only those who are lost in their pride or just wants to dance their lives away for ever will never feel this one because they dont know the meaning of forgiveness.

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  11. Chafan says:
    There are no promotions whatsoever for this song, so really the people who know about this song and buy it are only the hardcore chasters like everybody here. That’s why the song starts to drop off the chart after a few days. I did my job as a dedicated chaster and bought all four songs, but if I was to be honest, I don’t like this song that much. The overall music is too overpowering over her voice and it’s hard to understand the lyrics. I hope her team can come up with something big for the radio.

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    • hipOcritwakker says:

      Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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      • Tofifiness says:
        Backoff hipO!!! it’s rabid fan like you that gives Charice a bad name! learn to respect other people’s opinion.

        As for myself, I reside in Singapore so i had to ask a favor from my hubby’s friend residing in the US to purchase BIE, OD and ABM (Glee version) for me since the songs are not available here.

        I can say I love all of them. Especially One Day. I hope they promote it soon and also a music video with it. Surely it will catapult to no.1 :)

        I’ve been listening to it non-stop in the office for the past 2 days and so far i am sooo loving it :)


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        • spindoctor says:
          I have all the anti-virus for all of your problems, pain and sicknesses. But the most important antidote or advice I can give to all of you is to just kiss and let it go stop the madness before it explodes before its out of control then all of you just turn around and walk away… AND TO CHARICE KEEP SMILLING GIRL MAKE MORE OF YOUR WISHES COME TRUE…

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  12. POPseeker says:
    …I hope more people will EMBRACE our princess and be CAPTIVATED…


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  13. d-wrenchguy says:
    After hiding under a rock for awhile I think Charice has been ready to come out, float up in air and morph at the same time. Im sure she is at a higher level righr now than all of the crabs put together.

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  14. specs says:
    no pressures. the songs of charice had just been released 2days back compared to the top songs which had been released earlier as far back as this/last year and by now obviously are more popularly selling. relax. the materials of charice are highly explosive in the long run.

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  15. MikeyMike P. says:
    (Originally posted on my FaceBook wall)!/profile.php?id=100001544394324

    First let me start by congratulating Charice on a great singing performance on GLEE Tuesday night – AWESOME JOB! I can’t wait until next week (or her next appearance).

    I know I’m going to take a lot of flake for saying this – but it must be said… I listened to all of her new singles, and in my opinion, I do not believe any of them are going to be a hit song (in North America)… Possibly not even a top 100 song (not for very long anyway)… BUT, it’s not at all Charice’s fault! Sure, we can pretend like everything is going great for her, but is that going to help her in anyway??? I don’t think so… We can only sugar-coat this issue for so long…

    Let me be the first, or one of the first Chasters to publicly say that perhaps it’s time for Charice to start searching for another Record Label – and/or producer and song writers. One’s that are more up to date on the latest and greatest POP and R&B music – and one’s that do a better job promoting her, and taking care of her best interest in general. I say this ONLY because I care about Charice, and her career! I’m not trying to be a “Crab” or a wet blanket, etc…

    Believe me when I tell you that I want Charice to succeed at least as much – if not more then her biggest fans do! Why? Because I have personally (voluntarily) put forth aaa lot of my time, effort, and “other things” (no need to define “other things”) to help Charice succeed to her highest potential – that is until the big machine took her over.

    As I see it, there seems to be a few worn out parts that currently make up the machine called “Team Charice” – and Charice is definitely not one of them! To the contrary in fact! I believe that right now Charice has the ability to take over the music world and totally dominate it like no other artist has ever done in history!… But that’s an extremely tough task to pull off. She would most definitely need the latest high tech, super tuned and well oiled machine available to help her pull this off… In my opinion, the machine pulling her along right now is old and worn out. Don’t get me wrong, I have great respect for this machine, for it “was” the greatest machine in the music world for two whole decades back in the 1970′s and 80′s! But it’s time has come and gone… They should simply frame it, and put it up in a museum somewhere.

    Okay, I’m pretty sure I made my point… Charice needs to get a newer, better machine – period. (as soon as her lease is up on this one of course)

    PS – You have my permission to do what you want with this little commentary…Re-post it…Print it in PopStar magazine…Delete it… IDC! lol… -Mike P.

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    • MikeyMike P. says:

      A better working link to my FaceBook:

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      • Tofifiness says:
        We all have our concerns but for me i honestly think BIE and One Day is really really good. Its addicting, been listening to it for the past 2 days now.

        We all want Charice to succeed, so we must suppport her the best we can. Team Charice is doing a great job in my opinion. The strategy on Glee, the release of her 4 songs, the Acuvue commercial. If that is not Team Charice at work then i don’t know what it is, could be a figment of our imagination. :-) Charice has gone a long way and for those who doesn’t see her as successful is soo wrong. Charice is the first and only pure blooded filipina to breakthrough US music scene and hollwood plus conquered Japan. That alone is already a feat. And she will get better and will be most loved by all as she age, just like a wine. :) This is not just because she’s cute or cool or popular but because of Genuine Talent, her voice is amazingly out of this world. There’s no one like it. Its strong and sweet, clear and angelic. She doesnt need to be controversial just to be in the front page all the time. She doesn’t need it.

        For me she is already successful. She already did it and all that is happening to her now are just extras, icing on the cake, freebies, give aways whatever you call it :) lol.

        Before i end i have this weird yet a very nice vision of Sarah Geronimo singing Before it explode and Sam Concepcion taking on One Day. Very nice right? ^_^.

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        • MikeyMike P. says:
          Hi Tofifiness :) I completely respect your opinion… And I’m not here to debate point by point, or to argue with anyone (not that you are either). As a matter of fact – I hope that you’re right and that I’m wrong about this – I guess we’ll both find out within the next few weeks – won’t we.

          I’m not sure if you know this, but I worked with Charice’s team, and let’s just say that – in my humble opinion – there has to be better Labels out there she could work with… I love her manager Marc Johnston – he’s a class act. But beyond him – I’m speaking of the folks that actually work at WB – well they’re…ummm…just not really in to their jobs it seems sometimes (to put it nicely).

          With Charice’s talent she could and probably should be a lot further along then she is today – and she should have had at least ONE hit song by now (I mean a TRUE HIT song). The new singles that just came out are average at best, and I think the charts will prove me right on that in the long run.

          Again, none of this is Cha’s fault. You can set the most beautiful, stunning Diamond in to a cheap tin ring, but it’s still just a tin ring that most people wouldn’t desire. However, if you set that same Diamond in a stunning Gold ring surrounded by other Diamonds – well now you have something you can sell baby!!! lol… So it’s that simple – our beautiful Diamond simply needs a new setting (AKA: Team).

          I predict that one day soon Charice will find a Label that better suites her – and she will go on to have an awesome career. You think she’s a star now? Well you haven’t seen nothin yet!!! And I’m never wrong – just ask me lol! (j/k)

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          • jotess says:
            I agree with you that her new songs are a step backward from her Pyramid. What were her people thinking? The songs are average and so UN-original. I bought them because I am a fan but PLease get her better songs. You are wasting this girl’s unbelievable talent.

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    • Jay-Zradar says:

      Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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      • MikeyMike P. says:
        Tsk…Tsk…Tsk – You really shouldn’t have put your opinion down in writing like this. Now you’re going to have to apologize to me when you realize that I’m 100% right on the money. I will be back to get that apology just as soon as these below average songs that Charice didn’t write – but was given – drops completely off the charts. BELIEVE ME! I WISH I WAS WRONG ABOUT THIS! But, I’m not :(

        I’ll see you in about 2 (maybe 3) months Jay Jay… -TC ;o)

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    • Geigermeister says:

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    • POPseeker says:

      I do respect you’re opinion or what you may call “advise” BUT I don’t agree with you. Our princess is STILL under Warner-Reprise. What you want to happen is to destroy both our princess and Warner-Reprise.

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      • MikeyMike P. says:
        Thanks a lot POPseeker! To answer your question: No, that’s not what I want to happen at all… Just the opposite in fact – I want to save Charice from Warner-Reprise! I’m afraid that if they keep throwing her one mediocre song after another – and she never has a HIT song with them, then no other Label is going to want to take a chance with Charice after her contract is up!

        Warner-Reprise Records is huge! They’re going to be around regardless of Charice. Maybe they’re a little too big because they sure act like it. It seems to me like Charice is just an after-thought to them!

        This is business, so as long as people keep on excepting and supporting anything and everything they put out – then they’re going to keep on, keeping on throwing out second hand and recycled songs that nobody else wants!

        Diane Warren is proof – she admitted that she didn’t think “Note to God” was going to be nearly as popular as it was – she was really very shocked. In other words, it was most likely an old song that she gave DF after he called her one day asking her if she had anything laying around for a new, young Asian artist. (this is speculation of course, but she was honestly surprised the song was even released!)

        My hope is that some of Cha’s fans will start to put a little pressure on WB to start giving Charice First Rate songs! They’re absolutely cheating her by hoping her powerful voice will over-come a mediocor – second rate song!

        Okay, I’m done with this subject for today. I’m worn out! lol

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        • palaginghuli says:
          You have a point Mike, and i am not counting you out. I think you mean well. I think the overall feeling here is fear. We are scared that Charice won’t make it, so we keep on going, hoping our collective efforts will push her to the top. We are also scared of change. If Charice leaves her label, we are afraid no one else will take her. Many people will deny it here, but we have to analyze ourselves too at out our motivation when we lash out at people who bave a different opinion, or posts anything pessimistic. However, we are not Charice. We cannot make these decisions. Her agents, however are a different matter. I believe you when you say you arean insider. Yes, Warner is a big company, and therefore too busy attending to many matters. But her agents have vested interest to promote her,because the better she does,the more money they make. Why are her agents not doing anything? Maybe if her contract expires, they can shop around for a better label.

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        • NutonU says:

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          • MikeyMike P says:
            I would love the chance to handle Charice! I would shop her around and wouldn’t sleep until we found a Label or group that would dedicate their lives to her! Why? Because she deserves it! She’s a gift from God, and needs to be treated as such. I’m thinking P-Diddy’s Label, or perhaps Christina A’s people (something along those lines). My step sister wrote a POP/R&B song that is better then anything I have heard from WB so far! I forwarded it to them (along with several of other songs sent to my (her) website) but they don’t seem interested unless it’s from one of their writers. Of course the song writer makes more from a released song then anyone else – including the artist singing it! Imagine that.

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            • dadartful says:

              Hey MikeyMike, question. Wasn’t Warner-Reprise up for sale at one time? What’s up with that. Just curious. Thanks.

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              • MikeyMike P. says:

                Parent company Warner Brothers Records almost went under after Madonna left them in 2007. I believe that with-in the next 5 to 10 years there won’t be anymore so called “Record Labels” as we know them… Everything is going to a computer file format, so there will be no more CD’s to sell in the future. Most artist are now going to companies like Live Nation Inc. (Same company Madonna switched to) – they are more “concert promoters” and in to general promotions, instead of recording/selling albums.

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  16. tita says:
    Stop the MADness!

    The way Charice put a powerful emphasis on “madness” is just brilliant! CHARICETIC!!!

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  17. Tofifiness says:
    Finally!!!! I have my own set of BIE, One Day & ABM Glee version. Yahooooo!!! Special delivery from the US of A. :-D thank’s to my hubby’s friend. Hehe. Wow what a good way to travel to JB malaysia tomorrow with this songs plugged to my ears… Sigh heavenly :-)

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    • flowjam21 says:
      @tofifiness….u are very lucky to have all that tracks that send by ur hubby frens in the US….i wish i could be too,huhuhuhu.but,it’s ok i just wait until the album come out this spring…..and we must requesting those song on our local radio station here in KL,especially the Top English Radio Station The Red fm,Fly fm &….any way safe way to JB n back to KL:-)

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  18. chariceunlimited says:
    I just submitted this on DIGG guys to make the video gain more lots of views. Please help be by clicking the Digg button to make it on the front page of Digg, the more diggs the better. Digg is a nice source of traffic for the Video to gain more views. Thanks!!! Digg is a PR8 site meaning it has lots of visitors, if Charice’s make it to the top page, I’m sure it will go instantly viral. :)

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  19. eve says:

    All the songs have been officially “released” so I think it’s okay to start requesting ‘Before It Explodes’ and any of the other songs at your LOCAL radio stations. I guess you’ll find out soon enough if the DJ’s have the songs in their Playlist or not. If they get enough requests, it’ll be sufficient motivation for them to put it on their Playlist!

    I think a coordinated radio campaign may have backfired on us last year when we were promoting Pyramid, in some markets, because it was obvious to the DJ’s that e-mailed requests were coming in from all over the world, not just locally, and so the song requests were disregarded as a fan-driven campaign.

    However, we do hope chasters will take the initiative individually to find your local radio station’s song request phone line or look up their websites to make an online requests of your favorite Charice song at least once or twice daily.

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  20. D-J says:
    Just wondering why Bruno Mars didn’t lend a word of support for the release of this single yesterday ? All of these comparison between Charice’s version and previous demos are not good for her. It should be considered as a new release for Charice. Can’t wait to hear her sing this song live !

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  21. peakarach says:

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    • flowjam21 says:

      Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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    • palaginghuli says:
      The version of Alexandra Burke and Bruno Mars were never released, so it was a moot point. The only reason their version is even being discussed is because Charice released it? Who was paying attention to it a year ago? AB recorded it A YEAR AGO, yet no one paid attention. Now suddenly it is in the radar? Who made it so? Alexandra Burkes’s fans? NO! Charice’s fans did. Some fans. If you wnat Alexandra Burke’s version, then go ahead and buy her version (if you can) or download it illegally. What is your point?

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    • timebang says:

      I hope this version does not explode in your faces while both of you are taking turns doing the humps on each other.

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  22. John Garbo says:
    I really have to make sure that I buy this single! Can’t buy this song in Amazon as I’m outside US. Good thing it’s available in itunes and was able to buy it! I’m soooo happy that I got it! It’s really an explosive song!!!! You can really hear the Bruno Mars flavour in it! Great song! labyo Cha!

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    • Tofifiness says:

      Good for you! Its not available yet in Singapore Itunes huhuhu. I guess i have to wait. I asked my husband to ask his friend who’s staying in the purchase it for me :/ so for now i have to be content wth pressin the replay button on youtube! Bummer!

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  23. 123ABC321 says:
    Anybody know when we can start requesting for BIE to be played on the radio?

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  24. beyonce' says:
    make this a million views for charice from VEVO production. xD

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  25. miasushi says:

    This is the Big Bang Theory for Charice.

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  26. mingsfan says:
    SEND CHARICE TO THE TOP OF THE iTUNES CHARTS!! Buy TWO copies of “Before It Explodes” from iTunes store tonight: one for yourself & ONE TO “GIFT” TO A FRIEND. (The page where you buy the song has a pull-down menu option to “Give As a Gift”; all you need is your friend’s e-mail address.) Include a message asking them to “PAY IT FORWARD” by buying a copy & gifting it to someone else, with the same request to pay it forward. Better yet, start your chain by gifting MULTIPLE copies.

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  27. mj says:
    just got back from work and listening to the sample..I believe these songs will explode! will go to amazon now to buy all these 4. Love you Charice and will surely watch Glee. Texted my sister to watch too and posted the inof on my facebook page.enjoy tonite Chasters!

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  28. n3lakay says:
    1st album was good but 2nd album?….WAY BETTER IN TERMS OF SALES AND BILLBOARD RATING,JUST MY 2 CENTS.

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  29. chaster68 says:
    very nice song i did download both her song one day and before it explodes on i tunes but i can not buy it in amazon because i’m outside us, i hope somebody can share any idea, i love you sunshine!!!!

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