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Charice’s GMA Valentine Special Tops the Ratings

Charice’s GMA Valentine Special Tops the Ratings


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  1. dennis says:

    I love this concert, I saved it to bookmarks on google. Im sure you can too. I love everything Charice does. Next week here her movie “Here comes the Boom comes out with Kevin James. I am going to see it and will buy the DVD when its available. I am american born and I love this wonderful talent Charice, She is Amazing and I don’t care what anyone saids she is so Sweet and Beautiful and is one of the best entertainers and the world among her peers. Everyone who has performed with her has said the same thing. Only the idiots disagree.

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  2. AMERICA says:
    Tita at least GMA was given Charice a chance to express herself true for 2 hours. Was genuinely appreciated by all chasters all over the world.

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  3. Luisa says:
    I agree with Margaret, where can we buy the DVD of this concert, pls somebody tell us, it’s a must have, in fact I wish the would start selling DVDs of all charice performance, I would love to buy all DVDs instead of CDs.

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  4. Charrific says:
    GMA gave an incredible music show of Charice that I have ever seen. It’s a great feeling for me to see this. Thank you GMA for believing in her God given talent. More power to all your staff members and I will keep supporting GMA, GMA, GMA…

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  5. tita says:
    Everyone is entitled to his own opinion. There are many positive comments and a number of criticisms on the GMA Valentine’s Special of Charice. I’d like to share the following.

    About two or three months ago, I asked for my brother’s objective opinion (he also admires Charice): “Why do you think many Filipinos have not taken notice of the talent of Charice?” To answer, he asked me, “What has Charice done in the Philippines?”

    Knowing my brother, I fully understood what he meant. I agreed with him about the lack of Charice’s good exposure to a bigger Filipino audience. I hesitated to enumerate her gigs in the Philippines because they were either lacking in the size of the audience or had relatively limited time to show what she’s got. I asked him instead, “Don’t you think good exposure is not solely within the control of Charice and her management, but more so dependent on whether or not the music and entertainment industry give her the chance to showcase her talent?”

    That is why I salute GMA network for not only believing in Charice but also giving her the chance to have a special show on TV. And it was special indeed. It was on a primetime slot on a weekend during the national celebration of love. Charice sang 15 songs. She was able to show her other talents like dancing and doing funny acts. The show didn’t stop at the talents. It informed the viewing public about her story and her person.

    I’d like to add that the chance given by GMA was not only for Charice but also for the Filipinos (and other people around the world) to watch and be entertained by a great performer. For me, because of this admirable act by GMA, the dissatisfaction of some about the lights, sounds, stage design, wardrobe, and other things become small and in fact, insignificant. As Charice said of GMA, on her way out of the studio after the taping of the show, “They made it happen.”

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    • Chuck says:
      They gave the stage to her, literally. It felt the whole time Cha was directing, sort of, while having all the attention. I am very pleased for this superstar treatment. Thanks to GMA, you did great.

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  6. flor of texas says:
    I have watched this concert eight times so far. And, I will be watching this again for more times, I’m sure. Everytime is just like the first time, I wonder why? Maybe because Charice is so wonderful that she makes me laugh and cry at the same time. She’s such a remarkable artist.

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  7. Chuck says:
    I would encourage chasters to go to YouTube site, offer comments and help bring up the view counts. These 3-part videos are so good, they should have stood out and been more noticeable to fans. Given so many uploads/re-uploads each day, even a really good video can easily get lost in the crowd.

    There are few comments made on the 3rd part of the set. Let’s show more appreciation to the uploaders.

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  8. Chuck says:
    The videos with English Subtitles are very helpful to Chasters who do not understand Tagalog but want to have the complete concerts experiences. Without the translations, many wonderful things that Charice brought to the concert stage would never have come across to these fans and received warm appreciation. No words can be enough to emphasize the significant contribution made by the uploaders who went out their ways to give extra efforts.

    I cannot stopped thinking how much further understanding and appreciation will be gained among my home country fans – the Chinese in mainland. With English translations at hand, it is possible to filled those Tagalog words with Chinese words. The later part would need some video editing skills, I wish I could learn how to do that with ease.

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  9. Margaret says:
    I love this concert of Charice. Now my question is where can I buy a DVD of this awesome concert? This is a must have!!! I would also like to buy few DVD’s for my friends and relatives. Does anybody know?

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  10. Luisa says:
    charice as always this was an awesome performance!! thank you for giving us always your best.. we will always be behind you to support you!!!

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