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Charice in ‘The Bodyguard’ Remake?

Charice in ‘The Bodyguard’ Remake?

Reports have surfaced that the movie “The Bodyguard” is to be remade and producers are looking for a young diva to take the lead female role – Charice perhaps?

Warner Bros have announced that they have already appointed producers – Dan Lin (Terminator Salvation) and Mark Bauch – for a modernized version of the 19-year-old flick. They have also appointed newcomers Jeremiah Friedman and Nick Palmer as writers, who together wrote last year’s release “Family Getaway.”

The original movie starred Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston in a love story that saw the bodyguard fall for the rich, famous, tough but really rather vulnerable chart-topping singer played by Houston.

It is still regarded as one of the biggest movies of the 90s, grossing some $400 million worldwide and, while it was critically slammed, winning over the public chiefly because of a soundtrack that boasts “I Will Always Love You,” “I Want To Run To You,” and “I Have Nothing.”

Casting hasn’t begun yet, although Rhianna has been mooted as a likely replacement for Whitney Houston’s role of Rachel Marron. But what about Charice in the role? A crazy thought? Well, before you dismiss the idea, let’s consider some facts.

ChariceActingPoster Charice in The Bodyguard Remake?

Charice made her appearance in "Would You Remember" in 2008

Chasters already know that Charice is no stranger to the film set, with her impressive arrival on American TV on the musical-comedy phenomenon “Glee” winning her plaudits, and her cameo appearance on the 2009 Chipmonks movie, “Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel,” also catching the eye.

In the Philippines, she has also appeared in some TV shows. In 2008, she appeared as herself in an episode titled “Ice Cream” in the Philippine’s longest-running TV drama, “Would You Remember?” and early last year, she appeared as a choir member in another popular Philippine TV drama, “There Is Still Tomorrow.”

There is also the issue of global appeal, with Houston at the pinnacle of her career when the movie first hit the screens in 1992. Charice is only at the start of her global career, but with filming not expected to happen until 2012 and post production perhaps later next year or even 2013, the 21-year-old (by May, 2013) could be as big a name by the time of the movie’s release.

Another factor to consider is the singing quality of the leading lady. Houston had a powerful voice that propelled the movie soundtrack to diamond status in the US with 17 million sales, and to an astounding 42 million sales worldwide.

However, Charice has made “The Bodyguard Medley” her own during her time on the David Foster & Friends Tour, and has been compared to Whitney Houston so favorably that some have suggested she’s even better that the original diva!

There is no debate about her ability to perform the powerful ballads, and if a voice alone was to sell a soundtrack, Charice’s voice is most definitely it.

Of course, since it will be a remake, certain aspects will change, with one confirmed changes being a Gulf War veteran taking the job of bodyguard and discovering how difficult it is to protect a popstar, instead of a washed-up former secret service agent.

There could also be a change in music, but for marketing purposes alone, it’s hard to see the old favorites being cast aside. And besides, Charice has already proven herself in RnB and dance too.

An Evening with ChildHelp – Bodyguard Medley

Washington DC, USA, April 13 – One of Charice’s finest performances, her appearance at the Childhelp 50th anniversary celebration event in Washington in April saw her sing the Bodyguard Medley. This is one of her most sought after songs, and the depth of heart in this rendition wooed the audience. Hitting the high notes with power and precision, she had those in the Warner Theater on the feet before their heads even noticed it.

This is all only speculation, but do you think that Charice would be Phenergan over the counter australia a good choice for the remake? Leave your comments and let us know what you think. And if you don’t think “The Bodyguard” is her thing, what movie do you think she would be great in?

By Robert Sheen,

188 Responses to “Charice in ‘The Bodyguard’ Remake?”

  1. muskrat says:
    What a Concept this is, whoever came up with this idea or rumor sure did accomplished something, she or he accomplished a never ending agreements and disagreements between chasters and non-chasters. I am a big fan of charice, there is not a day in my life now that I don’t open my computer and either read Charice news or watch some of her amazing performances but to dwell about this Bodyguard Remake is not my cup of tea. To me, this is pure speculation and more of a fantasy than reality, if it really happens, then I will embrase it whole heartedly and if not, I will be thankful and happy. Charice has a golden voice and a total performer and I will leave it as that.

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  2. jimfan155 says:
    The remake, if it is just like the original would not be a good fit for Charice, at this time. For me, a major rewrite of the storyline to fit her persona would have to be made. She has been kept away from the somewhat controversial and “sexual” plots of GLEE and it would be a big jump from Alvin and the Chipmunks to a love story so in my opinion it wouldn’t work. Charice herself has said she wasn’t ready for a boyfriend so to go from a blink of the eye role to a starring role is a major step. But I have learned that I can not doubt anything that Charice puts her mind to.

    But switching to reality, I was watching Fox 5 News this morning and they have what is called the morning play list and today’s song was “Pyramid”. Now it was only a minute but guess what, it has made my day. Just the mere mention of her name on national tv put a big smile on my face.

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  3. myinkheart4 says:
    Imho, if/when Charice will get into acting in movie, I hope it will be in an original, well-done and wholesome film and not in a remake. Charice has an abundance of originality in her a remake will just not do.

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  4. Marie says:
    My goodness! Guys, we’re not suggesting Charice to have a kissing scene nor nudity in her upcoming movie…( she is the role model of the new generation). We’re just excited about this write-up and do you think if Robert Sheen will write something not “catchy” there will be more reactions? If that’s the case, somebody should write: If Charice will do a movie, what role she should do & why?. She likes horror & comedy but if the script is good, I think she can do some actions stunts or drama. She can do it!

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    • Marie says:
      upcoming? meaning…very soon? wish! (day dreaming again?) (-_-)

      When I treat my kids to watch Alvin & the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel in an expensive cinema with my own money (1st time because, my honey is always paid for it) just for Charice, they said; We saw her in youtube . Then my 4 year old Viktoria Said, that’s Charice. I’m so happy and on our way home, they’re talking about it. I’m thinking that they will spread the news on their classmates & friends and yes, they did!

      Who knows? there might be some movie offers…can Momraqz or Cha could say something about this?

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  5. Melanie says:
    Please wake up the author of this article! I love Charice, but i am not Day Dreaming!

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  6. Bigfan says:
    This site is becoming more of a blog, than a factual news site for everything Charice. I need facts, not opinions in the main article! Opinions are meant to be on the comments section. I wish this article is removed from this site. Or, maybe the admins can create a ‘Community’ section where Chasters can blog about anything. Not here.

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  7. Starlight972 says:
    I will always support Charice Whatever she does that is good for her career. Warber Brothers knows best…they will NOT feed Charice in a Lion’s den. If they will redo this movie, they will make a great story and if they will pick Charice for the role…Oh Heavens…another dream come true for our princess! I always look at the bright side and I believed in Charice talent. Before she joined Glee there were people who made negative comments about her acting capabilities, her dancing ability and her singing style…etc…etc..but see what happened? People were clamoring for her return to the show ( I for one is waiting for her return). So, go with the flow and strike while the iron is hot!

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  8. Kuya Marc says:
    Guys, let’s be realistic in our approach here…For me as one of her fans, I will support her all-the-way of what is best for her present and future career. Take care and God bless us all!

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  9. jolerma says:

    There are crabs in our own community

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  10. mingquote says:

    There is nothing wrong in considering Charice for the role, I just don’t think it is the right time for her to do just that, as it may instead hurt her career than boost it. Anyways, I am no expert on judging but I am pretty sure her US Manager Marc Johnston knows very well where he could strategically boost Charice’s career.

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  11. Theo says:

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    • nautilus_hologram says:

      Oh please stop pretending your a fan of Charice. Your trying to make a constructive criticism but refute it by making ridiculous and morally degrading suggestion. Your just one of the crabs hanging around this site.

      Based on psychology most of the people who are full of hate are those who were less loved and insecure. Move on in your life Theo and let go of all those negative feelings in your heart. If you had a terrible past Theo, bury it and just forget about it. Learn to move on in your life. There is a brighter future to everyone who knows how to look ahead. Past is past. Make the most out of your life and enjoy. And please forgive, accept and love yourself.

      This is a basic psychology: You cannot give what you don’t have. Meaning if you have not accepted love when you were young, when you grow old it would be hard for you to give love. Logically, how can you give love when you don’t know the meaning of it or you have not experienced it.

      If you find it hard to move in your life Theo, ask God for help just a Charice did when she felt giving up her dreams. Everyone has gone through tough times but we must learn to let go and move on.

      I choose to bless and not to curse. May God bless all the crabs and fill them with peace, joy, love, and happiness.

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      • Theo says:

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        • nautilus_hologram says:

          Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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          • Theo says:

            That is good to hear and, though you seem to have pre judged my entire being with such a post without really knowing what I do other than visit Charicemania, I think let us just care for Charice in our own way even if you feel that I am “pretending”, and if her career path does not go to the way I prefer as a fan, that is fine and I will still wish her well.



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            • nautilus_hologram says:

              Sorry if I made you feel bad Theo. I don’t like hurting other people.

              Maybe I should stop reading and posting comments and just watch the videos of read the articles. Everyone one is entitled to their own opinion.

              I guess it would be best for myself to concentrate on my studies and work.

              OMC!!! What is happening to me? Why am I so chaddicted?

              This will be the last time I will ever post a comment in this site.

              Wish you well Theo and more power to C H A R I C E ! !

              C H A R I C E ! ! !
              P E M P I N G C O ! ! ! !
              A M B I L I B A B O L ! ! !
              B R A V O ! ! !
              M A G N I F I C O ! ! ! ! ! !

              Promise! This is my last comment ever in this site. Better to be just a silent chaster.

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              • Theo says:
                Hello, Nautilus. Apologies are not necessary, and please feel free to disagree/debate anytime. I know sometimes I sound like the main villain here but you should see me when I’m with friends; they think I am an obsessed fan (as I bought them all 14 of them Charice CD’s for X’mas). Even when I do my private lessons (people come to my house) during the small talk I make them listen to Charice You Tube Clips…lol…its almost embarassing, so I can certainly relate to being Chaddicted in so many ways.


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      • Yumi says:


        Fortunately, you are not a Belieber. If you happened to be Justin B’s fan, you would had a heart attack a long time ago just reading nasty comments about him which are not even as close to what some people here say about Charice. The more popular the celebs are, the more critics and haters they’re gonna have. Just imagine when time comes that Charice becomes as popular as Justin,Miley, Lady Gaga or Beyonce. Don’t think everyone will say good things about her, fan or not. If you think you can’t accept any negative thing being said or written about her, then better not read comments anywhere especially YouTube and Twitter. It will save you from heartache.

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    • SergeLV says:

      People look at Charice as a person lacking in real life experience. Childlike, haven’t done that…haven’t been there, not street smartlike Lindsay Lohan sort of thing. Naive, never been kissed, calls mommy on the phone every 2 hours, but does lacking in real life experiences make her a lesser person in the real world ? When I saw this article and read all the nays and yea comments, I said to myself…how can Chasters not believe in Charice ? This girl has no fear. I think the real question is: If Charice wins a Grammy in 2012, would that be enough validation to take this challenge if it is offered to her ?

      K-POP superstar BoA who is contracted with Creative Artist is in the process of filming a musical/dance movie with Dancing With The Stars champion Derek Hough. They are now filming in Canada and New York snd set to release in fall. I took the time to check BoA’s fansite to read her fans comments…OMG…Charice haters are nothing compared to BoA’s haters.

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  12. anromable says:
    Bodyguard remake is a flop. I love to see the true life story of Charice in the movie but with a little twist.

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  13. jaju says:

    When a movie is considered for a remake, it does not mean it has the same story, character, twist etc. The title will be the same but the plot could revolve in entirely different way. Robert Sheen means good let us not make a big fuss about his idea. Long live Robert Sheen. Your idea is supergood for a super pop diva.

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  14. chasterdad says:
    Oh one more thing to add here. Lets be realistic folks and not to be carried with illusions of grandeur for our beloved Charice. We are fans and Chasters not “Chartards”. There is a distinction on how you percieve yourself to be.

    We want all the best for our Charice but lets not get carried away.

    As I said in my previous posting if the right plot and storyline fits her then good. That time will come, but the Bodygurad remake may not fit Charice’s persona at all.

    Her singing ability is not tantamount for her to casted as the right choice for this remake less the script is revised to fit her wholesome and innocent image.

    Protective me is it? But what Chaster isn’t? I veto this notion as a fanciful thought nothing less and nothing more…..

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  15. chasterdad says:
    on second thought if the storyline were to be slightly ammended to fit Charice in that role then perhaps. Say to be exactly like what she is in real life as an emerging and almost there divanatic child prodigy then maybe this can work. That means without the love interest stuff but rather a protector/brother to sister relationship.

    I say Disney or other wholesome scripts for her please.

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  16. In case of doing remake Charice can be the singer of the album… She’s too young for that kind of movie.

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  17. tnt says:

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  18. LJA says:

    Come on guys, Charice would fit in the movie, aside from her amazing voice. she is definitely the only one who can sing the songs in the Bodyguard like the original singer. Acting wise, yes, she need some more training and if given a chance, I am sure she will give justice to the role.

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  19. abeng1127 says:

    ” THE BODYGUARD ” is for them ?? I don’t think so..why not CHARICE her real life story ..

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  20. abeng1127 says:


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  21. Melonee says:

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  22. Bigmusiclover says:
    Obviously, the article has stirred a lot of mixed emotions based on the number of responses. Personally, I feel protective of Charice and I think that kissing would be out of character for her. She has also said that she is not ready for a boyfriend. There is no question that she has the singing chops to sing any of The Bodyguard songs but there is more to this role than just singing. She is very young and has a lot of life to live before reaching and acting out those adult experiences. Nevertheless, I thank Robert Sheen for bringing out the myriad of possibilities for Charice’s immense talents. But for now, let the other actresses/singers have at it.

    I feel that Disney and GLEE-like shows are more aptly suited for displaying her vocal talents and along with her youthful, playful nature. Frankly, I feel that there is a much better movie role for her to act in and that title would be aptly named: CHARICE – Living My Dreams. I think that people would enthusiastically buy into this movie role due to her Cinderella-like life story of her initial defeats and ultimate triumph in her native country and the music industry. It sounds like a fantasy to us and Charice but she meets real celebrities constantly which probably feels surreal to her as well. We already have this emotional connection with her due to her singing ability and her Cinderella-like life story. Her fairy godmother, Oprah may very well be conjuring up a future movie role in her production company for her life story because it would sell publicly because it’s REAL as it did happen; whereas, The Bodyguard role feels contrived and artificial. Charice is living and playing her life story RIGHT NOW and her ever growing fans are the supporting actors and actresses in this real life drama. I don’t know how this story will end but I sure want to be a part of it. Peace!

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  23. EBJohns11 says:
    Ha ha THis article still here. Pls Listen to the Chasters. Remove it pls. This wont look good on the site. Crabs will attack us and will Say ” Chasters are DAYdreaming”.

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  24. sigh2 says:
    i’m just wondering. i know what oprah said to charice in regards to relationships and kissing scenes but why is she considered a baby, c’mon she is soon to be 19. will chasters or oprah ever let her grow up?

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  25. ecirol says:
    ohhh…for sure there’s a kissing scene…mommy oprah wont allow it…lol… with the singing part, no doubt she can do it…but i have little doubts about the the acting part….though she did good in Glee…

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  26. Salin0709 says:
    As much as I love the idea of it that Charice will be the chosen one I have to be realistic. I know for a fact Whitney Houston had been asked her opinion before about this idea, and she had said it all along she prefers Jennifer Hudson to do the “Bodyguard” remakes. But if that happens for Charice, I for one will be very happy for her. But I have been disappointed for so many times, and I do not want to push my high hopes and lead on others too. But I am praying for her success terribly. There is no hurry for Charice, she is only 18 yrs old and lot of good things are infront of her. If that is one of her destiny, no one can stop it. We just need to wait for that like Glee. Whitney Houston was already 29 yrs. old when she did Bodyguard in 1992 and probably Charice was not even born yet. I can feel there are more beautiful and greater things waiting ahead of her. As Charice always said many times before, she just wait and let it roll.

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  27. lancecobi says:
    If there is an Asian version of The Bodyguard, then put Charice on it. But this is Hollywood, people wants to see someone on the lead role who was molded into Hollywood culture and Charice being a newbie, which means that she hasn’t reached global superstardom yet, and a tiny petite teen-ager doesn’t fit the role. Remember, the lead should be a diva with a global appeal and at the height of her career, so it would either be Beyonce or Rihanna but personally, I would rather choose Beyonce to play the role. Jennifer Hudson was also considered but she ain’t at the peak of her career. But I still would love to see Charice being part of the project… put her voice in it, she’s the only singer I know in this generation who could nail and give justice to a Whitney Houston song….. :)

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  28. nautilus_hologram says:
    As of now I want Charice to enjoy her life, go to theme parks and take all the rides, watch the anime Doreamon and Sailormoon, and eat her favorite ice cream.

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  29. nautilus_hologram says:

    As of now I want Charice to enjoy her life, go to theme parks and take all the rides, watch the anime Doreamon and Sailormoon, and eat her favorite ice cream.

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  30. nautilus_hologram says:
    I will not put Charice locked in a box. The possibilities are endless for this girl. Let Charice and her management decide for themselves.

    Honestly, Charice needs more improvement about her acting skill. I believe that Charice can be a good actress if she just work hard about her acting skill.

    Most of the good actors and actress have a tough life in the past. They draw their emotions by remembering the memories of their difficult life in the past. Charice can use the memories of her past to draw emotions and bring drama in her acting. I always notice how Charice can easily cry everytime she sing the Tagalog song “Maghintay Ka Lamang.” This song easily touch her emotion since this the theme song of Charice and her mom during the saddest moment of her life, especially those times when she felt losing hope and giving up her dreams. I watched all her videos when she sang this song and there was no moment that you won’t see teardrops from her eyes everytime she sing this song.

    If I were the producer I would chose to resign from the position. LOL!!!! It so tough to find an actress that would fit the lead role for the Bodyguard. Rihanna will not fit for the role. Jennifer Hudson is a good choice for acting but not for singing Whitney Houston’s song. Charice can sing perfectly the songs of Whitney Houston but still need to develop her acting skills. Developing skills on acting doesn’t take overnight. This would take a lot of time.

    Charice is 18 years old and is already a woman. However, please remember that she has tough childhood. Charice was not able to enjoy most of her childhood due to poverty. Now that she is rich, Charice indulge herself those things she was not able to enjoy when she was young. Even Charice herself confessed she is not yet ready to have a boyfriend – how much for the kissing scene in the movie. As of now I want Charice her life, go to theme parks and take all the rides, watch the anime Doreamon and Sailormoon, and eat her favorite ice cream.

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