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Unique to Join Charice on Tour

Unique to Join Charice on Tour

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  1. hej says:
    Is this Philippines Charice site? Or Filipino fan site?
    Will u stop talking about being pinoy here,its about charice talent , if u want to talk about it,just chat or whatever,coz you know how foreigner fan think when u talk about it,anyway they like charice bcoz of her talent Not being Pinay

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  2. chasterdad says:
    “Wherever you are” is my current fave Charice rendition. As it is only presently released in Japan, hopefully it would be introduced worldwide particularly Stateside so that it will deservingly gain the much needed exposure and accolades it deserves.

    Now as to why her other original songs have not yet been fully exposed and aired in the USA except ?Pyramid” befuddles me no end. Of course Team Charice has an agenda at hand and maybe at the right time would eventually release them as singles.

    By the way, kudos to all Filipinos like Charice whom are now gaining lost grounds for expressing worldwide Pinoy talent and capabilities. Pacquiao, Donaire, Gesta, Arnel Pineda, Wesley So. Azkals. Apl de Ap and a host of other island bred, Fil-ams and foreign born half-bloods are doing the Philippines proud. I see this as a “Renaissance” in an emergance of bright Filipino talents that are now becoming global cross-over personalities. Mabuhay ang Pilipino!

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    • Bianca says:
      its my favorite too ^o^ i hope someday i can watch unique and charice sing this live,that’ll be so awesome. Japan is so lucky to have Charice perform for them,can’t get over wat a voice she has.

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  3. kimora says:
    goodluck to charice for her japan concert tour. All the best.

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  4. 28venice says:
    I read Bruno is half- Filipino , Darren Criss ( GLEE) ,

    Apple D ‘Ap ( Black Eyed Peas ) Are these true , anyone pls.

    DRUGS is a no-no. Off course in Hollywood , it seems like its passage , dont you agree.? Bruno I do not particularly like.

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    • blitz says:
      Yes it’s true. All of them are with Filipino descent.

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    • Fly N Dance says:
      yes they are, i don’t know if Bruno is acknowledging is pinoy blood. darren criss said he’s not pinoy (talking about being pinoy at heart) but do acknowledge his pinoy side.

      apl de ap is the real pinoy, he’s born in the phil but grew up in the us though he knows his tagalog and promoting tagalog songs in BEP albums (the apl song, bebot & mare).

      other hollywood celebs who acknowlege their pinoy bloods are rob schneider; nicole of pussycat; michael copon or one tree hill; enrique iglesias etc.

      Charice is the only one who was born in the Phil and raised in the Phil that made it to Hollywood. (I’ll put Manny P in a diff category)

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      • CHArmed says:

        Yes, Bruno’s acknowledged his pinoy blood.. Matter of factly, he is going to hold his 1st concert in Manila and Cebu City real soon.. He’s half-pinoy half puerto rican.. Darren Criss on the other hand, is also half filipino. He was quoted as saying, on his interview with the Phil. Daily Inquirer; “My mom is Cebuano, born and raised in the Philippines, and she went to the [United] States when she was an adult. She’s the youngest of seven, so I have a lot of family in Makati, a lot of them have moved on to other countries but many of them are still here. My dad’s side is rather tiny, so I feel like a great part of my family is Filipino. I love the Filipino community so much.” The fact that the Filipino community is, in his words, “notoriously embracive,” is one of the reasons he had jumped on the chance to perform in Manila so close to Christmas, and while nursing a cold.

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    • mdsjr says:
      Apl de Ap (Allan Pineda) was born and raised by her mother from Pampanga, Darren (Everett) Criss mother is from Cebu, Bruno Mars (Peter Gene Hernandez) mother is Filipina but has lived much of her life in Hawaii, Enrique Iglesias mother is Filipino/Spanish, Vanessa Anne Hudgens mother is Filipino/Chinese, Vanessa Minillo (Miss Teen USA) was born and raised by her mother in Pampanga and many more….

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      • bryskired says:

        dont forget nicole scherzhinger of pussy cat dolls,,her dad is filipino while her mom is russian

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      • luvkcha09 says:
        Thanks to Charice – she was the one who always raised the Philippine Flag wherever she went. Now because of Charice, it is IN to be Pinoy.
        Filipinos are really gifted in singing and entertainment, something one can be thankful about but not something to boast about.

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        • mememe says:
          I thought this article is about Unique and Charice, not about the Pinoy pride thing. Who else do you wanna add in your list? Lady Gaga’s baby, Maria Aragon? Come on, if you’re bragging about all the famous Pinoys in the universe, then you’re not welcoming fans of different nationalities. This site then becomes just an ordinary Filipino fan site of Charice.

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  5. hermeimel says:
    Charice is “amazing” in so many languages. The one I like is after her performance in J-Wave radio of “Crescent Moon” by Maria Okada (In English) and in Italy after her “Adagio” performance by Gerry Scotti (In Italian) and of course Oprah’s rolls of “wows” after her “I have Nothing” performance. And who can forget the super junior Koreans high “fives” after her performance of “And I’m Telling You, I am not Going”

    Charice is amazing and there is no doubt that her upcoming solo performance in Japan will generate more “wows” and “amazing”

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  6. camo says:
    i would not waste my time feeling sad for him ,he knows exactly what he was doing and he skated on the charges because he is a celebrity. he paid a 2000$ fine and 200 hundred hrs of community service if it was a nobody or a young black man he would have done time .brunon is a celebrity so he got a pass . like all the rest nicole ritchie lindsay lohan paris hilton and the list goes on.

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  7. percy says:
    Prediction: Charice’s album will turn platinum in Japan very soon!

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  8. mingquote says:
    Is Bruno Mars doing okay? I heard on the news lately that he was arrested for drug charges. This guy is sooo talented, I only feel sad for him to put his life to waste.

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  9. minty710 says:
    Yay!!! I can’t wait!!!!!

    Japanese Chasters please enjoy it for those of us who can’t attend!! And take videos!!! (Discretely, of course).

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