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Charice ‘a Tremendous Talent’ Says ‘Glee’ Co-star

Charice ‘a Tremendous Talent’ Says ‘Glee’ Co-star

Charice’s “Glee” colleague Naya Rivera has confessed she

can’t wait to see the teenage diva return to the role of Sunshine Corazon – whenever that might be. Speaking to, the 24-year-old, who plays cheerleader Santana Lopez in the hit musical show, hailed her fellow star as a “tremendous talent” and one of her favorite cast members. “I can’t wait (for her return),” she said. “She was so sweet and a tremendous talent.” Naya’s character Santana was a recurring character in the first series, but she found herself promoted to the regular cast for the current series. So, naturally, she was quizzed as to whether she thought Charice had the same fate in store and would be retained as a regular cast member. “You never know,” she said, before adding that none of

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the cast had any idea what was ahead for them. “It’s always up in the air. I’m just along for the ride.” With Charice’s return to “Glee” already confirmed several times over, we still await confirmation on when it will actually happen. So far, three episodes have been broadcast since the winter break, but Sunshine has not made a re-appearance as yet. The fourth of 2011, and the 14th of the second series, “Blame It On The Alcohol,” is due to be broadcast on February 22, but press releases have not included Sunshine Corazon in the plot lines either. By Admin,

6 Responses to “Charice ‘a Tremendous Talent’ Says ‘Glee’ Co-star”

  1. EBJohns11 says:
    umm ok, tired of reading GLee but here i am still hoping lol.

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  2. MegaMixZ says:
    I love Naya and Charice !

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  3. abeng1127 says:
    CHARICE on GLEE ??? ummm they MUTE her voice after singing “LISTEN” and big applause say welcome to the club ,,, but not join to the CLUB …sigh sigh ,if….. not agree THUMBS ME UP

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  4. Fran says:
    Picked this up on Yahoo Headlines “Ten Big Forgotten Story Lines” this morning….looking for Charice. Public is anxious for her return. He,he,he….Someone tell them she on the road. Her picture is shown so click on to Yahoo main site before it disappears. Already 160 comments regarding Glee.–2411

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  5. Luisa says:
    Charice is just too busy for glee taping, as I understand it takes 16 hours to shoot each scene, maybe after Japan tour we might be lucky, that is if she is not too busy with her second album, I’m really very proud of her, she has been in demand since last sept, it has been a non stop schedule, the tour of Asia with DFF and then all the guesting and fundraisers before christmas, launching her own perfume at the phil, recording with zayas, and the most recent valentine tv special, and of course tv guesting in different tv station in Japan and now she is doing her solo concert and be over on the 25th of this month. she probably need a vacation after this, so maybe we will get lucky she will finally have time to shoot for glee episodes!!!

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  6. chasterdad says:
    So when will we be honored again by the presence of Sunshine on Glee? Hopefully soon, anyway, as Charice has a super hectic schedule, I guess its understandable then that her absence is a bit prolonged.

    Sorry to say though that I’m one of those old Chasters who would only watch when Sunshine is around, just being me. But whne I do tune in, i just can;t stop repeating the episode over and over again.

    In the meantime, there’s ton of Charice Youtube videos to while ourselves away while waitng for those elusive Glee cameos of Sunshine.

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