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Long Wait for Sunshine to End in April!

Long Wait for Sunshine to End in April!

It has all been frustrating, tiring and oh so infuriating, but current indications point to April 19th whenAi?? Charice is back on “Glee”Ai?? in episode “Night of Neglect.” Then on April 26 ‘Glee’ is said to extend its timeslot to 90 minutes for the ‘Born This Way’ Episode. No reports on Charice being in that episode, but we can expect Charice to appear in several more episodes as Season 2 marches to a close

After a series of tweets from a credible source, it looked for a while like Sunshine Corazon would make her return to the show in Episode 17, titled “A Night of Neglect,” on March 22 – but that schedule has changed with a brief hiatus pushing the schedule back several weeks.

West Coast Editor of, Denise Martin, tweeted that she had watched Charice perform during filming, and also observed Harry Shum Jr in action.

Her tweet read: “Watched @iharryshum dance and @officialcharice sing — a very, very fine way to spend the day.”

Charicemania contacted Denise to enquire if she knew when Charice would be appearing and if reports of her appearance on this week’s episode, “Sexy,” were accurate. Her message in response was crystal clear,Ai??“Not true. She’s back in Ep 17 :)”

After seemingly endless disappointments for Chasters regarding her return to the hit TV musical show, it would be completely understandable to take this latest news with a pinch of salt (which as it has turned out was smart advice).

However, this time photo evidence provided by Charice herself and her “Telephone” duet partner Lea Michele, as well as a some Twitter communication, has put her return to the set (at least) beyond doubt.

In fact, two pictures have been posted showing Charice with two members of the cast – Lea and Darren Criss – both taken on Tuesday, March 8.

Lea posted her photo herself, when tweeting “Look who’s back!! @officialcharice!! So happy!!!” It was a message that Charice replied to with “You’re so sweet. <3″

The second photo was taken by Charice herself and also posted on Twitter, with the message “Filipino power!!!! Blaine Anderson and Sunshine Corazon!!!”

Charice Lea Michelle Darren Criss Glee Long Wait for Sunshine to End in April!

Reports last week had suggested that Sunshine would appear in episode 17, but a sudden flurry of activity on the rumor mill changed expectations to this week’s show, which proved to be another false dawn.

It seems that, with just 7 episodes remaining in series two, Charice will probably make the first of her 4 appearances on April 19th. What song she sings and what plot line Sunshine follows is still hazy, but at least she will be there. Some evidence points to Charice singing “All By Myself”

We Aleve order know it’s a case of once bitten, twice shy, but with the strength of all this evidence, the question is should we dare to not believe? Charice is returning!

by Robert Sheen, (Updated 13 March by WebScribes)

159 Responses to “Long Wait for Sunshine to End in April!”

  1. EMERALD says:
    Hahaha…here we go again,charice even endorsed her fellow fils singers to her interview in the buzz,phil’s one of the top rated talk show.phils press,pls leave charice guys can’t drag her down,you know why?because she is a shining indicator of what we call in this world, REAL TALENT.and the more you hate her the more blessings will come on her way.she did’nt do anything to us.infact,tru her talent,fils talent are being recognized..and we must be thankful bout that you know?well..we can’t please everybody,but for charice,u are the best among the rest!so,keep soaring high ch, wer always here for you.just don’t forget,always ask guidance from our father,he won’t let you down!

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  2. carlo says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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    • ARG MATRIX says:
      Are you kidding me? this article/comment is just milking charice name.Somebody better than her? you tube is free/havent seen any. Charice is very vocal about her support for other filipino singers ie. mentioned arnel pineda to oprah,her tweet of support for thia megia (got my attenton), ever wandered why her best friend ralph was on ellen?

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    • diehardchaster says: we go again,,Charice has always been vocal on how proud she is being a Filipino and in fact there is one interview where she said that she’s actually showing some youtube clips of famous singers in the Philippines like Sarah G. to David Foster..but it is David Foster whom i guess was not move because he would have contact Sarah G. to work with him or something like that but sorry, she may be good but not as good as Charice,.yea,let’s support charice on this.. :D

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    • RodBelt says:
      I’m sorry I have to be the first to thumb you down, carlo. On first reading your comment, I thought it was ABS-CBN who made the negative comment about Charice only to find out that it is a comment of a SINGLE MALCONTENT – A CRAB, not worthy of your time of bringing it up in this thread. It just adds nothing positive to this discussion. Things like this are what creates “tsismis” or rumors. I know you meant well for Charice. PEACE.

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    • ice3353 says:
      It would have been better if you had just left us the link and leave it at that (or perhaps been a little more clear), rather than reposting the comment.
      Because… I misread you at first… I was first led to believe that ABS-CBN had endorsed the comment, until I read the article myself. But, ABS-CBN is positive on Charice. Rather, it was a reply by a poster that was negative. However, people quick on the trigger could’ve thumbed you down right here and now.

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    • ice3353 says:
      Sometimes we need to be tactful in what we do. Tact and effective communication are skills we all need to learn to some degree or another (I included). [Charice is quite the good at this I’ve noticed – we can learn from her.]
      It’s obvious you love Charice first and foremost. So, don’t be dismayed… If I ever bump into you at Chaster get-together, I’d shake your hand and offer you a brewski.

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    • Vanguard says:

      What report are you talking about Charice did not follow DF’s request that she look for other Filipino talents. Can you provide a link? Or you are just making this up to discredit her. Man, you guys are so envious of her good fortune (which she really deserves) you are doing everything to pull her down. And the worst thing is it’s her fellow Filipinos like you who are doing it to her. Change your ways now people, it’s not too late and you will feel a lot better too.

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  3. abeng1127 says:

    SUNSHINE YES ! This will be a real thing ,, end march 22..and sorry for saying COME WHAT MAY …not UGLY TRUTH

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  4. beyonce' says:

    I miss Charice in here –>

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  5. gunrunner says:

    i want see if charice can handle all genre. maybe she could give life to yoyoy villames Butchikik. he he he (joke joke joke). this is not a matter of what we like. the song should fit the storyline. it depends on the plot.

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    • kb117 says:

      I was ready to thumb U down (joke, too) LOL…
      But I also like Yoyoy Villame and his songs.
      If ever Charice decides to cover Butchikik, I’d be laughing and having goosebumps at the same time. Epic in a comedy skit.

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  6. Hello There!!!!!!!!

    Missed you all for more than a month and haven’t made a comment ever since.But,as long as the name ‘CHARICE” is mentioned,I happen to look over my shoulder whenever I hear it,and I read any article as long as this magical name is in it whether it is her or it is just there in the pages to catch my attention.Just like in you tube I don’t know why in Charice site you can see other artist name when they are not supposed to be there.Anyways, since it is Glee time again it is nice to be back and see what is it this time.
    Any news is a great news for all fans like me!!!!

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  7. 28venice says:

    My God !

    So many request for different songs to be rendered by CHarice !

    Are producers blind to these markets staring on thier faces ? Charice has only one CD to date !

    Disconnect somewhere ? If it is OLD Favorites…
    So be it ! Her talent will do the rest . R#B will just happen .

    I think CD Pyramid was a miscalculation. Better songs in the CD should have been the Carrier.

    In fairness , this is hindsight.

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  8. mindoro33 says:
    11 more days…

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  9. Budzki says:
    Let us all watch episode 17 and make Charice the most viewed guest star on Glee ever! Hurrayyyyy

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  10. denb3ar says:
    Just a hunch from the twitt of Denise Martin: “Sorry, Pia. You’re OK and all but #Charice slaaaays this song. Look for it in two weeks, gleeks. #idol”
    I believe CHARICE will sing “I’ll Stand By You” the one Pia Toscano of American Idol sang March 2, 2011. This song is more appropriate to the Glee episode A Night of Neglect on March 22…Just a hunch guys! Surely CHARICE will own this song once again!

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    • dadartful says:
      The official glee wiki site×17 list Sunshine singing the 4th song as ABM on episode 17. Hoping we’ll see her in four more episodes in the last five scheduled. With that, I can see the ending of Season2 will be a bomb. With these multiple appearances Charice’s popularity in the US and International mainstream will soar. A huge climb to the top!

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    • from a fan says:

      no… she will be “singing all by myself” though glee will be repeating that song, i think charice’s version i the best of all!!

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  11. 28venice says:
    read a previous piece at Charicemania
    “It AINT WhAT IT SEEMS ” by

    It is nice to look back and see clearly Charice roller coaster career and the reality of entertainment.

    Such a nice piece of truthful, analytical journalism.

    Let us go back and see where we made mistakes .

    CHARICE, this is good reading. Do not miss the truth, and its lessons

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  12. Chathebest says:

    Oh man, I was hoping for My Heart Will Go On because I always wanted a very good professionally recorded rendition of this song from charice. I love ABM but I’ve heard she sing this song like a thousand times already, gets kinda old. Oh well, at least she’s on the screen then I’m happy. And chasters, don’t forget to buy her song on iTunes after the show. Lets make her song number 1 on the chart!

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    • Laura says:
      She is singing this song, not for us Chasters but for those that never watch her on You Tube. This are for the Glee fans that follows that shows. They are showcasing her powerful voice to convince other fans and might start You Tubing her once they see what she can really do with her vocals.

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      • Chathebest says:
        Yeah I guess you’re right, ABM is the song that really showcase her talent the most.

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  13. Anna139 says:
    American Idol judges wowed by the girl who perform ‘All by Myself’. But it was pale in comparison so Charice’s version which is on the note. If she sang it on Glee, their jaw will
    drop. .

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    • Sunday says:
      Okay. But I suggest that she also sing “what kind of fool I am” “Shine” and “go the distance” someday.

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    • EBJohns11 says:

      Yeah I thought so. Pia did good on her ALL BY MYSELF rendition but nothing compares to Charice – Charice has all the high note!

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  14. JABUAN says:
    Regarding RodBelts analysis. I agree with his thinking about visual presentation. Some things, like dance, are more easily executed when the partners are similar in height. For example, on Dancing with the Stars, notice how the professional partner is able to compensate for the weaknesses of the celebrity partner. Now with Charice being so, so, diminutive in stature, I believe the magic of the camera can compensate for certain comical aspects could otherwise manifest themselves. Ideally, Charice will partner with a dancer of similar stature. I sooo, don’t want Charice to be traumatized by a dancing situation that is too physically beyond her ability to compensate for. I don’t ever want her to cry, feel sad, and think she wasn’t good enough, or silly looking.

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  15. RodBelt says:
    In an earlier comment, I fantasized on Charice doing a duet with DarrenCriss/Blaine and maybe with a dance sequence with Harry Shum, Jr in an upbeat number. However, it had been reported in the past that Ryan Murphy will bring back Charice with some big ballads so it will not be surprising if that will be the case in episode 17. This will more than satisfy the longings of the older demographics, like the crowd that were brought to their feet in Mandalay Bay, the Oscars, and probably in the few high-brow charity events that we never read about, e.g., Mar-a-Lago and DF’s fund raising in Canada. But it may not be enough to bring into the fold of the Chasters the younger generation that comprise the majority of the dyed-to-the bone Gleeksters. We know how hard Charice and her management are trying to penetrate the R&B market looking for that elusive magic potion that would bring THE PRINCESS over the top. IMHO, a number with Charice rockin’ and dancing with the Glee mainstays while belting an upbeat song would showcase her enormous talent to those who are still thinking that she is “just a cute Asian girl with a big voice”. I have seen some clips of a Rihanna/Lady Gaga concerts with those big dance numbers, closed my eyes and just listen to the song thinking if I will be entertained by their voice alone and the answer is a resounding NO! This lead me to believe that the younger crowd are attracted probably more by the “sight” than by the “sound”. Of course, it goes without saying that we want to see Charice’s dance moves SANS revealing costumes and sexually suggestive numbers. I hope that Ryan Murphy will realize the hidden gem he has on his hand and make my fantasy come true. I believe that what Ryan decides for Charice to do for the remaining episodes will help define Charice’s career in the near future.

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  16. tony says:
    spring and summer is around the corner…let the “Sunshine” in already! chasters, gleeks and including crabs had enough of this cold, rainy, gloomy weathers (spoilers). mushrooms anyone? lol

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  17. ChariceAddicts says: has posted a spoiler that Charice will be singing “All By Myself. Can’t wait to watch her singing that epic song. You go Girl!!!

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  18. EMERALD says:
    I would love cha to kick ‘if i were a boy’ or ‘run to you’.but rumor state that she’ll be singing ‘all by myself’.well,whatever song it is,as long its charice who is singing..expect unbeatable performace.

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  19. allgringo says:
    I´m so happy…Sunshine arrival again !!!

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  20. blitz says:
    Remember the big song that Soulshock is telling about –>—sunshine-sings-all-by-myself.aspx Charice Glee Spoiler

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  21. renz says:
    I hope this would happen, Im a Filipino and happy with what Filipino achieve especially in international scene….Im a charice fan eversince shes a little child performing in a talent shows hoping to grab a prize.Now that she’s climbing to stardom I’m so proud of her.I hope I could meet her soon…or even a glance in person would make my day.

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  22. I would like to request Charice sing Unbreak My Heart .

    The video with Toni Braxton is fantastic. She nailed the song !

    Can be done on GLEE ?

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  23. flowjam21 says:
    atlast…my tired waiting is paid away…since September 2010 after Sunshine Corazon launch in Simple but undeniable performance on Glee,is was like all the chaster’s n gleek so much love that Sunshine while she blow the roof top of McKinley High School….is over!….because,she’ll become again to blown our mind n soul…in one another xpectacular performance that people will never forget,hehehe!

    can’t wait for that….

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  24. jaju says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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    • kb117 says:

      @jaju, even if this is a joke it sends bad vibes… =(
      Cheer up!!!
      Remember Charice’s song “Maghintay Ka Lamang” !!!

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  25. Any news from CHINA ?

    Her videos is all over the place .

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  26. The true DIVA comes to television GLEE!

    At 18 years old……..that dear friends is what I call CHANGE !

    WHEW !

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  27. biancaLols says:
    heheh i havent commented here for a while,i was waiting for this kind of article to be posted. Charice with the glee cast again ^o^ Just like the other Chasters,im very excited. my whole family too ^.^ I actually turned my best friend to a chaster too :)

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  28. benjie says:
    Can”t wait on Charice return to “Glee” !

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  29. Jacob says:
    Im preety sure the rating will even soar higher when sunshine comes back.this gurl..charice..i believe she is going to suprise us in her upcoming glee episodes. i really wana c a duet between blaine and sunshine :)

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  30. jovandal says:
    YES! YES! Sunshine will be back! and this time, it’s true! yeah my bradycardia will now be gone! and my plants will be alive once more! hahaha! say goodbye zombies! Oh I can’t wait for it! shout it fellas! SUNSHINE! SUNSHINE!

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