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VOTE NOW: Shorty Nominations Still Open

VOTE NOW: Shorty Nominations Still Open

Just in case any of you were not aware of it, the deadline for nominations forAi??Twitter’sAi??annual Shorty Awards has been extended, giving you more time to VOTE FOR CHARICE!

Originally, nominations were set to run from January 1 to January 31, but the deadline is now February 11. With the award winners set to be announced in March, there is still plenty of time for all Chasters to get behind the “world’s most talented girl” and secure her a nomination in music, celebrity, entertainment or any of the 6 main categories.

With 5 days to go, she is still some way off securing a place in the top 6 of even her two most popular categories: music and celebrity. Only those in the top 6 positions in each category will receive a nomination.

As of February 6, our favorite songstress lies in 12th position in the race for a Music Shorty with 776 votes, a rise of 201 votes since our last update on January 19, but a slip backwards of 4 places in the category. The target is now Nick Brown’s 6th-place, which he has secured with 1,479 votes, some 795 votes behind.

In the race for a Celebrity Shorty nomination, Charice now has 129 votes to hold 16th position, just one place behind Britney Spears. The all-important 6th place is held by Jay Bum Park with 628 votes, meaning the Laguna-born international diva needs 499 to match it and grab the last nomination place.

Charice is not the only one to suffer a slide, with Justin Bieber finding himself knocked off top spot in the celebrity category by Korean singer Hero, who came from nowhere to garner more than 5,613 votes.

Meanwhile, One Direction, a boy band from British TV musical talent show “The X Factor,” have powered to the top of the music category with more than 4,000 votes. It means that the Jonas Brothers are pushed into 2nd and Justin Bieber into 3rd.

There is a mountain to climb but with a confirmed army of 315,000 Twitter followers, it is easily possible to send Charice back Naprosyn 500 compresse costo up the rankings.

Voting is easy. Just send a tweet like below:

Shorty Voting VOTE NOW: Shorty Nominations Still Open

You MUST give a reason for voting for Charice as votes without a reason will not be counted.

So, to all self-respecting Chaster, GET VOTING!

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15 Responses to “VOTE NOW: Shorty Nominations Still Open”

  1. brent says:


    guys i just read the rules and regulations of shorty awards for voting awhile ago.

    on the 11th rule of the 14 rules it says there:

    Voters must be active Twitter users prior to the start of the competition. Votes originating from new Twitter accounts or accounts used mainly for Shorty Awards voting will automatically be disqualified and will not count toward the rankings.

    now i understand why all my votes for charice and angel locsin didn’t count.

    because my tweeter account was created after the start of the competition.

    as of today february 19, 2011

    charice is 12th spot for MUSIC category with 836 votes. while the number 1 spot is ONE DIRECTION with 4203 votes.




    angel locsin is leading on the number 1 spot for ACTRESS nomination with 1189 votes.

    wish both of them will win on their respective categories, if not then it wouldn’t be the end of the world, i still love them both.


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  2. here2support says:
    Just wanted to say one thing…WHO CARES? To tell you the truth, nobody’s going to even credit a “shorty award”. Just another online ploy to get people to come to their site. It’s no wonder why random singers/artists from foreign countries are leading the voting polls. In reality, JB & Charice and any American produced celeb wouldn’t even have to play catch up. They’d be leading the pack. I wouldn’t lose sleep over this “award”, but if Charice wins, it’s always a great thing. Otherwise, let’s look for some real news please. Something that has to do with Charice being in something worth reporting.

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  3. jeen says:

    i dont have a twitter account.
    why not simple online voting.

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  4. chit says:

    Arrgh!! I can’t help in this one; I don’t have a Twitter account. I am so sorry. (Why is the simple online voting not done trhis time?)

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  5. Bernard Clark says:
    She is ahead of over 5000 nominees that is itself is quite remarkable.

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  6. gil edroso says:
    charice is the best…..

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  7. eva says:
    i voted but i dony remember how many times, lets go CHASTERS put our princess to the top!!!! GOD BLESS ALL CHASTERS AROUND THE WORLD.

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  8. brayalovescheng says:
    vote for cha…

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  9. brayalovescheng says:
    please vote CHA . . please . . follow me on twitter too . .

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  10. ctabelle says:
    Too bad I dont hav a twitter acct & I also dont know how to tweet.. poor me, lol!!!

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    • NORM THOM says:

      TWITTER subscription is free. Follow these steps.

      1) You need to an email account (go to yahoo, aol, google and others to open an email acct- u can open as many email accts as you want)
      2) Go to the twitter website (use the search engine, type twitter and click on its hyperlink,
      3) Register to open an account. You will be prompted to give your personal info, create a username and a password, a brief pofile of whom you want to follow or people in the twitter world to follow you.
      4) You can tweet, meaning write a short sentence saying anything you want. Like: Just saw Charice dining @ same restaurant.
      5) If you want a twitter and his or her followers to read your tweet, say the twitter is Popeye… @Popeye Olive Oil needs to change her name to Corn. She looks read to pop. Using @ and the twitter’s name is mentioning Popeye in your tweet. This can build up ur followers/
      6) RT is to retweet a tweet, let’s say JBieber tweeted #4, just hit RETWEET under the tweet.
      7) You can send a message to a follower whom you are following as well. This message cannot be accessed by others.
      8) You can tweet using ur mobile phone. There’s is an extra charge for this service unlike sending tweets online.
      9) Photos can only also be shared via tweet.

      I hope these steps help. If you can open a YTube account, it is just as easy to open a twiter account.

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  11. Adrianne says:
    Lets go chasters, lets do our part. 315,000 followers, we can win by a landslide!!! Lets support our little princess!! =)

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  12. AIM says:
    We would like Charice to win so please vote now…

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  13. marcos says:
    wakeup chasters vote for charice

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  14. fmart says:
    I hope everybody will vote! Let’s give this chance for charice to get nominated!

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