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Bruno Mars Collaborated with Charice on Her New Song, “Before They Explode”

Bruno Mars Collaborated with Charice on Her New Song, “Before They Explode”

233 Responses to “Bruno Mars Collaborated with Charice on Her New Song, “Before They Explode””

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  3. Bentot says:

    X-Factor is NOT the American Idol show in Britain. X-Factor is Simon’s Cowell brainchild. Pop Idol is the original British show that started it all.

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  4. loren says:

    i thought this will be a duet—coz , charice would have this song as explosive as bruno together..too bad! really!

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  5. Tina says:
    This song is starting to grow on me. It will be interesting to see hear the rest of the song. Definitely … will buy any song from Charice! Count me in for the April 19 download party – BIE and ABM glee version. Yehey!

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  6. Le T says:
    Can’t wait to explode, we better be ready chasters…I’m sure she will explode and be the #1 song in board!!!! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!! How cool is that.

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  7. paxton says:
    sneak peek of charice on glee “Night Of Neglect”.

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  8. Fran says:
    There are too many so-called pundits here blowing off hot air and showing their ignorance about the music world. Don’t embarrass yourself since nobody really knows and what’s already done is done. Move on and if you’re a real true Chaster, then walk the talk and prepare to download her upcoming songs…..Would love to hear creative ideas like downloading parties in FB, Tweeter, and YT from her fans and ways to include her global Chaster in the US purchase. Support and promote Charice.

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  9. Karlo says:
    Just an Idea (or a campaign), by April 18, everyone should download this single “Before it Explodes” so it will have a sudden surge on itunes and amazon. Then glee fans and chaster will also download the “all by myself” single by glee cast on April 19. Then glee fans will surely notice the single BIE single in the charts.

    By that, people, sites will all talk about Charice.

    I think this is the idea of the team behind Charice, to take advantage the publicity of All by myself and have the Before it explodes follow it immediately. So we have to bring the two singles at the top. (But I guess it will happen naturally)

    then by the following week, we’ll see the two singles on the billboard 100.

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  10. EMERALD says:
    Who says its a boring song?ofcourse not. its somekind of a rock music but its tunes are good to hear,plus charice’s voice in it.ofcourse it will explode!good job bruno,and we’re very excited for the releasing of this.charice is stepping up higher and higher,godbless u cha!

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  11. goons says:
    I am just curious why Magic 89.9 an FM radio in the Philippines is already playing Bruno Mars version of this song . Got any idea????

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    • lisbon says:
      spoiler… that song is not even included on bruno mars album. they might search that version on youtube.

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      • goons says:

        Yes. Lisbon. They really are. Anyways, i think that version was still raw thats why Bruno’s voice sounds bad…Still waiting for the real song and that’s gonna be coming on April 18. ^@^

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      • eve says:

        do you mean that Philippine radio can play an unreleased song (isn’t that unethical not to mention illegal?) and not pay royalties to the artist? On public radio? Bruno Mars was just in concert in PH last week, surely he must know about it? hmmm….

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  12. Mico Lloren says:
    The date is set : April 18, 2011 …. CHASTERS UNITE! Let’s invade BILLBOARD & ITUNES! I am crazy excited to download this song. I am positive “Before It Explode” will be another big hit from CHA!

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  13. ntony9 says:
    I loved it! It will definitely explode!!!!

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  14. Fly N Dance says:
    the challenge i see is that the song (version of AB and Bruno) were already available all over the net for free. basically of couse chasters will download it, however nonchasters who like the song can get it for free so charice marketing team should really push the promotion to upscale the sales.

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  15. jamain says:
    awesome!!!! hope it becomes a hit!

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  16. dyaskeng bibe says:
    It doesn’t matter who sang that song first, for as long as Charice is the one who is giving more life to the song. We have loved Charice for doing cover songs anyway, so why bother. It’s very early to speculate what will be the outcome of this song. But no matter what happens, what we all can do is to give her our full support so she may continue to inspire us with her wonderful voice. Even David Foster told, he didn’t want Celine to sing “My heart will go on” then, but it became a big hit. Expect the unexpected, because life is full of surprises. But I’m sure the day is near, “The Big BOOM” is coming her way.

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    • palaginghuli says:
      Alexandra Burke did a demo of the song. She did not release it. Muchthe same way when Brittney Spears did a demo of “Telephone”, but look at what Lady Gaga did with it! It matters who sings it, and Charice can make any song sound awesome!

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  17. AnotherChaster says:
    Who’s the HATER that’s been giving these comments a thumbs down???
    I have even seen no-lifers making anti-Charice screen names just to bash her???What’s the point?????

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  18. eye4u says:
    I agree with u palaginghuli 100% !!

    One will think why Bruno Mars did not release this song himself – he sang it good and so with Alexandra Burke’s unreleased version. I’m sure BM was looking for the best singer who can propel his composition to the top of the chart – and so she found and chose our princess CHA (Remember “Note to God” – Diane Warren placed her music piece in her backpack for a while until she found CHA and rest is history.) We should all support our idol by downloading this new single come April 18th!

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  19. Kurt08 says:
    It’s a marketing strategy. The glee could’ve put Charice on their show earlier on the season after her first appearance, but her management knows other wise. They are indeed trying to boost her popularity after her april 19 debut on Glee, then by then, people will know what Charice can do, and boom, Megahit. :) Charice needs a total make over, too. If she wants to stay on the mainstream, she had to do something about it, take a risk, and be interesting. Just saying.

    -Kurt from NJ

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  20. King says:
    can’t wait for the full version of the song..

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  21. tikling_khu says:
    I LOVE IT NO MATTER WHAT THEY SAY!!! CHARICE WILL EXPLODE ON APRIL 18, 2011!!! i will surely download it in ITUNES (NO TO PIRACY!!!)

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  22. Cizcan says:
    Listening to Alexandra Burke’s and Bruno Mars versions and then Charice – one can easily notice the differences in their voices. Charice’s voice is now morphing into one of the best voices in the musical world. She is really the most talented girl in the world today. No wonder Oprah & David Foster put all their money and reputation behind her. Watchout world!!!!!

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  23. here2support says:
    I gotta admit, even the I didn’t like this song at first…IT REALLY GROWS ON YOU. Honestly, it’s one of those songs on the radio that you don’t really like too much, but the beat sounds catchy, and then later on you start to catch yourself singing or humming the song. I think this could possibly be the next GRENADE. I’ve actually been listening to that preview of BEFORE IT EXPLODES a lot since it became available.

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    • MrsCue says:
      I totally agree with you. I wasn’t feeling the song at first either, but the melody kept playing in my head, so I listened to it again… and again… and again… and now, I’m totally diggin’ it. haha Gotta love that Bruno Mars for making these hits. :)

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  24. palaginghuli says:
    I am not surprised they are releasing this song, and they are releasing it on April 18, just a day before her Glee appearance. There she will sing “All by Myself”. People who don’t know her, will start searching for her in the internet, and they will find that she just released a ……dance song! Huh? After the highs of “All by Myself”, you think people will download a dance aong? You’ve got to be kidding! Her management is trying to take advantage of the hype that comes with the Glee appearance, and the song should be at least close or at par with the intensity of ABM, but with modern twist to appeal to the young crowd. You’ve got to admit Bruno Mars is hit among theyiung crown right now, and at the same time, people are not shortchanged, because “Befor it Explodes” still showcases Charice’s powerhoise voice, There are a lot of naysayers on why a dance song is not released instead. All I can say is that Charice management give these decisions a lot of thought, and they believe this is the way to approach it. There’s al lot of money at stake, and it seems David Foster believes sky is the limit, because he is hiring these very expensive composers and producers for her album. So believe me when I say when they release a song, they brainstorm on strategies and timing. So to those people who were disappointed that it was not a dance song that will be released, take heart. IT WILL come. Just be patient. Let us just support Charice, buy her songs, buy her albums, promote her on the internet, watch her shows, watch her in the movies. Let the pros do the rest. Who elese has the most at stake if not David Foster? It is his money. So believe me, he is trying to promote Charice the best way he can with the help of many many expert and experienced people around him. Who are we but fans? What do we know about producing albums? Relax and enjoy. I am actually excited about all that is to come.

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    • Chathebest says:
      You nailed it Palag! With all the great producers that she collaborated with, I wouldn’t be surprise if she has a few more singles up her sleeve. I can hardly wait to hear some of her songs on the radio.

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    • J.B. says:
      The last song she had on Glee was clipped which means if the production will do the same thing this time, the “All by myself” may luck some big punch and it’s better to hear her YT video singing the song live.

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    • lisbon says:

      palag, i believe in you… LOL :)
      You’re blood pressure might explode heheheheh

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  25. arawa says:
    Pinatubo this time..on the top! no more words say.

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