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Charice Rated ‘Most Likely Heiress’ to Bieber’s Mega-Star Mantle

Charice Rated ‘Most Likely Heiress’ to Bieber’s Mega-Star Mantle

Charice has been rated as the “most likely” contender to replace Justin Bieber as the biggest name in music, according to UK newspaper, The Independent.

The Independent article, titled “Bieber fever? Get over it! Meet the new kids on the block,” identifies 10 young singers that could take Bieber’s mantle. The list included 10-year-olds Jackie Evancho and Heather Russell, Hollywood star Will Smith’s kids, Jaden (12) and Willow (10), and Sweden’s 18-year-old veteran, Amy Diamond, who has 6 albums (including a ‘best of’) behind her already.

However, the article states that of the list of 10 candidates to become the next global mega-star, Charice is the “most likely heiress apparent,” having already carved out an international presence already.

ChariceSingStage 205x300 Charice Rated Most Likely Heiress to Biebers Mega Star Mantle

Charice is the "most likely heiress apparent"

“The most likely heiress apparent is Charice Pempengco, the Philippines’ answer to Whitney Houston and a veteran at the age of 18,” the article read, before going on to briefly detail her high-rating achievements, including featuring in “two of the gala events surrounding Barack Obama’s inauguration.”

There can be no denying the mega-stardom that Bieber enjoying, and at the age of just 16, it seems strange for anyone to be speculating over the Canadian pop star’sAi??career changing to go on a downward spiral.

We already know just how far Charice has come, having topped the charts in Japan, the Philippines (of course) and the US dance charts, and having all but conquered Japan, the second-biggest music market in the world.

But it is also true that she has not yet reached the heights as her Canadian teenage colleague, who featured on the same “Search for the Most Talented Kids” show on Oprah in 2010.

It might even have been whispered that Charice is more talented than Justin Bieber, with Cheap shatavari herb a voice that has astounded industry heavy-weights as much as regular audiences. But there can be no denying just how huge Bieber is.

His current album, “My World 2.0,” hit No 1 in the Billboard 200 chart, and has gone double-Platinum in the US, Canada and Australia, while his own movie, “Justin Bieber: Never Say Never” has just been released.Ai??He also has a huge well of support globally, with some 21,785,147 ‘friends’ on Facebook, and 7,549,303 followers on Twitter, making him something of a prince of social networking.

Doubtless, Charice would be the first to back her fellow singer and actor to have a long and hugely successful career. In fact, she has already said that “he deserves everything that is happening to him.”

Charice also indicated she would be open to collaborating with Justin Bieber in the future, though she denied that he has been involved in anyway with her new album, which is set to be released later this year.

However, there is also little doubt that the Laguna-born teenage diva is establishing her own significant global presence – as witnessed by the success of her Japan Tour this week.

Replace Bieber as a the biggest name in music? Why not?

Bieber fever? Get over it! Meet the new kids on the block

bieber 560346t 75x75 Charice Rated Most Likely Heiress to Biebers Mega Star MantleThe Canadian teen star is about to be eclipsed by a fresh batch of pop pixies. Even as he reaches the peak of fame, the teen heart-throb Justin Bieber already faces the prospect that, not too long from now, his star will be eclipsed by a younger, even more >> Full story

By Robert Sheen,

35 Responses to “Charice Rated ‘Most Likely Heiress’ to Bieber’s Mega-Star Mantle”

  1. orolph says:

    like the lyrics in her “Pyramid” hit, it will not be long when she
    will be “at the top, baby!” Just be patient, guys! Meanwhile, stop
    bashing other artists like JB. He earned what he has now because of
    his talent, just like our little princess has – and more! All she,
    and we, need is patience. Her star will come, and is already in fact,
    in the horizon, when she will top ‘em all!

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  2. Charice to inherit JB’s mantle – since JB is younger, you mean she’ll have to wait years until JB’s over the hill? That is not a compliment – that is a put-down. Justin is a Superstar, 100%. Megastar? Justin has a talent, and that is selling his music to millions. Megastar – That would be Charice: Megatalent. She will be a star for all seasons, for all reasons!

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  3. M A Fan says:
    You guys should read your comments once you’ve posted it. Some of you need to take a chill pill once in awhile. Charice will always be the best to Chasters regardless of who you compare her to…as a matter of fact, there really is no comparison. She was great then, she is great now, and she will be great even for the next ten years.

    But guys and gals, do not bash other artists! It’s a sign of immaturity and lack of mannered personality. Do not make this website a debate blog coz that’s not what is all about. Don’t get pissed…Charice surely isn’t. She just does what she loves the most…to sing and entertain…support her for that and be there for her (I’m sure you guys are anyway).

    It’s likely I’m gonna have a fair share of thumbs down for this…but really…TAKE A CHILL PILL! My two cents worth.

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  4. AntonB says:
    Guys and Gals. Chasters and non-Chasters alike. This might be a shocker, but I TOTALLY disagree that Charice will be the HEIR to Justin Beibers Popularity. Are you kidding me. They can hardly even be compared to be in the same Category. That’s like saying Manny Pacquiao will be the next Tiger Woods. WTF.

    Charice is a category all to herself. She will NOT be the NEXT anyone. She is the FIRST CHARICE. First Asian to break into the mainstream American billboards. First to be featured in Oprah at least six times. etc..etc…etc…

    So lay off the comparisons. Apples and oranges.

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  5. Maribeth says:
    I don’t care about Beiber!!! He got more popular than Charice because he looks Caucasian. Most people will choose anyone looking Caucasian than Asian. They discovered a lot of other new singers after Charice was dubbed by Oprah as “The most talented girl of the world,” because a lot of people wanted to disapprove that statement…they never wanted an Asian to be more popular than any other Caucasian looking singer…they will choose anyone Caucasian but Charice! That is the mere hidden point. I can never prove this theory, but it is the fact. You can look left and right but no one will admit that “discrimination” still do exist in a subtle and hidden form.

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    • kara says:

      that’s true.they keep on denying the talent from asia.but look at their talents,faced with drugs,scandals…….ASIA should have their own independent hollywood world so real talents be recognized.

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    • M A Fan says:

      I hope you realize that you were just being racist with your comments.

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  6. POPseeker says:

    If Warner-Reprise will not be smart enough to bring the best out of Charice, then other recording companies might steal her…who knows, maybe right now they are already prepared for it…I hope that Warner-Reprise will bring out the best on Charice in her upcoming album…I really hope so…. :)

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  7. EMERALD says:

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  8. 07Jown says:
    Charice will always be in my heart, FOREVER! :)

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  9. EMERALD says:

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  10. poorster says:
    Hey, people, why all the negative comments here directed against Justin Bieber?? What bad thing had he done to you? Hey, if he’s having all the tremendous success and global recognition at the moment, even though he might not necessarily possess the killer voice that Charice has – SO WHAT?! Stop all the bashing, that’s not his fault! He (together with Usher) just hit the right formula for success especially among female teen-agers of today. And it’s perfectly ok! If it gets into his head, it’s not anyone’s problem at all except his…Just focus on Charice, please. I believe Charice doesn’t think about JB the way some people here think about him. So drop it. Thanx.

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  11. mj says:
    I agree with all the posts here.Charice management team are slowly but surely polishing her entry into the US mainstream music industry and globally, not rushing things up because she is like a diamond in the rough that needs to find out the perfect cut and color for her to shine at her best. She nis like a premium wine that gets better as it ages. I have nothing against Justin Beiber-he has talent and the looks. But honestly, my reaction to that movie of his was like : oh my ,my! They are really cashing on his popularity while he is very hot! My co-worker had a similar reaction, He summe dit like : dude, you’re just sixteen and you haven’t experienced much about life and you got a documentary about yourself already?

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  12. juerry says:
    be patience guys, just wait slowly but surely, charice is like a diamond stones because her talent is forever..

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  13. ez says:
    Well, soon, they would all want to collaborate with her. She will do a soundtrack for a major hollywood film and then enjoy a no.1 billboard hit. Then she will take more than 2 Grammy’s. And keep moving up while everyone stays where they are if not slowly fade away. This is destiny people. She is a gift from above and it just can’t get any better than that. Slowly but surely and for longer!

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  14. JABUAN says:
    I took it, as a good omen when, one, in the Philippines Usher pretended he had no idea who Charice was (we totally knew he lied), two, JB and his daddy (Usher) almost betrayed their shock, when Lady Ga Ga took the Grammy, and three, when an unknown jazz artist took best new artist. This is what happens when you fill a sixteen year olds head with the idea that earth revolves around his greatness – huge confusion and dissapointment follows when he learns people don’t actually kneel before his greatness. JB is eye candy for the female world and a cash machine (for now) for the industry.

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  15. EBJohns11 says:
    Just wait.. be patience. She will make it. Thats why i believe on her talent! Shes like 4 seasons – she can be winter, spring, summer & Fall – all in one hahaha.

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  16. Riza says:
    I,m not worried about him being so famous right now. Miley Cyrur,2-3 years ago can sell out a 25,000 capacity stadium in few hours.She was the trend at that time,just like he is now.He’s no Michael Jackson who writes his own songs and has the voice to show. He’s no Elvis Presley either who also has a very nice voice. He really could not sing in person like Charice. Pretty soon He will just be an actor that will sing in his movies once in a while.Let Charice go back to Glee. Few more exposures and she could sell out a huge venue too.Give her 1 more year. That is my .50 cents prediction,and I am very sure of that.She is already a preferred performer on these classy events attended by elegant audiences.The kinds that would not enjoy being entertained with Baby,Baby.

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  17. marlyn says:
    Charice is almost there, all she needs is the right song to make her # 1 and she can beat JB

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  18. deguzmanfc says:
    yahooooo!!! what a good news, we labyo Charice!

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  19. carmen says:
    it just so happened Justin Beiber hit the right songs for his age and the teens, even a 2 yr old can hum his baby2x, but that’s it and his good looks and hairstyle! he cannot be compared to charice’s singing talent and powerful voice she can sing any song, for the young at age, to the young at heart! she is pure talent,musically. JS is enhanced in a different way, packaged, and caters to the young while he remains cute and young. Charice is to last for a long time, if not lifetime. she is definitely going up slowly and growing up beautifully as an artist and as a person, truly a force and a persona to reckon with. her singing voice is an extraordinary gift from God, as many talents are gifts from God! the difference in her singing is that she feels for every song, she has the charisma, the it and the X-tra factor to last a lifetime. Charice is a breath of fresh air, simple and hope, remains modest in her costumes or appearances,on stage or in music videos. don’t need the provocative or vulgar costumes and acts of many and not so talented artists, even the talented ones has to sell sex as well( in the form of provocative and vulgar costumes, and dances) to sell their records and videos. when you just want to listen or watch a perfomer beltout their musical talent and dance, it is so distracting and offensive to see at the same time nearly nude artists and lewd dancing.

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    • lee says:
      Please allow me to butt in. I say that we leave JB alone. He has his own destiny in the same way that Charice has hers. Besides, he deserves what he enjoys now — even our Charice agrees to that. Charice time will definitely come, not doubt about it because to me she is not a meteorite, but an unstoppable comet. She will be around for a very long time like Barbara Streisand, Celine D, etc. So what we need to do now is to continue to support her like buying her CD — I bought mine last Jan and I love it. It’s all in God’s time.

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  20. chasterdad says:
    Bieber fever is a fad sorry to say. He has talent but not something astoundingly special but rather a teeny bopper’s fixation. Justin is for the teen market just like Miley, They can sing but its their matinee looks that sells rather than their singing prowess.

    I believe Bieber will eventually end up in tinseltown down his career path and forego a singing career once his teen period is over.

    Charice on the otherhand “will” progress and develop further on in the music industry to be a recognised global megadiva as she is a killer in a lot of genre and as DF aptly describes her as a musical prodigy and a vocal powerhouse(**Hope I quoted it correctly). As she ages, so can she adopt and fit gracefully in her type of songs accordingly.

    So yes in the long run I believe Charice will take over JB’s mantles in due time. Her time to reign will come and it will explode exponentially with her first Grammy award.

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  21. wawawa says:
    she’ll be better… plus, she’ll stick around longer.

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  22. Nsanitee says:
    while JB’s popularity is undisputed at the moment, i believe that charice has the greater talent and the staying power in the music industry. he might even go into acting instead to stay in the limelight. i also believe that charice’s mainstay is ballad, but her youth allows her to experiment in other genre which will only make her more versatile and well-rounded as an artist in the performing arts.
    go charice, the world is your playground. EXPLORE!

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  23. daddy 0 says:
    definitely…just 1 song ..just 1..if that song hits the charts as # 1..US/EUR/JAP/AUS/LAM..She will be the next Beyonce/Whitney. No doubt about it. She is almost there.

    She will be at the top higher than a pyramid.. All the way!!
    Charice for 2012…up to …. 2035!!! maybe forever as what they say, future icon!!! i can’t wait..

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  24. daddy 0 says:
    Definitely!! Charice for now and 2012……..up to … 2035!! Maybe forever like Michael Jackson.

    Just one song. IF she have that 1 song that will hit the charts as any charts..Japan/US/AUS/CAN/EUR..she will be the next Beyonce!!!It will definitely be all the way… Higher than the top of the Pyramid… GOD BLESS YOU CHARICE!!!

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  25. ABCD says:
    Wow… What I can say more to Charice… Congrats for the successful Solo Concerts in Japan… Its only the beginning… Becoming a World Diva..

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  26. nice says:
    im first duh! well good luck to the fever bies.. my sistah cha blow you away!! the chastorm is coming wheeeeeeeee…..BOOM!

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