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Glee Sneak Peek: “A Night of Neglect” Featuring Charice!

Glee Sneak Peek: “A Night of Neglect” Featuring Charice!

There was so much buzz about Charice on the web for the past weeks – but that’s hardly surprising as she’s involved in the three pillars of hollywood entertainment: music, film, and television. There was a period in mid-March when was awfully quiet and Chasters were getting anxious from the lack of Charice news. Little did we know that this was just the calm before the storm. The Charice news whirlwind started with the premiere of her new song “Louder” as Mezamashi TV’s theme. Then came the news about her collaboration with Kara DioGuardi and other songwriters/producers in Boston. Many were puzzled why Boston of all places? That question got answered when news broke out that Charice was filming the movie “Here Comes the Boom” in Boston with Salma Hayek. The next piece of news that got everyone so excited was when Bruno Mars revealed that he had worked with Charice on a song titled, “Before It Explodes”. Adding more fuel to the fire was the scheduled release of the song as Charice’s new single on Music? a?i??. Film? a?i??. And now with Sunshine Corazon making a comeback on Glee for sure – Television? a?i??! A four-day wait is the only thing between us and seeing Charice again on Glee. To help us maintain our patience for a little bit longer, here’s a backstage peek at the taping of her “All By Myself” performance – complete with commentary from Charice herself: .


And to make you much more excited, here’s a 3-minute clip of Charice’s scene convincing the New Directions to let her sing at their benefit concert, plus her full performance of “All By Myself”:

** SPOILER ALERT ** (Don’t watch if you want to catch the scene fresh next Tuesday.)


Amazing rendition of “All By Myself”, right? Her previous performance of this song at the “Hitman Returns: David Foster and Friends” concert, was equally wonderful as well. The mystery on why that song was not included in the concert’s CD, and was only included on the DVD, could be answered now. It’s possible that David Foster’s team already knew that this song was selected for Charice to sing on Glee – and decided to preserve the excitement for its release on the Glee sound track rather than including the same song on the Hitman CD.

Charice really proved in the video above that she also has the acting chops to make it in film and television. A hit recording artist plus an actress too? That’s just a deadly combination. Glee is the perfect show for Charice to showcase both these talents, and hopefully, she’ll be making more appearances and singing more songs in the next five episodes. Don’t forget to catch the whole Glee episode, “A Night of Neglect”, on April 19. Right after the show, the songs of that episode will be released on iTunes – and let’s all buy Charice’s version of “All By Myself” and make it number one. Her previous Glee songs, “Telephone” and “Listen” reached the top 10 of the iTunes chart. Charice’s “Listen” even surpassed the original version by Beyonce on the Billboard Hot 100, placing no. 38, 23 places ahead of the orignal’s no. 61 position. Also available on the same day as Charice’s Glee comeback is her new single, the Bruno Mars produced “Before It Explodes”. Don’t forget to buy your copy at the product page. Spread the word to every person you know,

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and let’s make Charice’s two songs, “Before It Explodes” and “All By Myself”, climb to the top of the music charts. By Sofia Carrera,

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  3. Amsterdam says:
    All Filipinos should support Charice by buying her new single. If Charice will be on top of Itunes and Amazon specially on the Billboard then Philippines will also be in the news. I respect some other Filipinos if they don’t like Charice but if you love your own country do something at least by simply buying Charice songs.

    TV and radio personalities should encourage the Filipinos to buy the new single of Charice.

    I’m only suggesting. Peace to all.

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  4. mingsfan says:
    SEND CHARICE TO THE TOP OF THE iTUNES CHARTS!! Buy TWO copies of “All By Myself” from iTunes store tonight: one for yourself & ONE TO “GIFT” TO A FRIEND. (The page where you buy the song has a pull-down menu option to “Give As a Gift”; all you need is your friend’s e-mail address.) Include a message asking them to “PAY IT FORWARD” by buying a copy & gifting it to someone else, with the same request to pay it forward. Better yet, start your chain by gifting MULTIPLE copies.

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  5. Kuya Marc says:
    Last night, I downloaded four brand-new songs of Charice: Before It Explodes, All By Myself-Glee, One Day, and Waiting Outside the Lines Remix (Greyson Chance & Charice). Then, today is the big day…Wow! I am pretty sure that people all over the world who will be watching Glee tonight will be stunned by Charice’s rendition of ABM. Then, they will be curious about her… Ladies and Gentlemen, here comes the boom!!!

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  6. peter de guia says:
    Finally … the wait is over … let’s enjoy the show …

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  7. peter de guia says:
    Yipppeeee … the wait is over … let’s enjoy the show …

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  8. EBJohns11 says:
    Tonight is the night, i hope i will get my On call, otherwise ill watch it when i get home from work. Enjoy Chaster esp LA hah, they r having party tonight.

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  9. charchar says:
    I think the more Charice sounding better, the more crabs and haters coming out of the wood. Sadly, most coming from her native land. Why they can just be happy for her?

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  10. ArrVee says:
    it must be difficult for those Glee cast members who are against the Sunshine character, to not break character, by suppressing the instinct to cheer for her when she hits those high and powerful notes, just like Rachel did in the first episode, during the “Listen” performance. I don’t know the context of this latest episode, but it seems like Mercedes is also trying to not cheer too much, in contrast to the more candid reactions of those beside here. And for those who are instructed to feel free to react in any way they want, they do not need instructions at all …

    we know this instinctive reaction to Charice’s live performances comes from deep within, and is not only difficult to suppress, but can be repeated just by viewing her videos over and over again … and that itself is amazing.

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  11. Leadsingerkls says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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    • SergeLV says:

      @ Leadsingerkls

      What ? Been to your EAR doctor lately ?

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    • bryskired says:

      Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  12. fanOcharice says:
    I’m so excited about all the excitement about Charice’s new single, her appearance in Glee and her movie project. Although I’ve seen her Glee appearance on YouTube already I am still going to watch it like I’ve not seen it already and hopefully there will be more scenes with her.

    Her on-screen version of ABM is great but the Glee soundtrack studio version is even better. She has developed such a control over her vocal prowess it is unbelievable to behold.

    If she is going to be on more episodes of Glee and they will have her singing ballads I hope they would make her sing Run To You.

    As for her acting, who cares? They hired her for her singing abilities and not acting. If they wanted an Filipino actress/singer they should have signed on Lea Salonga but they wanted Charice. Why? Because she can blow the roof off with her singing and that’s what Ryan wants.

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  13. Unjynkz says:
    Been lurking a long time. :) Wow, Charice really has gone a long way.

    C’mon people, Charice is no longer competing in a singing contest, and she’s no longer auditioning for a role in Glee. Of course I will not rate her acting the same way I would rate her singing. Who’s rating anyway? She’s already a professional singer and a star at that, and she’s already playing a character in a popular tv show. Sure she’ll have critics…name me a artist who hasn’t any.

    So come 19, I will watch A Night of Neglect, same way I’d watch any other episode except that Sunshine just happens to be in this one :)

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  14. peter de guia says:
    Wow… I could hardly wait for this episode …

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  15. tita says:
    wow! more than 200 comments! gleeks because of charice!

    i love her version of ABM here. no matter how i love the mandalay version, this one is undeniably great…i kept replaying because i wanted to listen to the smooth sustained high note, and how she controlled the last note. the emotions are there as always.

    as for things outside her singing, i’m happy she was given more speaking lines. her character is more interesting here: a spy? a savior of ND? a friend or enemy? something to hold the audience, something to make them look forward to what sunshine would do next.

    i’m saving my comment about the acting part because i haven’t seen the full episode yet (i agree with CLFan here). in the above glee spoiler, i might be missing some significant parts, like why suddenly puck was in the front seat and rachel gone. what happened right before sunshine started to sing?

    i don’t think oscar or emmy judging is based on trailers alone. so let’s enjoy the full episode of “A Night of Neglect” and the next ones to come. :)

    congratz charice on your comeback episode on glee!!! i’m happy for you! :)

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  16. eve says:
    @greatxan said below: “everytime i check stuff about charice, youtube videos, article, photos etc, i always read chasters arguing for an opinion and labeling them as crabs.. it really annoys me. thats why i dont consider myself as chaster anymore but an independent charice fan..”

    that’s why the gleeforum discussion thread on this brief acting clip was closed for comment (after 10 pages) by the moderator who wrote “This thread has gotten out of hand.” The discussion was going in circles lol.

    It’s okay to agree to disagree. This is a forum where (respectful) opinions are allowed, but this is also CHARICEmania.. where you will indeed be outnumbered if you choose to voice critical remarks. I just hope no one is discouraged by any thumbs down. Anybody who loves Charice is still a chaster, whether you liked her acting or not does not make you any less so.

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    • Theo says:
      Thank you for being the voice of reason, Eve.

      People who rudely criticize Charice (rude as defined as making it personal, using crass language, etc.) and those who rudely attack people for voicing out objective opinions without trying to offend anyone on purpose are really in the same boat in the end.

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