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Charice Mag-Alert for April 2011: QuizFest, PopStar, M Magazine

Charice Mag-Alert for April 2011: QuizFest, PopStar, M Magazine

You may have noticed that Charice is slowly but surely becoming a “regular” in the mainstream US media. Even though she had been featured in the media before, it became more prevalent with the announcement of Charice’s recurring role as Sunshine on Glee last July. That resulted in a three month “ink cycle” of featured articles. I am delighted that 2011 has brought more “Charice coverage” and not just as the new star of Glee.

You have especially seen it in the electronic press when revealed their outstanding “30 Days with Charice” series of videos. Ever since, articles mentioning, even featuring, Charice have been endless usually topping their “Most Popular this Week” list. Recently Charice headlined a multi-page Fashion feature:  “Trendspotting: Selena & Charice Are Hot For Red Dresses!” with Charice shown equal star-status among the hottest teen stars of today. Charice was pictured in the Ralph Lauren designed red dress definitely showing us the grown-up classy lady she is.

Another important site became Cha-dicted when their senior editor attended the Womans Day event where Charice performed. Charice’s performances brought the sophisticated ladies of New York’s upper East side to their feet not just in prolonged standing ovations, but also brought out their dancing and screaming inner teen during her mind-blowing  “I Will Survive” performance. Ever since, Hollywood Life has had article after article featuring our gal Cha, often being the scoop source all other reports reference.  They also do polls and with your votes, Charice ALWAYS wins – great publicity building Charice’s STAR image.

Thanks to all the Chaster comments Charice’s articles usually continue to be displayed on their main page often topping their “Most Popular Now on HL” and “Most Talked About This Week” sections.

A new Charice article on, “Oprah’s All-time Smartest, Most Talented Kids” repeats the Best-EVER comment Oprah made on-air; “In 25 years, no one, I mean noooOOO000oo one, has brought down the house like Charice!” I would be amiss if I didn’t mention the multiple tweets of praise by Denise Martin, West Coast Editor, of TVGuide and EW’s coverage, and, of course, total Chasters, Hoda Kotb & Kathie Lee Gifford praising Charice on the Today Show (with video).

Of course, when Charice is featured in a print magazine CM has always made you aware with an article detailing it complete with scans of the appropriate pages and that will continue. As Charice is going more & more mainstream in the US print media, I would like to also bring to your attention all the small mentions she is now getting.  So, consider this my first installment of our new “Charice Mag-Alert” series. So far, I have found Charice 5 times in 3 April US Teen Magazines.  As, new articles, mentions and/or photos are reported, I will add them to that month’s CM “Charice Mag-Alert.”

Charice Featured on QuizFest

Let’s start with Charice’s first entry into the celeb magazine “QuizFest” which is not strictly a teen magazine focusing on celebrities under age 30. It is part of the largest newssatand magazine group in the US, Bauer Media. They publish:  from tweens and teens; M, J-14, Twist, Quizfest, Astrogirl, Life Story; to young women In Touch Weekly, Life & Style Weekly; to baby boomers and beyond Woman’s World, First For Women, and Soaps In Depth.  I’m sure you have seen them, they are literally everywhere, and more & more, so is Charice!

As you may have guess for the title, QuizFest is full of games & captions. Notice Charice’s image is three times as large as the other celebrities on this page. Her caption reads: “Charice is always happy!” and she is quoted; “I like making funny voices or sounds to make people laugh.”

Charice QuizFest March 2011 Edition Charice Mag Alert for April 2011: QuizFest, PopStar, M Magazine

Click image to enlarge

Charice Featured on PopStar

Popstar Cover april 2011 Charice Mag Alert for April 2011: QuizFest, PopStar, M MagazineCharice is no stranger to the oldest teen magazine,  PopStar, where she was featured multiple times in 2010. In their April issue she is shown three times. First is a full page spread she shares with Cody Simpson who was on the bill with her at Radio Disney’s event held at Citadel Outlets in LA before a crowd of 6,000.  The text on the first picture is: Charice and Cody both wore festive colors and performed a combo of their original songs and old holiday faves like Charice’s Jingle Bell Rock”!

The text for the second Charice photo on that page is: Charice tells the best advice she ever received was from Oprah Winfrey! The talk-show queen told her, “Keep your feet on the ground, even if you’re wearing very high shoes!”  (I love the different slants Oprah’s original quote has been given over the years)

The next page shown (page 27) is a full page article titled; “Justin Bieber: How to Get Close to Him.” Charice’s photo is bottom left with the caption; “Do a Youtube cover like Charice.” The photo is from that famous video Charice made for Perez Hilton making it easy for readers to make the connection. Charice has two “Baby” videos with over a million views each and others with hundreds of thousands views. Those views and the articles about them brought Charice to the attention of over a million Justin Beiber fans!

Charice is also part of PopStar’s “Stargazer!” section (Page 94 not shown) next to Justin Bieber. Charice is the celeb they chose to represent the astrological sign, Taurus. I just love her top-hat picture. The horoscope says, “Rely on your inner sense of fairness to help resolve a family squabble rather than the tendency to fight fire with fire.” (That sounds like good advice when responding to crab comments too; stay positive)

Charice PopStar Magazine April 2011 Charice Mag Alert for April 2011: QuizFest, PopStar, M Magazine

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Charice Featured on M Magazine

Charice has also been featured in M magazine several times with full page spreads. However, this time it is a medium size photo in their decision-tree about, “What’s the first thing people notice about you.”  Like other stars on the page, Charice is not mentioned by name, but that is Charice being included like you would expect of a mainstream US celeb.

Charice M Magazine Aprill 2011 Charice Mag Alert for April 2011: QuizFest, PopStar, M MagazineClick image to enlarge

We need you to be our eyes on the street and alert us to Charice sightings, anywhere, but for this series especially in the US. Send info to

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  1. lola-elrem says:

    i am so excited for you cha. soon you will be mainstay in every celeb magazine globally. keep up the good work (we know you are hardworking). GOD BLESS

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  2. jenny nery says:


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  3. OH What a life!

    It’s just like when I was younger waiting for my love to pass by and it never comes.And when I never expect ,here she comes.So as of now I have to hibernate for awhile till Charice comes back to this site.OH HO HO

    Have pity to whom you had enchanted us all l!!!!!!! My oh My never mind just
    hallucinations of great admirations.You have a lot of great songs still on you tube and I’ll be glad to hear you there as of now!!! Thanks

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  4. WebScribes says:
    I have a feeling we will soon be challenged to keep-up with all the Charice action. With several back-to-back episodes on Glee, a new single, increased press coverage, and I’m sure the unexpected surprises it will be “Fun Times” ahead. TV Guide says next new GLEE episode will air April 19th.

    More Glee news:

    Chasters, be sure to email me or other CM editors any Charice articles, magazine photos, etc. you find. Blessings, Web

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  5. abeng1127 says:

    OMG … NO MATCH..

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  6. EMERALD says:

    hahaha…agreed with u kakawati,this poll is a joke.

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  7. beyonce' says:
    watch this while missing her. she’s so lovely.. xD

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  8. kakawati1000 says:
    The J-14 poll is not good. The names they included do not match up to Charice popularity and achievement.

    Music moguls line Charice up with Mariah, Celine , Whitney .Legends
    Then she is lined up against Evancho, Amber Lily , Taylor etc.

    Charice will win handsdown.

    She has beaten Bruno Mars, Gaga , Rihanna and then these ? Remember.
    The competition choices do not make Charice look good.

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