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Charice Backs Pia Wish for American Idol Duet

Charice Backs Pia Wish for American Idol Duet

Our friends at have started yet another campaign, this time to make Pia Toscano’s dream to perform what Charice on American Idol a reality. The good news is that Charice herself has backed the plan. In an interview with on Tuesday (April 12),

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Pia described Charice as “the most amazing singer ever,” and admitted that she would love to sing a duet with the teenage diva on the American Idol finale next month. “She’s the most amazing singer ever. I would absolutely perform with her, she’s insane,” the 22-year-old told, before adding that she watched footage of Charice’s performances of Celine Dion classics before her own performances. “When I was covering all of my Celine Dion songs, I would watch her videos. She’s just out-of-this-world amazing, and I am such a huge fan of hers.” Perhaps even more out-of-this-world for Pia is the news that Charice is apparently completely in support of the idea, and has tweeted as much. After being notified by a tweet about the article, she responded emphatically “@PToscanoAI10 would love to perform with you too. icon smile Charice Backs Pia Wish for American Idol Duet you’re so sweet.” The 22-year-old New Yorker was eliminated from the hit talent show on April 7 after performing the Tina Turner hit “River Deep – Mountain High.” That meant that she finished the show in 9th place, but her elimination is considered as arguably the most controversial elimination in the 10-year history of the show, and had left all three judges shocked in disbelief. She has been busy with television appearances since then, but her admission, immediately following a recording for MTV, that she wants to perform with Charice will come as another surprise, although a much more pleasant and positive one. It is only a matter of waiting to see if the powers that be make such a tantalising pairing a reality. It would be hard to imagine that they might be against the idea. has set up a poll on their site, where Chasters can show their support for the idea. So, make sure to visit, cast your vote and, of course, leave a comment. Charice’s positive response can only mean that her own schedule is free for the show, though it has been a busy time for her of late. Last week, she was filming in Boston for the Hollywood comedy “Here Comes the Boom,” with Kevin James and Salma Hayek. That movie is due for release in July 2012, but what is to be released this year is her new single

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“Before It Explodes,” which was produced by Bruno Mars. It will be released on Monday next, April 18. By Robert Sheen,

91 Responses to “Charice Backs Pia Wish for American Idol Duet”

  1. Pinaybug says:
    Pia and Charice should definitely sing a duet together, and they should def’y sing a Celine Dion song…either “River Deep – Mountain High”, or “Eyes On Me”. Or both. Or medley of Celine songs. I’m for it!!! Yay, it will be an opportunity for Charice to guest in A.I. Thanks Pia, for the idear!

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  2. RALPH says:
    i hope they will do Charice’s “In This Song”…

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  3. Mike Z says:
    Hmmm!!!Ever thought about why “All by Myself” by Charice wasn’t on the CD version of David Foster & friends Hitman Returns bec. they know in advance that she will be singing it on Glee right after the Hitman Returns Dvd/CD comes out.

    So a lot of people will still end up buying it. Hmmm!!! It all make sense now, great marketing strategy.

    I’m still buying it no matter what…lol

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    • nuk says:

      I think you are right about that.

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    • sifu says:
      David Foster did something stupid: He forgot to tell Charice that he had out the last 8 measures of the song. When she was about to go into those measures, David played the grand finale surprising the heck of Charice. She quickly turned to David. You could almost see her “huh?” expression. Foster almost in heart attack quickly pointed to Charice. You could almost hear him yell out “Hit it!” Charice paused a moment then without missing a beat, nailed it on the head to Foster big relief. I was at the show. Charice was so good that I didn’t there was a mistake, the extra pause made the performance even more dramatic. The rest of the audience I am sure felt the way I did, because we all shot up like rockets at the end of the song. After things quited down 2 or 3 minutes later or more, Foster revealed to the audience that Charice was upset because she didn’t know about the cut. It could have been disastrious! See the video if you haven’t already. Most likely the song was left out, not because of what you said, but because of what had happened.

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  4. paxton says:

    sneak peek of charice on glee “Night Of Neglect”.

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  5. EMERALD says:
    I’d rather see charice prforming solo,but if we take the other side of this speculation,both artists will gain something good for them if this thing happens.

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  6. EBJohns11 says:
    Haha just laughing with the comments here. But hey, Pia is my favorite in American idol. Duet with Charice? I hope so. But we dont need comparison here, jeez.

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  7. Lolo JP says:
    The Entertainment business is a 360* corral of survival from praises, gossips and often salty colorful words…humiliation!

    If these things are kept afloat in a world of pure imagination, the purpose or goal is “working.”
    Business is good… it will survive.

    Spit out your diverse opinions– let people talk about it!
    Publicity is good business, good or bad. Each one of you make the call.
    Your choice ultimately prevails. Charice is smiling, I am too!

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  8. DavidFan2011 says:
    Can we all be positive with this? Guy’s common’! T_T Lets just support Charice, specially with her come back on GLEE and her new single! Lets not speculate too much and make an hypothesis that we dont know it will come true maybe sooner than we expect. I am very happy that PIA wants to sing with Charice and it is a very positive to me.

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  9. D-J says:
    Eve’s recent comment is spot on. You should all know that this kind of presses are usually embellished to attract readers. Pia didn’t acknowledge Charice’s tweet publicly after Charice jumped quickly on twitter to support Pia’s potential duet. I am not bashing Charice and Pia, but with Charice’s good nature, she will always appreciate any celebrities, however the reverse might be true or not true. Any idols coming out freshly from AI will always have more exposure than Charice who is still unknown with the majority of American viewers. Overly positive or negative comments will not help Charice name, just goes with the flow and support her humbly.

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  10. abeng1127 says:

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  11. eve says:
    The title of the article at Hollywood Life is a bit misleading when it claims that Pia “wants” a duet with Charice, so I don’t think chasters should get too excited. Pia is quoted “I would absolutely perform with her, she’s insane.” The difference between ‘want’ and ‘would’ means that she was responding to a hypothetical ‘leading’ question about Charice, “WOULD you like to sing with Charice if you had the chance?”

    But a duet is not gonna happen when there are too many popular artists to choose from, not to mention former AI alumni that they like to showcase. Charice is way, way talented, of course, but she is still considered an up-and-comer and not likely to be invited to AI when half the country don’t even know who she is! (Don’t worry, she’ll add tens of thousands of new fans by the end of May when the Glee season expires.)

    As far as someone’s theory that Pia hopes for a record deal with DF… omg she’s already inked a deal the very next morning after she was eliminated from AI, and they’re rushing to release her first CD stat. She’s in a GREAT situation right now with Jimmy Iovine, founder and Chairman at Interscope Records. Jimmy is very active, relevant and hip to what’s happening in today’s music. He’s the guy in the baseball cap that you see every week on American Idol. I’d say Pia is already set to go in that department.

    One more thing, please stop comparing Pia’s voice to Charice. Charice respects all other artists. There’s no need to alienate other fans by making comparisons. Pia has a great voice and the whole package or Interscope wouldn’t have signed her up so quickly.

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  12. tnt says:
    so many crabs (in this article) here now…

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  13. josie says:
    i am not really against the idea of a duet (Charice and Pia) but would it be advantageous? it think it won’t help either one of them. it might be better that Pia gets on the AI tour and if ever Charice’s management would be able to wangle an invitation to perform on the show, it should be a solo.

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  14. Colbers says:
    There’s a possibility they’re just trying to get Charice fans on board. Well anyway whatever works, it’d be a partnership for both of them.

    That’s just the way this world works.

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  15. Colbers says:
    Pia already has a strong record deal. We need to be realistic here. And I’m not buying that crap.

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  16. 28venice says:

    Some notes in my head.

    1.Is there anyone at all looking for musical material for Charice in the Phil ?

    Maghitay ka Lang and Torete … Acoustic Guitar !

    Can “Kundimans” be modified ( for America )to create a new gendre of songs.Haunting ones.It has been tested to work Remember “Anak ” of Aguilar ? It created a real new niche.

    2.A duet at AI in mutually benificial if this is the quickest rout. other wisw it is good to just wait and Cha takes center stage alone.

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    • SergeLV says:
      @ 28venice

      If you’re looking to see or wanted to hear modified Kundiman and Filipino Jazz or other Filipino standards, see Charmaine Clamor at the Catalina Bar and Jazz Grill in Los Angeles. Charmaine is the exponent of the JAZZIPINO, contemporary Kundiman. She’s an award winning jazz artist. Check her website if you don’t live in the LA

      I have followed Charmaine the past 6 years and as much as I love Pinoy music, I must be honest with you that even the best
      Pinoy sound cannot be reconfigured to suit American palate. While it is true that music is universal, I think what it really means is that it is more cultural rather than universal i.e. if a persons first language is Tagalog therefore that person is more capable writing a song in his own language. Jose Marie Chan’s music were all in english but the essence and feeling of his songs were all native to Pinoy consciousness whereas American and British songwriters are universal.

      I am waiting to hear Charice’s own song “Louder” which I heard she wrote. This song will tell how much influence America had on her.

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  17. HerMingJesty says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  18. Angelvoice17 says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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    • kat says:

      Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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    • nuk says:

      Pia might have known her way before. Pia is Italian. Charice went to Italy twice and Italy fell in love with her. Pia as a singer, might have seen those musical shows in her home country.

      Remember those kids? They absolutely love Cha.

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  19. artemis gibran says:

    and the UNIVERSE will CONSPIRE to make it a REALITY ( Paolo Coehlo )

    I learned that from CHARICE!

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    • william says:

      The “law of attraction”
      Glad to have found someone who lives with the “law” too! :)

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  20. bluedanube says:
    I was only a fan of thia, but now when pia likes charice that much, and if there is hope for a little project together, of course I feel a lot of sympathy for her, and perhaps AI wasn’t the best place for pia to shine, but in a different context, who knows, whe might make it big.

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  21. Luisa says:
    If the duet btween charice and Pia is given a chance on AI, I wish the would sing Barbara Striesand and Celine Dions “TELL HIM”!!
    that would be so wonderful!!

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  22. camo says:
    whether charice duet or solo its win win she gets exposure and tahst what is needed on american tv .as much as some chasters think charice dont need american idol half of mareica still dont know who she is , she is not mainstream yet so dueting with pia makes sense its not a comparison its just a performance.

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  23. Molene23 says:

    Charice will eat Pia alive if they sing ABM duet it’s not even closed

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  24. edna says:
    Charice duet with Pia in AI works for both of them.And a solo for Charice after is great.

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  25. stefie2325 says:
    Pia Toscano was my no.1 bet in AI, but it’s like waiting for Charice return in GLEE was disappointing..Everything that is happening with our princess is DESTINY. If this duet will happen in AI, I would be excited and rejoicing. I just hope that Cha’s schedule would not be a hurdle for this performance. I’m just hungry for Cha’s appearance in the show and it would be a day of conquering-sorry for my words but, it might make Cha more exposed to the AI fanatics.But for now, I need CHARICE return to GLEE next week…and no dust storms will keep me from watching my princess… Good mor-nights CHASTERS!-muah from kuwait!

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  26. mdsuave says:
    Fellows! Whenever Charice speaks about her career, she gets the best advice before it is announced. It is not like in the PH were it involves only the artist and her manager. Charice has a publicist, Liz Rosenberg and Business Manager, Marc. Remember, all her projects goes through Oprah, for approval, who handles her music career in the US.

    Pia’s American fans will know Charice and that will help a lot. Let’s just hope for the best to happen.

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  27. Jane says:

    So now that Pia is getting famous, attracting media attention, many chasters suddenly changed their minds? When Pia sang ABM, you were quick to bash Pia, on Twitter and on her ABM performance video. Now that she mentioned she admires Charice, people are suddenly into Pia-Charice duet thing. I don’t get you at all. That sucks.

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    • starbuck245 says:
      Hello, Jane.

      It’s unfair and unreasonable to group all chasters this way. Some bashed Pia’s rendition of ABM, but most didn’t. Some want the duet, some don’t. Just as with any posting done here, it’s only a minority who participate.

      It’s silly to take a few samples and quickly conclude they speak for everyone, either for or against with any issue. And don’t forget the fence sitters and those who don’t really have an opinion one way or the other.

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      • ksyting says:
        Agree. If Charice is to perform on AI, I’d rather it be a solo but if performing with Pia is the only way for her to perform in AI then I would like a duet, yeah.

        I just want more exposure for Charice. It’s not like a Pia and Charice duet is a dream duo for me so to me, it doesn’t really matter. I approve of any duets or collaboration that will bring more exposure and publicity to our princess~

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    • khatman says:
      I did not bash Pia. While I thought her rendition of ABM was good but not on the same level of Charice’s version, I saved my criticism for Randy whose praise for Pia’s ABM was over the top.

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  28. daydeb says:
    keeping my finger crossed that this could happen. Charice is currently working with the Fox network for Glee, Ai is on the fox network, however and how could this logic be relevant, I hope this is how the system works. Both parties (Pia & Charice), have signified thorough interest leaving everything else to their respective handlers. Other salient points to consider that this could actually happen is the fact that when Charice’s 5-episode arc on Glee presumes, she’ll be once again in the collective consciousness of the entertainment world and the US mainstream thereby making her a bonafide guest on any show. Another big factor of course is the fact that, her new single “Before it explodes” is certainly going to be a certified hit thereby making her name the more accessible. It’ll be an easy decision to put her on AI finale and that I’ll be watching in bated breath.

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  29. wawawa says:
    wow, another self-confessed celebrity chaster :) with all the publicity pia received, it might actually be possible. can’t wait to see them perform in AI. :D

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