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Charice, David Foster and Friends Summer Concert at Napa Valley on July 16

Charice, David Foster and Friends Summer Concert at Napa Valley on July 16

UPDATE JULY 2 – Charice featured on the official Festival del Sole website. A 10-paragraph biography is on Charice’s own page, complete with a new photo of her. The line-up for the David Foster and Friends Summer Concert at Napa Valley has also been revealed. Charice will be performing with David Foster, Ruben Studdard, Babyface, and The Canadian Tenors. Only two weeks to go, buy your tickets now at TicketWeb.

Charice Summer Charice, David Foster and Friends Summer Concert at Napa Valley on July 16

Though the complete line-up of artist for the event has not been released yet, Charice will most likely perform with the Hitman himself, David Foster, The Canadian Tenors, and Babyface. This is based on the image header of this event page, which was tweeted last March 23 by @David Foster: ai???Join David Foster & Friends in the Napa Valley at Robert Mondavi Winery for an evening of music, wine and food.

Charice David Foster Friends Nappa Valley Charice, David Foster and Friends Summer Concert at Napa Valley on July 16

The David and Friends Concert is part of the 6th Annual Festival del Sole. This summer festival is a celebration of music, wine, art and food in Californiaai??i??s famous Napa Valley. Rick Walker, a Grammy-award winning music producer, first started this in 2006. Previous concerts included performances from Chris Botti, Nikki Yanofsky, Robert Redford, and the Russian National Orchestra.

The concert will be held at the Robert Mondavi Winery, Highway 29, Oakville, California on July 16, 2011, Saturday at 7:00 p.m. General admission lawn seats are at $85 while reserved lawn seats are at $115. Phone tracker, Phone spy. The Robert Mondavi Winery, for four decades, has served as venue for great performances from Tony Bennett, Dave Koz, and Ella Fitzgerald.

The proceeds of the concert will benefit children who need critical organ donations. On July 17, there will also be a gala dinner and auction to help raise funds for the David Foster Foundation.

For more information, you can visit this event page, and the official David Foster website. For tickets, you can visit this TicketWeb page.

David Foster Napa Valley Festival Charice, David Foster and Friends Summer Concert at Napa Valley on July 16

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  1. bld9696 says:
    Maybe the time has come to eliminate the thumbs down option. Just leave the thumbs up option. We will know how popular a post is simply by the number of thumbs up clicked. This is probably the only way to take the fun away from the haters who lurk here just for the pleasure of thumbing down everything.

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    @Francis: I wish to apologize for my earlier comment which I made impulsively after seeing your repeated posting of the same message in various threads. After visiting your site, I realized I’m out of line in my interpretation of your motives. Please accept my apologies. You are a true Chaster at heart!

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  4. RodBelt says:
    @Francis: I’m beginning to doubt whether you are a real fan of Charice or just taking advantage of CM to advertise your site!

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  5. JAbuan says:
    Hopefully security will be lax and mellow with no special instructions to security regarding cell phones, and video recorders. I forget their names but there are a few chasters who always deliver superb video footage – even under the most hostile security environments. Love Charice forever.

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  6. heavenly says:
    Well, tickets are completely sold out. i just called the contact person for the event. There will be no tickets on site either. Sad i won’t be able to watch the concert but at the same time happy that it is sold out. Meaning Charice is getting popular. Chasters, i will just wait for the videos on youtube.

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  7. heavenly says:
    tickets are sold out online. any idea chasters where i can get tickets. are they available on site?

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  8. Kathy says:
    yayy…congratz Charice…I will be going tomm to the Napa Valley concert so I hope there is a meet and greet tomm…Cha see you there…hehe…

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  9. beny009 says:

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  10. rhynce says:
    mark your calendar asian chasters…the Princess is touring asia from Sept-Oct

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  11. Chachacha says:

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  12. bld9696 says:
    I just hope my man Lantao makes an appearance at this concert.

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  13. AJL says:

    I tried to view the link so many times, but the page is broken, try it again please

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  14. AJL says:
    Anyone…please answer my question. For Oct and Nov concert in Las Vegas, can anybody verify the list of artist who would be performing with Charice? My family would love to watch the concert and like to buy the tickets, reserve hotel, and flights soon. Thank you very much.

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    • AJL says:
      don’t understand why people will click dislike with this king of question or comment. What ia wrong with you people, just asking about info about the concert. Can’t believe some other people who have crab mentality.

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      • arval says:

        i’m really curious with the fact that a comment such as “hi charice, love you” or “i really miss charice” or “i am a teary” or even the simple query above would get thumb downs. who are these people prowling about charicemania with the simple intention of giving thumb downs to every comment? its so idiotic that even this comment will surely get thumbdowns. how stupid can some people get. if you have to hate, at least show your hatred with a little amount of logic.

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    • eve says: Here’s David Foster’s website if you’d like to inquire there since it is DF’s show. Others have been asking as well, but no response from DF’s web crew. Maybe he is still confirming the dates with the artists. There are fan requests for Peter Cetera and Clay Aiken. You are not alone in wanting to base your decision on the guest list.

      I suppose the people who thumbed you down expect that you should be making those reservations already since Charice confirmed long ago on her official website that the two dates are on her upcoming tour calendar. However, other performing artists are likely to include Ruben Studdard, Babyface, Brian McKnight, Peter Cetera, Canadian Tenors. It’s mid-July and I am surprised the line-up has not been announced yet.

      I strongly suspect Jackie Evancho and other surprises guest(s) to pop in as their schedules allow. Maybe Charice will even introduce one of her new songs from her sophomore album and have a surprise feature duet like Ne-Yo’s “Earth Song” last year. That would be really awesome! She has mentioned that she’s collaborated with some incredible people perhaps on vocals as well as songwriters & producers.

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      • AJL says:
        Thank you for your response. I am Charice fanatic as well as my family. Just want to know why there is no line-up artist up to this point. I hope to meet you as well someday in one of Charice’s concert. Thank you for your contribution in charicemania.

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  15. justcharrie says:
    And this is already a sold-out event! Congratz to Charice being the headliner. Looking forward to videos generous Chasters….

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  16. CPfan says:
    charice is back in califorina!!!!!!.

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  17. philgeorge says:
    Charice in Singapore 91.3 FM chart

    #1Charice – Louder
    #2 Cody Simpson – On My Mind
    #3 Taylor Swift – Mean
    #4 Big Time Rush – Big Night
    #5 Gym Class Hereos Ft Adam Levine – Stereo Hearts
    #6 Joe Jonas – See No More
    #7 Pink – Heartbreak Down
    #8 Katy Perry – Last Friday Night
    #9 Greyson Chance – Unfriend You
    #10 Blush – Undivided

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  18. CPfan says:
    where is charice? i hope she okay. maybe she is at her hometown spend 4 of july over there??

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  19. chris08 says:
    Charice is amazing, link of the ff yotube:
    Charice is a package of total entertainer.

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  20. chris08 says:
    what a nice video in youtube, title “Charice’ Compilation of her Standing Ovations from Part 1 to Part 4″. Good job to kanabadyan. You are really supporter of Charice. She is really amazing and incredible person. You have patience to do this video, amazing. It is hard to compile from 2007 to 2011. Thanks a lot.

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  21. pagchange says:
    CHarice Louder continue to #1 position in Central chart Philippines. You can vote to here every hour to maintain her position:

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  22. arval says:
    chasters check this out. celine-charice duet. superb editing.

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  23. anromable says:
    I’ll go there even the plane ticket is expensive

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  24. nychaster says:
    Ahhhh. I cant make it. Plane tickets were way to expensive when I checked…. =( But I’ll be in Vegas Oct & Nov! =D

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  25. carta says:
    CHARICE as the main act!!!!! XD

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  26. junessa says:
    ooohhh God i wish i always there when charice have a concert tsk! im here in phillipines eh?

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  27. rudiman29 says:
    I was hoping to be there but sadly i work Saturday and Sunday…

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  28. mingsfan says:
    I bought the first ticket to Napa as soon as I heard about it, betting that Charice would be there. I was able to get one of the few reserved seats (first two rows). (I was in second row at San Jose, CA & went to meet ‘n’ greet after. I was also next to stage at mall appearance in Daly City — South San Francisco — May 7 last year, just before release of her album.)

    I can’t wait to see you again, Cha!

    Line-up for David Foster & Friends, Robert Mondavi Winery/Napa, CA: Charice, Canadian Tenors, Ruben Studdard, Babyface.

    Concert begins at 7:00 (doors open at 5:00 PM); after-concert party (invitation only) at 9:30 PM. Therefore, show will probably last about 2 hrs. General admission (lawn) tickets are $85. Picnics welcome; blankets, low beach chairs, small coolers only. No alcohol.

    Based on previous DF&F shows, Charice will probably sing four songs (possibly five with encore). Tickets are available at TicketWeb:

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    • Kurikong says:
      Mingsfan, it’s great that you are able to get the best seat for this event and we are looking forward for the video of this event. This is going to be good because you are position close to the stage. We are anticipating for a good shot and thanks for sharing in advance.

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    • Shello says:
      ming, are u going to record videos for the event? I hope so.

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    • Big Dog says:
      What reserve seat? Did you buy the dinner?

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