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Ready for Sunshine’s Return? Get Updated on the Glee Storyline

Ready for Sunshine’s Return? Get Updated on the Glee Storyline

31 Responses to “Ready for Sunshine’s Return? Get Updated on the Glee Storyline”

  1. Margaret says:

    Hello! I have already downloaded ABM song by CHARICE on itunes just few minutes ago. However, you must look for GLEE CAST not Charice. I believe it is number #38 on itunes as I speak. It’s worth buying this song. Charice is pitch perfect, amazing, amazing singer!! WOWWW!! Also, her new single “ONE DAY” is an excellent song. Thank you Jonas for writing and producing this song. It is such a fun song to dance to, upbeat, and love the lyrics. I also bought “Before It Explode” another excellent song and I thank Mr. Bruno Mars for your collaborations. I can’t wait to hear all Charice’s new singles on the radio and I am anxious for her new CD. SHE’s BACK!!

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  2. Stephanie says:
    YAY!! After a long and cold winter season, the sun is FINALLY shining again :)!! So fellow Chasters, are you ready to top Itune chart with Charice new singles (ABM and Before it explodes) or what????!!!! I don’t know about everyone else but I ve been nagging (and annoying) just about everyone I know to watch Glee tomorrow and buy her single on Itunes lol.
    PS: This is my first time posting btw. Nice to meet everyone :) However, I’m not really a newbie because I’ve been lurking in charicemania for awhile. But since it’s such a special occasion, I feel like I need to share my happiness, enthusiasm and excitement with everyone here lol.

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  3. CharisseToo says:
    Do you think they used the actual vocal/sound recording from this stage performance? I can hear her breath in and it looks so in sync. Charice is one performer who does best performing live, which is a very special talent. I actually love her YouTube live performances sometimes better than studio recordings, not all, but there are a few. The quality of the sound probably not, but the delivery, absolutely! One of which is the “Grown up Christmas Wish” performance in NBC. It was just such an amazing delivery there was magic in that song!!! I still listen to it now even if Christmas was months ago and months away J Another instance was when there was a hitch in her ABM performance in Mandalay Bay, what could have been a disaster, her musical genius just took over and turned it to be one of the most spectacular versions of “All By Myself”. David Foster couldn’t be prouder with the way Charice saved the song.
    I remembered reading a Glee article that mentioned when they shot LISTEN, they decided to use the actual, normal reactions of the cast during Charice’ performance and not having to let them “act it out”. I believe it was the same exact scenario here. Did I see some teary-eyed Gleek? You betcha! That’s the Charice’ effect. And I thought I was weird when I found myself tearing up during the early days of my Chaddiction J Thanks to Charicemania, I know I’m not alone. No shrink needed!

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  4. CharisseToo says:
    I love Sunshine’s “…I’m such a better singer than everyone else…” line and delivery, all without guile and pride, simply stating a FACT and boy did she deliver!!!

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  5. CARA says:

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  6. WebScribes says:
    Following Charice’s career is like reading an exciting novel that you cannot put down even for a moment!
    & a whole new chapter begins April 19th!
    With THREE new singles plus her Glee songs being released over the next few weeks – happy days!
    Join us at CM Chat 30 minutes before Glee for a buying party to push “Before it Explodes” and “All By Myself” up in the iTunes & Amazon rankings just before the Gleeks show-up to buy “All By Myself” as that will help sales of both, especially, “Before it Explodes” (which is more important to Charice’s career)

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    • palaginghuli says:

      I added ABM on my Wish List at Amazon. Then i suddenly noticed that it says it is not avsilable for download until April 26. Do you think it s just a mistake? Hopefully iTunes will have it on the 19th.

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    • Fran says:

      Webby at what time on April 19 (EST, PST) do we begin downloading together? As long as we get it to no.1 in during that hour…will it be recorded no.1 as such?

      Can we just purchase 100 downloads at one purchase or we need to download one at a time?

      Let’s us know which one first ABM or BIE. Itunes or Amazon?

      You’r a great co-ordinator!! Lead-on.

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  7. stefie2325 says:
    What a WORHTY LONG wait for the light of Sunshine Corazon to shine again in Glee. The other day, I already sneak-peek her lines and listen her sung “All By Myself”..I was already exploding with enthusiam and amazement..kinda satisfied already that I finally watch our princess having an exchange and intense conversation with Rachel and the rest of the cast…and when the part where she sung…my jaw dropped..mouth can’t hardly close..butterflies are tickling inside my stomach and found myself floating in the air! As April 19 hits the clock and Glee airs…I have to wait til a week since Kuwait is late airing Glee but it wouldn’t sadden me coz my fingers will be busy uploading Cha’s 3 singles and ABM at itunes…SO CHASTERS…we hit it and we bring it on… BEFORE IT EXPLODES…!..LOVE you so MUCH CHARICE and proud of my Chaster Family! Good mor-nights CHASTERS! muah from Kuwait!

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  8. Marlyn says:
    I am watching Glee again after the first episode just because of Charice and nobody else ; so excited

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  9. JAbuan says:
    To those who worry that Charice’s accent may cause an “Alexandra Wallace (of Asians in the Library fame)” reaction – don’t worry. The American demographic has, in the decades since my youth, swung 180% in favor of all things Asian. The few, isolated instances, where certain individuals express resentment towards “imperfect English”, are usually uttered by freaks, who themselves are destined to experience unsatisfactory marriages, and workplace relationships. Their worlds, tend to be tiny, insulated “made up” environments. That being said, should any of the producers, or writers for Glee, have special headaches associated with Charice’s, novice ability, most likely “inside Hollywood” pressure will cause Charice to continue reappearing. I have a suspicion that the regular cast member’s genuinely adore that beautiful, little lady.

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    • starbuck245 says:
      The way I see it, as long as the other cast members don’t see cha as a threat to displace them, or hurt their careers, all will be fine. Adore Cha the person or not, keep in mind the life of an actor is extremely competitive, cut throat and fleeting, so actors need to make it while they can. It would be great to hear anecdotal stories of some of the more experienced glee actors and others working with Cha on her acting — that would be a big endorsement of their acceptance of her among them.

      Also, if Cha’s Glee appearances can help their careers, perhaps by c8ing opportunities for them in Asian markets — product endorsements, special appearances, either individually or as a group, that would really garner additional support from the cast of Cha success on the show.

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    • Theo says:
      Since Charice is a foreign exchange student, then an accent is expected because stereotypically that is the role that is expected of foreign students (though usually played by other Asians or Europeans, so the accent was not a problem for me (although I do have an issue of everyone assuming that foreign exchange students must have an accent; I mean English in the Philippines if spoken correctly should still be pronounced right, such as F should sound like F not P, and the vowels more pronounced phonetically sound). But that is not issue.

      Anyway, Charice should be not put down for her accent because that is the role she is expected to play – and that she did well (as we all know Charice can remove her accent in signing!), but the acting itself needs to progressively improved as it has done so considerably compared to her 1st appearance.

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  10. irene says:
    right venice,people should not expect that we Asian will speak the language fluently…if in case Charice were born in the US,that will have to be expected…but she is learning fast…and the truth is not all americans can speak their language right coz’ most of them have grammatic failure…let’s just be happy for our princess achievements and to those intriguers…shut your mouth!!!!

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  11. angel_jon of london says:
    can’t wait to see Charice back on Glee Season 2 … although it’s 2 months delay broadcast here in UK but it’s worth waiting for :)

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  12. 28 Venice says:
    Had to post again today after a hilarious conversation with a friend about CHARICEs ACTING . It caught me off guard . But a very powerful statement made in her behalf . So am sharing for it to multiply.



    Never ! ….. Why ? Because thier role is to be Asian and Asian diction is the most natural thing !

    Charice ? her role was the creation of GLEE .

    If the DIRECTOR was not satisfied with her acting , he could have called a thousand and one RETAKES !


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    • nice says:
      holy smoke..correct brodah/sistah

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    • arlene says:
      you are soooooo right!

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    • erik_cutee says:
      yes.. Amen to that..

      great insight..

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    • osuna says:
      Yup…Yupppp…this place is “the ” haven for insecured Pilipinos, and yes …you…who ever you are….all I can say is get a life…i expect 100000000000 thumbs down….haayyyy buhay….

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    • Flshstar says:
      Its the same thing with David Carradine played as Chinese Monk in tv series “Kung-Fu”. David being a Caucasian (White) He tried to act and speak English with asian accent because that’s the role he was playing.I just don’t understand people who expect someone to speak perfect english without a hint of accent even when they are playing a foreign role.Look at former California Governor Arnold schwarzenegger speaks with heavy Austrian accent and yet was successful with his career. Some of Charice fans says they are proud of her and proud to be pinoy and yet some critizes her accent. I just don’t get it?

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  13. eve says:
    Less than TWO DAYS !!!! For now. a Charice cover story is on the home page of Click the story to read a brief interview with Charice. She was really nervous about the acting but Chasters will show all-out support come this Tuesday with Glee and “Before It Explodes.”

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    • justcharrie says:
      You know what? I’d like to touch her firngertips and kiss it. I felt the nervous tension…

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  14. orolph says:
    it’s about time ryan murphy and the glee producers realize that our little princess can really augment even more the ratings of the show. she should not appear in only just once or two episodes but she should now be a permanent part of the cast until the end. hey, guys, you know very well she is excellent and a fan-producing artist.

    can’t wait till tuesday! “at the top, baby!”

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  15. 28 Venice says:

    Anyone looking after the Nielsen Readings of Tuesday , the 19th ?

    Will Charice contribute to the GLEE ratings ?

    NOTE :

    Charice is appearing in two ” INAGURAL EPISODES ” ! WHY ?

    Ensure hightened AWARENESS and VIEWERSHIP 1 1

    BRILLIANT RYAN MURPHY ! Lots of new sponsorship !

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  16. AIM says:
    Go Go Go Charice!!! We wish you all the luck in everything you do. We are here to support you all the way no matter what. We love you!!!

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  17. minbeauty8 says:
    Now let’s give a big hand in welcoming our very own Charice on Glee…people will remember her as the sweetest cute little girl yesterday with vocals of a dynamic singer…today she has grown to an improved and desirable woman in every way she desires to do with her career…music as her life! Good luck Sunshine!

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  18. Lovelyrcf says:
    I havent missed an episode of glee. Im really glad sunshine’s back…

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  19. justcharrie says:
    We know Sunshine Corazon is an unassuming, sweet little girl with a voice in her debut episode. Now it’s surprising to have a twist in her character and suddenly she became vocal in saying she’s a better singer than everyone else! That Sunshine excites me more and so curious to know what she’s really up to in her breaking in to the ground of New Direction. Come 19, I won’t skip Glee episodes anymore.

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  20. Siria says:
    Omgsh! inally!! i cant wait to watch her again! please help me meet charice please!! that would be my dream! To meet Charice, Ellen DeGeneres and Selena Gomez! Please please please!!

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