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Charice Asks ‘Why Not?’ to Bieber Collaboration

Charice Asks ‘Why Not?’ to Bieber Collaboration

Charice has admitted she is open to working with Justin Bieber some time in the future, asking ‘”why not?” to the idea at the Grammy Awards last weekend.

It’s a question that has been asked before, but just before entering the Warner Music Party at the Grammy Awards on February 13, the teenage diva enthusiastically fielded the question and again from

“Well, I mean, why not?,” she said to the idea of working with the Canadian teenage mega-star. “He’s an amazing artist, not only a singer but an amazing artist. He deserves everything that is happening to him, so yeah, why not?”

Charice was recently asked if either Justin Bieber or David Archuleta were collaborating with her on her upcoming second album, which she revealed was not the case.

ChariceJustinBieber Charice Asks Why Not? to Bieber Collaboration

Will Charice and Justin Bieber collaborate with each other?

Talk of a possible collaboration has been going on since their appearance together on Oprah, as part of the TV queen’s “Search for the Most Talented Kids” show in 2010. The fact that Charice has performanced cover versions of some of his songs has kept that possibility alive.

In the 1-minute interview, Charice was also asked what she thought of Lady Gaga’s arrival at the Grammy Awards ceremony incased in an egg. “Hot!,” she replied, laughing. “I mean, she’s always been hot.”

She made time to congratulate her mentor and godfather, David Foster, who claimed another Grammy Award on the night, and confirmed she is looking forward to working on “Glee” again. She also confirmed she has more projects in the works, “but I can’t say right now.”

Of course, right now she is in Japan for her first international solo concert tour in, which starts tonight (February 21).

In the meantime, we’ll wait to see if Charice and Justin work together but the odds are longer on a collaboration with Lady Gaga.

Charice speaks to at the Grammy Awards

25 Responses to “Charice Asks ‘Why Not?’ to Bieber Collaboration”

  1. EMERALD says:

    Got ur point theo..but in her present status,this possibility might just bring her an additional star..though there’s also a risk ofcourse,if the management won’t allow cha to outshine what the other said,it would just downgrade her out of this world talent if they won’t allow her to show what she really i changed my mind,ill go for the idea not to collab those ‘unreal’ singers.hehehhe….

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  2. abeng1127 says:


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  3. J.L. says:

    Though JB is popular right now, personally I don’t perfer they to work together.

    I know Cha can get the popularity my herself, it’s unnecessary to “utilize” the canadian’s popularity. Please believe in Cha.

    Who knows if there will have no adverse effect if they collaborate? All i know is Bieber’s fans is carzy.

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  4. Kuya_Hutch says:
    Charice + Archuleta + Bieber = CHUBIBO

    Charice + Bieber + Archuleta = CUBETA

    hahaha just kidding guys…just sharing funny thoughts to fellow chasters right here.

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  5. Theo says:
    I prefer that Charice’s management focus her effort in no. 1 hit single, with a wicked music video to the point that she would have a choice as to who she wants to collaborate with. In most cases, collaboration with Justin or David, no offense meant to them, will be a downgrade of her talent as she will not be allowed to “outshine” them. She can sing better, dance better, and even imitate both of them in a flash…so while collaborations are good to ease her way to the US demographics more efficiently…this is one category her management team falls flat on. There’s also a chance that fickle fans of David or Justin may resent her if she does a better job (which she will no doubt) than their idols. Just look at what happened to Esmeralda Spalding? I often wonder what would have happened if Charice was nominated and had won the Grammy instead of her? What would Justin Bieber fans do? And then with “Filipino pride” on the line, it can get very, very messy when rabid fans on the opposite corner start going at each other…lol.

    Having said that, if you must collaborate Charice, go for Justin. His fans are now more mature and I am quite convinced that Charice is not destined to be a crowd sensation for teeny boppers, but for the older, majority mainstream crowd.


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    • RodBelt says:
      I share the same thoughts with you, Theo. While collaboration seems to be the trend with some performers nowadays, it is more advantageous for Charice to focus more on doing solo. Bieber fans are predominantly the swooning tweeners probably infatuated and influenced more by his sexy, handsome, boy-next door, clean cut image than his talent as a singer. Charice on the other hand, possesses the REAL musical talent that appeals to a much, much wider demographics. It is possible that in spite of the feelers Charice is projecting collaboration with these entertainers,, she may be being ignored because they feel intimidated by Charice tremendous talent that they cannot match. Collaboration is very similar to Charice’s experience in PI television where she used to appear as a guest in mostly variety shows with other entertainers. Her popularity was being somewhat overshadowed by others probably because of jealousy of fans, competitive management, etc. Until the GMA-7 SOLO Valentine Concert Special that undoubtedly brought Charice over the top.

      You mentioned the Grammys. I cannot even recall if Bieber won any major award notwithstanding the nominations and commercial success of his recordings. Yet, Esperanza Spalding who is not a household name (I did not know her either prior to the Grammys) won the most coveted award mainly because of her talent. I believe Charice falls in the same category.

      The bottom line is I would rather see Charice make it on her own as a solo, a real diva like her idols. Time is very much on her side to transcend and capture the hearts of everyone – from the Tweeners to the AARPers.

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      • Pasyalang says:
        I agree with this sentiment 100%. Justin Bieber is a flash in the pan unless he go the Justin Timberlake route into acting and producing. He has a shelf life whereas Charice does not. I also agree that I too sense that within the music industry Charice could be very intimidating because of her true GOD-GIVEN (not auto-tuned) talent. The Selena’s and the Miley’s of this world would not stand a chance in a sing-off with this dimunitive wonder. Charice belongs in the category of true voices/artists such as Esmeralda Spalding and even the young Rhema Marvanne. I wish Charice and her management did not feel so compelled for her to belong in the teeny bopper world because that is not where her future lies. She needs to be among people who recognizes and appreciates real music and the rarity of her gift. Charice need not collaborate with well-known but lesser talented artists in order to become mainstream. The main-stream is polluted and waters are shallow.

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  6. EMERALD says:
    For the sick of additonal ‘popularity’,bieber is a good choice to collaborate with.but we all know that cha’s caliber should be level up to those real singers.

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    • Theo says:
      Totally agree, Esmeralda. Don’t you think, though, that it would be better if that additional popularity came through her own merit through a very popular hit single and a music video. Not sure exactly what barrier she is facing when it comes to this (my guess is a lack of some of the factors that – even financiers – Robert Sheen mentions). I’m sorry but those who say that the album in her songs will not “sell” is the wrong guess. In fact, Charice’s album, while some of the songs are not for me as I’m older (lol), the album is for everyone. I dare to say make a music video of one of these songs (and remove the auto tune if possible to Charice’s surround sound voice will not be edited), get the right people to market it, and see what happens. They need to replicate Charice’s rise to success in YouTube with adults in a more global scale through radio and tv – then Charice can choose who she wants to collaborate with on equal terms.


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      • thephenomfan says:
        Her debut album is very well crafted and the songs are very sensible that dig deep. However, most songs in the album do not share similar theme/vibe as to what is the trend in the US airwaves now. But that does not mean that they are not going to sell, they were just made and released in a little bit not so perfect time and perfect place. On the other hand, one of the reasons why her album is so successful in Asia, particularly in Japan, because in Asia pop/ballad/heartbreak/inspirational songs are very well appreciated. For instance, you could still listen to Lionel Richie songs played on the radio any time in Manila. Furthermore, one of the possible reasons I see why her team has not released another single from her album yet is because they are just waiting for the right time for her songs to be relevant to radio trend. Because it could make or break Charice’s appeal to the mainstream music listeners if they just release a single unstudied. Any bad impression could last a lifetime, that’s why this issue should be handled carefully. I believe more of her songs will be hits in the future, for now, we just have to wait patiently.

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  7. king says:

    wish they could collaborate together. I’ll be great!

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  8. abeng1127 says:

    if this will happen charice-bieber ,,,will be great ,

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  9. Extreme says:
    Can’t wait for her next single.

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  10. kimora says:
    she’s just getting better and better…more projects! wow! im so excited.

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