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CHASTERS! Make Charice’s ‘All By Myself’ a 1mill-hit Hit!

CHASTERS! Make Charice’s ‘All By Myself’ a 1mill-hit Hit!

Sometimes one performance stands out from the many, and Charice’s rendition of “All By My Self” with David Foster in Las Vegas last year is exactly that.

The performance is part of the “Hit Man Returns: David Foster & Friends” concert held at Mandalay Bay on October 15 last, and is available to buy on DVD/CD and CD/Blue-Ray sets from March 1. It will also feature on the PBS Great Performances broadcast on March 1, for which the event was specifically recorded.

However, footage has just been released on YouTube that isolate Charice’s version of Eric Carmen’s 1975 hit, which was also recorded by Celin Dione in 1996, as probably the great moment of the night.

Charice nails a vocal test that so few singers have ever been able to get, but it is the performance that brings the audience at Mandalay Bay to their feet in a standing ovation even before she had managed to finish the song.

What makes this version even better than the night, however, is the last 4 bars of the song. On the night, David Foster admitted on stage that he had neglected to tell Charice of a change, which had left the teenage diva a little out of sorts. However, on the recording, the 4 bars are there – expertly edited in by PBS personnel.

In fact, we think it’s so good we are setting you Chasters a challenge. The footage has only just gone up on YouTube (514 hits at the time of writing). Can you play your part to make it 1 million hits in, say, the next two weeks?

Your part is not a difficult task. Just let your friends, family, neighbors and even your enemies know about it and view. In fact, email it to them, share it with them on Facebook or whatever social networking site you’re on. You can even forward it to any of the other entertainment and news websites you know of. Just GET THE WORD OUT! 

We have to work quickly because it’s only a matter of time before the powers that be will take this footage down and prevent anyone from seeing it – except, of course, by buying the DVD or Blue-Ray disc.

What we are suggesting is that nothing will inspire someone to buy the “Hit Man Returns: David Foster & Friends” if this 5-minute taster of Charice’s performance doesn’t!

So, CHASTERS! Spread the word! Spread the links! Spread the name! And, let’s make it 1 million hits in 2 weeks! VIRAL SUCCESS EQUAL INCREASED SALES!

Pre-Order Now >> Hit Man Returns: David Foster & Friends (CD/DVD) CHASTERS! Make Charices All By Myself a 1mill hit Hit!

Charice performs “All By Myself” during the David Foster & Friends concert in Las Vegas. Available in CD/DVD and CD/Blue-Ray from March 1

Pre-Order Now >> Hit Man Returns: David Foster & Friends (CD/DVD) CHASTERS! Make Charices All By Myself a 1mill hit Hit!

David Foster Brings Seal, Charice and More Stars to His Second ‘Hit Man’ Concert Special

6a00d8341c2b7953ef0133f1888d88970b 250wi 75x75 CHASTERS! Make Charices All By Myself a 1mill hit Hit!As Foster tells PopEater, the success of the first ‘Hit Man’ caught him off-guard. “I think it aired 7,800 times,” he says. “It proved to be such a big fundraiser for PBS, and it ran for over a two-year period. There were lots of singers and artists that I had worked with in my career that were not available on that first show.  >> Full story

‘Hit Man Returns’ DVD Set for March Release

TN 26156 DF Booklet2 finalCover 75x75 CHASTERS! Make Charices All By Myself a 1mill hit Hit!There were so many magic moments that night. I’m especially proud of the terrific combinations of talent including a medley with Chaka, Seal and Michael Bolton, a breathtaking duet with Natalie Cole and Ruben Studdard and a standout performance by Charice, Ne-Yo and Robert Randolph,” he said. >> Full story

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64 Responses to “CHASTERS! Make Charice’s ‘All By Myself’ a 1mill-hit Hit!”

  1. ziodenzio says:
    great and wonderful indeed charice’s performance, david’s accompaniment and the orchestra!!!…i was watching the fabulous vid. by lantaoisland several times and i noticed that they cut the portion starting from 3.0 up to 3.16 because as i watched and compared many times landtao’s and the final cut of charice’s ABMS i felt there was something missing but the result is perfectly seamless.

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  2. drteapot says:
    I can’t stop watching this video! And I end up pre-ordering the DVD after each time, lol… can’t wait ’til March 7, the earliest estimated delivery date!!

    Goosepimples at the end when they show a view of the crowd reflexively stand in ovation… wwwoooooooot! wwwooooot!!

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  3. Extreme says:
    Let’s make this video viral.

    Open many tabs then view the video individually. (Of course, let your friends know about the video)

    Let’s make the 1mill-hit hit possible.

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  4. marlyn says:
    This is a must for everybody to see and pretty sure they will turn into a new Chasters, let’s spread the word .

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  5. Kuya Marc says:
    Wow! Brilliant! Charice is truly a gift from heaven to mankind. God bless:))))

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  6. Julio says:
    Can’t help not to spread the good performances given by Charice…really amazing rendition, Celine must be proud of Charice, giving a new rendition of the song she did years back, with bravura and so much passion, only Charice can do it, nobody else. God bless you dear, your Family and to David, Oprah and all the people who supports you dearly…remember always, God maybe glorified.

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  7. flowjam21 says:…OMG!

    i almost can not breathe while im watching this video….absolutely amazing!

    CHARICE,thank GOD i was witnessing the real GEM artist of the new Generation………

    2 days left before we got the real GEM CD performance of Charice in store.don’t buy Piracy buy the Original Copy of HIT MAN RETURN as like the original voice of our Princess Diva Charice.

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  8. cesjj says:
    Still can’t get over to keep on viewing this video songs of Charice. And everytime I played it, still I’m chilling!! It’s perfectly sang! I love you Cha!!!

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  9. ham says:
    charice rendition of this song is quite simply perfection!

    “here, here at last, perfection-absolute, cool, instantaneous-and its intangibility. its beauty slipping liquidly away, while one listened in rapture and in tears. it doesn’t matter that it can’t last, that we don’t find it more often. To know that there is such perfection-it is worth living for. it exists. it has been-it is. one can contemplate it and feel a complete peace. ‘the wholeness’, the completeness of such moments-i can stumble in imperfections for years to make up for it.” (anne morrow lindbergh)

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  10. ArrVee says:
    anyone who has viewed the many videos of this spectacular ABM performance will have done so countless times (like myself), and will notice the differences between this cut and the videos, especially the out-of-sequence shots, but at the same time will be amazed at the quality of the editing, which results in a seamless and natural flow of the song, as if it was just a different arrangement – this performance was just too good to end up on the cutting room floor, as evidenced by the rousing standing ovation at the end of the song …

    people not familiar with the background of this particular performance and who will be viewing this for the first time on PBS might wonder why Charice is less than jubilant at the end of the song inspite of her electrifying performance, and what’s behind that *puzzled* look on her face as she approaches David …

    she must have taken to heart what David had ingrained in her, to be “great” and not just “good” … but like a gentleman in the audience had shouted at 6:08 here, “It was perfect!”, to which David could only agree:

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  11. mdsjr says:
    I compared side by side Lantao’s video(uncut) and the PBS version(edited) and found out that they redid the last portion where the error was made, cut and pasted, to make one complete video. Anybody can do it and compare the way I did by using two different video players.

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  12. vil26216 says:
    God she made me cry again and I can’t explain it. I watched that show live, saw the u-tube versions multi times and here I am still being taken and quite emotional. Charice you’re truly gifted and the best singer I’ve known. I am your fan forever.

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  13. Nequi says:
    OMG! brought tears to my eyes. Was holding my breath as she belted it out. She is just perfect!No other words to best describe her performance. Simply PERFECT!

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  14. Chajenmer says:
    The best of the best!!!! Labyo Cha!!! definitley must buy!!!

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  15. callmejops says:
    no other singer anywhere can sing this song to date, other that our own charice, your are glorious, magnificent, etc..whatever you called it, more power to you charice & take good care of your health, this is your major key for more success.


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  16. julio says:
    wiping tears…Charice, you are heaven sent to us…May God continue to pour you blessings…because you are inspiring lot of people, giving hope and simply making us happy…Love you, Charice. Goes with Raquel, David, Oprah and all the people who propelled Charice to where she is right now…

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  17. Amsterdam says:
    I suggest Charice should have a duet with Celine Dion with the song ” All by myself “

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  18. sharisufan says:
    definitely for the next grammy’s! i have watched it several times already since yesterday…can’t get enough of it! so, let’s make it viral!

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  19. AIM says:
    She is really very, very good!!! Love You Cha and We always will…

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  20. Fran says:
    One of a kind rendition and there is no way to improve on this. This performance ranks up there with her Body Guard medley at the same venue and in Japan, Listen at Kodak, and duets with Celine, Neo, Canadian Tenors and Cristian…..all goose bumps and standing ovations. Watch Dave have an orgasmic high on her elongated note 3.04. Just amazing!

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  21. TEXAN says:
    PRICELESS SMILE of David Foster at 3’04 mark!!! nobody makes him do that except Charice!!!!

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  22. h3nr1_x -- Los Angeles CA says:
    I can watch it one million times!

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  23. EBJohns11 says:
    jeez what a performance. goosebumps!

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  24. Nsanitee says:
    DF did an extraordinary job in editing ABM, not only eliminating the mistake (on DF’s part) but also showcasing the vocal prowess of charice, now dubbed THE VOICE OF THE DECADE. However, there is just a slight glitch at the 1:26-29 where charice’s voice becomes inaudible. i am sure the master craftsman can fix that with a flick of the finger!
    one million hits, no sweat for chasters!

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  25. TorontoFan says:
    As an everloyal, everdedicated, everlasting Chaster… I’ll do everything to make that 1 million mark happen within 2 weeks.

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  26. imgooddy says:
    Charice vocal range is out of this world, she is the undeniably the best singer in the world today. “Who is better than Charice” (Hoda Kotb @ Today Show). One word Perfection.

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  27. percy says:
    Nobody can sing this song live, as good as this, now and probably forever.

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  28. woohoo says:
    can someone tell me what happened with the 4 bars of the song. i don’t get it :( what happened?

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    • Laura says:
      David removed 4 bars at the end of the song. He forget to inform Charice and that is why Charice was puzzled at the end of the song. Watch the original in You Tube, By Myself, By Myself, By Myself was not there.

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  29. chasterdad says:
    Love the look, love the megawatt smile and love the renditon awfully!

    Did I say the smile? It just melted my heart and made my day just by looking at it.

    Of all her performances with the just concluded DF&F concert, this is the best that Charice was presented in attire and renditions. That night was the first time I saw Charice finally bloom from a spunky kid to a beatiful and composed lady.

    Having been weened by watching her grow up literally in cyberspace, I am but all too familiar and delighted as do most countless Chasters on her story and progress in life and accomplishments.

    This video was the coming out party for Charice from child to adult and I am very proud that this was captured for posterity. I did my pary by watching the Youtube video, Chasters kindly follow suite and make that million hit not in two weeks but in one!

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  30. miko says:

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