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Charice Wants Nerdy Sunshine to Wow ‘Glee’

Charice Wants Nerdy Sunshine to Wow ‘Glee’

Sunshine Corazon may be seen as a nerd on “Glee,” but Charice has admitted she would like to see her character ‘wow’ Gleeks with a Beyonce number.

Speaking at the Woman’s Day Red Dress Awards ceremony in New York, Charice told Hollywood Life that she was scheduled to make appearances in 4 new “Glee” episodes, adding that to see Sunshine sing a Beyonce song would be “fun.”

“People think my role is a kind of nerdy one, so I think it would be fun for Sunshine to do something to transform herself and do something like Beyonce’s ‘Crazy In Love.’ Like a diva and come out and be, like, ‘Wow.’”

We have known since last November that Charice would return as Sunshine, but exactly when and with what song both remain mysteries. Charice’s suggestion of Beyonce’s 2003 hit would certainly be an out-of-character track that would surprise followers – though undoubtedly in a good way.

Sunshine is already one of the most talked about characters on “Glee,” despite having made just one appearance in the hit TV musical show.

However, producers of the show have demurred on revealing exactly when her appearance will be made; a policy that Charice herself is happy to play ball with.

“I’m really glad that I’m going back there. I can’t say when because I’ve seen a lot of interviews of Sir Ryan Murphy and I think I’m going to stick to that,” she said with a smile.

We will have to wait to see if Charice gets to perform her preferred track, but is “Crazy In Love” a track you’d like to see Sunshine Corazon perform? Let us know, and if not, what song would you like to see her do?

Beyonce performs “Crazy In Love” at the Brit Awards (UK) in 2004. Will Sunshine Corazon perform Beyonce’s ‘Crazy In Love?’

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  1. SergeLV says:


    In last years People’s Choice Awards, Charice’s fans nominated her but did not make the deadline. I believe Adam Lambert and David Archuleta were the other two that did not make the deadline. DA’s fans protested the exclusion as discriminatory, end of story they lost because only 5 nominees are allowed in each category. Lesson learned was…nominate your star ASAP. Fast forward to the Grammy’s 2011, Charice’s name was not submitted for a very good reason…album sales.

    If talent won over numbers in this years Grammy, with an unknown jazz artist named Esperanza Spalding, who had a few hundred album sales over JBieber’s huge album sales is indeed very encouraging for Charice fans in 2012.

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    • Siria says:

      i think she should do those, Diva and Crazy in love because she can dance also. Another song she should do is one of her songs from her CD like “Thank You” or “In This Song” maybe even “Reset” to show a litle where shes from with the part in the song where she raps in tagalog. It doesnt matter, i just cant wait to see her and i know shes going to do awesome!! =)

      Maybe you guys can help me meet her somehow? =/ i really want to meet Charice but theres no way how. If you guys can help my dream come true that will be awesome!! Or tell her to give me a shout out somewhere and you guys can let me know somehow?!?! please guys help me!! =/ i’ll be waiting!! :) <3

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