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Charice’s New Single ‘Before It Explodes’ to be Released April 18

Charice’s New Single ‘Before It Explodes’ to be Released April 18

95 Responses to “Charice’s New Single ‘Before It Explodes’ to be Released April 18”

  1. CARA says:
    can’t wait untill next week !!!!

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  2. Anthony says:
    3 new songs coming out soon! Yeah! The wait was definitely worth it! What a treat indeed! :)

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  3. J.L. says:
    But I dont understand, why Charice Team dont use a BRADN NEW song for the single.

    People are gonna compare the three singers versions, and I HATE the comparison.

    Honestly, “A” and “B” both sing very good, and It’ll be severe for our “C”.

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    • Bibot says:
      you’re funny, A B C—-> D–david F. :)

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      • BEIbot says:
        I laugh hard for the A B C…even my username i wrote bibot haha! I’ll give my support 100% for charice new single. It doesn’t bother me if she looks like an african or what…jk jk :)

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    • nordin says:
      @J.L. Think about it too, people will be curious why out of those 3 versions Charice’s version is the only one that will be released as a single. It must be a great version if not then why BM did not release his own version remember that was his song and he got the right to choose which version will be released as a single. Do the Math A(Alexandra) + B(Bruno) = C(Charice).

      It’s funny that people are judging the song based on A&B full versions against Charice’s 30 sec. version and some already saying it’s not going to hit the billboard chart.

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    • luvCha says:

      Hahaha! Love the alphabet comparison… A for Alexandra, B for Bruno, and C for Charice. LOL!

      I’m not very good at this but i’ll try… Charice just twitted “Trusting a person is like picking the greatest song on Earth.” – Let’s negate this statement, if you don’t trust Charice and her team, then this song is a flop to begin with (even with just 30sec sample, we all seem to have drawn to conclusion A is better than B and B is better than C and C is better than A and so on) Can we all hold our reviews and criticism until it is released in its entirety. People will always compare her to anything and will always try to find faults whether its a brand new song or demoed song, but what we Chasters can do is support her no matter what. As we all know its not so much just about the song, it is also about who sings it… if you want to support Charice, let’s all download it on the 19th and make her trend!!

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      • SergeLV says:
        @ luvCha

        The Essence of Charice…The Singer…Not The Song

        I have heard all three versions and I must say honestly that A or B did not have the same essence as C. BM knew he had a good
        material but could possibly not feel the life in his own delivery of the song…same with A. This is a matter of THE SINGER NOT THE SONG question. Charice definitely have given life to this song.

        There is an element in Charice that separates her from other artists no matter who and how big they are. Remember how she stood out amongst an all star line-up at the Rockefeller Plaza Christmas event in NYC. I don’t know what it is. People just have to wait for Charice to explode.

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  4. J.L. says:
    Previously I was thought to myself that Cha may release the new single near the re-appearance on Glee, and Im right!

    It’s gotta be GREAT.

    Glee has hugh power and It would be the smartest decision to release single at this time, Glee will help to promote it :P

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  5. abeng1127 says:

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  6. wamond2004 says:
    Hi Sofia Carrera! Can you please cite a source for the statement: “expect Charice’s sophomore album to be released this May 2011.”

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    • The site admin told me this info.
      I think Charice’s team told him this.

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      • wamond2004 says:
        Oh thanks for the quick response! Is it asking too much for confirmation if Charice’s team did tell admin about this? Also I would just like to ask where the info of the song being included in the second album come from? Sorry if i’m being a bother. I just think that these information is of utmost importance and need to be cleared. Thanks in advance.:)

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  7. nice says:
    it’s DOPE!!!

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  8. WebScribes says:
    Come to CM Chat April 19th for 2 buying parties – one for “Before it Explodes” just before Glee starts (iTunes & Amazon) and one for “All By Myself” as soon as Glee is over (iTunes) for maximum exposure as the Glee audience goes to iTunes to buy “All By Myself”
    Chasters want “Before It Explodes” to be showing a high raking when the Gleeks show-up to buy All By Myself!

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  9. adixon2luv says:
    i think we chasters must be open minded enough for every criticisms, but honestly speaking charice wouldn’t be happy to know that there are chasters who are trying to feel her bad or something because of the F*** argumentations about the album cover..charice is doing everything to prove the she is Who she is…this album cover is very soothing to her singles since if we try to analyze the song is about Heartbreak so it would be not good to see charice is smiling or looking wild or what***…and chasters Eve said this is fresh for american people and for sure they will embrace charice because of this…let’s be glad for whatever blessings our dear princess has already have…

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  10. RC says:

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  11. Charice’s version is much better.. they were right its like a “Grenade” song when you heard it first its kinda boring but in 2nd,3rd you’ve heard it..”LSS” will strike you. I hope a good music video for the song..

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  12. 0% says:
    ALERT!!!! Lady Gaga ‘Judas’ released on April 19 ALSO

    WE must make CHARICE #1 the only way is to promote her single as much as you can before it comes out. Post it on facebook, twitter it or tell other people about it. Please!!!!!!!

    I love this new single. I can hear it on radio all day.

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  13. eve says:
    i LOVE the photos from Charice’s photo shoot in Japan. This particular photo is for the single ‘Before It Explodes’, we don’t know yet if it will be for the album cover or not, but that’d be okay with me. Most people haven’t seen these photos that were shot for the Japan CD release. These are fresh and new pics for us here in America, and they were done very well, very eye-catching. It is NOT a duplicate photo of her American CD debut which someone else had mentioned. In fact, if you Google Charice images, the photo doesn’t even appear there (they inexplicably have 2-3 year old photos in Google’s images file).

    People are gonna download the song because they like “the song”, not because they like or dislike the photo that goes with it. I just hope that it gets radio airplay and a cool music video to go along with it. Radio and a music video are more important to promote the song than the photo. Mostly, when people hear the song is when they’ll buy the digital download and they don’t even know what the artist looks like.

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  14. biancalols says:
    The cover goes well with the song’s title,i love it. Download party at my house,me and a couple of friends,yay ^.^

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  15. KAT1440 says:

    I consider myself as big of a fan as anyone, and I adore Charice. She is a huge talent and a beautiful young lady, however I have to admit that sometimes her make-up is a bit over done. It would be nice if she was made-up without changing her her naturally pretty appearance. Just my opinion…

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  16. kakai says:
    wow, its great that the picture used in the album cover is from the japanese stylists… luv it it exudes charice’s beauty luv it.. so excited!!

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  17. arawa says:
    She’s so beutiful….anyone who did’t like the pic or cover they can swallow up their words.

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  18. dadartful says:
    In life there’s always a reason for everything that happens. Charice’s third place at LBS was sad for sure, but God had better plans for Cha. Then as we all know, came Falsevoice, StarKing, Ellen Degeneres, Oprah, David Foster and Cha’s appearances worldwide. And now after the short lull ironically these two titles “Here Comes the BOOM” “Before It EXPLODES” with Glee and her soph album, her career is destined to rise dramatically in 2011. We are all so happy and proud of you Cha! Keep on going and take care. Labyo!!!

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  19. bonpo777 says:
    this is gonna be the “longest” weekend ever. usually, i can’t wait for the weekend to arrive. now i wish it’d be over tomorrow.

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  20. Justcharrie says:
    Though we don’t hear any news of this song’s official promotion prior release, let’s do our best to try to put this in Billboard 100. Chasters United; stronger power we can make it. April 18 – Join the Download Party!

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  21. vic says:
    you’re really soaring fast to the top congrats on your new single!

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  22. dadartful says:
    It’s not a question of love,
    ’cause our love has never changed.
    Charice!!! A May release, that is a pleasant surprise for sure, made my day. After the lull period from tour Japan, I got my seatbelts on, destination “To The Top”. Gotta stay alert, many more surprises coming up I’m sure. Charice’s superstardom is undeniable.

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  23. Amsterdam says:
    Glee … ” A night of Neglect ” singing ” All by myself ” with ” Here comes the Boom ” ” Before it Explodes ” Wow it make sense . Hello World here comes Amazing Charice !

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  24. mpasig52 says:
    Congratulations, Charice for your new single. We are so excited about your second album.

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  25. Apex says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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    • Blubeard says:
      I hope you are the only who has that opinion.

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    • lucas says:
      Hmmm. What do you expect? Color her hair blond? Put blue colored contact lenses? Perhap evoke Britney Spears or Lady Gaga risque “hoochie mama” pose?

      If you are going to criticize, at least offer solution. I think the cover is well done.

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    • Chathebest says:

      They always say you can’t pleased everyone. Though I don’t think the cover is that bad, I do think it could’ve been better.

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      • here2support says:

        I think it was just a quick release. They weren’t planning on taking any serious shots of Charice for this single cover. Plus, the ones she took in Japan are one the best I’ve seen (and the ones she took when she did the photoshoot for NTG). btw…..MAY 2011? I hope she has at least one more single to put out before she releases her album.

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    • tikling_khu says:
      she is asian for christ sake and thats the look that fits her and she looks amazing by the way! and besides people dont buy albums because of the cover they buy them because of the artist and the belief that the artist is a Great One. AND SO YOU KNOW CHARICE IS THE ONE! ur a typical crab!

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      • Apex says:
        Dude wtf is a crab? I’m not a hater, I’m just stating my opinion. If you read closely, I wrote “personally” which means my opinion only. Don’t be calling people names if you don’t know who they are. Why would I come to a Charice fan site if I didn’t like her? I’m a huge american fan of hers, I think she’s the most talented singer ever. I just didn’t like the cover picture that’s all, nothing against het or anyone.

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        • John says:
          I hear ya…it’s your opinion. Seems that some of these ‘chasters’ can’t accept differing opinions.

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        • mundarri says:

          i think this is just a misunderstanding among friends…of course we want the best of everything for CHARICE, however, from the point of view of WARNER/REPRISE they have a marketable product( CHARICE’s amazing voice + a catchy song)…what they are doing is that they are packaging this product to suit their major markets, US and JAPAN resp. US fans already know she is from Asia so that justifies her Asian look. Why does she look more Japanese than Chinese eventhough she’s Filipino? Well because Japan’s market is the biggest in Asia right now.I bet when the Chinese music market surpasses Japan’s CHARICE would be packaged to look more Chinese than Japanese.

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        • SergeLV says:

          @ Apex

          A CRAB or crab syndrome is a descriptive word for haters. Australians call haters Tall Poppy Syndrome, for people that love to throw crap at talented people that attain success.

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      • greatxan says:
        its annoying to label people “crabs” whenever they say something that is opposite your opinion or most chasters opinion! we have diferent opinion! even chasters have diferent opinions! cant chasters say constructive critisism? Grow Up! Be open minded to critisisms! having said this, would you also label me as crab? Hmmmmmm..

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    • palaginghuli says:
      I think the picture is great. This looks much similar to the Japan album, which I believe many preferred over the American cover. They had already done the “Americanized” look, and to tell you the truth, emphasizing who she is, and where she came from comes across as more honest, more cool and hip. There are way too many “American” looking artists. It iis too generic. This picture shows her uniqueness, and actually will stick more to the minds of people, I believe. It is time for Charice to shine! The real Charice. She is CHARICE. When you see this picture, you will remenber who she is.

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    • chit says:
      I agree with Apex. I would love a fresh, young, and sunny Charice on the cover. Though she’s one lady who takes her work and profession very seriously, she’s still a teenager, right? (It’s okay for anyone to thumb me down. :) Wouldn’t we want the SUNSHINE in our life?

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      • Lovelyrcf says:
        It’d be weird if she’s all smiles, considering Before it Explodes is a break-up song. Dont forget that that cover is only for the single, not for the whole album.

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      • SergeLV says:

        @ CHIT

        CRAB syndrome come in different forms. Sarcasm is one of them.

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    • blubughaw says:

      Well, people who factor race in their decision-making such as buying an album will usually have a whole host of other biases. So if they’re not deterred by Asian-ness, they’ll find other things to dislike. Creepily, you have just become a mouthpiece for racist expectations in this country.

      Don’t worry too much about the lazy eyes. It’s probably caused by the electric fan blowing on her face.

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    • SergeLV says:

      @ Apex

      Would you buy her single if the cover looked like a shampoo commercial showing Charice cheerful, with blue eyes and blond hair ?

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  26. Suvaree Lara says:
    Hi Charice,
    We do not know if our messages here in Charicemania ever reach you. For us it is ok, we will still support you. We hope to see you again here in Tampa, Florida area. For sure we will buy your second album for us and our friends here. We played your songs in our restaurant and the customers love your angelic voice. Take care and we continue to support you no matter what. Chasters forever…

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  27. DENNIS says:

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  28. phil boy says:

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  29. phil boy says:

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