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GleeCap: “Blame It on the Alcohol” Episode 14, Season 2

GleeCap: “Blame It on the Alcohol” Episode 14, Season 2

This week’s Glee episode looked like it came from one of the usual teen shows with all the alcohol-related drama. But it still maintained everything we love about Glee like the song numbers, the twisted comedy and sharp lines.

“Alcohol Awareness Week”

With six suspended students due to intoxication, Principal Figgins starts an alcohol awareness week and convinces Will to prepare a glee club performance that will discourage alcohol consumption. In the teachers’ lounge, Will and Emma start catching up with each other’s lives after a long time. Sue interrupts and brands Will as a “future alcoholic” due to his broken heart.

“Glee Kids Get Drunk”

Rachel performs for Finn her new self-composed song, “My Headband”, which is about her headband. Not surprisingly, Finn criticizes it for lacking emotions and meaning, though it had a nice sound to it. So Rachel decides to throw a party to get more teenage experience. The New Directions arrive plus Kurt and Blaine. With almost everyone drunk, they decide to play spin the bottle, which results to a flirtation between Blaine and Rachel. They even sang “Don’t You Want Me” by Human League. But Blaine is definitely gay and not bisexual as proven later in the episode. Back in school, everyone is hung-over and the cure? Bloody Marys plus a rendition of “Blame It (On The Alcohol)” by Jamie Foxx.

“Glee Coach Gets Drunk”

If the kids are doing it, what more the teacher, right? Will feels stressed out and Beiste recommends a cowboy-themed bar for some numbing drinks. The two perform onstage the ode to alcohol, “One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer” by George Thorogood. A drunken call to an ex is cliché, and that is what Will does – he calls Emma and leaves a very intoxicated message. But of course, everything you do when drunk seems to haunt you tenfold. And for Will, everything goes really bad when he actually left the message with Sue. To terrorize him, she plays it all over the school’s PA system. Looks like a Will-Emma pairing is far, far away.


It’s time for the glee club’s “Alcohol Awareness Week” performance and Principal Figgins announces that they’ll be performing “Tik and also Tok” by “Ke-dollar sign-ha”. After Rachel feeds everyone with her party’s leftovers (including alcohol), Brittany (the lead for this number) looks very drunk. Actually almost everyone looks drunk. But they continue with their performance. Everything’s going well until Brittany and Santana vomit on-stage. Brittany ends the performance with a shout out: “Everybody drink responsibly”.

Surprisingly, Principal Figgins loved the performance and praised them for the believable special effects, and hopefully, the whole school will heed the advice on alcohol consumption. But Will knows what really happened so he makes everyone (including him) pledge to abstain from alcohol until Nationals.

“Glee Storylines”

Glee guest star Gwyneth Paltrow is already coming back on Glee in two weeks. She first appeared in episode seven, “The Substitute”. Charice appeared in episode one, and her absence has already been a really long one that her character Sunshine Corazon was included in the list, “Glee’s Forgotten Storylines”. So it’s not just us Chasters who are missing her wonderful voice in Glee, but almost everyone else too. Good thing Charice is keeping us happy with her successful Japan Tour right now, which makes waiting for her Glee episodes much more bearable.

Watch full Episode — Glee: Alcohol Awareness

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11 Responses to “GleeCap: “Blame It on the Alcohol” Episode 14, Season 2”

  1. tnt says:

    Glee and Charice Team compliments each other…this is the situation here…hope everyone understands now..okay?

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  2. tnt says:

    making critical dicision is as simple as you have to look at the whole perspective of the plan before you can see your best moves..its a wise decision to put charice in the last episodes of glee

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  3. Kai says:

    Guys and gals, just that Charice been absent doesn’t mean that you should stop watching glee. I love the show and I’ll watch it with or without charice. Remember Charice is a big fan of the show with or without her. She will come back soon enough to finish her role and be the highlight of the season finale.

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    • kb117 says:

      I am also a fan of Glee, before being a Chaster. But, here in CM, a Glee article without Charice is worthless, IMO. If I ever need a Glee update I’d go a Glee dedicated site. I am just so tired of the Charice speculation in Glee that it had turned me off the show, instead. Though, I still watch its rerun for continuity sake, but not enthusiastically.
      I am not hating Glee, in fact I still like it, but I would love it more if Charice is in it.

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  4. Princess V says:

    will probably be back during nationals in NY since new directions and vocal adrenaline will have another face off, that’s probably why they’re saving her for last (probably to end the season on new heights)

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  5. abeng1127 says:

    ummm … never be mind… CHARICE ON TOUR IN JAPAN the last day today ..good news ,CHARICE won the J-WAVE Tokio HOT 100 an AWARD IN JAPAN beats JUSTIN BEAVER in JAPAN .. THANK YOU CHASTERS , ALWAYS me idol

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  6. perla says:
    ho-hum! i don’t have to know what’s new about glee if charice is not in it.

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    • EBJohns11 says:
      I agree with you Perla, this is like Gleemania now instead of Charicemania, Im done with this Glee thing unless Charice is on it.

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    • EBJohns11 says:
      it is responsibility of individual if they wanna follow Glee. But reading this every week without Charice is getting boring. Im just being honest. Dislike me if you want too hehe.

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      • Wendy Hunt says:
        I am with you on this one EBJohns11… i share the sentiment. :-) I only got interested in GLEE because of Charice…so No Charice, No Glee for me.

        Its one thing to be grateful to Glee for believing in Charice. I get that. I am so thankful to GLEE producers. But hey, dont make a donkey out of me by dangling the charice…er…carrot stick just so i watch it. Besides, I began to watch it ONLY because of Charice. Just Charice. No beef with the GLEE cast…they’re all good performers. Good storyline. But i really just want to watch Charice. Just Charice.

        Gonna dislike me? Aaaww go ahead LOL! I can take it. Its better than making me believe its worth watching every GLEE episode when Charice is not in it.

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  7. ardi says:
    where charice ?

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