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Charice Teams Up with Songwriter/Producer Soulshock for New Album

Charice Teams Up with Songwriter/Producer Soulshock for New Album

Charice is hard at work recording in the studio for the follow-up to her debut album, “Charice”. Various producers have already worked with her like, Sean Garret, Jim Beanz, and the Jackie Boyz. Charice’s vocal skills live in the studio, is no less amazing than when it’s on record, and now, she’s gained another fan with top record producer and hit songwriter, Carsten Schack, better known as Soulshock.

Soulshock put up Soul Power Productions and Records in 1990, and since then, numerous artists benefited from the Soulshock treatment. He is behind Monica’s no. 1 hit, “Before You Walk Out of My Life”, Whitney Houston’s Grammy-nominated, “Heartbreak Hotel”, Craig David and Sting’s, “Rise and Fall”. Some more recent works are Jojo’s “Leave (Get Out)”, Fantasia’s “Truth”, and other collaborations with Kelly Rowland, Keyshia Cole, and Bruno Mars.

Through Twitter, Soulshock expressed his amazement of Charice’s vocal talents. Before meeting with Charice, he tweeted, “Still trying to figure out what that TV show ” Glee ” is before Charice comes to studio!” – seems like he wasn’t very familiar with Charice’s body of work yet. But after hearing her sing one of her new songs for the album, Soulshock was a convert. He tweeted three consecutive praises for Charice’s talent.

First, “OMG – now I really have to watch Glee …Charice is killing the vocals here at Soulpower … Wow she can sing !!!” And just after a couple of hours, he tweets another praise, “wow you are amazing! … U are killing the vocals here at Soulpower !! … I’m blown away – this song is huge !!”

But fun-loving Charice made sure that it wasn’t all work and seriousness in the studio, your guess is as good as mine on what she did based on Soulshock’s tweet, “hey …. I did not know you can sound perfectly like a sad dog and and hungry cat !!! Best animal sounds i have ever heard!”

Looks like everything’s going really well in the studio for Charice, and let’s all hope that it continues this way until she releases her very much anticipated sophomore album. With Soulpower producing one or more songs, her album will definitely have a more RnB and Dance sound than her previous one. But as Charice said before, the direction she’s taking is through the more upbeat style – which is a perfect follow-up to her Billboard No. 1 Dance Hit, “Pyramid”. Great beats plus Charice’s powerful voice? No doubt it’ll be another chart-topping album.

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55 Responses to “Charice Teams Up with Songwriter/Producer Soulshock for New Album”

  1. Randy says:

    I love Glee especially now that they added Charice.

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  2. Nsanitee says:
    soulshock on twitter just finished charice song. can we have an itsy-bitsy preview, please, pretty please?

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  3. kenneth says:
    just wanna share this for those who have no cable,

    if you wanna watch the complete performances of charice


    complete with david’s introduction

    and charice-david conversation on stage,

    here’s the link guys:

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  4. edna says:
    Charice is really the firework that anytime she’ll spread her network with magic and love.And we are patiently waiting what’s next of her with lots of excitement and fun without pushing her too much.We know she’ll bring us another surprise…..we love this girl.

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  5. rianrian88 says:
    Any songwriter/producer will not regret getting Charice to sing their composition.They are assured that their song will hit the chart (among the TOP 10 in the BILLBOARD).Can’t wait to have the new album of Charice.

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  6. peakarach says:
    I truly hope our Sunshine will be the next superstar worldwide in 2011.

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  7. stefie2325 says:
    really, really, really now i can’t wait til Charice release her second album. just so happy that Cha is working with these amazing guys…can’t wait really but im excited.more power to Charice my one and only princess..muah from kuwait!

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  8. jaju says:
    You don’t have to wait. Just listen to Unique’s and Charice’s sings “Wherever you are”. It’s a big WOW. And number one in Japan.

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