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CHASTERS! Make Charice’s ‘All By Myself’ a 1mill-hit Hit!

CHASTERS! Make Charice’s ‘All By Myself’ a 1mill-hit Hit!

Sometimes one performance stands out from the many, and Charice’s rendition of “All By My Self” with David Foster in Las Vegas last year is exactly that.

The performance is part of the “Hit Man Returns: David Foster & Friends” concert held at Mandalay Bay on October 15 last, and is available to buy on DVD/CD and CD/Blue-Ray sets from March 1. It will also feature on the PBS Great Performances broadcast on March 1, for which the event was specifically recorded.

However, footage has just been released on YouTube that isolate Charice’s version of Eric Carmen’s 1975 hit, which was also recorded by Celin Dione in 1996, as probably the great moment of the night.

Charice nails a vocal test that so few singers have ever been able to get, but it is the performance that brings the audience at Mandalay Bay to their feet in a standing ovation even before she had managed to finish the song.

What makes this version even better than the night, however, is the last 4 bars of the song. On the night, David Foster admitted on stage that he had neglected to tell Charice of a change, which had left the teenage diva a little out of sorts. However, on the recording, the 4 bars are there – expertly edited in by PBS personnel.

In fact, we think it’s so good we are setting you Chasters a challenge. The footage has only just gone up on YouTube (514 hits at the time of writing). Can you play your part to make it 1 million hits in, say, the next two weeks?

Your part is not a difficult task. Just let your friends, family, neighbors and even your enemies know about it and view. In fact, email it to them, share it with them on Facebook or whatever social networking site you’re on. You can even forward it to any of the other entertainment and news websites you know of. Just GET THE WORD OUT! 

We have to work quickly because it’s only a matter of time before the powers that be will take this footage down and prevent anyone from seeing it – except, of course, by buying the DVD or Blue-Ray disc.

What we are suggesting is that nothing will inspire someone to buy the “Hit Man Returns: David Foster & Friends” if this 5-minute taster of Charice’s performance doesn’t!

So, CHASTERS! Spread the word! Spread the links! Spread the name! And, let’s make it 1 million hits in 2 weeks! VIRAL SUCCESS EQUAL INCREASED SALES!

Pre-Order Now >> Hit Man Returns: David Foster & Friends (CD/DVD) CHASTERS! Make Charices All By Myself a 1mill hit Hit!

Charice performs “All By Myself” during the David Foster & Friends concert in Las Vegas. Available in CD/DVD and CD/Blue-Ray from March 1

Pre-Order Now >> Hit Man Returns: David Foster & Friends (CD/DVD) CHASTERS! Make Charices All By Myself a 1mill hit Hit!

David Foster Brings Seal, Charice and More Stars to His Second ‘Hit Man’ Concert Special

6a00d8341c2b7953ef0133f1888d88970b 250wi 75x75 CHASTERS! Make Charices All By Myself a 1mill hit Hit!As Foster tells PopEater, the success of the first ‘Hit Man’ caught him off-guard. “I think it aired 7,800 times,” he says. “It proved to be such a big fundraiser for PBS, and it ran for over a two-year period. There were lots of singers and artists that I had worked with in my career that were not available on that first show.  >> Full story

‘Hit Man Returns’ DVD Set for March Release

TN 26156 DF Booklet2 finalCover 75x75 CHASTERS! Make Charices All By Myself a 1mill hit Hit!There were so many magic moments that night. I’m especially proud of the terrific combinations of talent including a medley with Chaka, Seal and Michael Bolton, a breathtaking duet with Natalie Cole and Ruben Studdard and a standout performance by Charice, Ne-Yo and Robert Randolph,” he said. >> Full story

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64 Responses to “CHASTERS! Make Charice’s ‘All By Myself’ a 1mill-hit Hit!”

  1. Tahlia says:

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    as well as the content!

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  2. musiclover123 says:

    Do you have sales figure of her first album? I can’t find anywhere in the net.

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  3. nordin says:

    Since A lot of us been comparing Charice to AI contestants check out what this guy “Vongsundara” said when he compared Charice against the great singers. This article been here in Charicenmania for a while now but it’s nice to go back and read it again because this guy got a different vision of what he saw about Charice’s talent, so enjoy reading it again…

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  4. E P S says:
    Undoubtedly, undeniably, over the top extra – exceptional talent, nothing can surpass this performance. Watching Charice from the very beginning in US career, I just now sit and watch and not worried about the direction of her stardom. Everything is traversing towards and continuously pouring towards her success.

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  5. levi says:
    Wow ,Charice you are totally amazing….

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  6. vilma hill says:
    Charice, You are really amazing, You amuse me the way you ansewered those question. Your english is way, way better than me. you are so terrefic. Love you…

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  7. anniefound says:
    Charice, what have you done to me? It’s 2:00 am (California time), and I am still listening to your rendition of “All By Myself.” and everytime you would finish it, I find myself clapping with all gusto, with the audience. I asked my husband to give this particular DVD for my belated valentines, birthday, anniversary, and christmas gift. There is no one like you Charice, what a gift you have! Please keep you feet on the ground all the time. Congratulations, you are now living those dreams and people around the world can hardly wait now, to hear you sing. We love you and we are praying for you and your family always. God bless you.

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  8. chasterdailyDXB says:
    I have done my part promoting it…yehey!

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  9. webmarketer says:
    I agree with the comments of “The Block.” And one more thing–

    If this video indeed needs to get promoted, then why is this particular YT vid not in David Foster’s official channel? Doesn’t that tell us something?

    Why is Charicemania promoting someone else’s ripoff channel? If this video is sanctioned and needs promoting, it should be promoted thru the official channel of the producer of the show, David Foster.

    There is a reason why David Foster did not include this particular video in his archives.

    Yet here we are….

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    • scoobydoo says:

      ripoff channel?
      this video not on archives? are you sure?

      you have so many problem yourself, dude. cheer up!

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      • webmarketer says:

        Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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        • The Block says:
          Let’s Knock-it Off now Chasters.
          Let’s just get back to business, supporting Charice.
          Thanks WebMarketer for the previous comment
          & see all of you around. Have a good week.

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    • ice3353 says:
      My understanding is that PopEater had an exclusive interview with David Foster. That could explain the video’s exclusiveness (i.e. it’s on PopEater’s instead of David’s). Also, it’s not a rip-off in a real sense since the video on PopEater’s is linked to one that’s public on AOL Video.

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      • katie says:
        Please post the actual link to PopEater’s and AOL’s site that contains this exclusive interview.

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        • mdsjr says:
          The Charice’s video from PopEater if you can stream it in your area.

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          • katie says:
            Thank you for providing the link. I think I need clarification as to “why” we should have a million views on Charice’s performance. Are we trying to prove her popularity and her ability to generate sales? I don’t see a problem with that as long as we’re giving credit to The person-jessiegeneral- has it tagged as his own video and aside from providing two links to purchase Hitman Returns, I’m not sure the view tally on YouTube is added to the viewership total from the true source(Popeater). Am I making sense? I’m not a tech savy person so I need someone to explain this to me. Are we, current chasters, providing the sales buzz in the right direction as far as attaining new fans for Charice by viewing Jessiegeneral’s video? Or are we inadvertantly providing Jessiegeneral high traffic to her YT page?

            If Admin had embedded Charice’s performance from, the 28,000(estimated) views Jessiegeneral has would’ve gone to instead of Jessie. Right? Again, my question is are we doing this correctly? Please advise.

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            • mdsjr says:
              The PopEater video is not available to everyone. As for Asia, specially the Philippines, streaming the “All By Myself” video or any video on that site is blocked. Uploading it to youtube makes it available to everybody. I speak only for the possible reason why it was uploaded to youtube and not linked to popeater.

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              • katie says:

                Ok, that explains a lot. If only AOL/ knew how many times Charice’s performance was being viewed, they would understand how popular she is and add more content to their website to support her. Instead, jessiegeneral will garner views and…do what? This is frustrating.

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    • ice3353 says:

      If PopEater wanted to secure their video wholeheartedly, they easily could’ve been more protective of their video (a la’s exclusive Charice videos). While this by no means prevents unconstitutional downloads (there’s always a dogged person with software that can pull it off), one would surmise that it categorically tells you to lay off.

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    • ice3353 says:
      So, it’s likely that David does indeed have this clip in his archives. And, while it may be copyrighted, it doesn’t preclude it from being published hitherto elsewhere… Just because a video is copyrighted doesn’t necessarily mean it’s hands off. The spirit of copyright is not about that, but about profiteering at the expense of the copyright owner. This where “fair use” comes into play… and, arguably at the discretion of the copyright owner, we are promoting it as such, i.e. not at the expense of the owner, but to actually support him gainfully, and to support Charice as well.

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      • webmarketer says:


        I presume you are a lawyer, or you have a legal background so I won’t even dare to argue legalese with you.

        It may be (highly) likely that David Foster does have this clip in his archive–in “private,” that is–for his channel does not make it visible to the public.

        While the video may have appeared in PopEater, the exclusive interview with David Foster is coincidental to the existence of the YT vid in it’s site and not as a result of an exclusivity agreement between David and PopEater. Why, you may ask? It’s because–

        1. it does not make any sense for David Foster to transfer the rights of promoting said YT video exclusively thru PopEater and AOL. He could do it himself, and his channel will get more hits. Moreover, the more sites the vid is channeled or distributed, the greater the exposure if this is David Foster’s intention. This, by logic. I am not a lawyer.

        2. Basing from number 1, the vid should be visible to the public in David Foster’s channel. It is not.

        3. Unless “JessieGeneral,” the channel where the YT vid of Charice’s ABM is shown, is an employee of PopEater, then there is no question. However, why is it under his username and not PopEater’s? Should not promote its domain/brand name channel in YT?

        4. JessieGeneral is based in the Philippines. PopEater too? Hmm…

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        • ice3353 says:

          As long as JesseGeneral’s video falls under ‘Fair Use’, it doesn’t matter where’s he is from… doesn’t matter if you don’t see it on David’s site… doesn’t matter that had he’d been on the ball down to the second (he’s beat me to it – the torch is his). You can conjecture all you want, but as long as the copyright owner is happy, he’s fine. If not, he can contest (the owner may or may not concede), or not bother and just hang up.
          I think we should just have a good time with this.

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          • webmarketer says:


            Well then, I will conjecture, and let me borrow your words, that “there’s always a dogged person with software that can pull it off,” when a vid is supposedly private (David Foster’s), since by not showing it in public, “one would surmise that it categorically tells you to lay off.”

            You would understand if I don’t participate in this “promoting.” But do have a good time.

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            • ice3353 says:
              You’ve misread me. The video is public.

              We don’t have any ulterior motive or something enigmatic to that effect. Not with him, not with me. We just want to promote out beloved Charice, and David, too. Yes we do take risks, but not for personal gain at the expense of copyright owners.

              Nonetheless, the copyright infringement process can and do often sting us – videos get blocked, channels are shut down. But that doesn’t make us any less virtuous. Take a look at FalseVoice, He’s been shut down before, too. Now, do I think any less of him? No. he’s brought us wonderful Charice.

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  10. The Block says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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    • MarVic says:
      Thank you for you words of wisdom. Thank you also for visiting Admin’s site (Author of this Article). You are a fine guest.

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      • arvie says:
        i dont see how this unofficial video could spoil the “supposedly best part of the concert” and affect the dvd sales. if anything, it serves as a great teaser. people who see this would have two possible reactions. either they buy the dvd because it promises to be a great keeper or they dont, but they get to see charice in her best. i’d definitely buy one as soon as the dvd is out because i want to see the totality of the show. if you dont buy one after seeing this performance, two reasons again are possible. either you dont really like charice or any other artist in this dvd or you simply dont have the means to afford the dvd. in any case, you are given a chance to see something that you may never see again in your lifetime. for free at that.

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        • The Block says:
          Thanks for the honest reaction. The point you were mentioning about the DVD Sales as “not to be affected” can carry out true, but I guess that’s not the point I stated earlier: “PROMOTION OF SALES BY USING THE FULL UNOFFICIAL PERFORMANCE”. Charice worked her **S off hard for this, just to be what? There is the reason why we have “TEASER!” as promotional material or otherwise they could have said: BUY it on YOUTUBE, people. Then come on, giving me that “if” statement that what? “If you dont really like charice” (Find me: This is 2learn2love2live, ChariceOnTheBlock”) and you are right: Some people will definitely not be able to have resources to buy it, after all, it’s business as well. If Not, Ask Charice to do this PRO-BONO next time. Peace! I rest my case. I Challenged all Right-Minded Chasters to weigh all of this properly and not to rush to ex/implicitly say that “Go on…check out the video, before YOUTUBE take it down” and go for sales…absolutely pathetic, right?

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  11. palaginghuli says:
    Does anyone know the difference in the tacks from Amazon and from QVC. I already preordered already from Amazon, but not sure if QVC is better.

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  12. anitako says:
    i wonder if i can order a dvd/cd w/ just charice singing “ALL BY MYSELF” and “TO LOVE YOU MORE” i would be really,really very happy and contented just to hear that 2 songs in my dvd/cd. she made me addicted listening to that song,that i didnt like before,gives me goosebumps. i have to order this dvd/cd coz i was there in that concert as my birthday gift to myself oct.15th my 60th, geez, it was all worth it flying from houston texas to las vegas alone, no sleep, charice was almost the last performer to sing (2nd to the last) i was dozing off w/ the other pinay and her caucasian husband beside me and i woke up when i heard charice singing-duet w/ ne-yo, i opened my eyes and said is that charice now? the pinay near me said its charice, surprise duet, “the earth” song and then she sang “all by myself” and to love you more- my sleepyhead wide awake the moment she came to stage. i just missed the M&G coz of the guards wont let me inside to get the pass, and the pass must be given before the show so this thing shld not happened to anyone again, coz the guards so strict they asked for pass and we dont have it, coz we still have to get it fr eve? and most of us , some flew fr hawaii were nit allowed to get inside to get the pass before u can go to the skybox to see charice. but anyways, we just waited until those chasters came out fr the m&g to give us tidbits what happened inside, and OCF gave me a signed alb my inspiration of charice, but of course handshake and pix w/ cha is something else to say. hoped there is next time.

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  13. eva says:
    HI chasters!!! i did my part i asked all my friends on FB,to see and make this a million hits. go go go CHASTERS aroung the GLOBE. GOD BLESS US ALL<<>>

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