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Charice Backs Pia Wish for American Idol Duet

Charice Backs Pia Wish for American Idol Duet

91 Responses to “Charice Backs Pia Wish for American Idol Duet”

  1. thephenomfan says:
    Pia and Charice singing together on AI is not a bad idea, but in my opinion, it is not the best scenario either. First, chances are they would sing a cover song which is not going to do much help on Charice’s end in establishing her identity as a rising star, she’s done on that stage already. It’s alright if it’s at DFF concerts, where artists perform DF’s songs. Sure, there is no doubt she can slay any known big songs, but what’s more significant now is for her to perform her own songs. The most ideal thing to happen is for her and Bruno Mars perform ‘Before it Explode’ on AI. That makes more sense.

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  2. MrCritic says:
    C’mon CHASTERS! If you want to help Charice attract more fans all over the world, stop criticizing other artists ffs, that will just drive others away! Some Chasters sound so arrogant and annoying with the way they compare performances of Charice over the other artists. WAKE UP PEOPLE, WE WANT TO GET CHASTERS POPULATION TO GROW!

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    • jimfan155 says:
      Agree with you 100%, though I have been guilty of it myself in the past. But I have learned from my mistakes as it’s easier to get what you want being positive than negative.

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    • JABUAN says:
      Totally agree. Treat Pia tenderly, adoringly. Don’t target her with negativity. Pia rules. Any artist who openly emulates the great one, deserves credit.

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  3. fritz.zegger says:

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  4. jaju says:
    Let us not be selfish is all I could say. Solo, duet they are both exposure and American Idol has a big followers all over the world.

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  5. kat says:
    I think it was obvious that Pia was channeling her inner Charice when she tried to sing ABM. The problem is that if you’re a chaster, you’re accustomed to hearing a superb version of ABM and Pia, in my humble opionion, did not come close.

    If Charice does the duet with Pia, AI’s finale would be right after Glee’s season ends so appearing on AI would be great publicity for Charice to win over new fans and drive sales for her new single. Mission accomplished!

    The downside: Pia doesn’t realize that her talent is not in the same caliber as Charice so I think it would actual hinder Pia’s budding career.

    And Thia? It was disappointing to see her performance diminish each week instead of improve. It’s a good thing that at 16 yrs. old, she’s still eligible to audition for several more years. I hope Thia does succeed with her music aspirations.

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    • MrCritic says:
      I’m a huge fan of Charice also, but I acknowledge Pia as equally talented with Charice. I don’t think Pia’s fansclub(w/c I’m sure is going to be huge), would take your critic “Pia not in the same caliber as Charice” nicely. Pia is also on her own league. Arrogant message like that would just make her fans dislike Charice. You need to be very careful with your criticisms. We want to attract more people to become a Charice fan!

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      • kat says:

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        • MrCritic says:

          You’ve just proved my point. It’s people like you who criticizes Pia as some kind of inferior to Charice makes Pia’s fans dislike Charice. And as you are fully aware, you’re using the Internet as a medium to channel your comments – PEOPLE will read it not only Chasters, but also all other people who will visit this link.

          Anyway, it’s pointless to argue with People who are close-minded & so full of themselves who fails to listen to other criticisms coz they think they’re always right.

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    • Colbers says:

      I love love love Thia’s voice. It’s still a mystery to me why she started off so strongly – almost flawless, then to stiff and nervous. Is it just me, or did she seem to lose her confidence?

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      • MrCritic says:

        I think it’s the pressure of being part of the competition & to satisfy the judges. She could have worked hard to overcome it, then she might have loosened a bit on her performances. Well, she’s still very young… I’m sure her AI experience will be the start of her stardom.

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      • Blubeard says:

        I think she lost her confidence due to nervousness.

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      • Colbers says:

        Well, Thia’s performance on the night of the Top 24 was easily the best and most interesting to me that night. I REALLY hope she continues because it would be nice to have more of that awesomeness. I bought all of her recordings, even Colors of the Wind, which was so smooth, and I actually grew to love (I say “even” because I frowned upon that song choice. I know she liked the lyrics, but it seemed like a song that she could indulge in rather than a choice that warranted a comeback and considered an audience). All of them were so nice and smooth, especially Daniel. I don’t know what people are smokin’ because both performance and recording were full of emotion. Her moves were also so cute when she did Heatwave.

        And that concludes my irrelevant commenting. Go Pia, Go Thia, Go Charice.

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  6. mdsuave says:
    Will these persons who put dislikes be brave enough and put a comment instead! At least they will know what you don’t like. It’s easy – just click the “reply” type in your “username” and “email address” and enter your comments. We love to hear from you and not just see a number.

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  7. muskrat says:
    Honestly? I’ve watched and listened to her rendition of “All By Myself”, I was not impressed, but of course she’s just beginning her career, she will improve as time goes by. A duet with Charice? Maybe someday but not in American Idol, if Charice will sing at the AI, it will be a solo. Can’t wait until next week’s GLEE Episode, Charice will again bring down the house, I honestly think that her rendition of ABM is the best and that includes the Celine Dion original version.

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  8. AaronICk says:

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  9. hermiemel says:
    Oprah loves Charice. Oprah is finally closing the curtains on her show. Needless to say, this is going to be a historical “gigantic” final show.

    If invited, this is going to be a great opportunity for Charice to display her talents and show her love and appreciation to Oprah on her final TV show on May 25th.

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  10. 2centsworth says:
    there will be an AI Finale next month and that is what Pia is refering to. 12 finalist will have a final performance at seasons end.

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  11. YoyoyBillame says:
    IMO, Pia will never be performing solo on AI because she was eliminated too soon and not a winner. So the chance of doing a duet with Charice is next to impossible.

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  12. sharisufan says:
    it’s great that pia announced publicly of her being a chaster – better late that never :). i thank her for that. whether the duet pushes through or not – normally all top 10 contestants will perform in the finale – i believe her admission of being a big fan is a big boost for our princess’ popularity. i hope those (millions) who voted for pia will also become chasters!

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  13. Paco says:
    Charice if will ever appear in AI, she must be a guest singer. Pia and all the contestants, is not with Charice level. Charice deserved to be in spot light, special guest singer. No more no less!

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  14. h3nr1_x -- Los Angeles CA says:
    If the Chasters knows earlier that Pia is a Chaster too, she may have acquired at least additional 20 million votes from the Chasters!

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    • JAbuan says:
      Wish you hadn’t brought that up. Now I am filled with regret. Especially since I retired after Pia’s performance thinking she would easily acquire the most votes.

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    • Chathebest says:
      Lol. Yeah right, probably just 1 million at the most. Nice tried though.

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  15. HerMingJesty says:
    I rather have Charice do a solo, spolight on her, then they can do another song to duet with. Wait a minute, my dream was for Thia to win,( it did not happen) and for Charice to be the guest in the finale show. I’m thinking, what if they have a wild card and have people voted in their favorite contestants to be back in the show. It seems they used the save early on. Just a thought.

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  16. Girlygurl says:
    I think ADAGIO is great…she sung it with Cristian Imparato!

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    • JAbuan says:
      I totally agree. This time the girls could sort out the high notes. That boy in Italy has a very beautiful voice but he went ballistic on the high notes and a shriek was produced as a result. The two girls would instead compliment each other so, so amazingly.

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  17. crewsnest says:
    two talented performers together on AI :)
    what more can I ask for?
    Never thought PIA wd be voted out, i always thought she’s the one, Just like CHARICE in LBS.

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  18. jimfan155 says:
    Pia is a Chaster? She should have let us know before the voting.

    Seriously, as long as Charice appears on AI even in a duet with Pia
    I’m all for it; although I would rather see her sing a solo.

    Looks like the engine is revving up again and the Charice train is about to make another run. I have my ticket already so “all aboard”.

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    • 0% says:
      yep no wonder why it’s in Charice version of ABM.. should have told she got Charice virus.

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  19. RodBelt says:
    IMHO, I don’t think Pia Toscano’s wish will ever materialize. The fact that Pia was eliminated in spite of the wide sentiments that the AI voters could have been wrong, their decision has to be respected. It is the RULE of the show! No matter how much Pia ‘lobbies’ to be invited and sing a duet with Charice on the AI finals, it is NOT GOING TO HAPPEN! Just think about it: What would happen to the credibility of one of the most successful TV shows if it invites someone who has been eliminated as a guest on its finale especially if it is the one with the talent to potentially upstage the prospective winner? I think we, as Chasters, are so emotionally engrossed in our support of our PRINCESS that we almost blindly embrace almost any idea that will give more exposure to our IDOL no matter how far fetch it may seem. Chaster, patience is virtue. Who knows? Maybe, after the forthcoming appearance of Charice in Glee and the release of her single and sophomore album Charice’s popularity will finally EXPLODE just in time for her to be invited as a SOLO GUEST in AI.

    As for Pia, it is very possible that DF may take her under his wings just like the past AI standouts like Ruben Studdard, Katherine McPee and Michael John and perform with the DF concert in Mandalay Bay comes October. Then the Charice-Pia duet may become a reality.

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    • Angelface101 says:

      Remember Jennifer Hudson?

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    • Justcharrie says:
      I don’t watch AI serIously so don’t know how it goes during finale. Aren’t all top 12 performing every finale? and those eliminated will be back as a “had been” contender and not as a guest? I’m not dismissing the possibility this early though…

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    • JAbuan says:
      Dude, I think you “paint the picture” pretty good. But, won’t it be soooooo awesome if Idol producers get a nod from higher-up. After all, Fox wouldn’t lose anything considering the junk that occasionally graces their stage.

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    • kat says:
      Rodbelt, at the AI finale, all the previous contestants comeback for the 2 hour show and normally they’re paired or grouped with a well-known singer to do a song. Even previous winners perform……

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  20. Angelface101 says:
    Pia being in the Top 10 and controversially eliminated in AI gave her a lot – I mean a lot of publicity. Even she is not a big star yet I would say she is now as popular or even more popular than Charice (in the mainstream America)where Charice is not accepted yet. So it is just fine – I think – that both of them carry each other to both of their “own” league of fans. Let’s go for the duet!!

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  21. JABUAN says:
    I think the girls should sing what they like. Heck with our silly ideas. The pair is young and very talented. I’ve seen pictures of Charice with Randy, and Charice with Ryan. Perhaps a rising tide of “Charice adoration” among many hollywood insider’s is percolating up to executive, decision making levels of mass media. Remember when Charice was 16 and considered a “cute novelty”. I think she has ever since, produced “goose bumps” in a great many powerful media moguls. She certainly seems poised for astounding achievement. Remember when Usher pretended he never heard of Charice during a news interview in the Philippines? That spoke volumes to me about how threatening Charice is, to certain other artists and producers. It made me feel good to know that Usher viewed Charice as sufficiently threatening to his “golden boy’s” popularity, that he would publicly deny any knowledge of her. We’re soon to arrive at a point where, no one in media will not know full well who Charice is.

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  22. palaginghuli says:
    I would rather that the first time that Charice appears on Idol, the spotlight is just on her. When she is well know and extremely popular, then she lend her talent to promote other singers.

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  23. anromable says:
    I used to criticize Pia constructively before she was booted out of American Idol. But if majority of a Chasters will go for it, then I will support the said duet heartedly.

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  24. Chathebest says:
    Looks like all the chasters dreams might come true, to see Charice performs on America Idol. Pia was the one that I liked the most during the whole season, I really thought she would win hands down. Now to find out that she’s a chaster too is just overwhelming. I’m sure they’re going to bring the house down with their duet, can’t wait for it.

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  25. bonpo777 says:
    I’d rather see Charice sing on Idol as a guest performer so she can sing an original song. Anyway, they usually invite legends to do duets with the contestants so Charice may not be eligible for that portion of the show. I do see her being invited as a guest during the latter part of the season (i hope). She deserves the spotlight, not in a duet role.

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  26. Ken says:
    …Gosh!!! I was just thinking this before when Pia was still performing in American Idol…and now…there’s already a big chance that it will happen..

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  27. Animo says:
    When you believe by Whitney & Mariah will be the perfect song!! :D

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  28. Syamasundara says:

    Pia Toscano and Charice on a Duet in American Idol?

    Link for the Vote below.

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  29. CBToronto says:
    I hope their duet will happen because this
    will add Charice popularity. Also, Charice will gain more fans!!!! Go go go go go AI producers make this happen!!!!

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  30. khatman says:

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    • eve says:
      lol khatman.. great song, but Endless Love has always been a duet between a man/woman, unless you are Kurt Hummel and Blaine Anderson, that would be an awkward duet. Remember when Rachel Berry and Mr. Schue sang it on Glee… sooo funny. That reminds me… Gleeeeeeee!!! April 19th in 7 more days!

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    • nice says:

      nice one! @khatman lol’s geezzz hilarious I cnt stop laughing, I’m sorry. any way I suggest the song WHEN YOU BELIEVE (starking)

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    • stefie2325 says:

      lol khatman, “When you believe”-starking is perfect!

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