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Charice and David Foster for Mandalay Bay Return This Year

Charice and David Foster for Mandalay Bay Return This Year

It just goes to show you can never have too much of a good thing. David Foster will return to Las Vegas this year for another Hit Man show with Charice. A report on the PR Newswire has stated that the hugely successful David Foster & Friends show will play at the Mandalay Bay Resort on two separate dates, on Saturday, October 1 and Friday, November 25, with tickets set to go on sale in May. That’s great news for music lovers but for Chasters the important fact is that Charice has been confirmed in the press release, which states that Foster “will once again host a line up of talent including a return visit by show stopping ‘Glee’ star Charice.” Last year’s show at the Mandalay Bay was a major hit, with Charice winning the plaudits for what David Foster himself described as “stand out performances.”

ChariceDavidFoster2 Charice and David Foster for Mandalay Bay Return This Year

Charice and David Foster will return to Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas for 2 shows, on Oct 1 and Nov 25

That “Hit Man Returns” show was recorded for PBS as part of their “Great Performances” series of broadcasts. It has already been released in CD/DVD and CD/Blu-Ray box sets and PBS is broadcasting the show throughout this month. In fact, Vegas PBS has been offering tickets for the shows later this year to members of the public as part of their own pledge drives. Interestingly, Charice is the only performer confirmed so far, according

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to the press release, but there can be little surprise is that. DF&F events have boasted the proverbial galaxy of music industry stars, but Charice has been involved in almost all of them. She first made her appearance in May, 2008 – when she had just turned 16 – leaving the audience in raptures but, as we now know, that is something that has become par for the course with Charice performances. But famously, David Foster was heard to declare immediately after the Body Medley, “Oh my gosh Buy diakof syrup a star is born tonight.” Since then, Charice has be involved in returns to Mandalay Bay in 2009 and 2010, making this year’s inclusion her fourth consecutive appearance with David Foster at the La Vegas venue. For the sake of history, the video footage below is from that first appearance at the Mandalay Bay, almost three years ago. Enjoy!

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  1. mypopwchamp says:

    Charice experienced being left alone by her own people. Raised and grown up in such a humble environment made her strong and aim for more. she took the challenge to survive her own insecurities as a child. Who didnt have one? Moneyed people have even more, isnt it?
    I salute Charice for being so matured in her tender age and for having helped herself and family to survive from such Discrimination (of TV stations national competition, where she deserved ten times to bagged the grand slam as a kid!) Luck and Coincidence fell right unto her knees to become the world`s sensation pop music
    star! Her positive attitude and genuine thankfullness to her fans and for those who recognized her and still are loyal to her pays off. She`s a live stage performer—balancing Humanity (no stage curtains pls & Awards!) and singing all the way her best ever is a pride to the Philippines . Just be proud of it! HURRAH CHARICE!

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  2. CBToronto says:
    When will be the first day of selling of David Foster and Friends, Oct. 1, 2011 concert tickets at Mandalay Bay Resort will be available? Can someone from CM help me please!!!! Thanks!!!

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  3. jaju says:

    My whole clan and friends from The Bay Area will trek to Mandalay Bay if David can promise to have Charice sing at least 5 songs. Unlike the previous concert where charice sings only two songs yet the people clamored for more.

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  4. ivorsky0218 says:
    I am so troubled today that i have no one to turn to but… Charice…and only Charice can save my day…watching her Mandalay “TLYM” & “ABM” videos…caressed and relaxed me for a long while…but then again …at the back of my mind… i so feel uneasy ‘coz i am not pleased with the so-called outstanding performances of the American Idol contestants yesterday…deep in my heart & mind…i know somebody who was tagged as a laser beam and the world’s most talented girl… can beat all of them…combined…i honestly believe no one else can sing better than her…

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  5. ice3353 says:
    I got myself a ticket! … For Oct 1, 2011!
    And, it includes a ‘meet & greet’ with wonderful Charice et al… Woo hoo! I can hardly wait. Cheers everyone!

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  6. ArrVee says:

    while everyone is amazed the first time they hear Charice sing, I find it interesting that this happens in stages, initially by her unexpectedly powerful and melodious voice, then by how she sustains this across her very wide vocal range, hitting impossibly high notes and sustaining them until the audience(!) runs out of breath, maintaining perfect pitch all the time, and all the while with her veteran-like stage presence that is beyond her years. And this is even before learning about her Cinderella backstory …

    while it was the PBS Hitman broadcast that introduced me to Charice, it was her duet with Celine Dion that really reeled me in – and this is just through the YT videos (!) …

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  7. lola-elrem says:
    re isnabera’s post, lea is a theatre actress, and people from all walks of life and realms do watch theatre regardless of the stars’ nationality. lea salonga was in a totally different genre vis a vis that of charice.

    charice is a pop star, she fully depends upon her fans who would come to see her concerts, buy her cds, and download her youtube videos. so she was aware of a fan-base that would support her all the way. and her fans are not necessarily pinoys. JAPAN for one is a classic example.

    so i do not understand isnabera’s claim that “miss saigon” show closed because the pinoys lost interest. there just is no connection because both lea and charice are international artists. they are not PI-based. altho overseas pinoy fans could help but these are not the real factors for both lea and charice’s success or failure. in fact some pinoys dont even support charice, sad to say. if only all the fil-ams would buy one charice CD each her album could have been multi-platinum in the U.S. alone. so i dont understand isnabera’s point here.

    and in token, charice is not lea. charice is maka-masa, she hailed from nothing that’s why she is humble and very down-to-earth.

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    • SergeLV says:
      @lola-elrem…I am a fan of Charice and Lea Salonga. They are the very best at what they do. Theater actors do not have the same fan loyalty that pop or rock stars have. Most theater goers watch a play to have that first time experience and be able to say that they’ve been there…done that…seen that, if you know what I’m talking about. But there are some serious ones too. I think this is the reason why theater actors don’t make that much money.

      Reading Isnabera’s comments, I did not see any comparison being made between Charice and Lea but she went on to tell her story about Lea. People that followed Lea’s performances in the US as Isnabera described it knew about the story. I have heard similar stories too, but people did not talk much about it maybe because Lea is the Philippines’ only pride at that time. Not anymore.

      Concert and theater show promoters I believe have a certain threshold to meet whether to cancel or proceed with a show. In Lea’s case, the sales threshold was not made resulting in the cancellation of the show as Isnabera described it. Pinoys could have made the difference had they supported Lea.

      Lola-elrem, this is what I think. Because Lea brought honor to the country with her Toni and Olivier awards, she enjoys that almost untouchable and criticism free status in the Philippines. As a Charice fan, my hope is for Charice to win the Grammys next year.

      I enjoyed responding to your question.

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  8. SergeLV says:
    ATTN: David Foster and HBO

    What I would envision for David Foster to do in the future would be to have a worldwide All-Star concert on HBO Pay-Per-View perhaps headlining Charice. This, I believe would be bigger than Woodstock. I hope DF reads this comment.

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  9. RodBelt says:

    Please check this video of Charice singing karaoke – McArthur Park, – when she was still an unknown – BEFORE ELLEN AND OPRAH Simply amazing,.This should be in her repertoire.

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  10. Isnabera says:
    We hope Charice will not change her good personality . Listen mo my story. During Miss Saigon in Broadway in the 90′s in New York City. During those years Lea Salonga was in her peak of her career. Most pinoys in east coast supported her. It was the same scene that after the show , pinoys wants to see her to take photos or have a glimpse of her..
    Along the way , many of friends and family informed us that Lea snubbed them all. She looked very irritated whenever pinoys where there waiting while she only accommodate the non pinoys after the show. These scene happened many times and it spread to pinoy community in East coast. Result. Pinoys did not supported her anymore. Pinoys did not buy tickets for the show miss Saigon where most pinoys could watch the show as many times they want. Few months after. The Show was closed.
    She returned back to broadway for a different show but it ended soon. The show was closed in few months because pinoys don’t want to support her anymore because of Lea’s bad attitude towards She thought she was so famous that Pinoy will patronage her all the way and that was the case.
    We hope Charice will continue being the way she is. that is how her fans abroad loves her.

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    • SergeLV says:
      @Isnabera…Looking at your name, I thought you should be the least bothered by Lea Salonga’s attitude as you described it as the reason why Lea lost support from the Pinoy Broadway crowd in NYC. I have heard the same stories about Lea, but nobody spoke about it maybe because she was the only one the Philippines had at that time.

      Most of us do not know Charice personally, but showing her fans genuine humbleness is fair enough for me to believe that she will stay the same today and the days to come…humble but confident.

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    • rabbit says:
      Lea was brought up in the live theater environment, like Broadway although she appeared on TV and in the movies in the Philippines. But she never was keen about maintaining a network of fans. Cha from the start was aware of her fans and how they help her. That is why she coined “Chasters” and mastered the internet. Genius!

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      • Woody says:
        You are correct, rabbit, In her very first interview in The US, she thanked Falsevoice for posting her videos, Coolsmurf for adding sub titles to the Star King video and all her fans and said to them: “Pray for me”. I think she must have been included in a lot of Prayers.

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