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A Birthday Surprise!

A Birthday Surprise!

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  1. jaju says:

    Who covers Reset? He did a good job.

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  2. EVA says:

    all of you are great to do this video!! god bless.

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  3. Robert says:

    Here’s some of the pics used in this video, for file of the Chasters involved during the video shoots. My daughter Jerica misplaced the list of email addresses/fb acct names of those who attended of that wonderful weekend. Regards to all Chasters.

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  4. max says:

    It seems impossible that four years have passed since I watched the Oprah Show where Charice just blew away Oprah, the crowd, and me. OMG, how time flies. Charice has come so far that it is amazing. She has earned the entire world’s respect with her talent, grace, and humility. It gives me great pleasure to wish her a HAPPY 19TH BIRTHDAY!

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  5. mjoy says:

    hey fellow chasters, JUST Found this VIDEO OF charice dancing together with a kid.

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  6. maynard says:

    Nice one! Belated happy birthday Charice! My birthday is May 9! :D
    I was just wondering about the male version of reset you used in the end.. Who sang that one? It was great!

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  7. Bads says:

    congratuations and happy birthday to Charice, looking forward to seeing her, with my loved ones and family and fellow chasters naman — God bless!!!

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  8. chit says:
    APPLAUSE! APPLAUSE! To all who put in so much time and effort to bring Charice (and us Chasters), this great video thank you very, very much. God bless you all!

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  9. POPseeker says:

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  10. khelcute says:
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHARICE!!!! lab yah lab yah… your so beautiful.

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  11. DocEd, Guam, USA says:
    Traveling and missing a day at the office was worth the small part I played in this video. Connecting with Chasters was another treat.
    In the midst of people of all ages we had so much fun and I’m glad to know Charice had just as much or even more.

    What is the cost of doing something for someone who is loved? It is making time more than anything else. Thanks to all you were visible or invisible who made this video possible so Charice can have a very Special Day. Happy Birthday!!!

    And to all Chasters, your spirit will always be there to wish Charice the very best.

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  12. hermiemel says:
    Happy Birthday Charice. Oh to be sooooo young and beautiful..

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  13. EBJohns11 says:

    Great job with the vid and im part of it!! Thanks Theo and Tintol!! and everyone!!

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  14. Eunice says:
    Great Job Chasters, kudoooos!!!

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  15. wyip says:
    Cha’s our idol/inspiration because she shown us values of life and how to appreciate what others did for us, irregardless of the quality. Because at the end of the day, it’s the thought that counts. Cha appreciates this Bday “gift”, so should we, Chasters. Peace.

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  16. schoen says:
    The video was filmed/made for Charice, not intended to offend nor annoy anyone (especially those who didn’t join nor do anything to help in creating it, not to mention send any greetings per video). The main purpose is for Charice to have something from fans, who remembered (!) her birthday, whether in her sites, in Youtube, per email, per Twitter, per Facebook, every single greeting counts! Let your voice count too.

    Kudos to Theodore and Tintol, the Philippine Chasters and all around the world, for working hard in this video.

    And lastly, most important thing is: Charice loved it! She cried, she appreciated it and that’s all that matters.

    Please leave your comments in english….



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  17. eve says:
    Reminder: Charicemania requires that comments be written in English. Comments written in English are not moderated as long as it’s not vulgar or a personal attack on the opinions of others. Thank you.

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  18. Tofifiness says:
    I read the comments first before watching the video and I find Goma’s reaction to video very intriguing so this really set me in the mood to watch and see for myself.

    I really have to give credit to the person who did the video because I have to agree with Goma about some “chasters” acting not being good etc.. but the music which is extremely catchy and the way the scene is taken is what kept me GLUED to the video :-D. I Really really like 2:43. This is the BEST PART FOR ME, the synchronize dance part is sooo cute, and the blonde gal with the marilyn monroe look definitely took the cake! Love the move, so flawless and she is in sync with the music :-) i kept on repeating the dance part until the closing of the elevator haha its really good. :-) :-)

    Overall its a great video because if i happens to be the birthday celebrant i would be so touch and amaze on how much effort went into this project. It’s a great video kept me smiling until the end :)

    …Oh and by the way I love that guy name Steven @7:58 haha very very good. :-D

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    • Malou D says:
      Hi Tofifiness! Thanks for liking the 2:43 part,I was in that segment :-)It was indeed a day to remember for us Chasters, but most especially, we gave our time just to show our LOVE for Charice on her birthday…and being part of the video and just knowing she appreciated it, was enough for our hearts to melt, just like what she always does to us whenever she act, dance and sing! We love you Charice!!! More power to all the organizers…esp Tintol! mwahhh!! Regards to all!

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  19. goma says:
    greetings to every one i know im not perfect i made mistake im not judging here just expressing my opinion, love charice infact i bought all cd’s waching concert, perfumes… and im dying for her louder song i heard a bit its fantastic

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