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Charice Japan Tour, February 21-25

Charice Japan Tour, February 21-25

Charice begins her tour tonight (February 21) on Nagoya, before moving on to Tokyo for two more shows on the 22nd and 23rd. After a dayai??i??s rest, sheai??i??ll appear in Osaka on February 25.For more details, visit the official Charice page of Kyodo Tokyo.

February 21 at ZEPP NAGOYAai???Gate opens: 18:00 Concert starts: 19:00ai???For tickets: Kyodo Tokai 052-972-7466

February 22 and 23 at ZEPP TOKYOai???Gate opens: 18:00 Concert starts: 19:00ai???For tickets: Kyodo Tokyo 0570-064-708ai???>>

February 25 at ZEPP OSAKAai???Gate opens: 18:00 Concert starts: 19:00ai???For tickets: Kyodo Information 06-7732-8888



Charice on ai???Tetsuko no Heyaai??? ai??i?? Japanai??i??s ai???The Oprah Winfrey Showai???

Picture 22 75x75 Charice Japan Tour, February 21 25 It is a big deal to be invited to this long-running show ai??i?? despite being on the air for 34 years, not every Japanese celebrity has been invited to chat with Ms. Kuroyanagi. To be asked to appear on the show means you are respected and prominent in your field, so it is indeed a momentous occasion for Charice, who only debuted in Japan last May, to be the latest guest. >> Full story

Charice Featured on ai???Wherever You Areai??i?? Video Trailer

Charice Unique Zayas 75x75 Charice Japan Tour, February 21 25 With her Japan tour set to begin next month, a video trailer of Chariceai??i??s recent successful collaboration with Unique Zayas has been released. The 2 min-54 sec video features Unique and Charice in studio recording ai???Wherever You Are,ai??? the first single from Unique Zayasai??i?? album ai???From Brooklyn To Footage was first ai???leakedai??i?? to the public on YouTube in early December >> Full story

NHK Appearance Prompts ai???Chariceai??? Download Surge

ChariceJapCover 75x75 Charice Japan Tour, February 21 25 Charice has admitted that she loves Japan, and following her appearance in NHKai??i??s ai???Songsai??? program last week, it is clear that Japan loves her. As a result of her performances on ai???Songs,ai??? iTunes Japan saw a surge of download activity around her albums, and within 24 hours of the show (January 20), ai???Chariceai??? had climbed back up to No 5 on the iTunes overall album chart. >> Full story

Charice Jwave Radio 75x75 Charice Japan Tour, February 21 25 VOTE NOW: Make Charice J-WAVE ai???Best New Artistai???

It has been a spectacular year for Charice in the Land of the Rising Sun, but you Chasters can make it even better by voting her J-WAVE Radioai??i??s ai???Best New Artistai??? for 2010. All you need to do is Vote! J-WAVE Radio is a big fan of Charice, and their official Tokio Hot 100 chart >> Full story

Charice on Japanese NHK TV Charice Japan 75x75 Charice Japan Tour, February 21 25 Charice will be featured again on NHK TV this January 19th in the program ai???Songsai???. According to her Warner Japan website, she will be performing ai???Pyramidai???, ai???In This Songai???, ai???My Heart Will Go Onai??? and ai???I Will Always Love Youai???. Remember her mini live concert last year at the observatory deck of Roppongi Hills and no fan video was ever put up in any of the video-sharing sites? >> Full story

VISA Magazine Highlights Charice Tour

Charice Visa 75x75 Charice Japan Tour, February 21 25 In the January edition of Visa Magazine in Japan, the international credit card giants features Charice as one of the entertainment events not to be missed this year. The promotional piece, which appears alongside promos for a number of Japanese events, provides details (if any were really needed) of who Charice is, and specifies the cost of tickets for her concerts in Tokyo are Y8,000 (US$97). >> Full story

Charice on Japanese Radio ai???J-Waveai???

charice jwave 75x75 Charice Japan Tour, February 21 25 One of the reasons why she was here a few weeks ago was to promote J-Wave radioai??i??s winter campaign entitled ai???Love and Peace, Wishes Come She was tasked to perform the theme song of this yearai??i??s campaign, an honor reserved for ai???first-classai??? artists as one of the DJs mentioned. Charice was featured again in the said DJai??i??s program last December 25thAi?? >> Full story

Charice Appears in Japanai??i??s Mezamashi TV

Charice mezamashi 75x75 Charice Japan Tour, February 21 25 Charice continues her promotion tour in Japan with an early morning appearance on Japanai??i??s Mezamashi TV where she performed her cover of John Lennonai??i??s classic ai???Happy Xmas (War is Over). Word has it that many Japanese got up early to watch Charice perform just before 8a.m. No matter the time of day, Charice never fails to sound studio perfect while on live television.Ai?? >> Full story

Chariceai??i??s Mini Live Concert at Tokyo City View

charice Tokyo 75x75 Charice Japan Tour, February 21 25 Charice had a mini live concert last December 19th at the Tokyo City View of Roppongi Hills as part of Japanese radio station J-Waveai??i??s winter campaign. According to her Warner Music Japan website, she will be featured again on J-Waveai??i??s ai???Curiousai??? program on December 30th, from 11:30-14:00 Japan time. Thank you to flipninjashadow for the raw video and to miyi for the subtitles >> Full story

Charice J-Wave Radio Interview; Happy Christmas Now at No. 3 on Tokio Hot 100

Charice J wave Interview 75x75 Charice Japan Tour, February 21 25 Charice is currently in Japan promoting her Christmas EP. She visited Japanai??i??s J-Wave radio 81.3FM on Sunday, December 19, where she introduced her song Happy Xmas (War Is Over) and answered many questions from the host and listeners. The song initially debuted at no. 7 on the Tokio Hot 100 three weeks ago, moved up 2 slots the following week, and is currently at no. 3 for the week of Dec. 19. >> Full story

Japan: Chariceai??i??s Official Blog

Charice Japan Blog 3 75x75 Charice Japan Tour, February 21 25 Charice has arrived in Japan and Chasters have another whirlwind of events to look forward to as she starts off with a live performance of ai???Happy Christmas (War Is Over)ai??? at J-Wave radioai??i??s Tokio Hot 100 on Dec. 19. Then sheai??i??s going to have a live mini concert at the Tokyo City View of Roppongi Hills on the same day. Next week, Charice will appear live on Mezamashi TV on December 22, Wednesday. >> Full story

Charice LIVE on Japanai??i??s J-Wave Radio, December 19

Jwave logo 75x75 Charice Japan Tour, February 21 25 So weai??i??ve heard her sing Jingle Bell Rock and Grown-up Christmas List live. If one of your Christmas wishes is to hear her sing Happy Christmas live, this is your chance! Donai??i??t live in Japan? No problem, you can still listen online. Chasters worldwide, mark your calendars! Charice will be a guest at the Japanese radio station J-Wave on Sunday, December 19 >> Full story

Charice Takes Lennon Classic to No 6 in Japanai??i??s Tokio Hot 100

Charice Tokio Hot 100 75x75 Charice Japan Tour, February 21 25 Chariceai??i??s continuing rise in the Land of the Rising Sun was further illustrated by a Top 10 spot for her Christmas single ai???Happy Christmas (War is Over)ai??? in the illustrious Tokio Hot 100 chart show on J-WAVE radio. Her version of John Lennonai??i??s classic Christmas song, ai???Happy Christmas (War is Over),ai??? was recorded this year as the theme tune to J-WAVE radioai??i??s winter campaign >> Full story

Chariceai??i??s Interview with Japanese Magazine ai???Josei Jishinai???

Charice Japan Interview 75x75 Charice Japan Tour, February 21 25 Sheai??i??s also been giving interviews left and right and below is the first of three translated interviews that you will be reading here at Charicemania. The interview below was featured at Josei Jishin, a weekly womenai??i??s magazine geared towards older housewives. Typical features include articles on the Japanese Imperial family and the latest showbiz news. >> Full story

Charice Tops Japan Music Charts

charice i love japan 75x75 Charice Japan Tour, February 21 25 Japan has the second largest market for pop music, and Charice having a share of that definitely spells success. And an easy feat it was not! Japan is known to have citizens that patronize their homegrown talents, and foreign acts have a very difficult time penetrating the music charts. But Charice didnai??i??t let those things get to her, and just soldiered on ai???til the top. >> Full story

ai???Chariceai??? Album is Certified Gold in Japan

Charice Gold Album1 75x75 Charice Japan Tour, February 21 25 And reach the top, she did. Her ai???Chariceai??? album is certified gold in Japan, after only two months from being released there in July. And while she was in Japan during the David Foster and Friends Japan tour, a gorgeous glass plaque was awarded to her in recognition for the strong sales of her album. Chariceai??i??s album includes the single ai???Crescent Moon,ai??? an English rendition of the hit Japanese song ai???Mikazukiai??? by popular Japanese pop singer Ayaka. >> Full story

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Charice on ai???Kiseki Taiken Unbelievableai??? Japanese TV

charice japan 75x75 Charice Japan Tour, February 21 25 Charice will be featured again on Japanese TV, this time on Fuji TVai??i??s ai???Kiseki Taiken Unbelievableai??? on August 12, 2010. (ai???Kisekiai??? means ai???miracleai??? and ai???taikenai??? means ai???experienceai???.) Hosted by the famous Japanese director and comedian Beat Takeshi, the show is about miracles, phenomena which cannot be explained by science nor common sense and other unbelievable stories worldwide. >> Full story

110 Responses to “Charice Japan Tour, February 21-25”

  1. steve says:
    Why is secruity being so tight here seems like she sang some great songs and were only getting partail vids or vids where you cant see her. Was it being recorded for a DVD or something.

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  2. starbuck245 says:
    well, after some time to let it all sink in, id have to say it was gratifying to see cha singing with an enthusiastic crowd, a first class band, and seeing her free and easy. she really seemed in control, confident, and completely at ease.

    id love to ask her how she chose the songs, the set order, the dancing, and the arrangements with the band. also how much input into everything about the show, such as lighting, what showed on the big screen when it wasnt showing people.

    one more thing u took away from the show based on the vids is she doesnt need back up dancers to carry a show, she can do it all. if she does use dancers in the future, i hope she has complete calculated control, otherwise, from what ive seen before, backup dancers distact me from her singing instead of complementing or enhancing chas performance.

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  3. nodoubt says: ninja chaster finally uploaded 11 videos from japan concert for all chaddicts to enjoy!!!!

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  4. jake_phils says:
    Another feather on your cap for winning the J-Wave’s Tokio Hot 100 Award for Best New Artist on February 24 in Japan, beating popular international artists like Ke$ha, Orianthi, Bruno Mars and Justin Bieber.

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  5. myinkheart4 says:
    An alternative link to Charice in Tokyo (Rocketeer, Crazy in Love):

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  6. starbuck245 says:
    I hope the DVD will be available from the concert very soon for purchase.

    Good security by the Japanese. I think I like it better that the vids coming out are incomplete and below Lantao standards. That and the accounts from the concerts by LAFan and Artemis make me want to purchase the DVD to see the entire concert in its entirety.

    I can’t wait to share the DVD with friends and relatives to spread Cha’s love and spirit.

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  7. luvCha says:
    Videos of the Japan concerts are starting to show up in youtube, can someone update this article and add the videos or even just links to the videos to each respective song list??? Please, please.

    Here’s a few:

    I love you and Officially missing you

    Just the way you are


    Wherever you are

    In this song

    Crescent Moon

    Rocketeer and Crazy in Love

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    • CharisseToo says:
      Thanks LuvCha. Don’t have the time to do my own research. Have finals this weekend but will definitely find time to check out the links. Love all of you Chasters for your resourcefulness and for always thinking of the rest of us addicts. Thanks to all the Tokyo Sharisu gang who gave us such splendid and detailed reports and of course those who braved security to feed our addiction for concert videos! What a wonder team we have, not to say the least, for having the most generous benefactor, Chaster Clause! You’re all amazing!

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    • Joel says:
      aww the vids are set to “private”

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    • screech says:
      they are now private videos… can’t view it anymore. :(

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  8. erik_cutee says:
    Zepp Tokyo has the largest seating capacity of all the concert halls under the Zepp name, and it is the largest live house in Tokyo.. Capacity is 4,000..

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  9. markgelo says:
    i made a music search engine, and i put charice’s photo together with the biggest singers =D If u want to visit, here’s the link

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  10. myinkheart4 says:
    Just read this tweet by twistinharry:
    FLASH : #Charice IS the winner for J-Wave Tokio Hot 100 Award 2011 in best new artist ;-) Congratulations Cha!! Good work Chasters! ;-)

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  11. luvkcha09 says:
    MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING! I would shush people if they interrupt while I was trying to make a point. Where’s the crime here?
    Enjoy the videos- you weren’t there.

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  12. WebScribes says:
    Short highlight video of Charice in concert shown on Japan TV

    Charice is trim and full of energy!

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    • yusuf germino says:
      THANK YOU !

      amazingggggggggggggggggggg video…

      she’s not built just for belting….Charice can tame her powerful voice and give us this super ultra cool performance… !!!!!

      thanks for the video

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  13. yusuf germino says:
    i saw one singer to completely stop from saying her spiels in between songs because of ‘rude and unruly’ audience….

    my point, its ok to some extent to shout, scream of course, but people/fans have to use their “BRAINS” and know and recognize when it is better to shut up and let the artist do her thing….in this particular instance, those who were saying something while Charice is introducing her song… are obvious misfits and trying to catch some attention.. now, Charice is the artist, its her concert, people came to listen to her sing and enjoy her program, if only those who are making unecessary blah blah’s while she speaks used common sense, they wouldn’t have been hushed…. they deserve it, actually they are lucky Cha did it in a fun way!

    so please… if you are a Charice fan or a true-blooded Chaster, and will be in her concert, don’t leave your brains at home, bring it, use it and be sensible, know when to scream, know when to clap, know when to shout, but also know when to behave!

    annoyed by the distractions…. yusuf

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  14. Joel says:
    I don’t see anything wrong with how she said “shh”. It’s playfull, you can hear people laugh at it. I like the girl near the video saying “of course i am” after Cha said I want to make you all feel your beautiful lol.

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  15. agno says:
    i hope she sings her all songs in her album.. i like to hear NOBODYS SINGIN’ TO ME live too.. :(

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  16. Monkeydoggie says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  17. Prez says:
    Not rude to shush people in other culture…in some culture it is considered a joke, cute and even playful…don’t lose sleep over it lol…

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  18. markgelo says:
    there’s Riot here

    about charice hushing audience, what can you say about that? I think its ok for doin that? Hmmm…

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    • Bigfan says:

      Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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      • starbuck245 says:
        Does anyone know what the fans were saying? It’s impossible for me to hear from the video I saw. Maybe they were PI chasters that she knows; I’ve seen her shush others during her PI events and one of the DFF shows. She did it in a playful manner; I think people are over reacting.

        I know most of you are expressing your opinions all in the best interest of Cha, but really, w/o being there, hearing what was being shouted, it really is presumptuous to say that Cha was rude by shushing some of her fans.

        Like or Dislike: Thumb up 31 Thumb down 6

        • Paco says:

          Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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          • tsuki says:
            @Paco, OK. Let’s be like our idol, Charice. Some chasters from abroad will write something that may be offensive to some but it’s not intentional. Let’s not go the level of crabsters with vulgar words. Peace.

            Like or Dislike: Thumb up 20 Thumb down 3

          • mrsharbort says:
            Out of topic, but I do not see any disrespect in using PI to refer to the Philippines.

            We all know she was just joking with that shush.

            Like or Dislike: Thumb up 19 Thumb down 2

            • dadartful says:
              On this topic of respect/disrespect, I have many filipino friends here in Hawaii and we always refer to the Philippines as PI.
              Also may I add, I read esp. in the chat box Japanese as being refered to as Japs which is disrespectful. Since Charice is trying to reach out to the Japan music market we should be aware of not using this term to describe the Japanese race. I’m sure that a lot of new Japanese fans are lurking in UNO’s chat box.

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          • kcmaria says:
            Actually, Philippines is no longer RP but PH. :)

            Like or Dislike: Thumb up 17 Thumb down 1

          • nordin says:
            @Paco, I used to address Philippines as RP when I moved here in the US but they are not familiar with that address they are more familiar with PI and up until now it is commonly used when talking about Philippines.

            As what mrsharbort said me too don’t see it as disrespectful. If you are in Philippines yes your are right we always address Philippines as RP but here in the US we address it as PI.

            It’s no difference when you go to a fast food in the Philippines and you want to bring the food home you say TAKE OUT but here in the US you say TO GO or when you go the gas station in the Philippines you say full tank here in the US you say fill up. They are different words but same meaning.

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          • mdsjr says:
            Better late than never. This is for everybody to know. “The Philippines has long been known by the initials “RP” for “Republic of the Philippines.”

            However, the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) says from now on, it will be using the initials “PH” or “PHL” when referring to the Philippines.

            The DFA says the move complies with the country codes set by the International Organization for Standardization.”

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    • kcmaria says:
      @markgelo: It’s quite normal for Filipinos to shush people but it should always be done in a funny way (like what charice did). But of course if you’re really annoyed, it will show in the way you shushed people. As we can all see, Charice did it jokingly so people took it lightly.. So let’s all be happy and stop making a big issue out of it. :)

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  19. Fran says:
    Picked this up on Yahoo Main Headlines “Ten Big Forgotten Story Lines” this morning….looking for Charice. Not only chasters but the public is anxious for her return. He,he,he…Someone tell them she’s on the road.–2411

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  20. marie says:
    Per Google translate she sang covers AND “..original songs The ‘Note To God’ and showcase all 21 songs.”

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  21. LJA says:

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  22. vina says:
    Does anybody know if concerts are sold out? This a MUST see concert. I hope and pray that audience is overflowing.

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  23. mdsjr says:
    For those who went to the concert, any setlist please?

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    • mdsjr says:
      27 Uninterrupted songs. Thank you LaFan for the best setlist ever, “Tokyo Concert Experience, CNN Report”

      Crazy in Love
      Empire State of Mind
      Only Girl
      I Love You
      Officially Missing You
      Just the Way You Are
      Crescent Moon
      The Truth Is
      I will Always Love You
      Baby Boy
      Rude Boy
      Wherever You Are
      In Love so Deep
      Billy Jean (MJ Interlude)
      The Way You Make Me Feel
      In This Song
      All By Myself
      No Air
      Note To God
      To Love You More

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  24. myinkheart4 says:
    She was an angel singing Halo.

    And here’s partial of Wherever You Are and In Love So Deep!

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  25. hermiemel says:
    Did Charice sing Crescent Moon in her Nagoya concert? I swear that she is “magic” whenever she sing this song in Japan. God bless.

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  26. ice says:
    heres the HALO vid heres the HALO vid

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