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You’re Invited to the Return of Sunshine on Glee Party Hosted by the LA Chasters!

You’re Invited to the Return of Sunshine on Glee Party Hosted by the LA Chasters!

Hey Chasters! The scintillating start of Act II of our Amazing Journey with Charice is finally upon us! Just as May 11, 2010 will hold a truly

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special place in our hearts as our Princess turned that magical 18 while debuting her first international album on Oprah last year, we have another milestone date to put down in our Charice dreambooks: April 19, 2011! As we all know by now, Sunshine Corazon is finally making her dramatic return to Glee this Tuesday on Fox after a long, seemingly never-ending season of cloudy days without the sun! Her return to the show may have pushed the patience limit for many Chasters, but the timing of the return of her character at this point of the season could not have come at a better time. It’s been several weeks now since the last ‘new episode’ of the season, and many will be tuning in to what amounts to another ‘season opener’ type moment for the show. On top of that, Gwyneth Paltrow’s return to the show on the same night will also bring in more viewers to what is shaping up to be a BIG ratings night for the show. I commend those of you who have resisted the urge to watch the spoiler clip of Sunshine singing “All By Myself”, but there was no way I was going to be able to wait til’ Tuesday night for that! Her singing goes without saying, but I was just blown away by how far she’s come in her acting skills since her debut on the show last fall! As the saying goes, truly good things come to those who wait, and for those who’ve patiently waited for this time to come, well, Here Comes the Boom! With the release of her new single “Before It Explodes” timed for the same day (download party for both songs here on CM that night as well!), what better way to celebrate this truly amazing night for Charice and for all Chasters than a Chaster Glee Party! So the LA Chasters invite you all to join us for an awesome time of fun, food and fellowship as we get together on Tuesday night in Downtown Los Angeles for dinner and a Glee viewing party! Our esteemed LA Chaster, Sideburnersol has made reservations for a private Chaster party for up to 50 people at what is considered to be the best Filipino restaurant in all of Los Angeles! We will dine on fine food and drinks before getting ready to view Sunshine on a large 54 inch HDTV! The details are: Gleee party charice Youre Invited to the Return of Sunshine on Glee Party Hosted by the LA Chasters!Tuesday, April 19, 2011 at 6:00 p.m. Salakot Sizzle and Grill 2122 Beverly Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90057 213-483-0303 We’ll have two special raffle prizes only available for the NEW Chasters who have never come to an LA Chaster event before! The raffle prizes are a beautiful Charice T-shirt designed by our own Kathy! So especially for those of you who have been waiting for that one special event to come out and celebrate with other Chasters, this is that time to bring your friends and have a great time together in Chasterland! Pre-dinner festivities will start at 6:00 p.m., followed by dinner served at 7:00 p.m., and of course, the highlight of the night, Sunshine on Glee at 8:00 p.m. on a HUGE HDTV! If you know you’ll be coming, please email Sideburnersol at for more info by Tuesday morning to confirm your place on the guest list and so he can also inform the restaurant of our total count. Don’t end up being “All By Yourself” on this truly special night for Charice and her Chasters! Join us as we rise to our feet to give Charice and Sunshine a standing ovation for her triumphant start to Act II of Her Magical Journey! We’ll see you there! by LAFan,

50 Responses to “You’re Invited to the Return of Sunshine on Glee Party Hosted by the LA Chasters!”

  1. Daniel says:
    Enjoy the get together at Salakot Sizzle and Grill. Hopefully new Chasters will be attending. Love to join LA Chasters but unfortunately my mother is still in the hospital and won’t be coming home until Wednesday so I will be watching Glee in the hospital…have a good time everyone !! Let’s not disappoint Sunshine Corazon by downloading ABM and “Before It Explodes”.

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  2. ntony9 says:
    I wanna go but my commander won’t allow me he he anyways I will be watching the show with my kids and commander and buy the singles. Enjoy and have fun LA Chasters!!! Maybe next time I’ll convince the commander to come with me.

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  3. LAfan says:
    On behalf of the LA Chasters, thank you all for the well-wishes! We’re really looking forward to celebrating together Tuesday night, and we hope that MANY Glee Parties are planned throughout the world and you’ll be with a fellow Chaster to share in the joy of seeing our Sunshine back on the TV screen!

    If you’re still thinking about coming out to the party, please email to let him know so he can save your spot on the guest list… and don’t forget, we’re raffling off two amazing Charice T-shirts only for the NEW Chasters who’ve never come out to a Chaster event! We’ll see you there!

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  4. marlyn says:
    I wish i live in LA , iam about 6 hours drive from you guys. Have fun everybody!

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  5. JHUNE28 says:
    i just dont know what to do..all i just want is to hear and watch all videos of our charice…harharhar

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  6. anromable says:
    How about Manila Chasters? Cebu Chasters? Davao Chasters?

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  7. McSteve says:
    Any viewing party for Manila Chasters?

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  8. 99.3% says:
    This is so sweet..!! Charice is named the Newest “Pop Princess”
    Say bye to auto-tuned crab.

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  9. Syamasundara says:
    Im from LA but recently assign in my job here in Phoenix, I love to be there to meet chaster in LA hope next time its a good timing.

    However for all Chaster International kindly support Glee this coming episode and itunes release of Allby myself, its our chance to show how powerful chaster can do and even were not truly knew each other then one spirit we can bind us together.

    Im certify Chaster Supporter

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  10. RodBelt says:
    I would love to be there had LA been a 5-8 hour drive from NJ. Anyway, LA Chasters have fun and enjoy. I’ll be there with you in spirit.

    LAfan, I requested for your eMail address from ADMIN but did not get a reply from you. I’d like to get in touch with you because you are one of the prime organizer of Chasters events like this. I’m sure you will be organizing one for the Las Vegas event in October and I want to be among the first one to know as I’m already gearing for that event. Thanks.

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    • LAfan says:
      Hey RodBelt! We’re actually very fortunate here in LA to have many different Chasters who step up to organize these types of events… this Glee Party was spearheaded by our Sideburnersol, and he’s really gone out of his way to select the BEST possible location for us to all get together to celebrate this awesome event!

      Regarding the Las Vegas DFF shows in October/November, at this time, I don’t believe I’ll be attending either one of the shows for various reasons, but I’m sure there will be news of any Chaster get-together in Vegas here on CM as soon as one is confirmed. All it takes is for one or two Chasters to take the initiative to organize a time/location, and voila, you have a Chaster meet/greet event! You can bet that if there is one planned, CM will be the place to hear about it first!

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  11. htinla says:
    This is gonna be an epic night of great food, fun, friends, and Glee w/ Charice…Tuesday night can’t come fast enough! See y’all there.

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  12. Ronilo says:
    Any Chaster leaves near Carson CA?

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  13. Ronilo says:
    Can I join the party even if I’m a total stranger to all Chasters.I’m one of those who is just content being on the sideline but i never miss checking charicemania everyday.

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    • LAfan says:
      Lol Ronilo. Of course you’re welcome to the party! We’re actually hoping many NEW Chasters who haven’t come out to a Chaster event will come to celebrate together! Please email if you haven’t done so, as the guest list will be capped at 50 Chasters! See you there!

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  14. yoly says:
    Hello LOS ANGELES, Let’s Celebrate. Come on and join us. I know everyone will have a blast. Sorry Elvie you live too far. hahahaaa. Better luck next time. Maybe in Vegas on October or November…Deal…

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  15. vil26216 says:
    I wish we can attend. Last year we were in Vegas for the DFF show, The Citadel and The Grove just for Charice. However, we’ll watch Glee surely and download several copies of each song to compensate for our absence to this fun gathering. Enjoy and be safe Chasters. Viva Charice!!!!!!…

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  16. palaginghuli says:
    I wish I can come I live in Los Angeles after all. However, I prefer watching the show with my kids at home, with my laptop in front of me, pushing the “buy” button. However,I do hope you guys have a lot of fun, and even though I am not there, I am celebrating with all of you in this new milestone in Charice’s career. Two song on Billboard 100! Preferably #1 and #2! Better yet, tied at #1!

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  17. justcharrie says:
    Wow you’ll be having a blast again LAChasters. Enjoy your dinner. Aw that’s fosho! as Charice is going to join you all!

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  18. eoosky says:
    I’m far far away from LA, wish I could be there and celebrate the comeback of our SUNSHINE with you all LA CHASTERS, but i can’t.So please keep us inform, give us update okay? I really really appreciate it.Our Sunshine always make my day sunnier.Have fun LA chasters and thank you for the invite.

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  19. Eloisa says:
    Chasters in LA. You have all the luck. Wish it’s just near so I can go too. Enjoy.

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  20. rob47 says:
    Another excellent article, LAFan!

    I wish I could be there with you… What an amazing night it will be!

    Charice’s voice is just Out-Of-This-World and it is getting even better!

    I have E-mailed over a hundred friends and relatives about the return of Charice on GLEE this coming Tuesday, April 19. I hope all Chasters will do the same. Spread the word. Share your happiness. Atract more New Chasters!


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  21. Lisbon says:
    Enjoy the party LA Chasters!!!
    Bring your tissue… just like the gLee cast said. :)

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  22. Syuryu says:
    Let’s have such in Tokyo, too. Oh, but no Glee here…

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  23. maple says:
    enjoy and have fun! to the top baby!

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  24. eSpirit2 says:
    What an awesome event for Los Angeles to celebrate the voice of an angel. Thanks Sideburnersol for organizing.
    Charice, if you read this, drive us into ecstacy by showing up too! We’d love to have you.

    As Charice has sung before – I’ll be there!!

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    • SideburnerSol says:
      YW eSpirit2; I’m very happy to help my fellow Chasters celebrate Sunshine’s return to Glee! Here’s an early update… 18 Chasters have already confirmed that they will be attending! That leaves just 32 seats, so, Chasters, please send me your reservation requests ASAP! Make sure to include your Chaster name in your e-mail and let me know how many will be in your group. I’ll send you a confirmation number for each attendee along with more details about Salakot Sizzle and Grill. Chasters together at the top! Charice… at the top baby! :))

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  25. Kathy says:
    Woottt time to Partee… Anyone from LA are welcome to come… Come out and join us Gleeekkkkk. Thank LA Fan for writing this up… :)

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  26. Mateo says:
    Would love to be a part of this gathering but i’m 4-5 hrs away. Where are the Vegas Chasters?

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    • 01emmi says:

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  27. buena14 says:
    How I wish i were there, but I’m down New Zealand. Have fun guys!

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    • Theo says:
      Thanks for writing the article, LA Fan, and keeping us informed, we need to bring her back to Canada…that Eaton Centre appearance was legendary…next she’ll need the Skydome!


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  28. euse clerigo says:
    we are miles away………… guy’s have fun……….

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  29. Popgirl says:
    Likewise…..I wish I could come….

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  30. EBJohns11 says:
    I wish Im around LA and I’ll be there, Im working that evening, sucks!

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