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Tokyo Concert: The Dream Continues

Tokyo Concert: The Dream Continues

MARCH 1, 2011 UPDATE: Short Report by Frantic Mom and Rude Boy Video (Audio only) This Tokyo Concert Experience report from Justcharrie includes an amazing gift of complete uninterrupted audio of the concert so that you can fill in all of the missing pieces AND super clear video of the first few songs. Enjoy!

Going For A Dream

Itai??i??s been days since I personally witnessed how Charice alone enthralled the people in the Land of the Rising Sun but here I am, yet to get over the happiness and pride it has brought me. Four months I had waited for this as it was four months ago when I first watched Charice in the David Foster & Friends in Tokyo and when Chariceai??i??s international solo concert tour had been announced. Four months of excitement and anticipation for this momentous and historical event in Chaai??i??s zooming carreer.

Meeting Chasters

February 22. The four months of long wait was finally over. I flew to Haneda Airport headed to Nikko Hotel where other Chasters from different parts of the world are already settled a day earlier. The excitement Iai??i??ve been feeling since I learned that Japan is the lucky country that will host the first ever international solo concert of the little princess escalates more as I come near my destination. As I was checking-in at the hotel, I overheard someone mentioning my name to a hotel staff and as I turned around to see who was talking, I knew right away who he was ai??i?? Chaster Clause! I delightfully went to greet him, exchanged hugs and he ushered me to where the other Chasters were joyfully chatting. I met the Chasters with familiar faces: Eve, whose familiar laugh revealed their presence in the lobby (blame it to Fantalk), Tintol, SideburnerSol, and some others whom I knew only in their usernames. LAfan was a surprise to me as I thought of him as another person. Haha, Chaster Clause tricked me on this. Jocelyn joined us later in the afternoon for an early dinner as half of the group are scheduled to watch the concert and wanted to be in the venue not later than six pm. Eveai??i??s Japanese adopted daughter was a big help in getting us to Zepp with ease, without getting lost. (Hello ARZ, LAfan!)

Concert 1st Night

Having arrived at the concert venue, the first thing I noticed was that, the people in line were of all ages- from teens to middle-aged to retirees – predominantly Japanese. Throughout the time that weai??i??re waiting in line, I couldnai??i??t help looking at those grandpas/grandmas who were patiently waiting in line, worried if they could manage to stand long hours of a full concert without any hassle. I then smiled thinking to myself, ai??i??Itai??i??s Chariceai??i??s power that brought them hereai??i??they can make it.’ Well of course they did. Inside the packed arena, we were so lucky to get a spot around 4 meters away from the stage. Beside me were two Japanese ladies in their 50ai??i??s. ai???Chaster?ai???, asked one of them. ai???Hai!ai???.(Yes!) I replied. That was unexpected. I was asked by a Japanese lady if I were a Chaster? Haha! Thatai??i??s so cool! We had a little chat and I asked her how she came to know of Charice. She told me that she saw Charice on two TV shows, the first one of which she couldnai??i??t recall the program, and the 2nd one was in Tetsuko no Heya where she chanced upon her humming Doraemon. She loved her when she saw her the first time so when she spotted her again in Tetsuko, she decided to follow the little princess in Zepp. She was so into Charice, imagine, she knows the term ai???Chaster?!ai??? I could feel her enthusiasm when we talked about Charice. Schoen suggested we invite her to the M&G but she was so shy and she asked me instead to give her regards to Charice and tell her that she will support her all the way. By the way, she told me that her friendai??i??s husband is the writer of Doraemon. (I cleared this schoen ok?) Our princess loves Doraemon, yey, what a coincidence. The lights began to dim. I started to feel the tension. Excited and nervous at the same time as the moment for the concert to begin gets nearer. Chariceai??i??I cited a short prayer that God be with her when she gets on the stage. People began to scream Chariceai??i??s name as if they couldnai??i??t wait anymore for her to show up on the stage. The lady beside me was shouting too. ai???CHARICE! CHARICE!ai??? You can hear that on the video I took. I felt Order dipyridamole stress so proud looking around me, Japanese people of all ages, lots of teen-agers, young and old couples, even bald men (hehe) were there, enthusiastic to witness the prowess of the little princess. Cut to the chase, the concert was remarkable. Charice was phenomenal! She was all in one! A total performer! You could hear every word of endearment and astonishment being gushed by those in attendance. ai???SUGOIai???, ai???KAKUIai???, ai???KAWAIai??? etc. She was in full control of her voice, full control of the stage, singing and dancing to the amazement of everyone. Was this really her first international concert? She looked like sheai??i??s been doing this for years! Oh, I found myself in tears while sheai??i??s singing ai???The Truth Isai???. Her earlier struggles suddenly flashed back and seeing the faces of those around me, seeing how sheai??i??s loved by the Japanese, I became sentimental. If you loved her performances in videos, I swear itai??i??s 100x better LIVE! I want to give props also to the band especially to Troy being the Musical Director. They were incredible. There was never a dull moment in the concert. Anyway, I tried to capture the event but unfortunately I was caught too early at the beginning of the concert. The security ordered me to turn off the video cam. He was shouting to other securities, ai???Foreigners are taking vids!ai???. LOL. He stayed around for long. I failed to capture the video but I tried my best to capture even just the audio. I groped the record button while the video cam was in my pocket. You will notice the sudden change of sound quality. Listen to her Doraemon, itai??i??s so cute! The Japanese loved it! After the concert, everyone was still in her spell. I could overhear people talking of how great the concert was. How incredible Charice was. Some said they loved the Michael portion. You could hear ai???Chariceai??? everywhere. Chariceai??i??Chariceai??i??Chariceai??i??


If there was a hang-over for drinking too much alcohol, well, I got a hang-over for having my mind full of Charice. The scenes in the just concluded concert were captured still in my brain. The way she smiled, the way she moved around the stage very professionally – all those were stuck in my brain and I couldnai??i??t sleep. I hadnai??i??t slept at all.

2ND Night

The first night was phenomenal and I couldnai??i??t get enough of the princess so I decided to watch again. Yes, Schoen had some influence, lol. But everyone couldnai??i??t get enough of Charice so almost all of the first batch watched again. If there would be 3rd night, Iai??i??d be lining up again. Same as the first night, the 2nd night was FULL HOUSE! Again, all ages. Again, phenomenal performance! I had only one regret though. After the concert, I saw people lining up, this time, to buy Charice merchandise. CDs and pamphlets were being sold. I overheard the attendant saying ai???SOLD-OUT!ai???. It turned out that the sold-out sheai??i??s talking about were the CHARICE T-SHIRTS. Still lots of people wanted to buy her T-shirt but itai??i??s already sold-out. Dang! I didnai??i??t know they were selling Charice T-Shirt! I could have bought one for me earlier. I bought Charice pamphlet during the first night. HD/HQ video from the second night! Click the screen to start Playlist: 1-Rocketeer/Crazy in Love. 2-Empire State of Mind. 3-Replay/Pyramid. 4-Only Girl. 5-Telephone. 6-Firework

Video Uploaded by Hachiko0223

Meet & Greet

Itai??i??s been my dream to hug Charice and have a solo picture with her. I almost got my wish when I watched her for the first time in DFF Tokyo but it wasn’t meant to be. So when the news broke that thereai??i??d be M&G, my heart leaped for joy. There is hope. Truly there is hope. My dream was realized. Charice arrived at the M&G still energetic and playfully got along with us. It was one of the best moments of my life. I was able to hug my princess and had a picture with her. I owe this to my fellow Chasters who made this possible. Thank you guys! Congratulations Charice for your very successful international concert debut. It was a very proud moment watching you up there on the stage capturing the heart of every one of us. You are a delight to watch cuz you always carry your heart in your every performance. God will always guide you on your journey.

Audio of Complete Concert (90 minutes)

Video Uploaded by Abilidades

by Justcharrie,


As I sit here on my couch wondering how I can express this experience I had from an amazing journey which I was very blessed to get included, I still find it difficult where to beginai??i??even a week has already passedai??i??. We all heard how wonderful the concert was, how the Japanese adores Charice, how they appreciate her talent. That night, every one of us was caught by surprise. Charice has become a woman oozing with confidence. She did cover songs as if it was penned for her originally; she OWNED each one of them. She glided on stage weightless. She ruled the stage like a wild fire. It was wonderful to witness her transformation right before our very eyes. The night ended with a BANG! Our hearts filled with mixed emotions, pleased but clamoring for more; our hands

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were numb from clapping but ready for encore; our feet was sore but ready for another round of dancing; we just simply canai??i??t get enough of HER…C H A R I C E! As we headed back to the hotel, I couldnai??i??t help to notice the smile on our faces as we thank Chaster Clause who brought us together; who served as the MAGNET who pulled us in one place; who took a chance to bring us closer regardless how far we have to travel. We are a group of fortunate people who came from different places, backgrounds, ages and professions. But none of us felt different from one another. None of these served as a hindrance to demonstrate how we truly feel. We found immediate comfort talking to each other, sharing our thoughts as well as our excitement from our trip though most of us met for the first time. But we chatted endlessly sharing the same passion and dreams for Ming. We hope for the best and an endless beacon of her STAR. The plane landed on LAX but it feels like I left my heart in Tokyo. That fun and bonding moments we collectively shared together is PRICELESS. The words of wisdom from Chaster Clause will always serve as reminders on how the power of giving is all about and on how fulfilling to make ones dream come true. Despite of all the blessings, he never utters words of self-entitlement but instead master the art of HUMILITY. by Frantic Mom, Here’s Rude Boy: The Other Side of Charice:

Video Uploaded by ja34peters, Audio by Abilidades


75 Responses to “Tokyo Concert: The Dream Continues”

  1. Maribeth says:
    I think it’s time for Charice to give back to the Japanese community after her successful ctour in that place. I hope she will be able to help Japan’s victim of Tsunami even just in her small kind of way. It will speak volume of her personality and her popularity. …just a thought….that’s all!

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  2. flordeplata says:

    mmm I don’t know if it just me but…since it says that this article includes the “complete uninterrupted audio of the concert” WHERE IS THE LINK???? I couldn’t find it in the article…anyone can help pleaseee? thank you :)!!

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  3. mutyangla says:
    Good job Charice !! Congrats!!

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  4. justcharrie says:
    I really enjoy Charice singing this Doraemon ( without lyrics, haha!). I’m sure everyone does!

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  5. MarjzV says:
    I wish there is someone having a closer vidoe of Charice…In Her Japan Concerts.

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  6. cora says:
    congratulations charice for a spellbinding performance. As if empire state of mind is your own song. perfect

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  7. jn says:
    Loved Charice dance moves but above all her amazing voice and personality. Keep up the great work kiddo…More power and God bless!!!

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  8. LuckyRain0rig says:
    Congratulations Charice for your successful first International Concert in Japan. Wow, Charice, Keep Going Girl!!!

    Thank you JustCharrie for sharing with us your beautiful experience. I am so envious-I wish I was there with you guys, huh, next time.

    Next stop: Vancouver (I hope!)

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  9. ubob123 says:
    Charice dance move. This is the moment Iv been waiting. She singing combined with dancing as every super start singer did. Her dance move will put her in a real superstardom. She is now a complete package.

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    • johnw says:

      Charice has combined singing and dancing going back to her Little Big Star days ((Hot Stuff).All of her concerts with Michael Jackson material (SMX, Big E, Valentine) combined singing and dancing.

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  10. randy says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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    • ARG MATRIX says:
      @randy tell me abt anybody singing only her songs at the start of her career. Charice is only starting with 1 int’l album to her credit. She sang 27 songs in her japan concert, there’s abt 15 songs in her album…lol

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    • bryskired says:
      so you now understand???? geez… give charice a break,,, so much for critics like you…..

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  11. rabbit says:
    aries that is called marketing strategy and it is not charice alone who decides on that. they must know their business otherwise they will not be on it. by the way we have a series here on CM on the topic and i learned a lot from it.

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  12. aries says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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    • M says:
      She did sing many songs from her album and collab with another artist e.g. Reset, In love So Deep, Note to God, In this Song, Pyramid, Crescent Moon, I love you, The Truth is, Whereever you are.

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  13. Eloisa says:
    Our princess is already way way ahead. From LBS “I Wanna Dance and Hot Stuff” steps to Rocketeer movements. What Can I say WOW. Its so amazing and entertaining how she moves. God bless you princess. For me you will be my little princess.

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  14. myinkheart4 says:
    Really, Charice just showed that with her performing, you won’t need, much less want, anyone else or any gimmick for that matter. She puts so much heart and soul in each song it just fills you watching her – even only on YT. I believe you guys completely when you say seeing her live is 100x better! COngratulations, Charice, Princess! And thanks, Justcharrie for this!

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  15. DENNIS says:

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  16. Kg35tt says:
    I love the rocketeer song she did, amazing. Wish charice and FEM colaborate someday down the road.

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  17. anromable says:
    I like her moves in dancing

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  18. mark says:
    it could have been better if she had back up dancers and they had the same choreography. it would look more professional. anyway, this was her first solo concert so still very good! :) good luck charice! can’t wait to see you on glee.

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  19. rey nicolas says:
    this performance is undiscribable!It”s awesome!Thanks to all chasters for all your sopport to our Princess CHARICE!No way of stopping her now at the top!Baby!!!!!

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  20. muzikluvr says:
    Charice :)
    Congratulations… wow!! Am so happy for your success my dear.. Keep up the good work & there’s always room to grow & for improvemement. Just do your best & God will do the rest :) Love U girl :)

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