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Charice’s New Single ‘Before It Explodes’ to be Released April 18

Charice’s New Single ‘Before It Explodes’ to be Released April 18

95 Responses to “Charice’s New Single ‘Before It Explodes’ to be Released April 18”

  1. Patrick says:
    Guys, it is time to stop criticizing other singers lets not compare Charice with them because its just augmenting the number of Charice’s haters THE BEST THAT WE CAN DO IS SUPPORT HER AND PUT HER INTO THE TOP

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  2. Ramesh says:
    i like all charice songs she is great singer

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  3. juerry says:
    the new singles of charice is not available here in my country, only in the u.s, how can i download her songs, it sad to say, how can i help to increase the sales, i’ll just wait to release her new album, good luck charice to ur new singles,

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  4. POPseeker says:
    …I hope more people will EMBRACE our princess and be CAPTIVATED…


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  5. muzikluvr says:
    Guys I just downloaded charice’s Before Ut Explodes.. in iTunes that is. aaahhhmmmaaazzziiinnnggg.. Her voice just melts into the melody.. Loved it ! Congrats Charice

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  6. Mico Lloren says:
    woke up so early to download charice’s song in amazon but i cant seem to download it….PLEASE HELP CHASTERS….will do multiple downloads today to support our princess…

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  7. Lovelyrcf says:

    Don’t mind jackie evancho. The best she’ll ever be is like katherine jenkins who is not that popular in mainstream music. Remember charlotte church? She eventually converted to pop at her teens because opera doesnt sell well. But pop didnt work for her in the end either…

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  8. Mattu9m says:
    Woo hooo just bought it on iTunes Australia, woke up at 5am to get it!! Now off to work and my iPhone music on repeat!!!!

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  9. mingsfan says:
    LET’S SEND CHARICE’S SONGS TO THE TOP OF THE CHARTS!! At $0.99 per download, many of us can afford to buy each song more than once. Send your “extras” to friends as gifts. (When you buy a song from iTunes, there’s a drop-down menu with an option to “gift” the song — all you need is your friend’s e-mail address.) In your message, ask each friend to “pay it forward” by sending gifts of Cha’s songs to their friends, including the same message requesting that they “pay it forward” to THEIR friends. At the very MINIMUM, the impact of your purchase will be multiplied by the number of additional copies you buy. At the MAXIMUM, the sky’s the limit! Just like a chain letter — only legal!

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  10. angela says:
    Will charice have a music video for Before it explodes? It will be awesome! :)

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  11. nona says:
    Life is too short to read those negative comments, as for me im enjoying my life with charice music, no worries at all, that’s my secret.

    Im just kinda wonder of all the songs title “LOL” makes me think there… its like connecting dot….. and make it into sentence…

    Catch the “Grenade” “Before it Explode” because “Here Comes The Boom” LOL! what else hhhhmmmm… haha.

    Make it a sentence Contest.

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    • from1chicago says:

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    • Spiral says:

      I have ADHD against negative comments myself. One second glance at the hate comment and I’m already . . . ooooh red velvet cupcakes.

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  12. peakarach says:

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  13. eve says:
    no need to compare Charice to Jackie Evancho @palaginghuli. Look at how far Charice has come in her career and anybody would be impressed! the triple threat – music, television, now film. Nothing short of amazing and she’s still only 18 years old!

    @MegaEwolf, Jackie Evancho burst onto the scene as an 8-year old opera singing prodigy on America’s Got Talent… the power of those reality shows cannot be denied. She appeared with Charice and other stars on the televised Rockefeller Center Christmas Special. DF met her when she joined that singing contest during the DFF concert tour and won the opportunity to perform on stage. Then they released a Christmas EP that got certified Platinum (million copies sold). She’s 10 now and releasing another CD. She’s cute as a button and there’s an audience of 60 million senior citizens who love her opera style, a completely different market than what Charice is going after. Charice would wish her all the success in the world. Again, no need to compare.

    Frankly I’m more concerned that DF is not giving the same attention to Charice than in the past and perhaps doesn’t have the connections in the RnB/Pop market to get Charice the proper exposure on radio, TV guestings, and such. It would be a little awkward for him to book Charice and Jackie on the same fundraising gala circuit – he can’t introduce both of them as “the most amazing voice I’ve ever heard.” Anyway, DF’s prime was over 20 years ago and he jokingly said once that he felt like the Hitman special was “a living eulogy” lol. Josh Groban’s latest CD was not produced by DF this time around, and DF is the guy who mentored him. Maybe it’s also time for Charice to consider another label when her contract expires. Sorry, I know DF is popular here, but that’s my opinion. Like you said @palaginghuli, Charice has two singles coming out and not a whole lot of promotion going on about it except by chasters.

    Chasters’ strength has been enough to propel her to #8 on her debut CD, we gotta keep going! I’m not looking for her to beat Lady Gaga though, that’s just a bit unrealistic lol. If she can break the Hot 100, that’d be an awesome feat. Buying party at Charicemania next Tuesday!!!

    It’d be great if someone like Jimmy Iovine at Interscope Records could handle Charice. He’s the guy who could probably get Charice a guest appearance on American Idol. He’s a mentor on the show every week (the guy with the baseball cap) and represents a lot of hip talent including Black Eyed Peas, Lady Gaga and Eminem. He’s the guy with the right connections TODAY, not 20 years ago. It’d be a business decision. Katy Perry had to change record labels 3 times before she hit her stride and became the megastar that she is today. It’s still early in Charice’s career. I just hope she continues to make the right choices in her future projects… a misstep is hard to recover from. But it’s lookin’ pretty good so far.

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    • palaginghuli says:
      I agree with you, Eve. I am just too impatient. I enjoy Charice so much, that I cannot see why others are not rushing to do the same. She is after all a lot better singer than anyone else right now, especially not Lady Gaga. I am not saying Lady Gaga is not talented – she is. However people these days are more stimulated by things that are visual, the dumbing of this generation. Unfortunately. Nevertheless, I do believe that David Foster believes in Charice’s talent. The composers and producers in Charice’s new album are all exceptional. I was thinking that maybe they do not promote Charice’s songs as much because they know that alll they have to do is post a publicity article and it goes viral already. I’ve seen the MSNBC/Marketwire article re-tweeted a thousand times, reposted on Facebook, and appeared a thousand times on Google; that they do not have to make as much effort in publicity. Charice fans are one autonomus group. We scout the internet on anything Charice, everyday, or sometimes several times a day. And do not tell me I am the only one doing that. I am sure a lot of people who visit this site, do the same. Nevertheless, I will be supporting Charice all the way. I will be around tomorrow, going on a buying spree! Enough of the gloomy attitude, and do the best we can to propel Charice to the top! (Unless of course, I read a hateful tweet, that sometimes, I can’t help but respond.

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    • starbuck245 says:
      I have to agree with you, Eve, on going with a younger, hipper producer or team if Cha wants to be really popular with the younger fans.

      However, I don’t think she is the type of person who would make that decision on her own. I don’t know her except through YT, but she seems like the super loyal type. DF would need to initiate any break from his label. If that were to happen, I would hope he would still have a place in her life and career as one of her guiding lights through the rough and tumble world of entertainment.

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    • Chafan says:
      Wow I never knew that Jackie Christmas EP went platinum. The album only has like 4 songs on it and non of them are originals. Jackie is no doubt a better seller than Charice, and it’s all about business these days. The more money an artist can bring in, the more time the producer will spend with that artist. David is not very good with pop artists, I’m very thankful for the things he’s given Charice but I do think(Dennis mentioned it some months ago on fantalk) that it is time for Charice to find a new producer. Lets hope that this second album does better than the first. Everybody, please buy 10 copy each and give them to your family and friends. With close to 400k followers, if everybody just buy 10 copy each, that’s 4 million copies sold. Lets make Charice the best selling artist in 2011!

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  14. godfrey says:

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    • Jojo says:
      Don’t worry.Charice is at par with the best artists in the world.Who ever produce the best songs between them will land at the top.Charice’s single Before It Explode is pretty good.

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    • True-Angelface says:
      sorry but why are you obssesed on her being no 1 . and even worried lady gaga being ahead. l be happy if charice in the top 40. even at no 40. i hope people will never compare her ranking with LG. She will not be at par with her in sales. Not this early. LG owns the MusicWorld at the moment. Charice will for the meantime be ‘waiting outside the lines’. I for one is a diehard Charice fan. But im in no hurry for her being on top. If it is for her it will come and I can wait forever if it need be.

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  15. chit says:
    Yes, folks, let’s just get ready to enjoy these long-awaited Charice happenings. At last, our suffering (no Charice news for about three months) is over! Let’s pparrttyy!!!

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  16. Rhula says:
    OMG! Here’s a sneak peek of charice on Glee singing All by Myself!!!!! Thanks to the one who uploaded this on youtube. Here is the link

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  17. palaginghuli says:

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  18. Mike Z says:
    Hmmm!!!Ever thought about why “All by Myself” by Charice wasn’t on the CD version of David Foster & friends Hitman Returns bec. they know in advance that she will be singing it on Glee right after the Hitman Returns Dvd/CD comes out.

    So a lot of people will still end up buying it. Hmmm!!! It all make sense now, great marketing strategy.

    I’m still buying it no matter what…lol

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  19. paxton says:
    sneak peek of charice on glee “Night Of Neglect”.

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  20. adixon2luv says:
    wow a great day for us chasters…the long wait is finally over…

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  21. adixon2luv says:
    yes chasters..eve is right..despite her hectic schedules, charice manages to check her to see chasters comments or whatever infos..and it might be her on way to ease those untoward feelings she feels about the industry..or i must say charicemania is her appetizer before doing anything.. so it would be nice if she will not see those bad comments being posted her…if we try to analyze the word CHARICEMANIA means into being positive for charice..remember guys charice had already suffer those ups and down and the only way to make her feel accepted let’s all be positive towards her..we can’t deny the fact that there are haters who drop by here … it’s their loss…

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  22. adixon2luv says:
    calling all chasters to please lets do our best or make some extra effort to put our dear princess on the top…before it explodes and all by my self will be available on the 18th or it’s our time to pay back all the joys and inspirations our dear princess has given to us…chasters and charice to the top…

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  23. tony says:
    Ooops my bad @Eve. I accidentally thumbs down your older comment…lol. I fully agree with you 100%. Some people or so-called Chasters just don’t get it. I hate to see our princess drops by here at her own CM fansite and starts reading all these negative comments from “chasters”? To me a chaster is all about being “positive” imo as what our princess have inspired me, no matter what the circumstances are. Oh, we all know Charice have the talent in singing but didn’t we all adored her in the first place because of her humble beginnings? Look where she is right now, its because she’s blessed and on the other hand she have the right people guiding her career to be on top of the “pyramid”. Don’t some of you “chasters” realized Charice is doing everything in her power “if any” in her young career to make her fans happy and to be proud of her? Some calls their comments a “constructive”? come on people, get real! Charice has a team of not only experienced but well known people in the industry. These experts have “been there and done that”…lol. we are just fans and we are not in the “music, films and fashion industries”…on that last note, I “only” buy the single, albums because I love the voice, songs without even seeing the Artist. PEACE!!!

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  24. JHUNE28 says:

    guys…this is really is it…click the link so you won’t miss the chance to see the newest sneak peak of glee and our very own charice…waaaaa…all i can say is “HERE COMES THE BOOM” i’ts amazing..believe it or not…cant wait

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  25. EBJohns11 says:
    If it is Charice – im buying it! if u say negative about, just keep it to urself. LOL

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  26. Eloisa says:
    You’re right Eve. Our Princess is way up no need for comparison with any artist.I’ve been answering back to negative comments about Charice and I guess you’re right look to the positive or else you will just get frustrated.

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  27. Charrific says:
    The excitement is building up. Woohooooo!!!!

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  28. haynakuubosnanamanorasko says:
    Hello Eve,

    I hear you Eve. That is why for my own sanity, I stopped commenting and reading comments for sometime now in all the social networking outlets. They are all the same anyway, pros and cons, nitpicking, yada-yada-yada. I just go to CM and other sites featuring Charice, read the articles, and leave. I just listen to Charice whenever and wherever, and buy her songs on Itunes and Amazon. I decided to leave the “experts” to battle it out with each other till they knock themselves out silly.

    I guess I broke my own rule. I just couldn’t help but comment when I read your entry.

    See you at the top, Eve!

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  29. eve says:
    This is a brand new song as far as I’m concerned. It has never been officially released, though it seems that demo versions have been leaked on YouTube. It’s normal for demos to be recorded. Chasters are the only ones making comparisons against demos! It’s so silly. The public who hear this song for the first time are not gonna search for different versions online just so they can make comparisons. They’re just gonna enjoy the song!! Now if chasters could only learn to do that as well, maybe this non-issue won’t be picked up by bloggers to create debate where none should even exist.

    Let Charice enjoy her moment without the stress of being second-guessed. it’s so disturbing and frustrating to me to see chasters nitpick about everything and the effect this might have on Charice. Stop making comparisons to demos that were unethically leaked on youtube! I should take my own advice to Charice to not read the blogs and youtube comments. I need to take a break or I’ll just scream.

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