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Charice Set for ’45-Year Run’ Says Astrologer

Charice Set for ’45-Year Run’ Says Astrologer

Astrology might be taken tongue-in-cheek by most of us, but it’s welcome news when we’re told Charice is set to stay in the entertainment stratosphere till 2055.

According to the astrologer “Paloma,” the stars suggest that the Laguna-born songstress can expect to enjoy more than 45 years at the top in show business, but did warn that it wouldn’t be all clear seas and blue skies for her.

“According to her stars, she’s on a really good 45-year run,” Paloma stated. “She’s going to be popular even into her 50s. That doesn’t mean she is not going to have problems. She has to deal with the painful polishing process along the way.”

“Paloma” was part of a panel of 6 media personalities taking part in a sponsored Coffee Talk event titled “Crossroads: Who’s Going Where?” at the plush Makati Shangri-La Hotel in Manila at the end of January, just before the Chinese New Year on February 3.

A variety of Filipino leaders in politics, sports and entertainment were under the spotlight, with not everyone being blessed with good news. However, none of the panelists believed that Charice would fail to become one of the biggest names in music around the globe.

And how can we argue with that? She may have been helped in no small way by her association with Oprah and David Foster, but the teenage diva is now one of the leading names in US entertainment – with Charice herself claiming that her childhood dreams have come true.

ChineseMonkey Charice Set for 45 Year Run Says Astrologer

Charice was born in the Year of the Monkey

It has been three years since Charice made her first American TV appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and since then her ‘star’ has rocketed upwards. In a few weeks she will begin her first solo tour in Japan, having won over the media and music lovers there, while her long-awaited, much-hyped and much-demanded return to the international phenomenon that is “Glee” expected sometime this month also.

“Paloma,” by the way, made her predictions based on Chinese Astrology. The Chinese New Year passed on February 3, making 2011 the Year of the Metal Rabbit, while Charice was born in the Year of the Monkey (1992).

And, with Charice set to turn 19 this coming May 10, 45 more years cruising at the top of the music (and no doubt acting) world means a career that will slow down when she is … 64 years old! Tickets for her farewell tour are not available… quite yet!

By Robert Sheen,

33 Responses to “Charice Set for ’45-Year Run’ Says Astrologer”

  1. cora says:

    I dont believe in a 45 years of career. of course family comes first at the age of 35. unless charice wants to be single forever.

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  2. sunshine says:
    I strongly agree with you Chastrologer.. Ones a Chaster will be forever e a Chaster by heart…More power and more success to come… and more Chasters as well…

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  3. Chastrologer says:
    When she turns into her mid 30s there would be a lot of ballad songs from her that we crave for. She’s built to last like a pyramid. As long as she’s there, she can conquer the world steadily and surely because she is one a 6 billion people that has a voice like that. She has the voice to make us cry, laugh, give us goosebumps, admiration and all that. Her strength doesn’t come from the bull, but it comes from her ruling planet Venus – the brightest and hottest planet in our solar system. Though the bull symbolizes her youthful and joyful approach to life, it gives her energy and strength. Her childlike energy keeps her going strong and it seems she has the bunny inside to keep her going. She’s a Taurus and Taureans are long lived people, so that means she is built to last or as long as she lives. If her mom is a Capricorn then there’s a strong bonding between them since both of them are Earth sign. Earth sign people keep their feet on the ground and they work hard to achieve their goals. Her mom knows how to deal with issues. I admire Mommmy Raqz for her professionalism when dealing with negative issues..she remains calm.

    Charice will be admired by many people around the world, and her fans are growing each day. It is also a good thing for Cha if she can learn other languages such as Spanish, Japanese, German,French, etc. This could be her advantage as well to get more closer to their hearts as their own Charice. We know that those countries are biggest markets when it comes to Music. Those who love her as her fans or chasters will be chasters for life! will support her no matter what happens. It’s good to be a Chaster I feel great because she has existed in our time as we witness her greatness in music.

    I am so thankful that I have known her. I love you, Charice!

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  4. jerome says:


    sorry guys, youtube blocked it for copyrigth grounds.

    anyway, i found another spectacular performance of charice,

    charice hit and sustained a 14 seconds of high notes
    please check it out:

    thumbs up if you agree she nailed it for 14 seconds,


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  5. EBJohns11 says:
    45 years. hopefully , my life will live a long lifeee… Hopefully my kids will follow her hehe

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  6. theVamp says:
    I can only say long live charice!!!

    Wonder if this is true..I’m reading japanese tweets with the help of google translate, some of them said that charice will be appearing again on a Japanese show “Tetsuko’s Room” (Tetsuko no Heya). Can someone confirm?

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  7. jerome says:

    guys check this out:

    charice’s rare contest video,

    pilita corales and carding were the hosts of that contest.

    charice sounds like lea salonga on that contest.

    i think she was 7 or 8 years old there.


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  8. jimfan155 says:
    Ok that will make me 106. My mom is 99, so it’s not out of the realm of possibility. I better start eating healthier. See Charice, your making me change for the better all the time, whether it be intentional or not.

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  9. syamasundara says:
    I’m not a fan of astrology, Even how good they are or how accurate their prediction, I mean no harm to other but what else could possibly go wrong with this young talented, down to earth and versatile singer? I do believe she do really heading at the top, I’ts just the matter of time.

    She got the support of Chaster all over the globe, a good mentor, great fairy good mother, loving mother and I think Charice is paying chaster back by superb performances every time she open her mouth to sing.

    I mean even without a prediction, Charice is in good hand for people supported and continue to what this young girl can achieve.

    and besides… the girl does really deserve it.

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  10. ArrVee says:

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  11. DFOX says:
    45 Years,Oh Man, I won’t last that long,..Anyway ,I can bring all my CHARICE collections: 3 posters ( 1 with personal message and signed,I love it), 2 DAVID FOSTER album (of course with CHARICE in them),CHARICE THE ALBUM PI edition, MY INSPIRATION ALBUM and CHARICE INTERNATIONAL ALBUM, SIGNED, 6 so far MAGAZINES WITH CHARICE AS COVER,,, TO THAT SPECIAL PLACE WHERE I WILL GO WHEN I LEAVE EARTH..HOPE THEY ALSO HAVE INTERNET CONNECTION THERE, SO I CAN STILL CHAT HERE IN CHARICEMANIA…….

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    • vangie says:

      Sorry, there’s no internet connection up there. But if you send me $29.99, I’ll give you a device that u can use up there. Also free shipping.

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  12. nokia1200 says:
    Growing up as a Chinese, I noticed that Chinese astrology predictions may vary (and scary accurate ones too!) depending on how you handle and accepted it as an individual.

    I’m not a stargazer but I really feel unexplained positive vibes by just looking at her smiling face every day in photos and videos, without even meeting her yet in person. Or am I just chaddicted? :-)

    祝你新年快樂! 恭喜發財! 萬事如意!”

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    • renee_gabrielle75 says:
      I think we’re more than Chaddicted. We’re so in love with this girl that we just want her to be happy. You are so right. I believe many people, feel exactly like you. there’s something so positive about her, it’s almost inexpressible, unexplainable. and just on videos and photos at that. pleasantly enigmatic, charismatic, just one of many many great things about her i could think of

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    • vangie says:
      Sorry to say you’re not only Chaddicted, but from the looks of it, you’ve also lost your mind and control of our senses thinking of Charice. It happened to me, but I kind’a recovered before it was too late. I’m now in rehab, treatment of Chaddiction.

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  13. chasterforlife says:
    wow… nice.,, hehe so it means that it is not yet the end of the world on 2012.. lol =)
    I hope to see u in person..
    I had no chance of meeting u or to see any of your performances becoz
    i was kinda busy. kikinda buzzzy hahaha ^_^

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  14. eojamybahb says:
    I am wondering what would it look like after 45years of Charice singing the Pyramid :)

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  15. Theo says:
    Astrology? lol!


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  16. anromable says:
    I am 45 years old now, I hope I can still witness her farewell song, 45 years from now. hahahahaha

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  17. trevor25 says:
    Wow, even after 45 years, i can hear Charice’s songs!

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  18. Daniel says:
    This means Charice will become a legend. I hope to be alive after 45 years. Not only I share the same astrological sign with Charice, I was also born under the year of the monkey….WOW! what a coincidence.

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  19. Angelface101 says:
    O M G – I will have to listen to her while I’m in heaven becuz I won’t be here on Earth that long 45 years. So – to the “young ones” please take good care of our dear princess. I will bring all my videos and CDs with me as I “leave”. There might be DVD or CD Player where I’m going to be. LOL.

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    • kb117 says:

      No need to bring your Cha vids & CDs on teh other side.
      The other side has the Akashic records.
      But, I think, the other side will create an AkaCha records for Chasters, lest they want another rebellion….LOL

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    • vangie says:

      Excuse me, y’all…you will be going into the other side, NAKED !! So, no bringing of CD’s or what not. Now, if you’re going the opposite direction (i.e., you’ve been bad on earth), then you can bring your DVD or CD, but they will burn in the first three minutes, because it’s hot out there.

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    • anromable says:

      How can u play ur DVD and CD in hell? It’s a lake of fire. Just kidding. hahahaha

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  20. AIM says:
    We predicted that our Charice will set for life and her voice won’t change a bit. Cheers

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  21. Moira_Inori says:
    Whoohoo! Charice is definitely in for the long haul. And no matter what that “painful polishing” might entail, Chasters from all over the world will always be there for her no matter what, 45 years from now and more, right? ^_^

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  22. minbeauty says:
    this is the fruit of a good seed planted into her humble soul!! Stay grounded Charice!

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  23. tito_ngel says:
    Am I First. @top baby! Labyo! Labyo! Labyo! CHARICE.

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