Charice Makes Russian TV Top 10 list

Charice Makes Russian TV Top 10 list

Charice’s status as a truly international figure has been confirmed with her inclusion in a Russian TV channel’s list of top entertainment events in 2010.

Izvestia TV included Charice’s rise in the world music industry as one of the most significant events of last year in a program titled ‘Top 10 Events in the Entertainment Industry in 2010.”

The program makers included interview footage with Charice herself and her “Pyramid” partner, Iyaz, as well as opinions and comments from a host of Russian media personalities. One of the comments was, ” Who says that miracles do not happen? Charice herself is a miracle, because she’s a YouTube star, and that means a lot!”

With so much of Charice’s career linked to the US, Canada, Japan and the rest of Asia, not to mention her home country of the Philippines, we can say that she is an international star. But her position in the Top 10 events by a Russian station shows just how big the Laguna teenager has become.

Watch this video with English Subtitles

Video uploaded by ChariceTVCrew

The English translation was done with the help of “NPlayaz“, a rap duet of DK aka Taste and TT aka Tnice. They are Ukranian hip hop group that was also featured alongside Charice in this top 10 list. They made it no. 1 on Top 100 Charts Underground USA.

Thank you NPlayaz! Watch their Music Video of Da Way We Play.

Charice is about to begin her Japan tour, with her opening concert in Nagoya on Monday, February 21, before two dates in Tokyo (22 and 23) and a final appearance in Osaka on February 25.

With a single release expected in March, and a new album set to be released later this year (possibly May), she is certain to have a busy time of it for the foreseeable future.

It may only be a matter of time before Charice gets her first engagement on Russian soil, but it’s clear that her reputation as a young diva, and a global superstar in the making, is already preceding her.

By Robert Sheen and Capofret,

49 Responses to “Charice Makes Russian TV Top 10 list”

  1. cora says:

    More power charice. Why the russians proclaiming pyramid is number one in the billboard? In the US only number 8?

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    • yosh says:

      her 1st self-titled international album is the one landed in the top 10 albums specifically at number 8 while her single pyramid landed no.1 in the club remix charts beating the other big stars…

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  2. Moira_Inori says:
    We REALLY have to have a corp of UN-style Chaster diplomat/translators soon. Oh! I’ve hit on another good thing about being a Chaster: It’s a great motivation/inspiration to start learning a foreign language ASAP. ^_^

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  3. HerMingJesty says:
    WOW. I watched this several times and savor the praises for our Princess. Yes, you hear it here. She’ll be nominated for Grammy’s. Charice also invading Russia with her charisma, voice,
    power with love. It got me teary eyed and goosebumps.

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  4. SendMeAnAngel09 says:
    Wow! this is good news :-)
    Thanks Capofret for your effort and hard work :-)

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  5. taichilady807 says:
    If i may borrow a line from a song from the 80′s…HER FUTURE’S SO BRIGHT,I GOTTA WEAR SHADES!!!!…More Power Princess!!!

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