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Charice Invited to Collaborate With Black Eyed Peas Singer

Charice Invited to Collaborate With Black Eyed Peas Singer


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  1. jaju says:

    Look at Unique and Charice. It happened on one meeting and boom they got a number one hit in Japan. Wait until it is release in the US of A. It will be platinum no doubt. Right now, I have it in my laptop, my cell phone, my mp3 and in my dvd player. It is number one hit also in me personally. I play it none stop in the beginning of the day until I sleep.

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  2. Bert says:

    Collaboration about people power is not a good idea. not good for charice.

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  3. chasterdad says:
    This collaboration should take-off at once! Charice and Bruno Mars?… why not Ap?

    All are Filipinos by blood so doing work together should be an honor for all parties concerned.

    Who knows, if there was a Motown for African Americans, then maybe Jeepney music by Ap may follow in the same vein for Filipinos.

    Both are international talents so doing such a collaborative project can be further be highlighted within the industry.

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  4. marlyn says:
    i’m looking forward to this collaboration of Charice and

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  5. carmen says:
    may the collaboration come true! may appl de ap make honest of it. it is not charice who will be in the bad picture if appl de ap does not really mean to do it, and nor harm should be done! they are both doing very good in their chosen careers and as gifted artists must only do good for the other!

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  6. starbuck245 says:
    Maybe I’ve been chaddicted too long now or intoxicated by the Japan tour, but my sense is Charice is getting to the point that many musicians, singers and producers should be honored to be asked to collaborate with her or should be going to her to ask her. IMHO, she will make most any song they write and sing better than w/o her.

    I feel this way so strongly that I’m confident that at least one song on her soon to be released CD will be a big hit.

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  7. Julio says:
    Charice right now has proven her worth as a recognizable and undeniable artist for the decade, so expect more artists in high profile caliber would want to do collaborations or just be mentioning Charice in all their music endeavors…they know that Charice is going to be really huge since she was introduced in the industry recently.

    In so short a time, Charice was able to curve a name for herself and has made a tremendous and magnificent presence and impact, and is embraced by the moguls of the music industry. Again, kudos to Oprah, David, her mother and fans who continually supports Charice.

    Charice, please continue to inspire us in your music and God maybe glorified…

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  8. allgringo says:
    Everything depends on the David Foster!! (Charice´s dad)

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    • Apple_boy says:
      and do not forget Oprah… (Her Fairy God Mother!)

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      • lola-elrem says:
        no wonder david foster had to explain that charice was no lovechild of him and oprah HI! HI! HI! however they are both so in love with her singing capability, so yeah charice is indeed both foster’s and oprah’s lovechild –= their love for her angelic voice.

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        • carmen says:
          i like that lola elrem! we all have one thing in common! Charice is our lovechild! we all fell in love with her personality and angelic voice! the time will come who dislikes or hates her will have a change of heart for Charice is truly God-sent, bringing peace and joy to the world with her humility, gratefulness and utmost, her powerful chiller voice! it was funny as i am not always quick to think to answer a friend’s claim and attested by the youngster beside me saying they do not like charice! not only the yougsters here in te philippines do not support or like charice because they, (youngsters or not so young) do not really know or appreciate real talent. we already know most filipinos, from the abs-cbn people who rejectd charice in the past, are only after beautiful face and sexiness of physique. don’t we know how youngster scream and go gaga on the korean singers super junior, likewise on justin beiber cuz he is good looking,trendsetting with his hairstyle and slim physique? ditto on taylor swift! i do not disregard she is talented, has good voice and on top she is so pretty and sweet and slim, sexy, but her music is all about nearly the same! the real talent that will last a lifetime is someone who can sing any song, beautifully, that is, with a powerful voice and emotional interpretation to the song and music! may she remain humble and grateful with all her blessings, and may the good Lord Almighty, the source of all good be praised and glorified!

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  9. luckyseven777star says:
    It’s just apt to collaborate with Charice to reach out to millions of Filipinos if it’s about People Power or better yet, for World Peace– if you want to reach out every corners of the world. It’s an appropriate time to think about World Peace, don’t you think? At this Information Age, Charice’s singing voice has the ability to reach such greater/sublime heights.

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  10. jaju says:
    I heazrd and read that long time ago. Shouldn’ talk to Charice management rather than suggest it through the press? Helloooo everything should be done on the proper channel.

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    • Joel says:
      Not really. An artist can say that he or she would like to have whoever on the song. It’s just like Charice saying she wants to do collaborations with other artists. It all depends on how serious the artist is. All they need to do is ask the artist they want. Also with Apl being in the Philippines, it’s just smart to say what he said, because of course he knows how everyone there loves Charice.

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  11. ARG MATRIX says:
    These opportunity is nice and dandy, but it would be nice for to talk to charice and her management first before talking to the media, you know what will happen if this will not go thru… charice will be the bad guy, some in the media will spin it like charice got a hot head alredi…lol

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  12. tony says:
    @Robert Sheen, i hope to see only “positive” comments on this article. any “negative” or so called “concerns” in regards to our princess career, personal life, etc. are not being realistic to themselves and quite unfair to our princess. Charice is a young responsible adult then/now and with good people (Oprah, David F., Marc J., WB executives) supporting her including her momraqz, brother Carl… i can’t see anything go wrong with her future endeavors. i have been following this young talent for the past 3yrs. or so now “cha-ddicted for sure…lol” and i believe she is heading in the right directions to become one of the most successful singer in the world. and if i may add, a “true asian artist at that” to make it in the US mainstream. going back to your previous article “remake of the bodyguard movie”, someone posted a link to that article in the chatroom and i was actually happy “just to see” Charice name mentioned in that article by the author and to consider Charice be part of the role (acting/singing). all i can say to that, believe it or not our princess is already a “household name” here in the US. one thing for sure, being part of this CM community, our princess is loved by her “Chasters” and wants only the “best” for her not just “good”.

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  13. Nsanitee says:
    what a great opportunity. so let’s make it happen already!

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  14. 2die4 says:
    Charice can collaborate w/ any other artist/s because she is IT ! She does not disappoint. Great singers know great singers.It takes one to know one !!!!

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  15. Theo says:
    Now, THIS, is a good collaboration. Good artist and great songs! Black Eyed Peas is lucky…!


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    • luvlhee says:
      I think most of the people here misinterpreted the story. The collaboration will only be between Apl de AP and Charice (if it does happen) and the song will be sort of a commercial song since it’s about the People Power. So this will only be heard by Filipinos. Black Eyed Peas has nothing to do with it.
      That’s why it’s better for him to not talk to the media about it.

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      • blubeard says:

        That’s right, it will be limited within PH and does not involve the BEP itself. It would be better if the whole group would do the collaboration, just like what Zayas did.

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  16. yuenpit says:
    At the top baby and keep on climbing.God bless and love u from Montreal.

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  17. kimora says:
    im so excited for them to collaborate. i cant wait.

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  18. jamain says:
    wow, that is super good news!

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