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Charice New Song ‘Louder’ Premieres on Mezamashi TV

Charice New Song ‘Louder’ Premieres on Mezamashi TV

Tonight on Japanese Fuji TV (actually, April 1st in Japan), Charice’s new song called “Louder” will premiere exclusively as the theme song for the popular Japanese program ‘Mezamashi TV’. The clip has just been uploaded on YouTube (credit to ASLAP433)

and can be heard in the background as the hosts are talking. Hopefully someone would be able to extract the song so we can get a better listen to it. Even better, given Charice’s popularity in Japan, we hope to see Charice invited yet again to the popular show to perform the song in person!

Charice’s song ‘Louder’ plays in background from 0:26 – 1:26 I’m just gonna run right through the rain I’m just gonna dance right through the pain I just wanna feel that rhythm, feel that drum and let my heart beat louder, let my heart beat louder than my head, head, head, head

. The Japanese website, reports that “Louder” was written exclusively for “Mezamashi TV” morning TV program on Fuji Television Network and will be heard daily from April 1st during the program’s daily horoscope segment. The story begins when Charice was a guest on the Mezamashi program last Christmas and the staff for the program were so impressed by Charice’s performance that they commissioned her for a new song to be used in “Kyo no Uranai CountDown!” 「今日の占い」translated in English as “Today’s Fortune Countdown”. The staff told Charice that they would love a song that would wake up the Japanese people nicely on every weekday morning, and cheer them up! Charice was honored and excited to accept their request. Mezamashi TV typically selects a new theme song each year or season for different segments of their program. The song ‘Louder’ is a mid-tempo ballad about a girl starting a new chapter in her life, taking a step forward into a new season, if you will. It’s the perfect

song to spice up your Spring morning as the Japanese welcome the beautiful Cherry Blossom viewing season. (On another note, Japanese J-Wave radio station similarly selected Charice’s holiday song “War Is Over” as their theme song for their winter campaign.) And now, though this was set up months ago, this song is now also for victims of the recent earthquake and tsunami in northeastern part of Japan. No further information has been revealed on who wrote and produced the song or whether the song will be released as a single. And, no, this is not an April Fools Day joke. There’s no mistaking Charice’s voice on the song! icon smile Charice New Song Louder Premieres on Mezamashi TV Whaddaya’ think Chasters? Could you wake up every morning to Charice’s new song “Louder”? by Eve,

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  1. eljhon says:

    im so very proud of you charice. hope u will have a concert here in your hometown which is our very own country the philippines. u are already so very popular in japan and united states and no doubt in the whole universe also.hehehe

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  2. dadartful says:
    Credits to twistingharry and truejainee, read twit saying from Warner Japan that Charice wrote “Louder”. Hmmm, world class international singer, tv actress, major film actress and songwriter. That’s what Oprah was saying “the most talented girl in the world”!!!

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  3. don says:
    Charice Louder HD

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  4. VannBanna21 says:
    Hi everyone ! There is audio I edited of Charice’s Louder (TV version)

    Charice- Louder Instruments Version

    Charice- Louder (Tv extract)

    Its not great I know, but I tried my best lol.

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  5. tatsumakiyakizenfukiyaku says:
    its too good a song not to be released in an album….

    nwys….. louder with clearer audio (i think :D)….

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    • dadartful says:
      Good work tatsu……yaku, it is clearer, my bad hearing needs all the help. You must be on the younger side, cause these old ears can’t decipher most of the lyrics. I’m a super senior and I love danceable, upbeat tunes. Keeps me feeling young. Thanks.

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