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Charice in ‘The Bodyguard’ Remake?

Charice in ‘The Bodyguard’ Remake?

Reports have surfaced that the movie “The Bodyguard” is to be remade and producers are looking for a young diva to take the lead female role – Charice perhaps?

Warner Bros have announced that they have already appointed producers – Dan Lin (Terminator Salvation) and Mark Bauch – for a modernized version of the 19-year-old flick. They have also appointed newcomers Jeremiah Friedman and Nick Palmer as writers, who together wrote last year’s release “Family Getaway.”

The original movie starred Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston in a love story that saw the bodyguard fall for the rich, famous, tough but really rather vulnerable chart-topping singer played by Houston.

It is still regarded as one of the biggest movies of the 90s, grossing some $400 million worldwide and, while it was critically slammed, winning over the public chiefly because of a soundtrack that boasts “I Will Always Love You,” “I Want To Run To You,” and “I Have Nothing.”

Casting hasn’t begun yet, although Rhianna has been mooted as a likely replacement for Whitney Houston’s role of Rachel Marron. But what about Charice in the role? A crazy thought? Well, before you dismiss the idea, let’s consider some facts.

ChariceActingPoster Charice in The Bodyguard Remake?

Charice made her appearance in "Would You Remember" in 2008

Chasters already know that Charice is no stranger to the film set, with her impressive arrival on American TV on the musical-comedy phenomenon “Glee” winning her plaudits, and her cameo appearance on the 2009 Chipmonks movie, “Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel,” also catching the eye.

In the Philippines, she has also appeared in some TV shows. In 2008, she appeared as herself in an episode titled “Ice Cream” in the Philippine’s longest-running TV drama, “Would You Remember?” and early last year, she appeared as a choir member in another popular Philippine TV drama, “There Is Still Tomorrow.”

There is also the issue of global appeal, with Houston at the pinnacle of her career when the movie first hit the screens in 1992. Charice is only at the start of her global career, but with filming not expected to happen until 2012 and post production perhaps later next year or even 2013, the 21-year-old (by May, 2013) could be as big a name by the time of the movie’s release.

Another factor to consider is the singing quality of the leading lady. Houston had a powerful voice that propelled the movie soundtrack to diamond status in the US with 17 million sales, and to an astounding 42 million sales worldwide.

However, Charice has made “The Bodyguard Medley” her own during her time on the David Foster & Friends Tour, and has been compared to Whitney Houston so favorably that some have suggested she’s even better that the original diva!

There is no debate about her ability to perform the powerful ballads, and if a voice alone was to sell a soundtrack, Charice’s voice is most definitely it.

Of course, since it will be a remake, certain aspects will change, with one confirmed changes being a Gulf War veteran taking the job of bodyguard and discovering how difficult it is to protect a popstar, instead of a washed-up former secret service agent.

There could also be a change in music, but for marketing purposes alone, it’s hard to see the old favorites being cast aside. And besides, Charice has already proven herself in RnB and dance too.

An Evening with ChildHelp – Bodyguard Medley

Washington DC, USA, April 13 – One of Charice’s finest performances, her appearance at the Childhelp 50th anniversary celebration event in Washington in April saw her sing the Bodyguard Medley. This is one of her most sought after songs, and the depth of heart in this rendition wooed the audience. Hitting the high notes with power and precision, she had those in the Warner Theater on the feet before their heads even noticed it.

This is all only speculation, but do you think that Charice would be Phenergan over the counter australia a good choice for the remake? Leave your comments and let us know what you think. And if you don’t think “The Bodyguard” is her thing, what movie do you think she would be great in?

By Robert Sheen,

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  1. I love bodyguard song but we provide bodyguard service.We believe on quality service not quantity service.

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  2. alexharvest says:

    I hope our idol will do any movie, not necessarily The Bodyguard (Although I believe that she’s very much qualified for it as the main character). There are a lot of movie story types that can be tailor-made for her, given all her talents, growing international popularity and unique mass appeal and charm, right?

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  3. Don says:
    Basing on age demographics, teens are the one who mostly watch movies and buy CDs. With this premise, If I were the screenwriter, I would change the plot of The Bodyguard remake to suit the teens’ interest. Then selecting a young star is logical to fit the role like Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez and of course, CHARICE,

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    • johnw says:
      The original Bodyguard had Whitney Houston who is a phenomenal singer. Neither Taylor Swift nor Selena Gomez are close to Beyonce with regards to singing voices. Charice has proven that she can match Beyonce and is best suited for this remake of the Bodyguard.

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  4. Femy says:

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  5. julian says:

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  6. antonjuan says:
    with Charice, you never know. and the ultra-creative US writers never run out of good stories to tell and how.

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    • Shawna says:
      How about making a story relevant to current times like terrorism, like she needs to have a bodyguard because of threats..I can’t wait to see the movie! Whitney sang the song RUN TO YOU in silloutte almost you can see her nude body seducing her bodyguard. Can Charice also do that? !! Denzel Washington or Daniel Craig (James Bond) is the perfect bodyguard actor..aahhh Charice is so lucky!

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  7. femy says:

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  8. boybatang says:

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  9. Winston says:
    No, not really appropriate. I’m a huge Charice fan and I don’t see her doing this kind of movie, she indicated that she loves to be in a slasher movie where she could get to play the killer. I really do hope some of you remembers that. I’d be much relieved if she does the soundtrack. You can thumb down my comment, I don’t care. I just want to protect Charice from possible mockery.

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    • Louis says:
      Not appropriate if she will play the role of Rachel (Whitney). But a remake movie is not necessarily a copycat of the original. They can change the story. And if they revise the script appropriate to Charice’s age like a “teen pop star” then why not. I am imagining that Kevin Costner will still play the original bodyguard. But this time instead of looking after a grown woman.. he will guard a teen popstar that is quite rebellious, lonely, and is looking for a father figure. Now for the teen star to have a love interest, Kevin Costner will have a son that is of the same age. So no love scene is required. Slight kiss is ok for me though. hehe But that’s just me.. peace.

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  10. jaybe lungalung says:

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  11. Donna says:

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  12. Minda Lino says:
    I love Charice and wish all her success in the future, but, please don’t rush her yet to do the remake of “The Bodyguard”. Give her more time to have experience in acting and speak more fluent English.
    Maybe by 2013 she’ll be ready. I wish her good luck in the coming years!!!!

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  13. SergeLV says:

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  14. SergeLV says:

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  15. anitako says:

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    • sdlj@cm says:
      she has to be really proficient in english before she can be on the starring role of any movie or any tv series. glee, is a good starting point for her role, an occasional appearance. she needs to get more talking parts and more acting before she can even be a regular cast on glee. you guys just have to wait for the right moment. don’t rush her into a major role yet, it’s better to do it gradually, rather than hit the peak right away because when it goes down will be quick also. don’t compare her to jennifer hudson. if this is a tagalog movie, yes, charice will definitely shine and get an award too, the philippines version of the oscar for the best actress.

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      • Ztrack says:
        There is nothing wrong with Charice’s english. Some famous foreign Hollywood stars still have their accents from their native country like Antonio Banderas and Selma Hayek. Hollywood stars can change their accents depending upon the roles they potray. Example, Gwyneth Paltrow who won an Academy award in “Shakespear in love.” In addition, these stars have their mentors in speaking and acting during filming. If you’re old enough, do you know Sophia Loren who has a thick English accent from Italy. She even won an academy award in “Two Women.” The issue is do you have the “it” factor. Our very own Charice has that “it” factor. So let’s not talk about Charice’s English. It’s perfectly fine.

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