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Charice’s Red-Hot Style

Charice’s Red-Hot Style

Aside from the usual “he/she should’ve won” tirades during post-Oscar season, fashion report cards on the stars’ outfit mushroom all over the web. Whether Natalie Portman got an A on her dress just like her acting, you might need to search for that somewhere other than Charicemania, because here, it’s all about Charice.

If you’ve been poring over the Oscar red carpet photos, you might see quite a handful of rosy numbers, from best actress nominee Jennifer Lawrence’s simple dress to Anne Hathaway’s ruffled Valentino gown. noticed just that and raised their trendspotting alert for scarlet-hued outfits.  Guilty stars include Selena Gomez, Anna Kendrick, Emma Stone, Vanessa Hudgens, and of course, Charice.

Charice is actually one step ahead of them as she wore her trendy Ralph Lauren red dress a month before the Oscars at the Women’s Day Awards. Her attention-grabbing dress, with voluminous shoulders and a short hem, was paired with nude platform heels, really red lips, and stick-straight hair. Charice is really starting to show her chic-tendencies now. From her red carpet appearances, to concerts, even in low-key days, Charice is more aware of what she looks good in.

She has shed the frilly, pink dresses she wore as a child joining singing competitions in the Philippines, and traded them for sleeker and more modern clothes. In this article, Charice reveals how she prefers the simple yet stylish look of skinny jeans, her weakness for shades and her collection of fedoras.

She may have an edgier, more boyish taste than the usual pop-stars with skimpier clothes, but Charice knows what works for her body the most, “short skirts make my legs look longer. That was a tip given to me by stylists.” In a world where power stylists, like Rachel Zoe, create looks for celebrities, Charice still trusts someone much closer to home – her mom. She’s the one who shops for Charice and chooses most of her clothes. And Charice has one hundred percent confidence in her, “She knows the styles that I like. Eksakto [Just right]. Walang labis, walang kulang [Nothing more, nothing less].”

With a mom in the background guiding Charice’s choice in clothes, there’s no danger for her going risqué any time soon. There’s a perfect balance in looking hot but still looking refined, and Charice’s fashion sense is right on track.

Red Dress Charice Charice’s Red Hot Style

By Sofia Carrera,

50 Responses to “Charice’s Red-Hot Style”

  1. peperoni says:

    Wow…you can tell she’s trying to look like the others in the event, as if she’s already a “woman,” what with the pose, the thick lipstick and everything. But she’s still a baby, and she can’t hide it from us, her hardcore fans, the Chasters. We are crazy about her the way she really is – a sweet, talented, innocent, wholesome girl.

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  2. SergeLV says:
    Charice’s almost Mona Lisa smile on that photo taken with Thia Megia I think is Charice’s best facial look. The penetrating eyes shows the power that can melt the likes of Donald Trump. I think Charice should develop this look when she performs with DF, and should practice a different look when she performs for the younger audience. Combine that almost Mona Lisa smile, piercing eyes, killer legs, her flawless skin and the sexy red dress, not to mention her killer vocals…who needs to go bare ? That is package !

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  3. geyan says:
    she’s adorable in her red dress. more power to your success charice fan from davao city..

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  4. gunrunner says:
    we need to create a new site he he he ” CHARICEFASHION”. fashion gurus hop in.

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  5. EMERALD says:

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  6. D-J says:
    Me, myself, I don’t care how she looks! Even if she wears pyjama and a shower cap for her concert tour, I will still listening to her “the artist”. As long as she doesn’t show off in to my face her boobs abd butts that will be totally fine with me!

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  7. Anubayan says:
    Wow! This fashion issue is getting hotter and hotter! I love to hear different ideas and suggestions about it. Now that mommyraqz is a home stayed mom in the PI, It is getting
    better and better but her advise is very important. Did you see what she was wearing in David Foster Hitman Returns Concert? It is another Wow! dresss! Just the way you Wowed her performance.And it wasn’t her
    moms who bought it!!! See what I am saying?? I’m sure Robbelt loves that dress too!!
    Anyway, she is a Star! You all love to see a shinning Star! That Shines in all aspects! Including Star quality dresses for Charice!
    That dress was worn months ago and still a topic but If it was an old fashioned dress I’m sure you don’t want to talk about it and
    Don’t get me wrong. I am a huge fan of
    So please… Some of you are too sensitive of little thing. Keep in mind Charice is a public figure where anyone could see anything and make a critism especially in her appearances . I’m Just Glad Marc has people around her now who do this thing to Charice unlike before
    That her mom choose her clothing, make up
    hair in mommyraqz way. Oops!!
    Babbboooh! Needs your comments again!
    Remember it is nothing personal against anyone! This topic is about dressings!!
    Not about how good Charice sings! Well She is a Diva!!!
    Divahhh Robbelt??

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    • fef says:
      Correct me if I’m wrong but I think it was her friend {David Foster’s stepdaughter} who choose it for her. Charice is in good hands.

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      • dadartful says:
        That’s GiGi Hadid, 16, David Foster’s fiancee Yolanda’s daughter. She has a blog “” where mostly high school kids ask her questions. Questions are asked about Charice whom she describes as her god sister. I’ve been reading her blog way back and I believe she did choose the red dress for Woman’s Day. Among the things said was Charice picked her up from high school to take her home. GiGi describes Charice as the “most down to earth person” and a great friend. Interesting stuff that’s kinda behind the media scene.

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  8. tony says:
    say anything you guys want…blah. blah…this, blah. blah… that and more blah…blah…blah. obla-di..obla-da. lol! i love everything about our princess “just the way she is” or was it “just the way you are” by Bruno Mars. :D folks dont mind me, im just here to support and enjoying the ride. as long as Charice feet is “planted firmly on the ground”, thats all that matters to me. shes come a long way and am so proud of her. btw, i still get teary eyed thinking about her story to Oprah Winfrey about she (Charice) has to win the singing contest on that particular day, so Charice, brother Carl and mom Raqz can have pizza”. PEACE!!!

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  9. RodBelt says:
    It is surprising that many of Charice’s so-called fans still fail to notice that Charice is not only God-gifted with a beautiful voice and a strong, charismatic personality that captured the hearts and souls of millions that have watched and heard her perform. Charice is a genius in the making who unbeknownst to many, marches to her own drummer. Just notice her choice of wearing those often-criticized nerdy glasses….the berets……the fedoras – all trademarks that she is her own persona. Just think about the great entertainers of the past and their signature outfits – the way Sinatra wore his hats and a raincoat slung over his shoulder….Elvis with his sideburns, pompadour and colorful clothes that stood out in a crowd as a teenager BEFORE he became famous and MJ with his single glove and military attire. Notice that it is only the greats who dare to venture outside the realm of the ordinary and Charice is showing the signs that she can be one of them.

    For some to mindlessly suggest to remove Mommy Racqz, when it comes to her wardrobe choice is downright offensive to Charice. Mommy Racqz has been and always will be Charice’s tower of strength and support to whom she can always rely on come think and thin. Charice is a grown woman now and surely makes her own decisions some of which may not be on the same page as her Mom. To suggest that her Mom is old fashioned….no more PI clothing …. stick to known designer clothes…etc., etc., are totally absurd. To me, fashion is but a fleeting fancy to which, we as humans, are sometimes hypnotized, magnetized and herded by marketing geniuses who magically convince some of us to part with our hard earned money only to painfully realize in the end that the product is not for us.

    Charice has now reached the stage of her career where every little thing that she does will be scrutinized, and every minute misstep she may incur will be magnified. Unfortunately, these are the price of success that Charice has to pay and endure. But with all the great people supporting and protecting her Charice without a doubt will reach her goal.

    For us Chasters all we can do is watch, and hitch along for the ride in her journey TO THE TOP.

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  10. Thom Normande says:
    @Camo, you must remember that we’re talking about NYC, Nashville, SF, LA, South Beach, Japan, S Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Italtt, Rock County Fort Lauderdale. Charice is competing in this wild, diverse and viral entertainment business, where marketing Charice is like a package, which includes the song, singer’s vocals, styles, attitudes and characters. Everthing is sized up from dresses, swimwears, shoes, undies, makeup, hairstyle, communicattion skills, where you dine, and more. We all know that Charice is one remarkable singer. This is the US entertainment industry, and Charice has also gone huge internationally. Have you seen her mom in some recent concerts? Not most of the time recently. She’s 18, and teens like seeing their idols being able to make the right choices- independent and smart. Charice has been trying variuos hairstyles, attires, and makeups. She is in the process of finding the best set of looks that she will be uniquely hers. I believe, and I’ve heard others sharing the same observation, that the hat and tying her hair to the back must go. The hat only fits her look when her hair and makeup are done in Japan. Her long, black with those rozizontal bangs are hot. She looked ravishingly lovely in her free concerts at malls in Toronto and Bangkok. RED makes her shine. She has killer legs. Sharing the ranks of the famous stars, Charice must also remember to be not just better, but she must stands out among the rest. If she walks down Manhattan, she can no longer savor the peace and quiet of just being unknown. Paparazzi can be serenading her forever until she gets tired of them. They make money by capturing you at your worst moment and worst look like Britney’ breakdown, Tom Cruise’s crazy moment @ Oporah, Rob Lowe’s sex tapes, Hudgen’s naught ohotos, Cyrus drinking spree, Chris Brown’s domestic violence, MJ’s assoiation with teen boys, etc. Knowing Charice, however, the worst thing we could hear from her within the next five years is chewing gum. I’m suspicious of Charice’s producers and managers as regards Charice’s collaborations with other young male perfomers. Similarly, allowing her to sing songs of other pop male and female singers, and giving her green signal to make those songs her own (either musical arrangement or Charice’s rich vocals). These BIG BOSSES are showing that this girl can deliver better versions of the original, and that she’s really ready for something BIG. P.S. That red dress she wore in NYC charity is a killer.

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    • Yumi says:
      I love Charice. All I want is for her to make her dreams come true, to be respected in the music industry, and to gain more fans because more fans = more sales which means music label is happy… because as you know people Warner invested on her. She will gain more fans if she dresses, acts and speaks like a true diva(at least in public). More younger people will like her if they can relate to her. You know how the young people are like- they want to be cool, they’re vain. It’s not just about the voice and performance but the TOTAL PACKAGE. It hurts me when I hear people making fun of her because of her clothes, fashion, the way she speaks etc. For me, I love Charice the way she is but I want her to be respected by her contemporaries that’s why I wish to see her improve especially in fashion and her communication skills. I don’t really care what she wears at home but in public, in every performance (in the Philippines, Japan, USA or wherever) she should have the best hair, make up, clothes, shoes and everything! She’s in HOLLYWOOD people, not in a barangay/provincial contest anymore.

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      • julianne says:

        “She’s in HOLLYWOOD people, not in a barangay/provincial contest anymore”
        Excuse me!! That’s a put down and an inapproprite comment. You just referred to the singing contests she had been to in the Philippines. For your information, Charice would not be where she is right now without those contests. And I can guarantee you that Cha will chastise you if she hears you said that. And for you information, I enjoy watching in YouTube those little contests she performed in, as much as those that she did after she became a star. Shame on you.

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  11. M A Fan says:
    Just in case some of you are wondering (coz someone was asking earlier thru a comment) why there are a number of thumbs down on certain comments (as I expect to have a couple of thumbs down), are probably just because of the content of your comments. No doubt we are all for Charice. But if you guys may notice, comments that involve comparing Charice to other stars will get a few thumbs down…putting Charice in an unreachable pedestal (not that this is bad to me) will generate a few downers as well…the too ever famous “I think she should do this, I think she should do that” is also a mark…and many more. It isn’t so much of our feelings about our dear Charice, the thumbs down are from those that were slighted by your comments or just deem it inappropriate. Mind you though, clicking a thumbs down doesn’t mean it was a bad comment…it just wasn’t to a particular readers comments. You can’t value it as a useless comment because others may like it.

    So continue posting how you feel, but just remember that tact will always be part of everyone’s lives. My two cents. :) Have a great everyone.

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    • kb117 says:
      You nailed it!!!
      I am torn on some of the comments here… they have valid points, some I agree with and some, well…all in one post.
      One has to weigh these post accordingly to one’s own sentiments, and give a rating of their liking… or refrain and move on.

      But I am here for the Charice Ride, through all the ups and downs, wherever it may take me. ;)
      Makeup or no makeup….LOL
      Charice @ D TOP

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      • M A Fan says:

        Glad you agree. And like I said, I was not going to be spared of thumbs down for my post. But that’s totally ok. Everyone is entitled to agree or disagree. The important thing is continue posting and not take things personally. I respect everyone’s post, comments, or like/dislike decision. Peace everyone.

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  12. ice3353 says:
    Charice is a genius with her outfits.
    How she makes use of her outfits and adapts her conduct and personality to suit the venue called for is sheer brilliance – a rocker in one instance, a majestic diva the next, a playful entertainer in another – you would be hard pressed to believe it’s the same girl. There is simply none other like Charice.

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  13. J.Kulisap says:
    Hi there everyone.

    In the Philippines, Charice beauty is ordinary, simple but because of her undeniable charisma, talent and IT factor, she is more than beautiful to my eye, she is bigger and taller than those who proclaims their beauty.

    May I add, it is how you carry yourself with CONFIDENCE. This is not a secret anymore.

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    • mrsharbort says:
      Yes Charice looks ordinary in the Philippines, because she looks like everybody else, but in the states, she is a stand out despite her height.

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  14. myinkheart4 says:
    Imho, Charice is where she is right now essentially because of her and her mom – their attitude and their decisions in life. Everybody who has helped her has done that, helped. If Charice and her mom hadn’t made those right decisions, no amount of help would have propelled her to where she is now. So when it comes to dressing, I think she is yes, on the right track, hiring a stylist (i remember her saying in an interview that she has one) but decisions are still hers and her mom’s. It is indeed a mark of a great person that she doesn’t just do as the others simply because it’s in fashion: in this case, not dressing up like other Hollywood stars who are actually more undressed than dressed. She is marking her own way to stardom, and that includes marking her own way in fashion.

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  15. jojox says:
    why is it that when she’s in the Philippines..she dresses old and her make up is thick and strong?…i like this look… with less make up you can never go wrong.

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    • julianne says:

      “why is it that when she’s in the Philippines..she dresses old and her make up is thick and strong”

      Another put down to her beloved Philippines. For your information, she is at her best when she wears – the way you call it, “old dresses.” Her “old dresses” are much simpler, are the traditions of her native land, and are not westernized. I would rather that she wears them.

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  16. edy says:
    am a big fan, love and adore her voice, her music, her personality. all others I leave to her management who knows what’s good for her. her outfits, oh I love them all.

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  17. camo says:
    lest some of you forget charice is a singer not a fashion model or heidi klum or bar rapheal.

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  18. camo says:
    i see more fashion police here and stylist ,would like to see how some of you dress so we can critique you all.

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  19. AIM says:
    We are agreeing to some of the comments we don’t know why so many thumbs down we think they are being honest with their opinions because that’s the way we see it. Here in our Country we love and adore Charice very much and we thought no one will give her an honest opinion except those people that really care about her. In our honest opinion, Charice is not a child any more she turned to a very attractive young lady and simple make-up especially on her tantalizing eyes would really stand out her beauty.

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    • julianne says:

      “…simple make-up especially on her tantalizing eyes…”

      First, it was her legs that were so beautiful and “hot”…now it’s her “tantalizing eyes.” Gee, I haven’t seen so much critique on body parts than in this blog. Isn’t there anything about Cha that people don’t like? I’d like someone critique her fingernails, please.

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  20. eve says:
    Nice… I think I saw a fashion article recently about blue dresses as well with Charice included. Go girl! As Charice gets more popular, paparazzi will even find you in everyday wear going to the deli or whatever lol. Hope Charice perfects the casual chic look that I love about Beyonce for instance, her idol. But maybe a Nike version of chic since that’s her favorite footwear lol… without the baseball caps please, though

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    • julianne says:

      Nice… I think I saw a fashion article recently about blue dresses..”

      First, people admired her for her “red dress” in the Woman’s Day venue. Now you’re saying she looks great in “blue.” Which one is it? Could we make up our mind, please? Next thing you know someone will praise her for wearing “purple” dress. I still like her “pink” baby dress, the one she wore in her Korean gig.

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  21. sheldonbuzz says:
    @cancon that’s a Hollywood and European fashion trend. Rich red lipstick – n/a the eyeshadows and smokey dark eyes, nude lipstick. They know what they’re doing.

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  22. rose says:
    I agree with Anubayan. I think expert stylists should handle Charice for her own good.

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  23. Riza says:
    I,m pretty sure she has a stylist by now just like anyone of those celebrities. Especially if she goes to one of these red carpet events. Her publisher would not be allowing her anymore to be photographed by all those paparazzis in those Red Carpet happenings without being advised on what to wear.The stylist knows what’s good with these celebrities,(and that includes our very own Charice)what’s in and out of fashion, and that it has to be age appropriate.They could not dress her according to our individual taste.So why can.t we just enjoy on watching her and appreciate how she looks to us and to all her countless fans from all over the world.

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  24. vincent says:
    I think Charice has enough people around her to take care of all her needs. (clothes, shoes, make-up, food, diet, exercise and many others)Let us just appreciate her beauty and talent and put our concentration in getting her to the pinnacle of her chosen career.

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  25. cancon says:
    I like her outfit here…concern about her eye make-up here. she should put a little more eye make-up here on this photo..anyways,..luv yuh Charice!..go, go, go!!!

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  26. Anubayan says:
    I would rather her mother out of scene when it comes to Charice clothing style . She is a Hollywood star so she should wear clothing line with names on it like what she worn last woman’s day appearance in New York City. She looks stunning with Ralph Lauren red dress. Her mom should be out of the scene this time! No more local clothings from PI where she wear those out of style clothing before. Some are okay but her mom has an old fashioned taste.
    Charice should stick to well known designer like Vera Wang could dress her up in a very trendy clothing aside from Ralph lauren there are many to choose from.
    As you know there are so many fashion
    police in the states and everywhere and critics especially pinoys are known for criticism in a good way so that they will name Charice as “baduy”- means clothing that is not match with the style or out of style.
    Dibaaaaah mga Pinoy!!!
    You love Charice to dress up well in her appearances?
    Designers! Not from mom’s closet!!!
    I’m sure she can afford it now! And if she wants to be in holliwood . Charice should dress up like the Stars because that is where she belongs now!!
    Take my advise on this! Some might not agree but all of these suggestions are for her improvement and for her not to be set aside by the media.
    Ayyyy naku naman ……

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    • nordin says:

      What do you mean if she wants to be in Hollywood? She’s already there rubbing elbows with celebrities. Please don’t ever under estimate her Mom, you don’t really know what she’s capable of.

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    • Mike says:
      Anubayan, You were right about the “out of style clothing before & some are ok but her Mom has an old fashion taste”.

      If I remember it right that her Mom mentioned on an interview before about what Charice wears here in the USA are those clothes that her Mom buys in the Philippines & those clothes that they buy here in the USA is what Charice wears when she is staying in the philippines. On which, I don’t get that concept of thinking.

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    • marites says:
      I think fashion care and sensibilities needs to be provided to Charice by professional stylist as she is now in the public eye and she needs to establish a style for herself. Whether she is casual, chic or fashion forward there needs to be an overall sytling harmony suited to her personality. It’s like interior decorating. Note how Selena, although she cannot sing, is already establishing herself as a fashionista so that even without singing or acting talent, she will go far with her beauty and style overall.

      Some clothes from the Philippines are okay but even high fashion there tends to be over the top. I prefer to see Charice in clean lines. Too much frou-frou will highlight her hight. And yes, no more style advice from Mommy Raqz. Please, no more FOB-looking clothes.

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    • tita says:

      I’m not Charice’s mom and I’m not Charice but I’m a bit offended by what you said–”I would rather her mother out of scene when it comes to Charice clothing style.”

      We don’t know for SURE which clothes her mom have a decision on. We don’t know for SURE whether the clothes we like or like the least are influenced by her mom. We just don’t know for SURE.

      Anyone can make suggestions and give his opinions about her clothing style, of course. But to say outright–that her mom should be out of it–is going overboard, I believe. To me, your comment is tantamount to saying that others can have a say to Charice’s clothing style but her mom cannot.

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    • Prince02 says:
      I agree with Anubayan…no offense with Mom Raqz, i think Charice should wear clothes from certified and professional stylist only.
      A huge STAR is Born, remember?

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      • julianne says:

        Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  27. cancon says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  28. hermiemel says:
    Charice is sexy and smoldering hot in red!!!

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  29. Jeremaiah says:
    Charice was red hot sexy!!! Go Charice. Labyo!!!

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    • cancon says:
      In some ways, Anubayan is right..we love Charice. we’re just concern about her. She’s a hollywood star now & she should be conscious on her looks & appearrance. She’s a young lady now. a simple make-up specially the eyes..& a simple dress but elegant one..just an opinion…I’m a fan & support her all the way.

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