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Sneak Preview Video of Charice’s New Single “Before It Explodes” Available April 19th

Sneak Preview Video of Charice’s New Single “Before It Explodes” Available April 19th

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169 Responses to “Sneak Preview Video of Charice’s New Single “Before It Explodes” Available April 19th”

  1. D-J says:

    I stumbled on this interview on The big show (95.5WPLJ radio) with Bruno Mars and @4:40 min. into the video, they were talking about David Foster and Charice. Hmm…the comments and Bruno’s reserved answer are intriguing…

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    • eve says:

      Lol your comment is as vague as the response in the interview. “David Foster has been trying to break Charice and can’t seem to do it so he calls Bruno Mars” to which Bruno responds “yeah he’s been writing songs a long time, I think he wrote Happy Birthday”. hmmm? I did enjoy the interview. He’s been looking for his own break for 7 years and finally made it, saying the secret is “hard work”. My take is that Charice just has to keep plugging away and she’ll get there. It’s been a meteoric rise so far and the right song will come along. I am disappointed Bruno didn’t even mention the song’s name. If they had actually worked together “live” to produce the song, he might have had different praises for Charice’s voice, that’s where her strength is.

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      • jimfan155 says:
        Bruno knows about David Foster and his song writing skills, and David himself has said from the get go he doesn’t really know about the “younger” fans and would be collaborating with talented young producers to help Charice, and that’s just what he’s doing. As for hard work, Charice has got that work ethic down pat and I hope she keeps focused on the prize and there is no doubt in my mind she will “make it”. Here’s the problem, as I see it, Charice is too talented at this young age and to choose which segment to concentrate on has to be confusing. Now besides music, she has tv and movies. She can sing with Greyson and Iyaz as well as Celine and Bocelli. She can sing love songs, but then she’s questioned about if she’s too young to know about the subject. Charice is a success already (don’t know anyone who bought a house for her family at the age of 16). I agree with Eve – just “keep plugging away” and your dreams will continue to come true.

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  2. angela says:

    Hey everyone, I’ve found this on youtube! Someone edited and made a charice and bruno mars duet for Before it Explodes.

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  3. MV says:

    Hi Chasters! Pls watch Waiting Outside The Lines Contemporary Dance Video thanks!

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  4. Anna says:
    Can anyone update what’s her latest ranking now on iTune Top 100, or Amazon BestSellers or Billboard Top Digital songs? They should have released her singles one at a time…

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  5. OC FAN says:
    just saw a comment on i tunes in one of charice’s songs saying “by the way, charice & bruno mars are both filipinos that’s why they are talented!” i know we are proud being filipinos..but that’s given already..some potential non-asian chasters may get turned off w/ it & may post nasty comments instead of appreciating her voice/talent. pls. let’s promote charice in a positive way! PEACE!

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    • cracker says:
      I am offended for you echoeing his comment from other site , not because you guys are talented its because of your feeling like us non-asian may get turned off like us people from Siberia in your view are not appreciating other peoples talent. So please dont think negatively all the time and that we people well post nasty comments just because us Siberians thinks some talented people are filipinos. I am offended more of other peoples naivety.

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      • eve says:

        “cracker” is derogatory towards White people and your IP is in the Philippines? I do wish that more people were tolerant, but I don’t think that’s the case.

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        • lipperlip-f says:

          there is a saying that if you assume to much you are making an _ss out of u and me.

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          • eve says:

            It was a question since you said “us Siberians.”. Appreciate the name change, welcome to CM “earthling chaster”… I love it! Peace

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  6. Nadlor says:

    If Officially they released it they should make an official video for it too. The title alone could speak for itself, the bigger the explosion the more dammage. In any which way, I hope they will be successful in return.

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  7. Roldan says:

    One thing i dont understand, why did alex record the song if its not meant for her? and given to charice to officially release and sing it? can somebody give me some answer?

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    • Tina says:

      I think all singers record several songs and some songs make it to the album. AB’s team must have decided not to include BIE in her album for whatever reason. I believe Bruno Mars wanted the song officially released so he gave it to Charice, and it must be a good fit with her 2nd album.

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  8. Zamesher says:

    Hi fellow Chasters!
    As a fan of Charice and being an aspiring singer I decided to do Covers of Charice’s 2 new singles on youtube as my first uploads.

    Im not a good singer (yet lol) and I wish you guys could give me the best advices and even criticize. I want to improve my singing and I see this as a way to know my errors by learning from your comments.

    Heres my link:

    Thank you guys and
    lets support Charice 100%!!!

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  9. paxton says:
    all by myself is at number 20 on itunes. number 18 yesterday.

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