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Sunshine Highlighted Amongst Forgotten ‘Glee’ Story Lines

Sunshine Highlighted Amongst Forgotten ‘Glee’ Story Lines

Yahoo has highlighted the expected rivalry between Charice’s Sunshine Corazon and Rachel Berry as the hit TV show’s most significant forgotten story line. In an article that identifies several plots and sub-plots that seemed to evaporate, Yahoo asks “What Has Happened to the Sunshine?”, disappointment that has followed the delayed return of the hugely popular character. Charice’s much-hyped arrival on “Glee” as exchange student Sunshine Corazon had been billed as the start of a major rivalry with key character rachel Berry, played by Lea Michele. But after just one appearance, in the premiere of the second season, Sunshine has not bee brought back to the fold. “After the two nailed Lady Gaga’s ‘Telephone’ together in the ladies’ room and Sunshine belted out ‘Listen’ and ‘Dreamgirls’ in her New Directions audition, the character was whisked away to Carmel High to join Vocal Adrenaline,” the article states. “Reportedly, she’ll be back for the final episode of the season. If that’s true, it won’t be soon enough.” Speculation over Charice’s return to “Glee” has been non-stop since her appearance in “Audition” last September. However, reports she was to return for the first episode of the New Year on February 6 proved to be untrue. Since then, Chasters and Gleeks have been asking “when?!” Buy essays continuously. The popularity that Sunshine has enjoyed, and the impact that Charice’s voice has made, as ensured it is virtually impossible not to bring

the character back. Co-creator Ryan Murphy has already publicly stated that she would be back “at the end of the year.” However, with 14 episodes of the second season already aired, the closest fans have had of a return of Sunshine is a depressed Sue Sylvester admitting she listens to Charice on the car radio to cheer herself up, which was included in the dialogue of “Comeback” last week. Other forgotten plots that make Yahoo’s list include Finn and Kurt living together after their respective Mom and Dad got married; the Will-and-Emma love plot suddenly stopped once Emma got married; and the promising fighting between Sue and Grace (played by RnB songstres Eve), despite her getting Sue suspended in season 1.

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36 Responses to “Sunshine Highlighted Amongst Forgotten ‘Glee’ Story Lines”

  1. anniefound says:

    Putting things together, I came to realize that all these “hooplas” about charice’s first appearance in the first episode of glee and positioning her return towards the closing, is all about “tv rating.” Through it all, Charice started it with a big bang and she will end it with a huge landslide.

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  2. EMERALD says:

    Whatever..glee or without glee.charice is now CHARICE in hollywood.

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  3. someone says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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    • fel says:
      we respect your opinion “SOMEONE” because we are here to appreciate talent only…if you have nothing good to say to anybody,maybe it would be better if you keep it to yourself because what you speak reveals only your bitter personality..

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  4. mingquote says:
    It only goes to show that boosting Charice’s career is not Ryan Murphy’s ultimate priority on Glee. With or without Charice’s appearance on Glee, it doesn’t matter to me anymore. After all, Charice can still makes it to stardom without it.

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  5. mingquote says:
    In my opinion, Ryan Murphy’s casting priorities are made to boost Glee’s original casts. Although Charice’s appearance did just that, it will not be of help to Glee’s objective as a whole. Charice still finds her way to shine despite her long absence on Glee, so I would care less anymore anyways.

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  6. carmen says:
    hey guys! why be bothered about RM putting back Charice or not as promised on glee? i reckon some cast and RM agreed, does not want to be outshined by Charice if she appears frequent so RM waits for the end of the season, bu if true to it, just the same Charice will create a huge bang on the show and all the whole world if given more songs that will show her prowess in singing. pure talent, the best in the world and at her age, she will surely soar more like an eagle!

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  7. carmen says:

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  8. carmen says:
    true to my impression, RM does not want his mainstays on glee be upstaged, outshined as overwhelmed by Charice’s powerful voice and superb singing talent. with or without glee, Charice has made it!She has arrived as the new best live performer! with her recent superb performance and successful concerts in japan and voted as the J-Wave hot 100 New Artist, why complain if RM, puts her back on glee or not soon. Charice is becoming a huge success without glee because she is pure talent! i just hope and pray she remains simple and modest with her costumes or attires on every show and concert. She is truly a joy to the world to reckon with! May God bless her more in every way!

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  9. mellow says:

    This is too much already,they said a thing or two and here we are left hangin’ in the air waiting for our Charice for her comeback in glee.There’s so much politics goin on in Glee,guy’s remember as Charice said at the end of last year that she’ll be appearing for 7x in Glee and it got down to 5..and another thing,it’s widely known that our princes Charice is appearing early this yr.Ohh well this tells that there’s no certainty of her return in Glee..i’m tired of this Glee u charice, you are my inspiration , with or without Glee,i know you’ll succeed..

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    • nigel says:
      and now it went down to four! and i just found it odd why Charice was not included on Glee’s: The Music, Volume 4 Album, even her duet with Lea Michele on Telephone and her DreamGirls cover of Listen?,_Volume_4

      Anyway, sometimes i can’t help myself think that they’d just used Charice for gaining viewers. We all know that Glee is one popular TV Series but then again, it gone almost wild and super popular internationally when people knew Charice was joining the hit series and that gave them the opportunity to gather a lot of viewer from the global market viewers. People stay tuned and waited for so long for Charice to reappear on the said TV series. Until we all know that it down rated in quite some percentage when people found out that Charice will appear unpredictably on Glee. And if this really true, it’s so sad to know.

      But, i really do agree amongst of the comments here. Charice will still shine going to stardom with or without Glee. She is one rare prodigies of our century. She’s even incomparable to any new singers that now popping out in our music industry. It’s just a matter of time,… and people will realize more why this young girl was been labelled by Oprah. “The Most Talented Kid in the World”

      …. and i really do believe on that!

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  10. POPseeker says:
    I really don’t know why Ryan Murphy is not putting back Charice…Charice is undoubtedly a good audience-attractor but it seems that RM don’t want her to be more popular than the original glee casts…I’m sorry but this speculation of mine really comes back to my mind every now and then……………… :sigh:

    I love Charice!

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    • carmen says:

      same here popseeker! i too have the impression that RM does not want his mainstays on glee to be overshadowed as overwhelmed by charice singing talent, so he has kept us waiting as he promised charice will be reappearing at the end of the season. i am not really so bothered and why get so anxious about whether charice will be back or not on the date speculated or promised? she has been so busy at the start of the year, and with her recently concluded spectacular performance (27 songs!) and successful concert in japan, and having won the J-Wave Tokyo hot 100 New Artist Award, Charice has truly arrived! am just hoping Charice will have a better hit song than Pyramid to make it number 1 in the world, then she is truly phenomenal. Grammy’s next

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    • johnw says:

      What you say is probably true. The Glee Season 2 CD contains the most popular songs sung to date. Conspicuously absent are ‘Telephone’ and Listen’.

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    • Thomas Normande says:

      RMurphy followed my tweeter acct, after I tweeted snipptets of BRINGING CHARICE BACK, Missin you, Sunshine. He sent two personal messages. Furstly, he asked me to RT an announcemnet for another, which I did. Seconly, as an act of gratitude he listed me and indicated that Charice is coming back. He tweeted asking his followers to pitch in possibe theme narratives for future episodes. I guess we should stop jumping making unwarranted scenarios regarding Sunshine. Harry Murphy is saving the best (Charice) for last. Charice opened the season, and Glee fans and critics fell in love with Sunshine. Ryan opted to keep her off the following episodes. As predicted, the hole that Sunshine created left us increaingly anxious, and even members of the Hollywood entertainment press kept bringing up the question. As the tension builds-up, Charice has been busy performing with other teen stars, collaborating new songs, and stamping her populrity in Japan- the second most viable music giant in the world. I read that people complained about Charice’s covering songs of other pop stars over her album songs. This is planned. It’s a marketing tool to show the entertainment world that this girl is so versatile. She can do various genres, and do well even after an accident. Her last concert required her dancing really difficult dance moves as she was performing. Everything was planned. We remember Charice as a nerdy, looking exchange student in the first epsiode, who became a victim of Michelle’s fear of sharing the best roles and perhaps pushing her to minor roles. Episodes later, Ryan, I suspect, is hyping Charice’s long sbsence for a marketing perspective. He is bringing Charice with a vengeance- a total makeover- chic, glamorous (remember she’s been in a strict workout regimen), singing songs Rthat requires very difficult choreography. Be reminded that Ryan Murphy produced extreme makeover. Ecpect a bombshell Sunshine next time we see her. Charice and Rachel’s relationship started off quite nasty. Both said , their interviews, their releationship would be more of a frenemies. We have only seen the enemies part. Rachel may start the move and dump her insecure diva attitude into the garbage and apologize to Sunshine. Eenmies no more, friendsship begins. Sunshine decided to return to Mckinley HS. The third season, I predit that we may not see see Rachel in Mckinley. She’s in her mid 20′s, and fans are noticing it. Indeed, she looks more of a college student trying to fit in her looks in high school. So, who do you think will replace her, Sunshine.

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  11. Pokyaw says:
    Glee made Sunshine a household name…be grateful guys…I think she will be thrown in HUGE in the end of this season…with a truly huge song!

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  12. palaginghuli says:

    I think they edited the “mistake” really well. Did not even notice where it was.

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  13. abeng1127 says:

    ridiculous .. i will not push CHARICE on GLEE ..AGAIN ,after she sang LISTEN””” they MUTE her voice, remember WILL said to her( charice) WELCOME TO THE CLUB …sigh sigh..not join to the CLUB,, and she’s not the CAST….GLEE is FAD .. C H A R I C F A V

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  14. Aeon says:
    Don’t be rude guys, Glee has done lots for Charice admit it or not. But I would agree that with or without glee Sunshine will continue to shine not just in McKinley High but throughout the World..

    Hush! Chasters… Charice just made herself the Sunshine in Japan for 5 days. And the radiation she released on her concerts would last a generation.

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  15. lord-king-leader says:
    i think there gonna make charice appear on glee when her next album is gonna come out,so that way more ppl might buy her album, if they saw her on glee

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  16. mingquote says:

    For all we know, Sunshine will just appear at the very end of the season 2, as opposed to the previous announcement that Sunshine will appear at least 4 times more. She may have recorded/taped for some episode but is also possible that these may not be aired, or never have aired at all.

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  17. anniefound says:
    Charice is where she is now not because of Glee. Charice does’nt need Glee, Glee needs her. they kept postponing her comeback but Charice’s popularity is rising. The longer they wait for Sunshine’s return, the lesser Glee’s glow in rating will be. Because people are getting tired of waiting.

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  18. marilyn says:
    me tired of too much hoopla about Sunshine’s next appearance.
    i will just support Charice Glee or no Glee. She got a tremendous talent and it’s sky is the limit for her..Way to go Charice ..i will always be here to support you.

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  19. FLTom says:
    The cast of Glee, most especially Lea Michelle, sicked their agents on Glee’s producers, insisting Sunshine Corazon’s role on the show be limited, if not totally eliminated. All that’s needed to be persuaded by that statement is to compare Charice’s talent to Michelle’s. There is no comparison. Charice has more talent in her little finger than the entire cast of Glee has in their entire collective body. Since none of them will ever be heard from again after the show closes, they don’t want her to outshine them during their one moment in the sun, which, as a phenomenal force of nature, Charice surely would.

    Fear not, Chasters. This is just catty Hollywood at its lowest. Charice has decades of success in front of her. She is one of the greatest singers in the world. The catty kids on Glee are mere chaff in the wind.

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    • mingquote says:
      You have a very valid point there FLTom. I can see that too.

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    • daddy0 says:
      What is glee? is that a show?? never heard of it? but i know Charice!! She is one of the best singers in the world!!or yet THE BEST!!!

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  20. anromable says:
    I lost my appetite in GLEE.

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  21. marlyn says:
    i will start watching glee again when Charice comes back; it’s different when she’s there .

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    • kb117 says:
      though I am still watching Glee, not so much enthusiasm, for continuity’s sake…
      which, unlike before that I HAVE to see it fresh via satellite… now, I don’t even bother…just download it, watch it if I have time…
      Btw, GLEE S02E01-Auditions is the only episode that I WILL NOT delete. Also, other Charice appearances on the show, whenever it maybe. :)

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  22. EBJohns11 says:
    Ugh enough with the Glee…waaaaa

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  23. louiese says:
    let’s move on guys

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  24. John says:
    “a depressed Sue Sylvester admitting she listens to Charice on the car radio to cheer herself up,”

    It wasn’t Charice that Sue was talking about. It was CHARLENE.

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  25. daddy 0 says:
    nahhhh..i just forget bout glee!!move on.. if SC will show up it will be definitely in YT. Ill just wait. THey are using Charice to rate. Tired of it.

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    • perla says:
      me too! they don’t know what they’re missing!

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    • kb117 says:
      Yup! so tiring not knowing when Sunshine will comeback. But it’s all part of marketing strategy. Same reason I think with the most of the malls(in PI, anyway) not having clocks; and GMA7 not telling exact time of their shows. Just telling the show before and after. All about making the “market” or “buying pubic” in constant check of what’s in store. IMHO

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