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Unique: ‘I Was Nervous’ Recording With Charice

Unique: ‘I Was Nervous’ Recording With Charice

Unique Zayas has admitted that he was nervous when time came for him to record the hit record “Wherever You Are” with Charice last year.

Speaking in an interview from a laptop, which was recorded and uploaded on YouTube, Unique told a detailed story of how his collaboration came about, what his first impression of Charice was and how nervous he felt performing with her in studio and as her guest on her recent tour of Japan.

“I was nervous ’cause I’m like, ‘this girl sings really really good.’ I mean, I sing too but I don’t think that I’m a singer like Charice,” he states, referring to the day when they recorded the Japan chart-topping song in Los Angeles.

Charice Unique Studio Unique: I Was Nervous Recording With Charice

Charice and Unique recording "Wherever You Are"

Unique also admits that he knew nothing about Charice until he decided to tag along with song-writer and friend Claude Kelly – the writer of “In This Song” – who was on his way to one of Charice’s rehearsals.

“I was in LA , we were working and he happened to be going to a rehearsal for this girl named Charice. I didn’t know who she was at the time.,” he says.

“We get to the rehearsal and this little girl, who’s like this tall (gestures short), she’s singing like a black girl, but (with) like a Christina Aguilera kind of emotion.

“I walked in the room and I was like, “Ooh wow! She’s talented”. At that time, it was not an idea for us to work together. I just told her she had a beautiful voice.”

He also explains that was later, when he was wrapping up his album “From Brooklyn to You,” that Charice’s name was suggested for a collaboration, and he didn’t hesitate to take the chance. Now, he has his first No 1 hit in Japan.

“I told her the idea (for the song) and she was so sweet. She was like ‘I like it.’ We went into the booth, and she recorded and I recorded and we took turns. She taught me some things and I taught her some , and now the record is out and it’s No 1. I’ve got to thank God for that.”

Unique Zayas speaks about meeting Charice. Video courtesy of issssssla

Meanwhile, a perfect example of the vocal abilities that made Unique so nervous has made its way onto Youtube too. It shows Charice and Unique Zayas hanging out with 4 other colleagues singing in harmony the “Killing Me Softly”.

The 1971 song, written by Charles Fox and Norman Gimbel, was a major his for Roberta Flack in 1973, but hit the charts again in 1996 thanks to The Fugees’ version that was included on their Grammy award-winning album “The Score.”

On the video, Charice is seen up close holding a cassette tape and singing, along with her five colleagues. The sound quality is excellent and, of course, the chance to see Charice up close and very informal is too good to pass up!

By Robert Sheen,

27 Responses to “Unique: ‘I Was Nervous’ Recording With Charice”

  1. Tina says:

    Hey guys! I’m not sure if someone already posted this link here. I read a post earlier if there was a video of Unique in Club Giraffe. I found this one …

    He was singing Wherever You Are. Nope, Charice didn’t sing with him at that time, but Unique acknowledge that Charice was in the club at 0:20 sec mark in the video. Enjoy!

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  2. palaginghuli says:

    Slightly different view of “Killing Me Softly” taken by another member of the band.

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  3. Precious says:
    i believe that casette tape was an iphone case :) and she was taking a vid.

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    • iphonetape says:

      I went watching this on youtube and read all the comments about the video. Honestly, I cannot tell if the video is about the casette tape / iphone or about Charice and crew. Somehow everyone is fascinated about that gadget that it earned quite an impressive number of comments :)

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  4. yetey16 says:
    if you ask me i freeze myself wont be able to sing infront of her….that’s how Charice magic is….. :-)

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  5. EBJohns11 says:
    I’ll be nervous with her too. Shes just great!

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  6. jopl says:
    charice has improve a lot. she is now a superstar. she is now within the level of celine, whitney and mariah. at present there is no one in the world that can compete with her singing prowess. i predict shes gonna be big.God poured His blessings to her. their prayers were answered.oprah, david, celine , helen are all instrments used by God for a purpose.these people are the best in the music business.that is why charice is with them

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  7. Marie says:
    These Artists are having fun while waiting for food to be served? They enjoy their idle time singing “Killing me Softly with His song” one of my all time favorites… this version is awesome, I love it! Can you guys make it available in itunes? You guys rocks!

    I like you now Unique Zayas because you respect & love Charice as much as we do.

    Have a joyful day everyone. Cheers

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    • foodindeed says:

      when you’re taht hungry and waiting for food, ‘killing me softly’ is just the right song to sing!

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  8. Ghost4all says:
    hope theres a video of Unique/Charice’s performance in CLUB GIRAFFE…….anyone..

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  9. 2die4 says:

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    • daddy 0 says:
      ME too.. I might crap in my pants all the way due to a nervous breakdown. She is really good!!

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    • really says:
      Well, just thinking about it already makes me nervous and I think I just pee in my pants!

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  10. Joel says:
    its so funny, don’t they know the lyrics! come on! lmao. I love you Cha! hahaha.

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  11. AIM says:
    Charice is so beautiful inside and outside and people treated her with respect because she is a respectable young lady. We are proud of you Charice.

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  12. mysaudiboy says:
    I love ZAYAS the way how she describe charice, he’e a nice person and he loves working with her, charice you are the COOLEST GIRL IN THE PLANET. GOOD LUCK GIRL…

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  13. Vanguard says:
    Zayas probably won’t mention C. Aguillera if the interview happened after the Super Bowl debacle.

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  14. abeng1127 says:
    wow … killing me softly,, it’s oldies song and charice hang they likes motown studio .. kill’n them all

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  15. D-J says:
    Nice collaboration! Unique’s record label should release the single in America & Europe as it’s a hit in Japan. And nice jam session there…Would be nice to hear from her band members on their impression of working with Charice…

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  16. FanINLA says:
    The “cassette tape” is actually an cellphone case…’la lang…

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  17. EMERALD says:

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  18. zevos2 says:
    hahaha i rememmber i ask some funny question to him….
    he’s funny person…..
    i hope i recorded the video when i talked to him, but i didn’t that’s too bad….
    i hope you’re great now zayas!!!!
    and you still owe me performance with charice hahaha….

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  19. Luisa says:
    I am so proud of this little girl. I am so happy that she is gaining respect from her colleages because of her talent, I heard she really is a perfectionist when it come to music. that is why she owns every song she covers!! go charice!! moore success to you!!

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    • ArrVee says:
      it is especially her colleagues and other people in the music business that she works with whom she immediately gains respect from, because they have a better appreciation than most, of the quality, magnitude and rarity of her talent, able to dissect it into more technical terms. Onstage for example, you often see the backup singers and/or musicians in the background react to her songs, just like those in the video below:

      for the rest of us, all we know is how it feels to be at the receiving end of her magical vocal machinery, as measured in raw terms by goosebumps, tears and incoherent screams …

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  20. yuepit says:
    Charice u can sing any song with passion.O said the most talented girl in the world. Love love u from Montreal.

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  21. jimfan155 says:
    Fun, fun, fun. Charice can “hang” with any singer and though she has said her knees shake at times, she hides it well and really doesn’t take a back seat to anyone. Her confidence when she sings is at the highest level. I look back to the video when she first met Mariah Carey, the first 3 seconds show her not only jamming with a group of guys but dominating (I love this short clip) as well.

    It’s like when Sunshine first sang with Rachel. Although Rachel was all up in her face and was serious, Sunshine was with her note for note but her demeanor was sweet and funloving. Man, I have to learn to separate fact from fiction.

    Anyway, go Charice and always have fun.

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  22. Monkeydoggie says:
    em first! OMC! I’m so freaking lovin’ the killing me softly version of Charice. It’s just shows, how versatile she was!

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