Charice Wins J-WAVE Best Newcomer Award

Charice Wins J-WAVE Best Newcomer Award

Charice has won the J-WAVE Tokio Hot 100 Best Newcomer Award after results from an online voting campaign saw her placed above some of the biggest names in music.

The 18-year-old songstress, who is currently in Osaka where she will play the final concert of her 4-gig Japan tour, received her award at the official awards ceremony in Tokio on Thursday night (February 24). It’s understood that she also performed her hit track “Pyramid” on stage as part of the ceremony’s entertainment.

Charice Sharisu Jwave award1 300x199 Charice Wins J WAVE Best Newcomer Award

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No comment has been made by Charice, either in an interview or through her Twitter account, but this is most probably because of the fact that an official announcement is expected to be made at 1pm (Japanese time) live on J-WAVE Radio on Sunday, February 27, with the winners in each of the 5 categories to be named.

However, news first broke of her win when an attendee tweeted that Charice had won and later blogged on the event.

Since voting took place online, it was not just the listeners to J-WAVE Radio that can be thanked for Charice’s victory, but the thousands of Chasters who voted also. The campaign started in January, and voting officially ended February 6.

Charice was one of 7 candidates in her category, along with Justin Bieber, Ke$ha, Hawaiian-born Bruno Mars, English soul singer/songwriter Rox, Australian rock musician Orianthi, and South Korean girl band Kara.

It was stiff opposition, with Justin Bieber arguably the biggest name in music at the moment, and Ke$ha and Bruno Mars getting considerable chart success in Japan.

However, there was never any doubt that the Laguna-born teenager was the hot favorite for the gong, having become something of a darling of the music scene in Japan.

Her album, “Charice,” was released there last summer and within a few months went gold with sales beating the 150,000-mark. It peaked at No 6 in the Oricon album charts, with her single from the album, “Pyramid,” peaking at No 4.

Her popularity, and not just her chart success, prompted J-WAVE themselves to ask her to record John Lennon’s “Happy Christmas (War is Over)” as the theme for their winter programming (by roger). That song went to No 2, while her highly acclaimed collaboration with Unique Zayas, “Wherever You Are,” went to No 1.

Further appearances, such as her mini-concert for J-WAVE in December, feature on J-WAVE’s “Curious” program on December 30, performance on Mezamashi TV and numerous other high profile programs ensured that Charice has been one on the most conspicuous artists on the Japanese airwaves this year.

She has also just finished her first solo concert tour, selling-out events in Nagoya, Tokyo and Osaka.

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Breaking News: <TOKIO HOT 100 AWARD>、Superfly、JUJU、EXILE、秦 基博、シャリースが受賞

2月24日、J-WAVEの番組「McDonald’s TOKIO HOT 100」による音楽祭<McDonald’s TOKIO HOT 100 AWARD授賞式>が開催された。リスナー投票を募りベストソング&ベストアーティストを決定する音楽祭で、2010年にチャート・インした全楽曲および全アーティストを対象とし、5部門7組ずつをノミネート。2011年1月9日(日)から2月6日(日)までに寄せられた有効投票数18,661票のリスナー投票により、最優秀賞が決定となった。

始めにベストニューアーティスト部門のシャリース受賞が発表。2010年のJ-WAVE冬のキャンペーンソングを歌ったシャリースが来日公演中で、この授賞式のためにかけつけた。「日本のみなさんにこんなに認めていただいてうれしいです。J-WAVEのリスナーのみなさんありがとう」と喜びの言葉とともに圧倒的な歌声でヒット曲「PYRAMID」を披露した。>> Full story

Charice Sharisu Tokio Hot 100 Award Charice Wins J WAVE Best Newcomer Award

The Tokyo Hot 100 Awards from the J-Wave radio show Tokio Hot 100 sponsored by McDonald’s was held last Feb24th.

There were 5 categories including best song and best artist with 7 candidates per category. Candidates were all songs and artists that charted in 2010. Winners were chosen by listeners’ votes. Valid votes totaled 18,661. Voting was from Jan. 9 2011

The first winner of the night was Charice in the best new artist category. She sang the campaign song for J-Wave’s winter campaign in 2010. She said: “I am very happy that everyone in Japan has acknowledged me this way.  Thank you to all J-Wave listeners.”  She performed Pyramid.

Japanese to English translation provided by Mooffin, Charicemania.comDomo arigato!

Andy Says: Charice Beat Justin Bieber For Best New Artist Award & She Deserves It!

Charice Justin Bieber 75x75 Charice Wins J WAVE Best Newcomer AwardShe’s guest starred on ‘Glee,’ performed with Celine Dion, and now she’s dominated the Biebs. Is there anything Charice can’t do? Charice and Justin Bieber are once again making headlines together — but this time, it’s not for a potential collaboration. >> Full story

Is Charice Better Than Justin Bieber?!

justin bieber charice japan best new artist 300x300 75x75 Charice Wins J WAVE Best Newcomer AwardWell, the Chasters and the Beliebers are going to have to duke that one out, and we are so not taking sides. Sorry! But Charice just won an international award, beating out the Biebs! Which award did Charice win?! Charice won the J-Wave Tokio Hot 100 award for Best New Artist! Not only did Charice beat out Justin Bieber >> Full story

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  1. Kg35tt says:

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  2. Cecile j says:

    Hi Charice I’m a Middle aged fan from Davao city who has been admiring you and keeping track of you for 2 yrs now. I hope to meet and greet you in the future. I’m one of your mom fans who enjoy reading articles about you and listenin to your videos as well as reading comments from chasters all over the world. just stay sweet and humble as you are and the universe will continue to conspire to bring to complete fruition it’s grandest design for you in the most amazing ways possible! Hail Charice!

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    Congratulations Charice and to your handlers!

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  4. Syamasundara says:
    Little by little, inch by inch, Charice achcievement are now being recognize world wide, thanks to Chaster Internationale and to people not even consider themselves as a chaster but remarkably believe what this young singer can do.

    This is just a start. Just hold to your breath and hold on tight…
    its gonna be one heck of a ride…

    Keep on supporting chaster. The girl need us and she do really deserve it.

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  5. POPseeker says:
    She’s so PROMISING! I wish I have the power to make our princess to be the most famous singer…

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  6. YellowEngr says:
    Congratulations, Charice!

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  7. fef says:
    Congratulations Charice!!! Thank you Japan & most to Chasters, all efforts are not in vain, especially to Webscribes who reminded us always to vote. GOD Bless Us Always.

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  8. stefie2325 says:
    What a big achievement to our if i won deserve it make us all proud as a fan but as star that was born out of hardwork and will have a long way to stay as a star our princess because you are just so adorable,humble, hardworking and a role model to all..congratulations Cha..we love you so much!

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  9. Mari-Kate says:
    A big Congratulation Charice on this much deserved best new artist award from the land of the rising Sun-Shine.

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  10. BeckyM says:
    Wow! Congrats to our little Princess Charice, Indeed the world can’t help but recognize big time a talent that cannot be denied!! woot woot!

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  11. jess daza says:
    Another big award for the pinay young diva,she is really a great singer with powerful voice,,,keep it up charice.

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  12. Lola Lily says:
    Charice you rock!! I’m soooo happy for you. You certainly deserve it because you are a very great singer. I hope and pray that your next award will be at the Grammy’s. Also I can’t wait to see your very own concert here in Vegas. Take care of yourself always and God bless!

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  13. 0% says:
    i would cry if i see this live!

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  14. nokia1200 says:
    Nothing but tears of joy…

    Congratulations Charice…may you have more blessings to come.:-)

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  15. lsarocam says:
    congrats charice!u deserve it!

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  16. buena14 says:
    It’s about time. Congratulations for that well-deserved award! No way but UP for you now and in the years to come; with your pure talent which is way beyond the rest of your contemporaries..and with us pushing your further rise.

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  17. peakarach says:
    Congratulation Sunshine you deserve it.

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  18. alicia cruz says:
    Congratulations Cha!u dserved that award. Chasters thanks a lot. an awesome followers! Bravo…..

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  19. POPseeker says:
    …a big round of applause to our princess! :)


    …i voted for her!

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  20. chasterdailyDXB says:
    Wheres the acceptance speech? Congratulations!!!!

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  21. blitz says:
    Congratulations Charice!

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  22. Chajenmer says:
    My Dear Charice!!! Congrats!!! You deserve it!!! Labyooo!! More awards to come!!!! It’s just starting….At the top!!!

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